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The season for agricultural shows is now in full swing in Otago, and to-day the Metropolitan Show, under the auspices of tho Otago -A. and I’. Society, was opened at Tahuna Park. To ono who saw the grounds when the Otago section of the Expeditionary Forces were in camp tho improvements made are little short of marvellous. Broken fences, sheep pens, and cattle pens have been repaired, and everything put in tip-top order. Tho grounds aro certainly looking well, and if the present very excellent weather continues, then the sight to-morrow should bo a very gay one. The judging of draught horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs is being conducted to-day, and good progress was being made. In several sections, however, there was delay in commencing judging, owing to some of tho class stewards failing to put in an appearance or to notify the secretary that they woidd bo unable to attend. From an early hour marshals and stewards have been busy arranging the preliminaries, getting tho stock penned. The secretary and his staff were energetically engaged in attending to clerical and other duties, and succeeded in answering a multifarious number of inquiries relating to the different departments of Iho show. Thorn were, of course, exhibitors with complaints and grievances to air, and some of these were by no means of a frivolous nature. A case which was brought under the notice of Pressmen was that of the Biccarton Estate, who were exhibitors in shorthorn rattle. These exhibits were loaded in trucks at Biccarton at 4 p.m. on Monday, 23rd. and did not reach their destination until 7 a.m. to-day (Wednesday). This delay is, to say the least of it, vexatious, and is not likely to encourage exhibitors from a. distance to patronise agricultural shows. Were the railways unusually busy one could understand the delay, but it is understood that the railway traffic at the present time is below normal. It is to bo hoped that a repetition of this trouble will he avoided. There are n few exhibits of implements and machinery, and a number of interesting trade exhibits. Side shows. (ou, are not neglected, and to-morrow promises to see a largo addition to the tented Held, especially that portion of it which shelters the side-show men The following i- n comparative statement of entries : 1113. 1914, bheep , 202 213 Tattle 169 131 Horses 374 318 Pigs 32 38 Competition.- 103 109 Total- ... ... 800 889 SHEEP. The sheep section is one of the features of the show, and it is questionable if a bettor exhibition of sheep has ever been seen in Otago. It is true that the competition in some of tho sections is very restricted, hut this by no means detracts from the quality. Tho condition of tho animals, too, is exceptional, tho mild winter experienced in the South Island doubtless contributing to this satisfactory .-tale of affairs. • Tho Lincoln section of the sheep was restricted to tho New Zealand and Australian band Company (Moeraki Estate), who secured tho whole of tho awards and both championships. Mr Thos. S. Little, who judged this section, expressed himself as pleased with tho quality of the animals brought under hie notice. Tho champion owe stood out prominently. Sho is a magnificent sheep, is possessed of a good frame, and is well woollcd. Border Leicester.* were a strong section, and the competition in most of tho class©? was keen. Tho champion ram was selected from tho four-tooth class, the, successful exhibitor being Mr Thus. S. Little (Ngapara). John Douglas’s Estate, was nromivent in tho prize list, and exhibited some excellent sheep. There were small entries in the, Shropshire Downs class, and tho judging was easy. Mr W. Ibmliner (of Papakaio) secured both championships. It was an excellent class all round, and fairly typical of the breed. 'l'hey were well woollcd and of good constitution. The champions in both sections were first-class typical animals. ■ There was keen competition between Messrs Gardiner and Hot Hoy in the fat sheep class. Mr Donald Grant (of 'i imam) Was tho only other competitor. Mr Gardiner also scored heavily in this class. The entries in Romney Marsh, wore very large, ami the judge, (Xlv AA. B. Allen, of Wairarapa) had only half completed hi.s task at 1 o’clock. Ho had seen sufficient up till then to say that the sheep were a considerably better class than they were three yeans ago, when he was Inst hero. The judging in tho Corriedalo class was started late, and four classes out of ton had onlv been judged at luncheon time. Tho New Zealand and Australian Land Go. (Moeraki Estate),. as usual, very fcuccetsful. CATTLE. Tho entry of shorthorns was very fair, but, as LMr .Mitchell said, the society should have offered bigger prizes to encourage tho breeding ot this useful type of cattle'. “'They should be encouraged,” asserted the judge, “ from a national as apart from a show point of view. Lopk at tho price of beef —that is largely caused through, tho fallingsoff of shorthorns. People bavo all gone into tho dairying business, and the Aldemeys aro of no use at all for beef. We must have the beef, and tho shorthorns aro unrivalled. There is no doubt but farmers must come back to them, and shows should encourage them for a year or two by offering larger prizes.”' Speaking particularly, Mr Mitchell referred to tho champion bull—-Mr Arthur Chamberlain's (Ellesmere, Canterbury) ■Charming Count 21 —as a fine animal, fit for any show. This splendid four-year-old roan was bred by the exhibitor from Charming Count (imp.) out of Wild Rose. H© has never been shown here before, but took first prize at both Christchurch and Ellesmere. The two-vear-old bull exhibited by Mr Chamberlain, White Charming Duke 7th (tho progeny of tho champion and himself reserve champion), was also a- splendid animal. The yearling heifers were exceptionally good/especially tho winner, from the Iliccarton estate. Ayrshire® were again a very attractive class, but the entries were mostly .from Cowan Bros., of Haydowns, Enfield, and Archibald Gillies, of Townhead, Hampden, both of these well-known exhibitors having to fight their battle® at Camara over again. Competition was exceedingly keen in all classes, and tho placinge differed materially in several instances from those at tho northern show a week ago. In the class for cow in milk, 4yrs old or over. Cowan Bros.‘a Lena of Haydowns, which was champion at Camara last year and this year, was beaten by the same exhibitors’ Corns. 11. of Haydowns, which ■was champion, at Dunedin last year and third at Camara this year. In tho class for three-year-old cows the first and second awards at Camara wore reversed to-day. The heifers were a fine lot, hut in the two-year-olds Cowan Bros.’ White Heather, which was first at Camara, was nnplaced to-day, the red ticket going to the second prize winner at the show. Just os remarkable was the placing of .tbo yearling heifers, Seafth of


which was unplaced at Oamaru, being first to-day, while the heifer which took first place at Oamavu was only fourth to-day, being beaten by the second prize winner at Oamaru. Tlte class for three cows or heifers was won by Archibald Gillies’s Rita HI., Sophia 111., and Myrtle 11., Cowan Bros.’ entry, Lorna, Lena, and Myrtle being second. Up to tho luncheon adjournment only the cows had been judged in the Jersey sections. The task of picking the winners was in the hands of Mr A. Qttertier (of Mataura), who was a native of Jersey, and himself brought the first Channel Island cattle to this country in 1860. He considered the exhibit as good as any he had seen—there was nothing better in tho Palmerston North exhibit he adjudged upon 10 years ago. Tho champion cow was Mr F. E. Hellyer’s (X.P.. Harbor) Lady of Collingwood (Bilberry’s Member—Lady of the South). This cow, as a thrce-ycnv-okl was tho champion butter-fat heifer of tho Dominion with a yield of 524.591bs of butter fat. PIGS. The entries in pigs wore slightly better than was tho case last year, but again the entry was maintained almost wholly by the well-known breeder Mr Charles Brice, of Shirley, Christchurch. His team was again a very strong one, and, as was the case ot the recent northern shows, the exhibitor had no difficulty in annexing awards in every section! Berkshires and Yorkshires were fullv represented, and the judge (Mr J. R. "Mitchell, of Weston) considered the exhibit a very fine ono indeed. Air Brice took first and second awards in all classes, but there were no entries in the classes for litters. Tamworths. in which Mr Brice’s three entries gained red tickets, were a small class, ind the judge frankly confessed that as far as he could see it was a class which was not worth encouraging. The onlv competition which the Christchurch breeder experienced war- from Mr T. 11. Pugh, of Ngapuna, in the classes for recognised onre-breds not previously enumerated. Mr Brice suffered his only defeat in the class for boar under 6 months, the red ticket going to v Mr Pugh's entry, and the blue ticket do Air Brice’s boar. Air Brice, however, turned the tables in the next elass, both his aged sows beating Air Pugh's single entry, and similarly in the das« for sow under six months. Air Brice had a really splendid entry of thre<’ porkers under 9 months in the fat pig section, and the judge described them ns n particularly fine lot of pigs, showing splendid breeding. They easily won a first award, and in the class for bacon pigs, any age or hre.ed, Air Brice also had no difficulty in taking first and second award with n, really good entry. Speaking generally, Mr Alitchell considered Hie whole of the pig classes a. very good exhibit, and was particularly impressed lay the Berkshires. He mentioned that Mr Brico had easily maintained the high standard which he had set in previous years. PRIZE LIST. SHEEP. —Merinos 'Fine Combing).— : Judge: Air W. Ayson (Waikaka), j Ram, above 30 months.—Watson Shenrau (P,i':ctoi Station) 1 and 2 and champion. ( Bam, above 16 months and under 30 j months.--Watson Shennan 1 and 2. j Ram, under 18 months.—John Douglas’s) trustees '.Mount Royal, Palmerston South) 1, Watson iShennan 2. I.we, above 10 months and under 50 months. -Job i Douglas's Lustres 1 and champion, Watson Shennan 2. Ewe, under 18 months.—John Douglas's trustees 1 and 2. Two owes, under IS months.—-John Douglas's trustees 1. -Merino-i (Strong Combing). —- Ram. above 30 months.-—Watson Slumnan 1 and 2. --Border Leicester?. Judges ; Rams, .Mr X. M. Orbell (Waimale) ; ewes, Air AY. Cunningham (Rangioia). Bam. above 30 months.—Donald Grant (I imam) I. Jas. Ross (Palmerston) 2,1 Robt. Miller iMandeville) 5. Ram. above, 18 months and under 30 months.—Thos. S. Little (Ngapara) 1 and "iianipion. John Douglas’s trustees 2, Jas. Ross 5. Ram, under 13 months.—.Jas. Ross 1.1 Jos. Dowthwaitf; (Wain into) 2. Robert} Miller 5. j Two rams, under IB months.- John S Douglas's trustee* 1. Jas. Boss 2. Thos. 8. Little 3. Shorn ram, hlwj 18 months and under o0 months.—John Douglas’s trustees 1, Jiip. Rose 2. Shorn ram, under 18 months.—John Douglas’s trustees 1, Jos. Dowtkwaito 2 and 3. Ewe. .above 18 months, with lamb at foot.—John Douglas's trustees I, Jos. Dowthwaito 2 and 3, R. ALiller r. —Shropshire Downs.— Judge: Air T. Littlo (Ngaparn). Ram, over 20 months.—-W. Gardiner (Papakaio) 1. Ram, above 18 months and under 50 month?.—\\. Gardiner 1, D. .Murray(Clydevale) 2. Ram, under 18 montlis.—D. Murray 1, AY. Gardiner 2. Shorn ram. under 18 months.—W, Gardiner 1. Two rams, under 18 months. —D. Murray 1, W. Gardiner 2. Ewe, above, 18 month*, with lamb at foot.—W. Gardiner 1, D. Murray 2, W. Gardiner 3 Two ewes, above 18 months, with lambs at foot.—D. Murray 1. Ewe, under 18 months.-—'W. Gardiner I, D. Murray 2 and 3. Two ewes, under 18 months.- -W. Gardiner 1, D. Murray 2. Champion ram, over 18 months.—W. Gardiner. Champion ewe, over 18 months.—W. Gardiner. FAT SHEEP. Judge : Mr W, Grindley (Dunedin). Three wethers or maiden ewes under 18 months.—W. Gardiner (Papakaio) 1, J. Hedley (Kokoamo) 2, W. Gardiner 3. Three wethers or maiden ewes under 13 months. —W. Gardiner 1, J. Hedley 2 and 3. Three shorn longwool or longwool crossbred wethers.—J. Hedley 1, W. Gardiner 2, J. Hedley 3. Three shorn Down or cross-bred Down wethers.—J. Hedley 1, W. Gardiner 2 and 3. Three shorn wethers or maiden ewes.— W. Gardiner 1, J. Hodlcy 2 and 3, Three shorn wethers or maiden ewes under 18 months.—J. Hedley 1, W. Gardiner 2, J. Hedley o. Three shorn wethers or maiden ewes under 18 months.—W. Gardiner 1. Three fat lambs, longwool cross.—W. Gardiner 1 and 2. Three fat lambs, Down cross.—W. Gardiner 1 and, 2. Three fat lambs, any breed nr cross. W. Gardiner 1 and 2. —Romney Afarsh.— Judge : Mr AY. B. Allen (AYairarapa). Ram over 30 months.—Trustees late T. L. Barnhill (Lnmsden) 1, AV. G. Ladbrook (Gore) 2, D. Murray (Clydevale) 3, Donald Grant (Timaru) v.h.c. and h.c. Ram above 18 months and under 30 months.—Donald Grant (Timaru) 1, W. G. Ladbrook 7, L O, B, Sisaoaa ,

(Patoaroa) 3, Donald Grant h.c. Ram under 18 months.—W. G. Ladbrook 1, trustees lato T. L. Barnhill 2, Donald Grant 3 and v.h.c., trustees late T. L. Barnhill h.c. Two rams under 18 months.—Trustees late T. L. Barnhill I and 2, Donald Grant 3, W. G. Ladbrook v.h.c. Shorn ram above 18 months and under 30 months. —W. G. Ladbrook 1, D. Murray 2 and 3. Shorn ram under 18 months (shorn since October 1). —Trustees late T. L. Barnhill 1, W. G. Ladbrook 2, Donald Grant 3. —Corriodale Sheep.— Judge : Mr W. Ayson (Waikaka). Ram over 30 months.—New Zealand and Australian Land Company (Mot; raki) 1 and 2. Ram above 18 months and under 30 months.—New Zealand and .Australian Land Company 1 and 2. Ram under 18 months.—New Zealand and Australian Land Company 1 and 3, Donald Grant 2. Two rams under 18 months.—Now Zealand and Australian Land Company 1 and 2, James Ross (Palmerston South) h.c. CATTLE. —Shorthorns.— Judge: Mr J. R. -Mitchell (Weston). Bull, 3yrs or over.—Arthur Chamberlain’s (Canterbury) Charming Count 21st 1 and champion. Bull, 2yrs.—-Chamberlain’s AVhitc Charming Duke 7th 1 and reserve champion, Wm. Waddell (Waitaha Valley) 2. Bull, yearling.—Biccarton Estate (Christchurch) 1, I). Murray (Clydovalo) 2, Jas. Miller (Maungatua) 3. Cow, 4yrs or over.—Arthur Chamberlain's Snowdrop 11. (Ambush —Snmvrop 1.1 1 and champion, 1). Murray (Clydevale) 2 and 3. Tlcifcr, three-year-old.—I). Murray 1. Heifer, iwo-year-old.—Biccarton Estate 1 and reserve champion with heifer by Biccarton Duke of Kirkstyle—Flower of Brunswick. Heifer, vearling.—Biccarton Estate 1 2. Three cows or heifers.- Biccarton Estate 1, D. Murray 2. —Dairy Cattle.Cow, 3yrs or over, in milk.—W. Deliver (Anderson Bay) 1. Cottager's cow (for exhibitors not owning more than two cows). —A. Weir (Musselburgh Rise) 1 and champion, W. Hellyer - Ayrshire. Judge; Mr T. Lee (Flag Swamp). Cow in milk, 4yrs old or over.—Cowan Bros.’ Lorna 11. of Haydowns 1, Cowan Bros.’ Lena of Haydowns 2, Archd. Gillies's Bessie of Townhead 3. Cow in milk. 3yrs old.—Archd. Gillies’s Sophia 111. of Townhead 1, Cowan Bros.’ Myrtle of Haydowns 2, Archd, Gillies’s Denty 11. of Townhead 3. Cow in calf, 3yrs old or over (dry),— Archd. Gillies’s Rita 111 of Townhead 1, Cowan Bros.’ Princess of Haydowns 2, Archd. Gillies's Rita V. of Townhead 3. Heifer, 2yrs old.—Archd. Gillies 1 and 3. Cowan Bros.’ Madge It. of Haydowns 2, Weir Bros.' Flower of Glenweir 4. Heifer, yearling.—Cowan Bros.’ Peach of Haydowns 1 and Snowflake IK. of Haydowns 2, Weir Bros. 3, Archd. Gillies 4. Three cows or heifers.—Archd. Gillies 1 and 3, Cowan Bros. 2. Channel Island.Judge : Mr Allan Qucrtier (Mataura). Cow, 4yrs or over, in milk. —P. E. llellyer 1. 2, and 3Cow, 3yrs or over, dry.—F E Hellyer 1 and champion, M, Prydc (St. Leonards) 2. Heifer, Syrs, in milk.—F. E. Hellyer 1 and 3, M. Pryrie 2. Heifer, 2vrs.—F. E. Hellyer 1, 2, and 3. Yearling Heifers.—Mrs B. Riddle (Palmerston 'South) 1 and 3, F. E. Hellyer 2. Three Cows or Heifers.—F. E. Hellyer 1, 2, and 5. Cow and two of progeny.—F. E. Hellyer 1 (with Whinflower group) and 2 (with Rose's .Sweet group), —Fat Cattle.--Judge. : Mr W. Grindley. Bullock, 4yrs or ever. —Robert, bhen nan 1. Bullocks. 3yr? old. —W. (.barters 1, John Sutherland 2. Four Bullocks most suitable for butchers' purposes, which in the opinion of the judges do not exceed 0001b each.— W. Charters 1. Cow, 4yr» old or over.—W. Charters I. Heifer, 3yrs old.—W. Charters 1. Heifer, 2yrs old.—W. Charters I.

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OTAGO METROPOLITAN SHOW., Issue 15659, 25 November 1914

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OTAGO METROPOLITAN SHOW. Issue 15659, 25 November 1914

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