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COVeRNMeNT Notices. ‘ NEW ZEALAND RAILWAYS. (DUNEDIN DISTRICT.) TtUB-TABLE ~ALTEJRATrON 9. OPERATING PROM Ist DECEMBER, 1914. mHK following ALTERATIONS IN and ,dL ADDITIONS TO the Tlme-teble wDI operate from" and inciuding TUESDAY, Ist December, 1914; MAIL AND EXPRESS TRAINS. GHRISTOHDRCH-DUN|a)IN-INVEKCAR-GILL. —'Hie 8.0 a.m. Express from Christchurch will leave Oamam at 12.42 p.m., Hampden 1.34 p.m., Pidinoratou 2.8 p.m.. Seacutt 2.50 p.m., Dunedin arrive 3.55 p.m., depart 4.15. p.m.,' Milton 5.26 p.m.. Balciutha 6.6 p.m., Clinton 65V p.m., arriving tnvercartriil 9.15 p.m. The Down "Mail Train will leave Christchurch at 12.5 p.m., Oatnanv 5.29 p.m., Mahcao 5.54 p.m., Hampden 6.29 p-m., 1 almeriton 7.9'n.m., Waikonaiti 7.29 p.m., beacliff 7.55,, arriving Dunedin 9-0 p-m. Tho Up Mail Train leaving Dunedin at 8,0 a.m. will leave Palmerston at 10j0 am.., Hampden 10.36 a.m.. Herbert 10.59 a.m.. Maheno 11.9 Oamaru 11.58 a.m-, arriving Christchurch 4.50 p-m. , „ _ The Up Express Train will leave Dunedin at 1114 a m.. Scachff 12-22 P-in., PaJmersum 1.3 p-m., Hampden 155 p-m-. Oamaru 2.33 p.m., arriving Christchurch 7.10 ’’ Tho Down Mail Train leaving Dunedin at 8.3 C a.m. will leave BileluUm 10.30 a.m., Clinlon 11.37 ' a.m., arriving Invercargill 2.12 ? 'Tho Up Mail Train will leave it 1 2" p.m., Clinton 4 2 p.m., Balchttha 4.44 p.m . Stirling 4.51 p-m., Milton 5.26 p.m., arriving Dunedin 6.33 p.m. OAMARU-DUNEDIN.-Tho, Train now '■caving Palmerston for Dunedin at 7.0 a.m. Wild LEAVE at 6.50 a.m.. VVaikouaiti 7.2 L. cC-aoliff 7.55 a.m.. Waitati 8.9 a.m., arriving Dunedin at 9.22 a.m. The Train now leaving (himaru tor Dunodin at 7.40 a 4 m. WILL LEANh Herbert Ss a.m.. Hampden 9.5 a.m.. 1012 a.m., Waitati 52.0 p.m.. Port CUal-mci-s Upper 12.45 p.m., Carkes 1-58 p-uu, Kavensbourne 1.4 p.m., Dunedin 1.10 J> Tr.e Train now leaving «6in =t 2.55 p.m. W iLL LCAV D at 2.30 Maheno 5.10 p.m.. Herbert 3.30 p.m., Hampden 3.55 p.m.. PalmciMon 5.0 pmi.. VVaikouaiii 5.54 p.m.. bcacliff. b.14 p.m., A a|laii 6-45 pm-, Pnrakaiun 7.10 Port ■ hnlmms Um>c- 7.30 p.m., Burkes 7.43 p m-, Uavom'bom-nc 7.50 p.m.. arriving Duuodu. 3 ’ T& n TTam now leaving Oamaru at 4.45 T lU . WILL LEAVE at 4.35 p.m., Maheno arrive 5.55 p.m , depart 6.5 p.m., Herbert 6.27 p.m., Hampden 7.10 p.m., 1 ulmerstou arrive 8.15 p.m. DUNEDIN-OAMAKU.-A Goods Train, Kith passenger car attached, will leave Dim dill 4.35 a.m.. Purukama o-42 a.m., «<> ; ;afci 6.25 a.m.. Scasliff 7,36 a.m., 'Vmkou-nt. 5.10.a.m., arriving Palmerston 8.50 a.m. Will sipp between Port Chalmers Upper and Palmerston only ro pick up or set down pasiCUSTCra. .. r, i Tl-.e Train now leaving Dunedin tor immersion ut 540 n.m. will NO.I cun. Til© Train now leaving Palmerston Ku Oamaru at 6.55 a.m. WILL LLAV L at D.50 a.m.. liiuniKleu 7.53 a.m.. llerbeil 8. -, Maheno 9.9 a.m., arriving Oamaiu J. 4/ a.m. .. c The Train now leaving Dim earn toi Oamaru at 8.15 a.m. will NOT leave null 830 a.m., Uuvenibourne 8.40, lou Chalmers Upper 9.0 a.m Waitati 9.4/ a.m., Palmerston 11.28 n.m.. Hampden 12.18 p.m.. Herbert 12.45 p.m., Maheno 1.5 p.m., arriving Oamaru 1.55 p.m. The 1.25 p.m. Train on Saturdays Dunedin to Palmerston will leave Seaclilt 5.12 p.m., Waikouaiti 3.41 p.m., arriving PaluiexMmi 4.10 p.m. , .. Tho Train now leaving Duiuituu Oamaru at 3-18 p.m. WILL LEAVE at 0.10 p.m., Sawyers Bay 5.40 p.m.. N.adau 4.2S p.m., ieacliffi 4.58 p.m., W aikouaiti 0.32 ii.m. Palmerston 6.12, 13 am mica 7.7 ,;ni.. Herbert 7.37 p.m., Maheno (.55 p.m.. arriving Oamaru 8.27 p.m. otops __ between fdichfit Bay and Port Chalmers Upper m-clui-ivo to pick up passengers tor north ot Palmerston only. Tho Train now leaving Dunedin tor la!merstnii at 4.30 p.m. \V.ILL LEAVE at 0.i.» p.m., ‘Ravensbourtie 5.38 p.m., Port Chalmers Upper 5.53, Waitati 6.48 p.m., Scaclifi '(.&> n.m.. Waikouaiti 8.5 p.m., arriving' Paimcrston 6.55 p.m. Mid NUT -stop between Felichct Hay and Port. Chalmers L pper inclusive except to pick up passengers for north of Ton Chalmers Upper. DUNEDTN-POUT CHALMERS. Tho Train now leaving Dunedin ior Port Chatai, 4.4 p.m. WILL NOT LEA\ E until 4.10 p.m. , The Train now leaving Dunedin lor Port Chalmers ;u, 7.34 p.m. WILL LEAVE at 7.28 p.mC, except on Saturdays, when it WILL LEAVE Dunedin at 8.5 p.m. The Train now leaving Port Chalmers for Dunedin at 3.50 pm. WILL LLAV E at 3.4 0 p.rn., Burke* 5.55 p.m.. Itavcusbonruc 4.1 j- m., arriving Dunedin 4.9 p.m. DUN ED IX-CLINTON. —The 9.10 a.m. Train from Dunedin to Clinton will Have Stirling 11.59 a.m., Balciutha 12.22 p.m , Ware pa 1.0 p.m., Waiwera 1.25 p.m., arriving Clinton 1.52 p.m. Tim Train now leaving Dunedin lor Clinton at 4.65 p.m. will, leave at 4.30 p.m., i Cavcishani 4.38 pin , ESurnside 4.45 pan., Ureeit island 4.49, Abbott ford 4.53 p.m.. Wingatui 5.2, Mosgiel 5.15 p.m., Allauton 5.31 p.m.. Henley 5.56 p.m., Waihela 6.10 p.m.. Milbuni 6.34. p.m., -Milton ] 6.55 p.m., Lovells Flat 7.20 p.m., burling 7.59, p.m., Balciutha 7.57 p.m., Wurepa 8.29 p.m Waiwera 8.51 p.m., arriving Clinton 9.13 p.m. Tin, Train now leaving Clinton tor Dunedin at 6.10 a.m. \\ ILL LEAN L at 6.15 a.m., Waiwera 6.32 a.m., xialclntha 7.27 a.m., Stirling 7.35 a.m., arriving Dunedin 10.25 a.m. , . The Bonds Train with Car attached now leaving Clinton fur Balciutha at 1.0 p.m. WILL LEAVE at 12.50 p.m., Waiwera 1.24 p.m.. W.ircpa 1.45 p.rn., arriving Balchuha ; 2 50 p.m. The Train now leaving Balciutha for Dunedin at 4.25 p.m. WILL NOT LEAVE until 5.10 p.m.. Stirling 5.18 p.m., Lovells Flat 544 p.m., Milton 6.20 p.m.. Miibnru 6.33, Waibola 6.49 p.m., Henley 7.2 p.m.. Allauton 7.19.p.m., Mosgicl 7.38 p.m., arriving Dunedin 8.10 p.m. MOSUIEL-D UN EDI N. —The Train now leaving Mosgiel fur Dunedin at 8.23 a.m., WILL” LEAVE Mosgiel at 8.22 a.m., and in-j remediate .stations one minute earlier than at present. . , . f lh« Train now icii-vin" lor Uuu- 1 ediu at 5.20 p.m. WILL LEAVE Mosgiel at, 5.10 p.m . and iolcrmtdiain stations 10 miuuie.- earlier than at present. The Train now leaving Mosgiel for Dunedin at 6.10 p.m. WILL LEAVE Mosgiel at b 0 . p.m., and iiuormediate stations 10 minutes earlier than at present. Tho Train now leaving Mosgiel for Dunedin ut 11.30 p.m. WILL LEAVE Mosgiel at 11.15 p.m., acid intermediate stations 15 minutes earlier than at present. DUNBACK BRANCH.—Tho Train now leaviti" Palmerston fur Dunback at 8.0 p.m. on Tuesdays IV ILL NO I LLAV E ttnlil 8-o0 p.m., connecting with 5.27 p.m. train from Dunedin, returning from Dunback at 9.40 p.m. OTAGO CENTRAL BRANCH. The Goods Train with Car attached! leaving Dunedin for Kanfurly at 11.40 a.m. will leave Wingatui 12.20 pin., Hindon 1.45 p.m.. Pukcrangi 3.0 p.m. , , Tho 3.50 a.m. Tram trom Clyde to Dunedin will leave Outakau at 10.16 a.m., Oluvahua 11.19 a.m., Raufurly 12.21 Wu; - niata 12.44 p.m., Hyde 1.36 p.m., Aliddleuicrch 2.24 p.m.. Pukerungi 2.58 p.m., Hmdon 3.45 p.m.. Wingatui 4.54 p.m.. Abbotsford 5.2 p.m., arriving Dunedin 5.25 p.m. .OUTRAM BRANCH.—The 'Praia now Having. Mosgiel for Out ram at 5.40 p.m. WILL LEAVE at 5.17 p.m., oonnooUng with 4.50 p.m. Train from Dunedin. The Train now leaving Outrain for Mo-.-gid at 4.20 p.m. WILL LEAVE at 4.10 fi.iu.. connecting with 5.10 p.m. Train Moagiel io Dunedin, MiAJVEKNCE BRANCH.—Tim 6.25 a.m. Tjaiu from Lawreuco to Milton w6l run on Mtmtkvys,, Wednesdays, Thursdays, ‘ and tiiit.urdaya only. Tluf 7;18‘ aoii. Train from Lawrence to Milton 1 wilt rnif-cm Tuesdays and Fridays instead of oh Wednesdays and Fridays. -The Train now leaving-Lawrence for Milton at 3.30 WILL LEAVE at 3.15 p.m., Wwtabuna 3.48 P-nu ? Manuka 4.28 p.m., arriving Milton 5.5 p.m, Tba Train, now leaving Milton for Lawrence at 10.5 WILL LEAVE at 10.0 Manuka 10.39 a.m.. VVaitahuna 11.20 a.m., arriving Lawrenco 11.50 a.m. Tha - Tttna - now- leaving Milton for Lawrence at 6115 p.m. on Wednesday*.and Fridays will NOT nm. Train will leave Milton for 5.50 p.m on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tho Train now leaving Mißon for Lawrence at 7.25 p.m. on Mondays. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays WILL RUN on M?«d.u». Wednesdays Thurvlcyst and

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Page 7 Advertisements Column 1, Issue 15659, 25 November 1914

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Page 7 Advertisements Column 1 Issue 15659, 25 November 1914

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