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I [From Out London' Conncj-roxDENx.] i 0.-tober 2. j GALLANT ATfILLTL-b j Many well-known ailbaw-s are prundiy j mul gailamly doin£ tie ir bitae- the j-.jii- ; pi re at thi>"<.r:tieai n-rind of ha history. ' So far a - is kiiwwn. late has Ik-m, kin-l. ; for no bud ne>.s ha- <■.;:::.:> M hand r<vpc-ct- j ing tie best of the i.!-a< ~. • at the iron;. ( . ' X." .Soadncuse, the pif-.-via 440 yd-, i ham ', pion. ami a!-') the holder >•: iiio 503 yds iv- ; earn, was still uoinp; st.rorij; 0:1 the 39th o, September. He'ann-aaKa.l 'his. lai-t to < .!•■ j of liis friend.- in a- bi '•' ' post card, wbh li read : "K;al eia'a and . well; li.-'ii'- o:'-■■•■ oxening iin:-e." s-.--.-u ; J;< v_d Li-fdaier.-. f-)) : v.'iiih ilatv In' \o)i;ii- ' at the nalhr.-ah •-; wa'r. ]?.- I:;:-" ; and'aiili more for hi.-, pa.; riot ism. _ j Anulb-r woibkno-„-n a.;ab:to in H. \. !■- j bocs. who excel;, as a. walker, i.-. buin- u~e- j mi -\vik fi another ii.r.i!.-;'. lie )••:■ a. | la an isp'il e-aet:ieiali._and li.i'-ba,.! a. | bei-n i-ent i-o ]>ov.. >'. ;a' .Jusy ben: ' a. «<■:!; ; lino of the liicbts at mat important aai- '■'■■ ] KonS na!:ir;u,y want.-i in be s< id. t-, the i'rui!. but be as boma; very vnhea.b- »-:ik ; v/heiv lie is. . , . ' j; was with luii< hj mer.'!. ;ha; eiiibbes: heard that 1... lb beam; >a. "! ( the <'oian;uant lan-ea,, had b-vii Lnsed a, ; aeib-n. Jl ' ir.-i, a k< . :i iiiliku . and ;••■- ! sis;., d bb; reaanmt ia many aujnri.aa; raves. I'm:. <ui:aii •-• ' ;innb.j v,a- i-is n !i:i : hobby, ee.h ike p:.-,..;, en-e tbo Ita:--; - in Ihe. ilisll ami La i:-!l rh;e:.j an; aim ; whs largely bn- l . in.-, heim J ;:■. v.::-- : . -.-1 j 0 n L Millie t:ii.o in tn:'. L'.'!ii|iaiiy 01 •<■■•■> - flr-.- t -;i.-L(l at i .!-. iiain r.n ! h,.-. <i'..-a.-r.;; or ; tiw iiiternational raer iiiMartii, a;ri Jus j <. iit:i;:sia.S!)> '-.\<'i- liiv «.; tkf li-j.-nj ira.rks \\v.a pita;::;: t-j winn---. Ib- \\n- ~ ■ lu .v au-.i ■-%:.! h- uwh ;i:i b by i;io ii::i:;c:s. ! Ail inUTcalin.: !".'' : ■"'■•■ '•' ;i'- • ' '' :] - ! r.ii-a!'.- > b_. ; I h' llo.a: W.ib::: • 10 i-ai:.-.- i". ti;-.- i» ■■'-■ my..; - lis , « .'li'-h in •'' U'. ■■ , a ■". in c.ln ,Io liii-s '1V...1 1-- p..-':v, -:i . : -;, na AX ALL i;<)!";•; 1 >Mb 'old and ;:'-'.'. ;r-; !u; ,•:•:■>. A.. : ul-illian. a:ani.'-i Una.;;- Jbn-a-r laa a. : j hau-aaa- ana - C hieag.i. J'- ■'.--. }'■■''-' '■' - 1 : - r '" l ' : ; ii:r u jiuiioi- to vany ■..: a.---events at ;hc srnior int(;'.. 11-- ;iu..-i b ■ anutiior Alva Ki-af-n/k-in. ,;:aijj.:..r .'a. :.;- ;>r-ii'orrr,ar!.,-s in llk-100yds, iaab: —. : y.(ntuitlv t'-riu A:iara;a:i ~ti,i.-ii'< " •<•■ ..a „:;.-,•• will poad.a- over n-:v the perfnrn':!-:::'-,-; Looaa- ;-"; r i--:- ! tared wh'.-n wiraiiag iliu cva:h ; -.:hi;-.-1. 'J'hcy art) at any tirae, bat .--r-j ftill j more creditable when one renn.-rabcr.i that I rain had made the ;ra.ak and ;bdd laavy. i The presence of ll<>irit"r JJaktr and otiier ■ Americans at the disinpionships certainly added to the Interest, and .sports- : men on" this sid.i Iv-pu to n,.a; cran--1 r-ciirig ; n 1915, or whenever tlio nest fe.»- ! rival i.s held. ! BOXING. I Sdivo of the. best judge- of 1-bigl.aiid a.i-e. of tie-, opinion '.hat Jinniiy ! \Yikie. ni Wales, i.s di:.-.tiiied \<i ?v<uth ;i. ' very high among boxers. He lr>oks .-iliriost a, freak -.vhen in the rina. bf-ia^r . verv thin, and with arms v. hi<ji seem incapable of delivering ;i p:aa-!,. Aj.-pcar-antts arc- deeeijtive, iinivcver, and he holds : his own with niiieii heavier lads. His : fine judgment, splendid footwork, and ' ecneralsliip will earrv him far. Uih lafes; ;r- M ,!oil ■,-:.- io beat Alt Mat-shield in a b'i'.a ill '.'..'• W-.-'. i.-Y'hn St.n<3ii!in w >!•■,.- j <\i.v. Tiii.: is L.)a<lon"s noivest Lacing [bail, and judfixie by tie foriual QBuuiii^.

it ought to prove a success. Mansfield put up a parne and plucky fight, but he was outclassed after the seventh round, so thai, his s-econds " thew uri tbo sponge" iu the tenth. Two other important bouts have been decided in London tliis week, both being of an international character. Joe Blark. of was given a chance of showing his ability in a 10-rounds bout against O. Buswell, of London, at the Ring. Thvisitor soon (tmionstntr.od he is fnwrt. and be was n jjood winner on points. The oihev big inauh brought Billy Williams, of America, and Ted J'or'ry, of L-ondon, The former tin loose .•:t once, and wa.s aii over his rival at thstart. Percy was not easily daunted. however, >md he bided his chance. This soon came. and. sending in a terrinc punch to the chin, he had Williams " gvocqy." The American " managed to stay through the round. bi:i. ;e e.-as far from when hn stood up for the feeouu. Te.i'cy vvas quick to nutice this. ;i:ki ho. promptly went for his man, wh.. wa-s so uf.'d up that tho referee stopped the- contest bnlfwav through the round. h'ergeam, /.bLnioy. of the Trish Guards. I'Es take:! part in many exciting boxing conie-(s. but the scrap he hud with a German soldier in a wood recently must hav bftor. of a still more tense character. His regiment came to close quarters with tie. enemy, and MThiroy somehow found him-Ft-lf detached a German, and thee ha<l n "go" on their own. M'Knroy is '•same" b.i;. •>nei fighter, and he soon got honi". TIfK 'JTRF. Lotteries are illegal in Kngiaud. but, ■ Ml t>'S eM k>n.s are being made that- the restrictions shall be removed, so as to permit of the promotion of a fttale lottoiy tor the beneiit, oi one ol the war fund>. 'lnc. idea hj good, and it might be cairiwl furtii-r. The revenue derived from the l',iri Miituc-1 in France is put to the useful ])ur;,os._- of improving the breed of ■ r.'u-ehoiccs, and also to tho aid of valine.' chili hies. That similar legislation would be helpful elsewhere must be plain to ail broiid-minded sportsmen, and perhaps the pri.-ciit situation may help matters. Mention of the Pari Mutuel is a leifiindor that Mr Robert Topping has jus: •died. IK- Mas counocted with one of tho higge«:f. ciiinmission lirnis on the Turf, a.ud a bet niad-.- the linn was always csak'. The doccased was a keen snpporter of pedartripsiism ar.d billia.ids, acting as chief backer to ,\Jv!bourifc Inruau in most of th-e latt-er's recent matches. In Jiisjouitgcr days Robert Topping wa* a fair performer on the running path, and he also aecomph.Mied some, excellent long-distance swimn. —The Lording Jociioy.---hj. has fallen to th- lot of tj. to bo the iirst yocKey to ride IC3 v, inneis ibis .-oasou. lie viachod the century at .Nv«]ii,u-A-.-i oji Wednesday, ivhou Kleu:foiiioMi seemed til.- (.Jctolx'i Handicap. T-riorji, ti>Ls season Duiioghue's Ixct tecord ••••;u- 18. when he linish.-u (it'tii to Maher last ( Thai, he will Ikmkl the hVt this ycai- b. iro'. virtually cortain. ;uid thougJl ho has y.-t t<j .-eei:ro classic iicniors no donb: sneers in tliat diieclion »ri!l lomo. He would UaM> liddcii 'I he 'I etiaii'h.. i:: tii--- clae.-i.. mo- had tli« m i broken down, wiiicii probably depiived tin- Li.di j'",,key of addi --M. Joiate Performers.— All the ciili•■> .'ig.iv that the 11 candidat.s for th • Jockey Club Mak"s Kftft. dav weie v.--ell below tho c-sval Ma diird. j,,,! |> rv ..,,;. ],,-,,- ~ !.,,,.„ ./;,!., ~ „<,, .; i:> :- . ;dr, .■;-.. ,'. ■ y h:\\r i- -e -be'-:icii:, but. Mr ,'io-i'.- misfortune ; i"v--.l helj>ful ;> oih-:-is. Mr \V. A.-ioi «w I'oita'iiiy Ittcky in iyi'ig able ;., */■-•'! ■• liisi and -' '■'»!'.! pi;;c:-.-- with T> o;; T-.-nips a.n-1 iraiii'ce'.e. 'lire wiiii.e-r e.iri ie.l 1201b, and ra ' ;h;- e-i'e end tbieo-qu.litor.- in ")>■••••. •■■■h:<h is l"""-'<I tionig for a three-ve.-.r-<.>!d. 1-00TB ALL. Scottish I'eiOuy ."'i.>tbail--j-s are paying a. heavy t-oil to thv. Following the death of j;'. .!•'. Simsi-i crenes the news that .J. 1.. i!c ; i;ar, 1- n killed in a.tioo. He v .;•■•■, ;;;i lvi : :ilmrgh .Vi--dica i School man. c.i.l p:;e-. d into "the Boy id Army Medic:d >:':!.)>', tii..;; K -h. he Mas .11 iaciied to t'e- ,'■,,'.-, ti-v-in (oiaids when kill-!. He b:; i tin; dis'.:i:.-ti >n of scoiin_; tie- ki.»t. try «'Vi■;• n-coi-o'.-'l for Scotland in an interna lio-ed m.'it'-b. eed it hj sad to think c tieli ,i y.-iing In',-. j.. )S Ik--.;ii cat ;hort. Mc-.vs. is aiso to band respect: B. W. i"|.-ii(.rt.=o-., of tiie Loudon ScoHish B-uuby ]'.(.'.. who h,:s bee'n founded wbilfit- m-i v- \\ j e. it'i th" (ioido;i JTigbk'ivi'-is. Associa t ion 'ill-' pe; fornti n< e« of sii.-jb M W-.-di.iS.i.iy and Mandiest.-:- ' by. i --.o .-■:■!-. v, un'ii i:arro"A]y oscapexl the, S".-o id oiii-h>n •.•!-' April, copi.iai-.- .o att]-:•'. I . •:<■;' ativiition in leaixu.- i .r-.-Jos. ij •• Shi iii'-ld Club seoioii half a dozen c-:':hot:t. rcspo;,-.,. from Biadjord oti >a'.;:rda;.. I'ilis is indeed :• lire p.-ifoi ii.e.i ■' . ;j. , ~, -,: i:s ijvai.; m the n\ n:sti ;.• s i.iav.d ;o ihit". ib.oe-M->t.-: ''ity ~a!'y fili.- a b-:;.f position, v.-i'h an oiit-al numb.'-:' of po.c- ---,.,,, :.r.d a n-a!(i| in in.ild. Tho City al-.n----r;..-!:iis an tn:b--iil-'n iocoi-d. ha-, ing w o;i ■'■ and hewn 1 game so far. —A Fine Hocoid 1: remains tor Ikaif of Midlothian to , ;.,:in :h- 1.-.-t recid t-li; ..f.ghout th« i ihi-d Km.-dohi. the i'l'.i.b.iigh club Lav :;..: -von all tie • :,.'ht ii;;it<-il-.:s placed so :-... .....\ .-. -c' -i 1 > iioni.- to t:v» 2 by tiwo - i-,;-io-i;c.!ts No olher (dub in ti:e Flight n ~ ;•:, ,;•:.-:! l/.ijues has soruiod lie' :■'■•;:■(■'■ n-is-iblo. number of points. I iurpilSO ill t'»!•• footbai! ,-,):•;! '.i Sa:'->i"d:iy 'vas ci-.-r.f.-.-d by ; ii-' .- "It ■■■' '.! c matches in the -emi-tim.i • f :■■:■ hkr'C'V C'up. ]-:,\o:yoi'e C.i.-i!-.' ■< ">' Rangers (the b.oid.'i>; to t.ittmpii ~;.,■' p:.;-'.ck 'Tiiastie, but the bit<T jut • •;. :l u'lO-t defm 0, .111(1 6.'( fed two g. in i« ;,,,, Ti,.. bar/ai'o After this fine win ie. ;:•■]; will bo fn.tjcied for final honors. ."':-,- -'.th-v tie brovcr'nt ( iy-b and Qi.te<.'i; s }>';...■.: i. -.r-.ueo.-, and as th« former put ;■'..;•;.:• "otit of act ion" they were warm ■hcoii;---. The amateurs io-'- to the oeoa .-,';,. Jiov.-.-vcr. and their fine defence ]<■& :., a'di-i;v.-, in which l either side scored.

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THE SPORTING WORLD, Issue 15654, 19 November 1914

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THE SPORTING WORLD Issue 15654, 19 November 1914

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