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V; h»>m infifnifiiitin* I*ll*l*ll*l*l fi *ifiTili*i*ii < ii*ii t iiMi*i Dress Dept. Special Purchases! a “ MOSGrEL” 'ALL-WOOL CHEVIOT SUITING. 68in wide 5 in Cream, Grey, and Pawn. Splendid for Boys' 'Vanity Suits and Ladies' Sports Coats. Worth 8/11 per yard, Selling price, 8/11. STRIPE SICHJENNB SUITING, 68in wide; in Bore Grey, Mid-Grey, Fawn, and Mole, with neat stripe. One of too latest materials for I/adies 1 Costumes. In Four-Yards-to-a-Costumo Lengths. Worth 9!8. Selling price, 8/6. 9 piecea only HERRINGBONE STRIPE SICILIBNNE, 68in wide; in shades of Grey. One of the best materials for Ladies' Dust Coats and Summer Costumes or Sports Coats. "Worth 8/6. Selling price, 4/11. ; _ Dress Lengths at About Half the Original Prices Lens Each „ „ the latest shades and effects, including Saxe, Beaver, Grey, Fawn, Navy, Reseda, Teal, Champagne, Cream, etc., eto. These ere honestly worth from 37/6 to 40/ each, and roll oe cleared without exception at the uniform price of rds, a Judin; Drapery Supply Assocn. Clearing Lines in Ladies’ Ready-to-wear Garments Reduced Prices! Reduced Prices! LADIES’ UP-TO-DATE TWEED COSTUMES.—Some are for Summer; others are suitable for wear all the year round. High-waisted skirts. 17/8, 21/. 29/6, and 35/. LADIES’ COTTON CREPE COSTUMES. Coats and Skirts. 8/11. LADIES’ ONE-PIECE FROCKS, of Wool Diagonal Whipcord. 8/11. LADIES’ SILK TUSSORE DRESSES, in many different styles—all new. 17/8 and 21/. LADIES’ “ HYDROTITE ” WATERPROOF COATS. 10/6. LADIES’ WHITE DRILL DRESS SKIRTS, with two rows of embroidery. 3/11 each. ery. a LADIES’ WHITE MUSLIN DRESS SKIRTS, beautifully trimmed dery. 8/11 each. * ADIES’ ALL-WOOL GREY WHIPCORD embroider DRESS SKIRTS. Worth up to 21/. Now 8/6. HUNDREDS OF BLOUSES, in White Embroidered Muslin and Striped Cambric, eto. 2/8 each. AND MANY OTHER LINES EQUALLY CHEAP. Women’s Summer Underwear I LADIES’ RIBBED COMBINATIONS, White Cotton, American manufacture, low neck, no sleeves. 1/9. WHITE COTTON RIBBED AND WOVEN ENGLISH COMBINATIONS, high necks, short sleeves. 2/9, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11. LADIES’ AMERICAN AND ENGLISH WHITE COTTON RIBBED VESTS, Underclothing ! extra large size, short sleeves. 6d, 1/, 1/8, 1/11J, 2/0. LADIES' MOREEN UNDERSKIRTS, with for wearing with light skirts. Cerise. 3/11, 4/8, 4/11, 8/6, 5/11. narrow pleated flounce. Suitable ; In Saxe, Navy, Black, Vieux Rose, and LADIES’ WOVEN SUMMER BLOOMERS, in Mercerised Cotton and Striped Print; Navy, Saxe, Grey, Black, White. 1/11$. 2/8, 2/11, 3/0, 3/11. Two Notable and Attractive Lines at the Fancy Counter! WONDERFUL VALUE IN RIBBONS JUST OPENED! pieces LO\ ELI 150 pieces LO\ ELI SILK GLACE RIBBONS, oiu wi<k . Just what’s required for Ha. Ties and Bows. Every shadf perfect in tone. White, Cream, Skv, Saxe, Turquoise, Electric, Navy, Pink, Cardinal, Crimson, Beaver, Brown, Gold, Nil, Apricot, Rose, Teal, Terra, Orange. Only per yard. THE “ D.S.A.!” a Ladies’ Neckwear Bargains 1 We have just secured a Complete Stock of LACE, MUSLIN, UI L/Av Ui **T U | AND SILK NECKWEAR at a 1 big discount. These > we offer at the all-round price of 1/1 each. | LACE, SILK, PIQUE, AND MUSLIN ' sunshine! and COSTUME COLLARS. JABOTS, PIN-ON FRONTS, AND FICHUS. White. Crcum, and Paris. 190 dozen in all. Worth 21 to 3/6. For 1/ each. THE “D.S.A.I” Japanese Seagrass and Other Low-Priced Rugs! Seasons Most Popular -|v Wash Fabrics I Another Shipment of the Popular Seagrass Rugs has just been opened up. These Rugs are made of a strong fibre grown In made of a strong nore grown in Japan, and finished in Eastern style. Artistio Designs of Key We quote the following «< examples of the excellent ranges, xre stock in Cotton Materials for Summer Frocks. FLORAL CREPES, in small, neat deal gns. 7jd, Bsd, 103 d, 1/, 1/3, 1/9 per yard. DOUBLE-WIDTH WHITE VOILES are In great demand this season. We are showing special values at 1/33, 1/8. 1/11-is aad 2/3 P® r y ard * JAPANESE CREPES, for Holiday Frocks. Whites, 83d, 83d, Co 10|d, 1/, 1/3, and 1/6 per yard; ors, in all leading shades. 83d, 103 d, 1/, 1/1* per yard. WHITE PIQUES are very fashionable. W© have a splen<Hd selection from B|d to 1/11J per 3 aa Border and Plain Centres. Colors-—Green, Brown, Blue, and Maroon, Size sft x 2ft Gin. 4/11, STRONG, HEAVY KITCHEN RUGS, lu Oriental designs; 6ft 3in x 2ft Gin, 6/6 each. 24 only LARGE HARDWEAR RUGS. These are made of Velvet Pile, with strong Jute back. All good designs, fringed ends. Size 6lt x flit. 7/11 eadh, Ini Dainty Little Garments in Children's Dept. I The Prices are Most Reasonable, and the Sweetly Pretty Designs will command the admiration and attention of the Mothers and Guardians of Young Children. KIMONO PINAFORES, in Drill, Galatea, and Poplin. Plain Magyar, with frilled or plain skirts; trimmed Oriental braids; pocket and belt. Sizes 18in, 20in, 22in to 26in. 1/8, 1/9, 1/111, 2/3, 2/6 to 3/6. CHILDREN’S TUNICS, in Print, Pique, Drill, Poplin, and Holland; in striped and plain material, trimmed jyith figured bands and Oriental braid; pocket and belt. ... ryrl„ I/a 1/0 1/1 i: 161n to 27in. 1/8, 1/9, 1/111, 2/3. 2/6 to 4/11 Sizes DAINTY TUNICS, in Poplin and Tussore; White, Cream, Pink, and Palo Blue; hand-embroidered or trimmed Black and White or Palo Blue pipings; belts to finish. Sizes 18in to 24in. 3/11, 4/8, 4/11, 5/6 to 6/11. ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DRESSES, in Plain and Check Zephvra, Striped and Plain Prints, eto.; trimmed contrasting pipings and facings. These are very smart! 20" "" jin to 42m. These are 3/6, 3/9, 3/11, 4/6, 4/11 to'l2/fl. •MJ 1 Bizea Jk ■i* f A ir? ' X The Popular Panama Hats! A Great Assemblage of Beautiful Trimmed Hats! 8 TABLES TRIMMED HATS, for Matrons, Ladies, and Young Ladies. Tagaljmd Chip, Blocked Shapes and our own Hand-made Tagal, Satin and Crinoline Straw, Silk, A reophane. Floral Ninon, Crepe de Wo are showing some Splendid Values in these Becoming Hats for Holiday wear. The following are all attractive, and most suitable for Young Ladies. Chen©, l&bbon, eto. mounts. Oriental striped and chone ribbons, tulle rosettes and hows, flowers, wing mounts, grass, wheat, fruit, etc.; Black, White, Saxo, Grey, Brown, Tuscan, Cerise, Navy, Rose du Barry, Terra-cotta, Tangerine. 10/8, 12/8, 15/8, 17/6, 19/6. A LARGE VARIETY OF WHITE BOWEN HATS. Largo Drooping Shapes, French Sailors, Straight and Mushroom Bruns, Small Turban Style Deep Head Fits. 3/6, 3/11, 4/11, 5/6, 6/6. WASHING HATS, in White Pique, Crepe, and Towelling Hats. Sailor and Turban Shapes. Small and Large Shapes, Straight and Mushroom Brims, Dome and Fancy Crowns; trimmed White, Striped, and Oriental hand. 3/6, 4/6, 4/11. Drapery Supply Assn c" - 105-107-109-111-113-115 GEORGE .STREET. Branch at South Dunedin. mini* ♦♦♦ f♦ Hff•t ++• +

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Page 10 Advertisements Column 1 Evening Star, Issue 15659, 25 November 1914