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WXCAI. MEETINC OF THE OTAOO CENTRE. The aiiiiuQ-1 mcetine; of tho New Zealand Amateur Swimming Association (Ota;;o Cent.-) na., he'll last, uiuhl, when Mr d. A. Park picrTkd over a small attendance of members. The eal.-.nce-idicet for the. y«;iv cn-'icd Oc!ob»r 31 was road by the .secretory. Thit> showed a. credit balanca of £37) 7s 10-cl. which included a. profit of £lO 14s. mede on the Easter Carnival, in eonm-. tion with which a. balance-sheet was also fitibmitf »d. The Chairman, in moving tin; adoption of the report (already published) and bal-ance-sheets, said that they had every reason to be gratified witil tne progress made- during '.'lie year. Th«'V were satisfied and ploascd with the iiieenMve jjiwn to swimming by tho completion ol the municipal baths. The membership of the centre had been confide rably incivascd, ami thanks were due to those who had interested themselves in bringing about this increase. The inter-provincial swimmin;; ear nival had been a j;reat success, and ho hoped they would Iki in a. position t < make it an annual tixture. Air Park spok' l of the. subsidy by tho Government uf £ls (a.n increase of £5 over the previous year) as of jireui. assistance to swimming. The. hits been judiciously expended, largely anions the schools, and ii «';;•. gratifying to know the (Government wiro cuntiiiuins to help. —The jnQtiou_ v,r.i seconded and carried without discussion. Tho following weie elected : —President, .Mr .1. A. Park; vice pusident. .Mr C. F. Circvnskulo; hon. t sectary. Air C. H. James; hon. treasurer. Mr A. Cannon ; centre, handica.ppor. Mr .). Kilmartin ; hieal consul, Mr ]). Panm>tyno; delegate to Air P. N. Jtundle ; hon. auditor, Mr W. H. Matthews. The Secretary uf the N\ \v /..-aland Amat.-eur Swimming Av.-'.ci: tiu:i v ruto .stalmc; that. «,•■.•■ iv.j, !•. ;'.!■ \\- -liington and Jl.iwko's Hay • J- fusing to participate, it 1 .ad >■■•>; ih.hi'-.i ii'-t ti. conduct 1 he. tat:- ■■■:' !>•:!*. i\ah;.iiai'u<<ku '.hrouch the, Dominion.—A. further letter was received intimating thai rue. Auckland eentie, having £-100 toward* the. expenses of the tour, it had bevii decided to £0 on with Iho arrancremonrs. No chare... would ho made a_;-.i.-!. th.- net prolits i'f life carnival, an-l tin* • >jjJv amount require..! ficm the O;;:.' 1 Cchtre" v.oaM be £.'.10.-- 'i iu-. Secretary static! that tcrnc- !■•.•! bc-11 acrre.! to by ih:- old executive, and their a, ■i. ,1 was confirmed. 'J'ti.. S'.cretary <>f the .'mititptir Swiiiiinini; ( !u'> wrote lirii; :iiu; t>;!«.T -j.- ;i,< ii-'-tiee of the 1 ■■■stile 'the dc-irabioyx 'I 1 ■•• 1; is term:; al! racin-i s viinre. :<,, ;\\.(i p|.,.. ;.•(- iheni irilJ; nuiiil-fr:; i'o li.v 0:? ri: if m.--u.ines.— Kefe.rred to incoming executive. Th<* Aiiimehaha T.a<!t<-' Swintmini; and - programme tor their carnival in .Wnvmber, ball the proceed.- of which will be devot-.xt to the. Ik'ljian relief fund.—Procjrainine. approved. Ib.'iv'unc.;- w;ts made to th .• ■_ 'ul v.,;; I; done by the hon.t--er.Uary i.\lr (.:. fi. dames) f>>r the centre, atel for swimmi.'/u' generally, .and it w;:s rr.-ulvcd—'"'liitit tin's i-entro highly appriciatc t!ia servit-. k rci: dered by iIW hon. vecretary. Air ('. H. Jame.s, for the past ]0 years, and that a. bonu.> of £lO he voted to him as a slight rec.jamlioti of ihose services.'' Tlie following notices of motion by Mr .'lanu-s "ore put and e-rricl:—"That rule 2 read, after ' followim; proportion ' : For 20 to 50 paying members, two and then one delegate for every 25 additional members; six representatives from any one club bo tho maximum. Rule. 4 to read : (a) The subscription to rtr? eentro be 10s 6d for two tives, 21s for three representatives, and for every additional reprcvuitnt-ivo 10s h] ■ (b) tiie Ktibscription from ladies' elubs shall be 10s 6d. Pule 15 to read: The centre may, on application in writing hv auy chib. '.-rant permission.' tinder s-uch forms and conditions as ii ma.y dr,.ni • > xp--'di:-:;t. the. to ,vich cinb to iiir'ude ni'it». proL'r.'inmie any of tie- fo'lewine; c;rl Southhiii'l e.bampior.ships.: - ICO v.u.-Is 220 vards. <VX) vard-. half-mile, -To-milo. 100 yards hrenst, 100 yards flying fqundror. race. - '

; ?omk weeks ago vo commented upon tho I attitude, of the United ! State> Government to the ! inv. W<- that wo j doubtvd whether '.ha: at. * ■ uuiuu nuiiiu satisfy ill;; desi r.s <■!' I !)-.• ; ' more thoughtful of th- .\ri;oiii'an public; ■ '■ r.nd while lvcngni.-i:;.- t}•;11 Amoriei ;•] tic \ is the sole judge of h-c-r honor, we.- npg;■.-ted j that history woeld abo feel called upon to ' iccord if; voidvd. V. hat. i !:<•;;. v. id that ; verdict be? .Sine-' Mir words were vrittco : there haw been tteidt am! iidlnenoei ivi ! deuce of the rv\ K l;osr.n?.ss and dishl.e of. i the American for the pclicy of ; | President, WiUon and his c nikagi■«-■.-. That. • j policy is one o! strict, impartial tern- I i trality. It prides iUolf upon treating the ' I belligerents with equal justice. P'.veyy nth | cial act is iiist, weighed mierc<H;opioaliy : : 1 not a word is uttered that ean b« mir-i-< i snwd an favr,r;,b!" to the Allies oy dotri- | mental to the irt: i\ st- nf Germany and j her partners; tho natural -emotions of Ih-j----j average, man and woman, which -".5 ' times of .storm and torcss rise t<> lb' 1 f-urf.'ioo. are ruled out a.s urfcrmly : and the United .States Government, t <a.y thougli the lepres-c-ntatives of tho mo.-t warm-hearted of ■■ ix-i I i .-■--< i peoples, have earned for themselves a reputation that is nowhere a.ppieeial-ed and i.vcry-.viv;e condemned. But though this is the aitij tude of the Government as a whole the individual members of the Cabinet :nv. jail men of professedly and e.veejV ion.iiiy I ftvoup humaniUiiiau sympathies. II'" | President and his Chief Seeiotary of Stat---I (Mr Bryan) have an international r.-nov. o i for the almost transecrideriia! oharact:;- "f | their political idealbm. They rr-- pro;,,--.. j gaiidiets and of pace; to • !•.; m I war is dolasiabio. a.nd tin: minder of one's frllows an <.u::ai_'o humanity. V l | it remains t :.;■.; that .it an hour when In | tenia.} iona! treaii-s are ehamele.sly ami j defiantly torsed aside «s wo.thbv-s; wha: | a vast army, equipped with the n!<■«.■• t por- | feet weapons :t' d.■.<• is launched I in eold blood. ;.nfl v.-iib instructions to bill j and spare not. ajaii:-: i'i hi vkc\A nation j that trusted to !iie h.■:■,":■ of : ! ",e wbo had j ouarantei ■> Ms int-;o i'; : .-nd '■' '"a '»■' ' ' dceolatiou <".f • ni" •••! erf.-, -ic . ..n..; » •••• ! hecatomb. o : ,nai V :; i d-.-ad. the pi 1"...; ! crie. of ;n\ riads of bmeee s;d.;Cr- '. appeal for pro.eetion, it r-maite- t ■ tv that , .-•.'iHriea o'ii.-ially remains .-ihi:!. 'illere ! hive, been ti:n:- in the h.i.-L.o-y • u ihe i !■"!!.•!::•!:-.-!■-'ahiia; iaee when (riir-!i e;.e.- ; ..._ ~ . t, ..,,■,!' i n v,.in. Why with inn- fai.h*. is wh.-r .die i- ' ,ii home, honor? il abroad, by I'.-. ■' ! ~J t. ? ;,: iKT-au.-e ;=be has more ' :. ; e j done what i-h- bra <lono to-dsy-—«tak.-;! her vow exi icnrv i;s an Empire n : in,; j maintenance 01 against wronp and of I the weak the etro-e:. 1 hey do ;:.,! ! l:nov.- us who Miy we are m.-.r-ennry aie.l i <./.lfi«b and that eoir j.oliey is di.ta- ' I!v'bv tho,i-!es of tr.iii. I '.«l ioeh.y .t ! is Amer'b :i io whom the eaii is r.ddn-:-=-ri. > and it is fioni Anierien that the av..u--r j no'ist .e'voe. i -|-;.o erinv. .»f Gernuuv is no! .. .rone ! aeain t. IVh.-i-rn and the Allies alon.. l>. \ Isn-ai'ist. C)irisii;in c-n-ijioa-.i.-r. ■■■■"■ in*- '- I {,»■•■ ' .s* miicii a-'ainst Ameriea and nv.-'e | prineipVes U>c which Ameri. a laoiee.e: y stand as it. i> lite r,.;1,0:is •-■■-•- j 1.;,v0 hawn .be fword :n 1-tree - ) diall never attain a tin.; .: '.v 1 seek to restrict is-ae to a vr,<rc military land nava-l contliet.. And we rliaii i: -■ ie-mwlves out, <d e.eirt if «e ar--. .'■;: ! ! weak enonrrh to eonline, l!ie oa, siion of oi;'t<> tiie acenraey or otherwise of .-■onie i .aliened act of sa eatery againt-l indr-rhtal (Joniians mad with the lust of !>!a.:d and ilau-hfr. Ihe one supreme and ■■ y.-. ■::■.:, line ...urage of ;,!i. that "Idea cue. ; -aimaid or .em r.-vvifed. the;- wii: hj beI eondorvmed the Kais-n- of < :.. rme;,-- a. ■'. o. j war janty t<> an eternity -jf inl'a:.:;. . is the j war it-elf. Let the Kmpire never ;• .■..■-; j this. 'l'lio individual who behove., trial ' I there is a. ease for Geimany. who; [ thinks tiiat theiv is something to hi- taul ; ion her behalf, has no place in (hri.-tiari ■ ' c-iviiisi'ittiii. He has. by his ov/ji conies-' | ; .j■, n. iiUlJad id;,. - ■;■ j I with the powers <u j darkness. It is. This knowioojo t,,I day is th-.u::'ithd Amoricaoo. i ivho kr.-.-v iu>tin«-tiv<dy that the altihni : ui their own (! iverninied dee« md reih'ct : wieie s. They are caa;; r to !< r th". \v...:i-.l ••• ie.'vv and whi-ro ..uih-riea stand.-. !An Aia-iica tliat is strictly r.eui-ral at an Intel in defeilee o; thos*;- eaus.-.- for v. im !i j America her-eif. ret. 0...-. ; a~• - ..■;,■,. ; :i i.I she sLauds iir.a i=e!y aa.l <oa:, : : a:, a- -. jis r.Cil trie; .ni!:ee , ;i i.,. ~ <1 ; ua„- ;..,,■ t-heir prof.-.- : -i-. "«»m ,-o-ad-.' >;. Mipinely immi.i. di,r; io.ili .'... 100.-..' veil ; "tin- ( b.v..foment have ; id: a a t! . a- «, fertner Idiite 1 States /' a- ■ . ■:. - ■:. "about onr att;'.;..'.:" ot stnei ieaor,oiiy. " [ Pope," v. :itrs t l -' cdiu,, ■ : ' t abb -".- Weekly Matra/i;e- ' U, the le-ic.b o •'billies,' "that Kn.Lda;..! w'.W ii.h, j a-; a. "Ion;; as it. b nere.s.iry to ii;Ao, ana v id - er.-i the tuhl •ody in -;:;,. v.:,\ ■-..?'. " mcasuidiiir out. justie-e to<; lirniu.n Km- I "ptnor as a- i-rimmal amoio/ ;i>en. a.n 1 tiei "German nation, mbe/nided and i.adiy b:d " ihoaa'h it is, still a criminal amouj; na -tions." These and similar atteeana.s \ nana i-r«ly < j xpre>« tbe .spoil ..n ; lite American people in li-lati. n !a the j vraf than does the. stiictly neutral aili: nd'iof the Administration. Americans do no; | want, and tho British J-impiro does not i want, too Uniud .States to the tan- ! "iimai v f;av as active partic;ij;ants. Gf | the actual 'shedding of'bla.'d .jaee ha- ! bi'er. more than and men tiun m | titiger from its eoniemphi>io,i. But America owes it to herself as a. Christian and prjjrrcfisive people to free; her own moral pi<--stii_'e from th.e taint of reproach ; to denounce; without hesitation or <1 übiety the authors of thosa crimes that have humtiialed and td.anud mankind ; and to I>eTl tho day when thesa ei'.«niios of i tho race ehall be caheei upon w reoeivcI judgment.

America and the War.

\s view of the creat Kuiepcan war. the J re-per., of the Committee 0:1 Interna- | t.iomii ?c;i«\ which, j wii! in' submitted at j th. annual withering 1 <A the. <<<')K-iVll As-.'■?r.i'.-i!;-- "f tin- r-Tshvi'-Tii'ii t iou-li open-j hid in Diiiicdin :.o-nm; '•• r\v 1 ve;iiti£, ought,! to be ei' m••>;■''■ than '-rditiary interest. It ; \.-:;l !:-.• ri-ci;ji-cL--'i] th;:: ;h. A -sembiy. a'., i;i?:il,; t:.;i, rties .-honid Of tak-n. by | s-.-.-u:-. <.•' <■ •■ i\ .- n: 1 ■ ■<■ with >;ficr rhii.i has :n .-;,::•■;• h'fd-i, lo .-lay the unduo j ;:n>\vth «.-,' .■in.i..iiK.:.'s and to promote; pone ;.ni''-:i.' the, naikwis. in adopting j lho.--.i- ovort-u-\, me rhee.-.'a! A.-pemhly o:- j i- •.-■>..-.-(I ;!)..:• .<i,piX';.-;a'.io:: of tin. <lions j tiiei- had bee:: ::ire:idv i:i O-rcai Jiri!ail; and ::.r. ,-my i„ th'- dires"Jo:i of po,ill hi.:,; i:.-.■:■,.;;■;.,0i1..1 peace, and sot tip tiil.s 1 ~iiii!i'iu---. «;;h :i:si,-u.iiotis to <-ntcr | : i'.o r.';:u;,i;(ir';i( on w.'lh the Pre.sby.oi :an j . hut-lus <.f lie- United States, the Over- j .-i-.-i i)n:ii : Mioo--, the Liuhc;.-a:i ehnreh.-s of ! (Annany, ami th-.-. Tl-eionncri ohurch'-s of ! Kr-nee. v/iik 1-f object •-.■•' promoting the j .cine fkvi.'-ii:,].-. etiii. Ikpiios to the over-j i;:o-s of ihh- ••oatmhle-- have been re-: ( ■ ivcri. :'■ is n.iri.-r.-iooo, from most of ; :h .-];'j 1 eh--,- that •-.»■. ••• e.euivuinieatod ; witli: :i:o 1 '::!■.<■ anss\<-rs, which appear in *■■,!• A».-s-'mb!y's While IV.ok. make in- j tr-rrni:::.; tvadin,:. This is particularly! ih. . ; - v itli i-'-p. ei to :::-■ rrspons- oV j ih- ]):•;. -.'.fii ■-. (',,::rt L haphoiu lu tie- Aa;-i f.-r. ami 1- ■ .-iii;: 1-j>--,-j;er at the Cathedral j in Jk-rkn. The ,'- ply c f "'rofessor Eugene j I):- pave. .-.J' ill'- .* <:■', h< re-.-- at- Paris, writ-; ten seme .>•'>: week* before the outbreak of th-e •■.<'■.■■: thiouah whom the Assem-bk-"k •■■■--.:-::! ire ::>".. into touch with the :' -foerji'i: rhtJlvh-vs of ]'h":,i:;:e. is also of ivek iiH'-ri.-l -i- i::ri ; e;o in.j the t'eelirkr :' v -: v iri ar.ine.t iK.itilities -.vhieli oxist<;d i;i ih : -l- al t;ie. time. The Pro-■ri.----?-ir v. ro-t.- to Ik-- effect that ie- h;ul iVrv.-ro.-ded th-- A --'-ri-.blyV to th-?. Pr, r : rleiit:-: ■• tin- various Presbyterian cii:!',::•:,-- i'l l-"ra; .-. aoci tlial he ariproved ■■'' ili<- (■•i!a::i; I .li-:V |"ii'o[:a;.:aiula in the in-f-r :-'s of p( ?i-.-.. •• J ;,t:i rti-ongly oppofrvd ; to tii.- war ;.:,r!y. ai:t.i in favor of arbitrii- ! 1 ;.•:•> .. nd iii I,'"-. . . . Of course, if I hav- «,e<,i. 1 will plead the cause. I Hut i'xerr.;. oov. U lifted" e'onod, of tile I 1 ti-iitoire ... I 00 hoi se-i' vho would j :;-];:- op lijv <iiio-- Pa earnest." So the j k-tar ran. ir.dicatiiij, what h;w keen made j ;;p|:-;:r.-in - :k ■■>"•: i.--.- : '. h-ii, '.ll France, be- j I'.'.ve tli- ..•lifu.v.-ak <-f hiwiiii-lies, tiiere v.-ap ' '.•;!h :■: ■...?r ami a peace party. Of other | ■ ■ :'i : ..- ri-e : ved. tie.!, from the General .'.: .-■. -jiihiy <-f --tie of thf> two and in- !>::. alia! pre.-byt-eri.'ui chnrehos in ScotLru\ was very inijioriaiH. as wel-™e.-ni':r an off-art. "to advance the cause of lr.t-:-ivia! i-Trd Pence, and the adoption of ;i:c:::i-; ri ..rk't ialkei for ill-.- avoidance i,f :':■■ t-.i!> ..-!' -.-..;:'." P.espcnsc:; ntoiv. or le.v; ' -tie v ];h th*. conmiitu-e's overtures -■ • al-i; i ,-.-.;•.-. :1 from a-uthorili-ej; of the 1 "<.':■■:'•: t:-r:an ekiii-e.le'-s in liliglaiid, Ir-eland, f.i.iad,. and the L'ni'.wl States. .-f !':•„■ ckurehes of the denomination in Atts-i.i-alia. imre r<-pli;-d h.r-artily, the < k-rk (/f the Victoriiin As-ernblv wriiinir after t!ie oetbroak t,f hostilities': "In Cod's prrrvi-<k-;iee niken 'lies -ei tin:war. \Ve all pray th:-.' th-:> e'ld of this p:.'-s-r:t war may be Ike nioi.- nr.iv -rsa! an ! thorov.'ii .-d'ipfion ,f the iirillei|.-lop of ! a; 'ii;r;:lri:i bv th-- ii.-;ti(V n: , of ti'- M'_■!-.!. " ":'.;;i . in view of th" p;v.-. : i,i. ,-ii:ie ; i"n in •■Ani.-iv.-. PKft attention will naturally lie . ? A-- <o, ,i to th-.- (■.•timmnication iV'.'ai '!>r P-rv:u d-.r. of the, Prtusian Lutheran f'h'nreh. vli--~ -': :-.--ral A(o'-:- , ii , ',lv's •« I rt me, ji.-:s io-i it <ui t> r>r Vo::.-},'.-. 'v ho is in- iiiahcn. anihoiilv en inaTlers eceh'sia -i" al in th,<-Vnr-iiir.n Kii'?ooi:i. The C'etirt I'ii.-.oiain :-' l:<ek:: Ih't' omr s.-os Iw v;---v..v. ;;<? t-ar- laf.-d by o:a- <,f the p., ,!.,-;,,.■;.,,, (''nvn'ch in nitra'di;-. :- - l.k ; i., • r.-";! !'- "!-e. and .a-'h on-" iti his ('..- ]..--:'-,-■ ef p. <)])l-:s. (-, ]l!OIIl .:,-• mil- j M:.--l it .'■'.•-,-■:■■:'! ii: _r amo.'-.r the nations, i a-.-d to "-!-, - .■!:'■■-.■■!, !o th-' m 0..1 <■!- m-ntal I loimnaiebii'-iifs -f i A-r- Chi.-pel. Thero is j v ! .e'o'r tl- : , rei !••• d-e-- hv the method ( m .. ; ;.-■ ;,iii.or ■. Only a vo.y j-mall j ;.-!-:;. ,' <ii (k- ''- ■ :r,..i! l.ui.iie or r!n:reh j the other i-iitk-s -oin- In e-'.-i. Tin's !-!•! ■ I' lii !My,..i-;.i- ,;■ al.s for it-elf. if il. : io-,,,;,..-;. m--a-::a.. :i:>i ■ -r----I,:' Un. j,.;,,,it I.'. i i p.--'- ■'■■!• '!■ ■ tl.-i.eral \--.-em'il\ . w:!! 1.0! h-- . ■.,;■ :.:■ 1 a hv >:--.■.- Z-t.'daiel.-i'.s to },-,-. ra.bcr than exM '.'r-." "1 . '■'■ " I', -.:!,-.; -,-V v.v-;haf---Ira 1.,- d.■!■/!.■:■,:(;,■ . : hoair. '

Tiia Presbyterian Church and International Peace.

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SWIMMING ASSOCIATION, Issue 15652, 17 November 1914

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SWIMMING ASSOCIATION Issue 15652, 17 November 1914

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