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In each of Saturday's engagements there was an interesting finish. On tne North Ground the Albion andi Cansbrook A match resulted in a tie (though there is a dispute regarding one hit, recorded as a boundary, but disputed ss such hy Albion); while Grange on the adjoining wicket put up a big fight against the Colts, and were only beaten by 38 runs in a match in which each side scored over 200. Dunedin only passed St. Hilda’s total after their eighth wicket had fallen; and Opoho and Cansbrook playing on until almost 7 o clock, battled hard, the former to capture the last / Cansbrook wicket, and the latter to keep that wicket up or to score the few runs required to win. This game was drawn. Following are the results :■— Colts v. Change. These two teams met on the North Ground and provided some interesting cricket. The chances of the Orange scoring a win were increased by the fact that Crawford, who had injured his knee at practice during the week, was scarcely fit to play. His innate keenness, however, took him into the field, and, although his lamed condition handicapped both his batting and bowling, he contributed in no small degree to his boys victory. The Colts batted first, and opened with Shepherd and Chadwick, the former getting to work quickly, while the Dunedin colt was tor a long while verv slow. When Shepherd had scored 26 ont of 31 he put his leg in front to Graham and retired. Alloo and Malcolm did not add materially to the total, but Binney played a good innings. Both he and Chadwick were caught of! the slow bowler Becby. who eventually captured all the remaining wickets. Crawford went in late and" hit hard, knocking up 25 very quickly before being bowled by an extremely long hop which he went out to meet. The stand of the innings was made by the last two men. M'Mullcn and Satterthwaite, who added no less than 81 runs, the innings closing for 240. Beeby's bowling figures were excellent. The first five Grange wickets fell for 67, despite the fact that Crawford was unable to bowl with his accustomed vim. Bell and Holdaway then added SO. the former batting in particularly good form. Another and a better partnership was that by J. and A. Graham, who put on 81 "for the Bth wicket; both batting well. The last two wickets fell quickly, and the Colts won by 38 runs. Scores : Colts. —First Innings. Shepherd Ibw b J. Graham 26 Chadwick c A, Graham b Beeby ... 35 Alloo c Chadwick b Eckhold 4 Malcolm b Eckhold 8 Binney c J. Graham b Beebe 23 Stephens r and b Beeby 11 .Talland <• Roberts b Beeby ... Bay don b Beeby 0 Crawford b Beebv 25 M'Mullen not out 40 Satterthwaite b Beeby 42 Extras ! 10 Total 240 Bowling Analysis.—J. Graham, 66 balls, 59 runs, 1 wicket; Holdaway, 54 halls, 2 maidens, 39 runs; Eckhold, 50 balls, 55 runs, 2 wickets; W. Beeby, 60 balls, 45 rnns. 7 wickets: Bell, 12 nails. 4 runs; Henderson. 12 balls. 28 runs; Eckhold bowled 1 no ball. Change.—First Innings. Popple Ibw b Shepherd 13 Patterson Ibw b Shepherd 5 Chadwick c Satterthwaite b Crawford 11 Eckhold run out 9 Bell run out 2\ Roberts c Shepherd b Crawford ... 8 Holdaway c Chadwick b Satterthwaite 32 J. Graham c Haydon b Shepherd ... 44 A. Graham b Crawford 27 Henderson b Crawford 2 Beeby not out 4 Extras 26 Total 202 Bowling Analysis.—Crawford, 122 balls, 7 maidens,’ 58 runs, 4 wickets; Shepherd, 96 balls, 2 maidens, 50 runs, o wickets; Satterthwaite, 30 balls, 20 runs, 1 wicket; Allan. 30 balls, 2 maidens, 18 runs; Gall and, 24 balls, 1 maiden. 20 runs. Aliuon v. Carisbrook A. Played on the North Ground, this game resulted after a most exciting finish in a tie—according to the score books, that is to say, for there is still a disputed boundary hit to be settled. The misunderstanding arose in the Carisbrook innings when Hay claimed a “ boundary” for a ■stroke which was intercepted by a spectator. This the umpire allowed, but the Albion captain pointed out that the ball bad paasea tho boundary area and entered that in which all hits had to be run out. Albion, in scoring 165, were largely indebted to Dnthie, who played a fine innings of 75, which included 15 4’?, E. Williams and AV. Johnston (27 each) played good cricket. In Can’s brook's innings the -land between Bannerman and Reid for the seventh wicket was the most notable feature. These two took the score from 71 to 123 and 2brougbl victory within the bounds of possibility. Previous to this Nicholson had batter nicely for 26. When "Martin went in the scorers announced “6 runs wanted.” Of three, Adams bad scorn! 4 and the newcomer 1 when Stiglish got one past tho veteran wicket-keeper. It is understood that tbe question of tho boundaries on the North Ground will be brought before to-night’s meeting of the 0.0.A., although it is unlikely that the Albion will enter a formal appeal. It may be mentioned that Albion halted one short, M'Neill, for some reason, declining to play. Scores: Albion.—First Innings. Baker o Nicholson b AUoo 5 Dnthie b Hay 75 S’ewart Ibw b Alloo 10 F. Williams Ibw hj Alloo 0 E. Williams c Siedeberg hj Bannerman 27 Strang hj Bannerman 11 Johnston not out 27 Jos. Marks hj Hay 1 Stiglish c Marlin b Bannerman ... 0 .las. Marks e Reid b Bannerman ... 5 M’Neill absent b 0 Extras 4 Total 165 Bowling Analysis.—Siedeberg, 42 balls, 3 maidens, 21 runs; Alloo, 54 balls, 44 runs. 3 wickets; Bannerman, 66 balls. 60 runs, 4 wickets; Hay, 56 balls, 1 maiden, 36 runs, 2 wickets; Siedeberg bowled 1 noball and Bannerman 1 wide. Oabisbbook.— lirst Innings. Siedeberg b Stiglich 6 Nicholson b Stlglich ... 26 Hay b Jas. Murks ... 15 Alloo c Dnthie b Jas. Marks 0 Smith hj Jas. Marks ... 14 Bruges b Jas. Marks 5 Bannerman Ibw b StigHch 34 Reid b StigHch ... 34 Baxter b E. Williams ... 8 Adams not ont Martin b Stiglich 4 Extras ° Total 465 Bowling Analysis.—Stiglich, 102 balls, 2 maidens, 70 runs, 5 wickets; Johnston, 24 balls, 15 runs; Jas. Marks, 54 ball, 44 rune, 4 wickets; Jos. Marks, 12 balls, 12 runs; E. Williams, 30 balls, 18 runs, 1 wicket. , Dunedin v. St. Kilda. This match, played on tho Caledonian Ground, at one stage promised to furnish an exciting finish. St. Hilda, who batted first, made 82, and the home team had eight wicket* down for 77; then Cramond, supported bv Given, saved tho situation for them- and the innings closed with tho total 129. The visitors wickets fell as under One for 4, two for 6, three for 21 four for 53, five for 58, six for 70, seven for 70. eight for 73, cine for 75, and ten for 82. M’Caxten, a very useful and likely bat, was top-scorer with 36, which included three fours. He was msised twice. M’Caxten has batto dvery consistently since entering senior mcket Ha alw> took two wickets on Saturday for 18. Graham, Dunedin’s all-round boy, bowled remarkably well, his average read>lo overs, 5 maidens, IB runs, tiro wickets. At one stage ho sent down four maiden* in succession for two wicketsHe went very close to doing the “ hat trick- 4s* also a consistent bat. He.

was second highest scorer on Saturday with 16. Graham is a very promising young player. The home team also started badly. Their wickets fell as follows t One for 5. two for 19, three for 20, four for 48. five for SO, six for 69, seven for 76, eight for 77, nine for 127, and ton for 129. Crsgnond, their crack batsman, showed his old form, and gave a free display for 34, which included throe fours. Cramond is a pretty bat, and is always worth watching. T. Livingstone was in good form with the ball, his average reading: —21 overs, 6 maidens, 42 runs, 7 wickets. He is a bowler with a future. The batting-on the whole was disappointing. and on the slow side. Scores: St. Hilda. —Fibst Innings. M’Farlauo b Given Ward c Graham b Matkersy ... .... 4 Nelson o Johnston b Given 12 M’Carten c Cramond b Graham 36 M’Faull c Given b Graham ... ... ... 5 T. Livingstone b Johnston ... _ 0 Kerr Ibw Graham 8 Harvey b Graham 0 L. Edward st Hanna b Johnston ... 0 A. Livingstone not out 2' G. Edwards c Johnston b Graham ... 6 Extras - ... 7 | Total 82 j Bowling Analysis.—Mackersy, 7 overs, 26 rnns, 1 wicket; Given, 9 overs, 3 maidens, 24 runs, 2 wickets; Graham, 10 overs, 5 maidens, 15 runs, 5 wickets; Johnston, 8 overs. 3 maidens, 10 runs, 2 wickets. Dunedin. —First Innings, Howard b T. Livingston© 11 Mackersy o M’Faull b T. Livingstone 2 Brvdcn Ibw T. Livingston© 4 Johnston b T. Livingstone 10 Graham o M’Carten b T. Livingstone 16 Wilkie b M’Carton 12 Giigg c Nelson b M’Cavten 7 Cramond b Harvey 34 Perry b T. Livingstone ... 0 Given c A. Livingstone b T- Livingstone 15 Hanna not out 2 Extras 16 Total .. 129 Bowling Analysis.—T. Livingstone, 21 overs, 6 maidens, 42 runs, 7 wickets; Harvey, 9 overs, 1 maiden. 20 runs, 1 wicket; O. Edwards. 8 overs. 3 maidens, 14 inns ; M’Carten, 4 ovi-rs, 1 maiden, 18 runs, 2 wickets; 1.. Edwards, 2 overs, 14 runs; M’Faiiane. 2 over?. 1 maiden, 5 rnns. Opoho v. Carisbrook B. Carisbrook Ground was in splendid condition for the match bteween Opoho and Carisbrook B. which resulted in a drawn game. Opoho opened, but the scoring was slow. Casey was the chief scorer, and compiled 59 by steady play,.most of his strokes being clean and hard. Davidson batted well for 22. and Eckhoff scored 22 not out. Nelson took five wickets for 48 runs. Carisbrook would have had to force the game more than they did to get tho runs necessary to win before the light failed. Play was continued to just on 7 o’clock, when they were 9 runs behind with one wicket to* fall. It was an exciting finish, and when the game dosed Carisbrook had lost nine wickets for 148, making the game a draw. Tuckwell contributed 50 and Watson 23. Scores: Opoho.—First Innings. Kenny Ibw b Ramsden 13 j Kilgour hj Nelson ,1 i Ingram b Ramsden 8 Casey b Nelson 69 Davidson c Ramsden b ilardie 22 J Brown b Tuckwell 14 Eckhoff not out 22 Downes b Nelson 0 Moore run out 1 Timlin b Nelson 3 Turnbull b Nelson 0 Extras 12 Total 157 Bowling Analysis.—Ramsden, 128 halls, 3 maidens, 46 runs. 2 wickets ; Nelson. 126 balls, 5 maidens. 48 runs. 5 wickets; Tuckwell, 56 balls, 1 maiden, 31 runs, 1 wicket; Watson, 30 balls. 2 maidens. 10runs; Hardie. 24 balls, 10 runs, 2 wickets. Carisbrook B.—First Innings. Cameron c Cameron b Casey ... 6 Tuckwell c Davidson b Eckhoff ... 50 Nugent c Ingram b Eckhoff 14 Watson b Eckhoff 23 Ramsden c Eckhoff b Casey 7 Alloo b Moore 10 Hardie c Kilgour b Eckhoff 11 Ejrimim run out 0 Austin not ont 7 Nelson not out 4 De Beer b Casey 0 Extras 16 Total for nine wickets 143 Bowling Analysis.—Eckhoff, 138 balls. 3 maidens, 76 runs. 4 wickets Casey, 114 balls. 6 maidens, 43 runs, 3 wickets: Davidson, 12 balls, 5 runs; Moore, 18 balls, 15 runs, 1 wicket. SECOND GRADE. High School defeated Carisbrook C by five wickets. Carisbrook declared closed with eight wickets down for 191 (Austin 58). Lockhart three wickets for 16. High School replied with 195 for five wickets, mad© in an hour and a-half (M‘Naught 109 not out). Haynes secured four wickets for 48 runs. Mornington and Dunedin B met on the Caledonian Ground. Dunedin, batting first, compiled 110 runs (Duncan 29, Hardio 28, Scott 19 not out). Watson three for 3 (the hat trick), Brown one for 2, and Hope two for 16 were most successful with the ball. At the call of time Mornington had six wickets down for 180 runs (Caradus 67 not out, Freeman 38 not out). Duncan (two wickets) and Burns, Aliiburn, and Watson (on© each) secured the wickets. Albion defeated Grange by ono wicket and 18 runs, thus securing a three-point win. Grange mad© 61 (Wright 21) and 48 (Forrester 11 not out), while Albion were responsible for 29 (Ritchie 10) and 89 for nine wickets (Thomson 24 and Burnside 23 not out). Cameron and Burnside bowled best for Albion, and Beeby, Wright, LTosbie, and Bell for the Grange. Dunedin C defeated Opoho by 12 runs. Opoho made 88 runs (Morrison 17, Otter 16, Evans 13) and Dunedin 100 (W. Wilkie 36 not out, M’Farlane 19, Johnston 14). Evans and Graham bowled well for Opoho, as did Johnston and Eggleton for Dunedin. St. Hilda defeated Carisbrook D at Carisbrook by 46 runs on the first innings. Carisbrook scored 75 runs (Mathieson 29), St. Kilda replying with 122 runs (Chapman 31). Mathieson anil Rayner bowled well for Carisbrook, as did Tillyshort and Conn for -St. Kilda. The match Christian Brothers v. Anderson Bay resulted in a three-point win for the Brothers. Anderson Bay made 63. Connor (five for 15) and Fogarty (two for 4) were the most successful bowlers. Christian Brothers responded with 148 for six wickets (J. Fogarty 60, B. Fogarty 31, Thorn 34, and Dan Fogarty 15 not out), in their second innings Anderson Bay succumbed for 54 (Abercrombie 26). * Connor took four wickets for eight runs. Christian Brothers thus won by an innings and 45 runs. THIRD GRADE. Mornington 206 (Williamson 70 not out) defeated Albion 95. St. Kilda 141 beat High School 49 and 34 by an innings and 58 runs. Christian Brothers 114 v. High School 89. Opoho 60 and 62, Grange 50 and 77 for two wickets. OTAGO UNIVERSITY v. CANTERBURY COLLEGE. The annual match between Otago .University and Canterbury College will be played at-Carisbrook to-morrow and Wednesday, play commencing at 10 a.m. each day- . The following will represent Otago university :—Reid, Baxter, Alloo (2), Nicholson, Smith, M’Mullen, Spedding, Nugent, Eggleton, Tweedy; emergency, Graham. IN OTHER CENTRES. Auckland. —The weather was fine on Saturday, when the Senior Cricket Championship was continued. North Shore 152 v. Poneonby 73 for five wicked*. —University 204 v. Eden B 58 -for-two -wickets.— Grafton batted all tfaa afternoon against

Waitemata, and made 445 for seven wickets (M'Cormiok 173, E. Horspool 74). —.Eden A made 207 against Parnell, who have lost two wickets for 98 (Antony 41 and Dow 32). Wellington.—The games commenced on ths 14th were completed. East 199 and 85 were defeated by ten wickets by Central. who scored 160 and 129 for no wickets.—Old Hoys 110 and 258 succumbed to North 347 and 25 for one wicket.—Petone 96 and 122 for four wickets defeated University 110 and 105 by six wickets. Christchurch. —Sydenham A 255 (L. Watson 82) v. West Christchurch 198 and 95 for seven wickets.—East Christchurch 236 and 104 for six wickets (declared closed) v. Linwood 256 (E. Perrin 68) and 61 for. eight wickets. —Sydenham B 358 for nine wickets (G. C. Wilson/85, W. R. Patrick 69, and W. Skelton 58 not out) defeated, lliccarton 182 and 165 by an innings and 11 runs.—St. Albans 336 for four wickets (declared dosed) defeated Kaiapoi 84 and 132 (F. Smith 53) by ah innings and 119 runs. LEAGUE. Tramways beat Y.M.C.A. by 44 runs. Tramways made 95 (Weir 35 not out, Williams 17, Bond 14) and Y.M.C.A. 49 (Lumloy 12 not out, and F. A. Thomson 12). For Tramways Weir took five wickets for 11 runs, and for Y.M.C.A. Tapper captured seven for 36. Reid and Gray beat Haywards by 1 run on the first innings. Reid and Gray made 87 runs (Churchill 25, Morgan 24, Holt 13, Harwood 13 not out) and Haywards cor f led 86 (Andrews 35, Mowbray 17, williams 15). For Reid and Gray M’Dougall took seven wickets for 40, and Morgan three for 27, and for Haywards Williams took four wickets for 20, Butcher two for 15, and D. Andrews one for 6. Railways beat .Shaddocks by 54 runs, the scores being : —Railways 103 (Turner 33, Swinney 33, Coatsworth 23, J. Williams 21, Ony 10); Shaddocks 79 (Piuldy 25 not out, A. Torrance 23, Burt 12). For Railways Swinney captured four wickets for 29 runs, and Turner four for 27, and for Shaddocks Arndt took three for 27, Pnddy four for 28, and A. Torrance three for 28. Standard beat Hillside A by 27 runs. Scores: Standard 96 (Butler 57, Stubbs 11, M‘Kenzie 13. Richmond 10); Hillside 69 (Symonds 29, Parris 13," Ueuchrass 10). For Standard Butler look seven wickets for 20, and Holleyinan two for 14, and for Hillside Symonds took seven for 35, and Parris one for 6.

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CRICKET Issue 15657, 23 November 1914

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