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FULLERS' PICTURES. The programme of moving pictures submitted in patrons at the King's Theatre last evening was. as usuaj. excellent in every detail. At both sessions the build - Hi" held audiences, which is amr»!.» evidence that tbi-s place of amusement' i» losing none of its popularity. The film v Inch was looked forward to by all was tiie screening- of a, few scones of the gallant little Belgians during tile present war defending the town of Adost. Apparently :h■■■•ir Uisk proved very great, but it was another good illustration of their stubborn i-heck to the enemy's advance. A mosi pitiful nipln. was that of the women and children leaving the town with their hur-riedly-packed belnnaiiurs. To sporting enthusiast,* the depiction of the recent Melbourne. Cup from start to finish must have proved, very interesting, and a. few addi-t-oual snapshots showed the enormou* crowds of people who visited Fle.mington r.i.-erniirseoa tliat great occasion. ' Pathe's Oa/elto' is now becoming more popular than ever, for the reason that it principally contains the latest pictures of the mobilisation of the British forces at Home, and this week's edition shows a. number of remits heing hurriedly trained for service Mi the Navy and a large portion of Loid Kitchener's army in the making. It further includes a number of wounded "Tommies"' leaving a hospital in London to attend church parade. A conspicuous feature about the latter is the cheerful ex-pti.'.-sion borne on each face, despite liU wounds. In the dramatic section there were too rer.lly good films—• A Foolish Agreement ' and 'Sparrow of the Circus." A- the title of the latter suggests, the. ftory centres round a travelling circus, u herein a man with his wife and child are employed. Then there is the ringmaster. whose influence over the woman subsequently leads to an elopement with her and the- child. However, the parting is of short duration. as, while the circus is passing through the town to which th>3 ringmaster has taken the woman, the child notices her father, and the situations leading up to the reconciliation were very interesting. Other coed rilms were 'ln the Maritime Alps." "A Study hi Costumes." and ' His Phantom Friend." Tic sameset ei" pictures will he x-iv.-m-d for tin remainder of the week. lIAYWABPS' PICTURE^-. There, was a large at tendance at the Octagon Hal! last night, when 'Sixty Years a Queen,' which portrayed a large number of memorable incidents that took pi -ire during the reign of Queen Victoria. was unfolded to public view, and instantly won its way into the favor of those present. The various scenes coni;",tcd with the life of our late beloved. Queen were extremely interesting, and. v. ere followed with the keenest attention. Showing how Her Majesty was first made aware of her regal position, the picture followed with views of the Coronation, a picturesque, and gorgeous ceremony. The interesting announcement to her Ministers lb at she had chosen her consort was very gracefully made, and the marriage of the J loyal pair was very liiiciy pictured. The earlier pari of Vi toria's reign, in regard to scientific progress. was illustrated by the picture of the first telegraphic station and the despatch' of the first message across ihe At'nntic -'!"!>■-• opening of tftft great International E.-.'iihition of 18511 which it was hoped .-it tiie time would ush»r in the reign of universal peaca, was well Trprosented. FuvtU,-- pictures arc of incidents connect"d with the Crimean War. including cicws of F/oreno* Nightingale visiting th" wounded soldiers. Included in thst numerous other scenes arc views of the private lifo of the Royal family at -Balmoral and; a* Osborne House. The pictures are made ail the more interesting by reason of the graphic explanations.' sometimes humorous, given bv Mr Bailie Marschel. 'Sixty Yenrs a Queen' v. ill U« shown to-uii.'!il and succeedine, nights this week. FUI I.F.R-P.RF.VXAN YAmF.VILLL'. 'I .':.'■ Fn..' :'-];i'cii.i.:u icopcuiog of vaudeville ril!-:>l the Pirncs.-- I h.'atre list night, the little stay in p. "■ t•. dirigs that tlw war cans. ■<] having nio.-l • •!>•. i-n.-iv whetted tiie public appetite The u i'ii. r :;<'ni.'at, fully apprised of the ii'jp.-.riam-.' of tirst .imi;re.--sto:-,s, provi.hd ~,1 -m, : taiimieat v. ioch ;;:-ver tell !;. low \w p..-i;.;.i-- nrri'.t, and winch at s.v-.-rd :■-•..• ~:s v a-- oi the vc:v Ir-bcs; CjU.-.lhy. I'o ■ '.ond-:r. for •• xauip!'. . i'-~' hood a "i I ',-: .'■■:;;":»,t in hex piano.'.,i !.• an i singing ■•...• i- ■<<<'.•■. ihe okiv.v at the piano.'' I', i ry\ c-i|iic aa sr.c o'id pn-tuUi,-s io.ii • :■. :.;.■; ....:i:ty, and lli ..itisi. won lie- ,-cii,;, ••> of her ai;..i.. ;:- :o oO;,)| k K ]>' '<■■■•: tllcy ,• <a» hath t-o i•' ler ivtii-. 'IF '- . .-.-.'.ral oth-r individual .u-ts wi, ; . hj ..:„.. :-; chal- :._■■ S 1c • •.lip.eupicy <■: >!: ~ l/xhr on liic :.;i.. l.''!, ti ■. 'i .. .'.• • r';:";co clia;'- !'.-: in,- tin it ot !','■<.■•■.;■. ■ •■ ! .- ' . ::•-. uhich >: ■■ ci.ri, i-d'p;- !...' i ; ■ ■<!■■■ *'>•■• ot i -..-.: : vic a, f-"ri. s i: ~vi K-ci;ai:gc liu- ;. i, .natior.r Th" n.0.=.. ■•■:>.ji>i t . tratir.- • riuationc- «■«-■,• tie-o- ic v. hi.-Ji b. • rci>le-■•-nted John Fi.i! r. r.-n in ]--iUct Ilk" i..-,-) and Qu-er; Vy o;i:. vY!:;•.,> anc <;.vv of;< rwl .i. jn-.t-v s!i'-ji;.g t.ud talkinp ; ,-t." jjiov.n at. i i.■;:'■.•.-. :i " • ■•• m--t hi!;, ,-:.-.....!,,■ ~.]■■■•'<-slid in :• rn i llg «-c. laV,-,'i:'g act. ami Atthur 'i'ro'.t't and \iiV. :;.;;..••] oi •■!■.- d a?-.|'i th-dv abilitv. I'll- whole: of th- lirot part >■ p, r,v.d--l by ;h.-!:-- Ip.itii'-- ("ompany <-.-.t, and lieil* with a divt itu-t i'vn tmrivalWl ;,.,-' ;,-.;•,- tri'.'Upe of trie kind .'"ci: here. Mr (j,.hro< himself ; s a. :v-marka!jly astut---ind ;il.-|e ceiiK-dian. and he receives sue!! Mippon- fiom the »*nd >■; -insers support :.., ; ;.,, : .s. < r , make th" pail one of \i?a! iii!.-:''--! and ach:-' vr-iv.'::t. Patrol* need liave. no doubt but the entcrtainnwnt is eniinerlly worthy of patronage. The i..-,-..;iiiv appeal ery evening. nUF.KN'S THFA.TRK. •The ])ef'-nce ot A lost." depicting the ].r,n-,,i> of var ::i al: it<j trrim savagery. ii'lbe ha-'ic.g picture r\i. the Queen's "Ihe.Twf.. -Ti'" Knoikoc.t." a. most iaugb ; -\ ]t. coined v. :.- by the Keystone < ompany. Another fni" picture show's the Melbourne i'up. 1914. t:nd crives a, cicsr view of the i-c iirun ftart to finish. Trie Onc-iiV wdl 1.., open as ttsi::d wiicn the eame pictures will be serened. PLAZA PTCrURFS. 'The Swindlers,' a picture exposing the ii'-.:thcds of g< t-rich quick American stock-brok'-rs, heads the current programme at t}„. ]'■]::■/> Pictures. Other pictures an; 'Red Hiding 1100 l of the- Hille.' 'District Aitonicv's Burglar' (dramasi. "Sid":. (m-limc).' ' All the Dog's Fa.uJt ' and 'Sophi • Join:, the Films' (comedies), and ih--'Topical .lourr.a.l, which includes scenes from th". M;at oi war. Tlu tame picture; ■ire U> be shewn again to-night.

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AMUSEMENTS, Evening Star, Issue 15652, 17 November 1914

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AMUSEMENTS Evening Star, Issue 15652, 17 November 1914