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111111111 l B D B B M ladics'.. Summer. Attire!.. Fashionable and Popular Styles! . . White Ready-to-Wear Garments for Ladies ! m B B B “BUSINESS AS USUAL DURING ALTERATIONS TO THE MAP OF EUROPE ” was the naively-framed announcement which a Glasgow shopkeeper affixed to his premises recently. We fall into liiie with tin's worthy Briton. Not only is Business at the *■ D.S.A. ” going on “as usual,” but w» are proud to say that in some departments it is BETTER than usual, showing a big advance on last year’s figures. We account for this by the fact that wo aim continually in all our buying and soiling to attain satisfaction. The one definite test of value is SATISFACTION—with the Stylo, the Quality, the Suitability, and the Price. The geiiproua patronage we are now receiving proves conclusively that our persistent efforts in this direction are appreciated. Our courteous staff will consider it a pleasure to show you anything you may care to inspect, and we shall welcome the opportunity of submitting to you the Newest Goods,_ in the Newest Fashion Stylos, at Prices v. hicb, you are sure to admit, are, equally with the goods themselves, entirely Satisfactory. Household . WITH ALL TH E Al.l .U RIN G CHARM OF LIGHTNKSS AND DAINTINESS! White Frocks are all the rogue for this Summer. We have a very largo stuck of distinctive am! becoming styles, of which the following are among the leading lines; WHITE PIQUE SPOUTS COATS, stitched belts, patch pockets. 19 6 and 21/. WHITE PIQUE. SKIRTS, high waists, two and threepiece. 76, 10/6, 14, 6. Double-shape Skirts, 19,6. WHITE PIQUE COSTUMES, Magvar sleeves, roll collars. 21/, 23/6, 27.6 up to 39,6. WHITE MUSLIN ON E--2’IECE. DRESSES. 4 11, 5/11, 13 6, 16 11, 21/. WHITE EMBROIDERED VOILE DRESSES. 16,6, 18/11, 24/6 up to £4 10,. THE SUMMER BLOUSES —are so Beautiful! These are a few of the styles in White Materials WHITE MUSLIN BLOUSES, new shapes, high or low necks. 2/6, 3, 8, 4/6, 5/11, fCj 7/6, 8/11 to 25/. W HITE EMBROIDERED VOILE BLOUSES, very daintv. 6/11, 8/11, 10/6, 12/11 to 28/6. The Latest Corsets ! Tha finest Costume and the most bewitching Frock each depend for their complete eff—rt upon the Corset worn. We have an immense selection of the most popular and best makes, in sizes and models to suit every figure, while our prices are much below those charged in some other places for the same numbers. “ W.IL” CORSETS, with low bust, long hips, free hipbone, 4 to G suspenders; Grey and White L'uutille. 6/11, 7/11, 9/11, 10/8 to 19/6. “B. A C.” CORSETS, in good strong quality, in Grey Cnutille, 4 suspenders : suitable for medium and stout figures. 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 6/11. “D. & A.” CORSETS, a real good model, with low bust and long hip.;:, 4 suspenders; White and Grev. 7/6. “ WARNER’S ” CORSETS, in newest shapes, with low and medium bust, long hips. 4 to (i suspenders; Grey ami White. 5 11, 6 11, 7/11, 8/6 to 14,6. m. /'i* ST OIIIU ¥ Reliable and New Goods at Really Low Prices! Special Sale of Manu. facturer's Samples of Tray Cloths, Duchesse Runners and Sets, Tea Cloths, and Cushion Covers, Towels, Etc. ! At a very small advance on London prices wo bought the Complete Range of Samples of a Homo Traveller. There is, nf course, only one of a kind, hut the very low prices will make quick work in selling. 56 CUSHION COVERS, in Colored Linen and Crash, tn/f* oidered art colors, with cords, frills, and fringes. 1/3 to 5/6. 35 DUCHESSE SETS, SIDEBOARD COVERS, and TEA CLOTHS AND COSIES, in Ci ■li and Linen. Latest art styles. to 5/6. 39 TRAY CLOTHS, TEA CLOTHS, AND CUSHION COVERS, in Embroidered Llama, Muslin, and Lawn. Altogether new styles. 1/6 to 5/6. 48 HEMSTITCHED AND EMBROIDERED LINEN DUCHESSE SETS, RUNNERS, & TRAY CLOTHS. Assorted sizes. 1/3 to 6/11. 1 TABLE OF SAMPLE TURKISH TOWELS, in ■White and Grey Striped. F,ought at 15 per cent, on Home prices. Marked 6d to 2 a each. A LOT OF MANUFACTURER’S “SECONDS,” SERVIETTES AND HA.MASK CLOTHS. These re only very slightly im- ; feet; the wear is not a, ectcd. The qualities are principally Double Damask, very heavy and satiny. They are offered at A THIRD LESS THAN USUAL PRICES, FANCY Dept. ks mmm Si /•M OBD A Union Jack in Every Home! A Lovely Little Silk Flag for placing "over tho mantelpiece and m the rooms of the Patriotic I Tho Flag of the Great British people—Everybody should have one I We have just received a Special Lot of Union Jacks, made in Japan, of Fine Silk, suitable for Room or Hall Decorations, Sizes loin by lOin Mounted on Black Standard with Gilt Spear Top. Tho Brightest Little Flag on the market! Note tho price! Only 6d each. fig X m Children’s Muslin and Cambric Frocks and Coats I INFANTS’ MUSLIN AND CAMBRIC FROCKS, first size; trimmed embroidery, Valenciennes laces, and insertions. Verv dainty, and all new. 3/6, 3/11, 4/6, 4 11, 6/11, 6 t ll to 12/6. CHILDREN’S MUSLIN ami CAMBRIC DRESSES, for Girls from 2 to IB years of age; embroidered skirts, belts at uaisi. ami Magyar short sleeves; trimmed Valenciennes laces, insertions, and embroidery headings. Sizes I/O ill to Jtini. 06, 3/11, 4/11, 6*ll, 7.6, 8 11, 10 9 to 22 G. JUST OPENED.’ —A LOVELY LITTLE LOT OF CHILDREN'S SOFT WHITE PIQUE TUNIC DRESSES AND COATS. Very plain styles; trimmed Guipure insertion and belt. A dressy little garment I Sizes ISin and 20in. 10/9, 11/6, and 12/6. GIRLS’ SILK AND RADIANTA DRESSES, trimmed silk, laces, and insertions, and embroidered fronts: dainty collars and cuffs. For Girls from 8 to 10 vears old. Sizes 2-tin, ‘27m, 80in, 33in, 3Gin. 9/11, M/ 9, 12 6, 13/11, 15 6 to 22/6. Ladies* Chip and Tagal Hats I Tho Newest Shapes, such as are being asked for, and probably the biggest stock of these hold by any retail establishment in tho City! “The Modes of the Hour I” Tho Lowest of Prices! Ladies, please come and see this great display. A POPULAR STYLE AT PRESENT FOR YOUNG LADIES is the small shape, in Black or White Tagal, deep fitting on to Read, dome or slanting crown, roll brim and brim tilted at side. Tho favorite trimming is simply a rose, with wing mount standing up in front. 8/6, 9/6, 10/0. WHITE AND TUSCAN TAGAL SHAPES, in French Sailor, slanting crowns, straight brims, small close-fitting shapes, largo and medium shapes, with brims widening to side and back: largo Sailor shapes, with drooping brims ana stitched edge. 7/6, 8/6, 9/6, 10/6. WHITE AND TUSCAN CHIPS, in a large variety of shapes. 3/11, 4/11, 5/6, 6/6. tot* w m % HKQlfl FLOORCLOTHS, running yard. 2yds wide. 2/6 B m E0 m m m a m 23 S3 □ m G m m m m a ss m m Lovely Range REAL HANDMADE CHINA LACES, WITH INSERTIONS TO MATCH. From 6id to 1/9 per yard. SPEC AIL VALUE IN DOTATION TORCHON LACES. Offered at 1/6 per dozen yards. There are various widths, from lin to 3in, and worth 2/ to 3/. Some Other Attractions In tho Popular FANCY DEPARTMENT. ES Spring and Early Summer Furnishings! Nowhere in the City can a more pleasing choice be had in Floor Coverings, Curtains, Runners. Blindings, etc., than in our Furnishing Department. These Stocks_ are Now. Fresh, and Right Up to Date, and shown under conditions which make inspection ♦ asy. We desire to remind our Friends that Casement Curtains, Blinds, etc., are a speciality with us. We make and fit up all these at such reasonable prices as render tho labor of making them up at home entirely unnecessary. We have just opened up another lot of LINOLEUMS. These are in very soft and harmonious colorings, in Tile, Parquet, Floral, and the Now Indian Carpet designs. Tho Imitation Wood Flooring patterns, in Light and Dark Shades of Brown, are specially good and effective. HARD WEAR LINOLEUMS, 2yds wide. 3/6 and 3/9 running yard. EXTRA HEAVY LINOS.. Nairn’s. 3/11, 4/6, 4/0 running yard. INLAID LINOS., in Tile and Wood Effects. 8/11 to 10/9 yard. 2yds wide. il Drapery Supply Assn. I 105-107-109-111-113-115 GEORGE STREET. Branch at South Dunedin. BIIBIIBIiiBS H B B B B 9 B B 83

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Page 8 Advertisements Column 1 Evening Star, Issue 15651, 16 November 1914