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PRIZE-GIVING DEMONSTRATION. Th« Burns Hall was well filled on Saturday evening by an audience of expectant children, who, with their parents and teachers, had assembled to witness the pleasant ceremony of distributing the adzes won at the annual examinations Conducted by the Presbyterian General Assembly an-1 the Dunedin Sabbath School .association. The Assembly examine in catechism, Scripture knowledge, and assay, am? tho association in Scripture memorising. The Rev. 11. H. Barton (Moderator of the Presbytery) occupied the chair, and was accompanied by the Rev. W. Gray Dixon, Mr R. Duncan (president of the association), and other members of the association.

Tho Moderator gave a short address. He congratulated the schools on the splendid attendance, Ihe largest, ha thought, that there had vet been at the annual demonstration, deferring to the examinations, hj« said that they served a good purpose, and stimulated both children and parents. He ventured to think that the work of the schools during examination quarter compared more than favorably with, that of other quarters. He drew attention to tho fact that for tho second year none of the Assembly’s medals had been won by scholars in Dunedin Presbytery, and expressed the hope that tho result would be different next year. A very largo collection of book prizes ■was then distributed in sections by the Aloderator and those associated with him. The proceedings were pleasantly varied by items contributed at intervals by some of the prize winners. Recitations were given by Doris Beck (South Dunedin) and Master Sly field (North-east Valley), and a pretty action soim by Enid Bell (South Dunedin), while a choir of girls from North-east Valley school sung an anthem very pleasingly. The number of prizes won in. each subject was : Catechism 186, Scripture 80. essay 58, and Scripture memorising 85. The following is the complete list of prize winners for the- Presbytery ; CATECHISM. —Primary.— Jack Fraser (Port Chalmers), Stella M’Donald (Port Chalmers), Ruby Cunnigham (St. Stephen’s). Jane Thomson (Maungatna), Alee M. Miller (Maungaiua). Agnes Fnrquharson (KaikoraiJ, Beene Young (Kaikorai), Rita Josephs (Maori Hill), Mary G. Wilson (Maori Hill), each 100; Iselin Barton (Maori Hill). Tom Cunningham (Waikouaiti), Violet O. Guthrie (Mornington), James Lennox (Mornington), I. Wilson (St. Clair), Martha Osborne (Port Chalmers), Winnie Fraser (Port Chalniers), David G. Wylie (Outram), each 99; Margaret F. Andrew (Outrarn), Lorna M. inch's (Ontram), Jeseie Ritchie (South Dunedin), Leonard Arthur (N.E. Valley). Jane Ronald fKaikorai), Walter Park (Maori Hill), Katie Campbell (Maori Hill), each 98; Agnes E. Maxwell (Leith Valley) and Dorothy Bartlett (Kaikorai), each 07; Grace Fraser (Port Chalmers), Stuart Robertson (South Dunedin), Charles Wilson (Maori Hill), William A. Hayward (Knox). L. Satterthwaite (Knox),'each 96; Nettie Ritchie (N.E. Valley). Margaret Thomson (Port Chalmers), and Irene M'Tntosh (Kaikorai), each Do; David M’Nicoll (Maori Hill) and Charles Cag yer (South Dunedin), 92: Jean Marine (Port Chalmers), 90; George Bell (Port Chalmers), 88. —Junior.— Ethel Meredith (Knox), Jessie Campbell (Maori Hill), Muriel Hill (Waikouaiti), Willie Lang (Waikouaiti), Chrisaie Rutherford (Kaikorai). Lucy M’lntosh (St. Stephen’s), Colin Caddie (South Dunedin), lone Reid (South Dunedin), Easther Kaye (South Dunedin). Eric Booth (Port Chalmers), Gordon Douglas (Port Chalmers), Isabel Dunlop (pTn-t Chalmers), Mavis Osborne (Port Chalmers), Winnie M’Millan (Knox), John Latimer (Knox), A iolet M'Nav (Mornington), Ellen M. Wyllie (Ontram). each' 100; Elsie Bruce Fraser (Knox), Connie M’Queen (Knox), Thelma Holmes (Knox), Jovco Smith (Knox). John Park (Maori Hill), Stuart Malloch (Waikouaiti), Jessie Cunningham (Waikouaiti), Perry Mowat (North-east Valley), Mary * Galloway (North-east Valley), Violet Irene Scott (North-east Valley), Saidee Martin (Northeast Valley), Violet Hope (St. Stephen's), Norah Mayhead (St. Stephens), Eva Connor (South Dunedin). Margaret Kaye (South Dunedin). Lily Stevens (South Dunedin), Ehoda Osborne (Port Chalmers), Bessie Russell (Port Clialmsrs), Julia Thomson (Port Chalmers), Pejgy Whyte (Port Chalmers), Josephine Allan (Knox), David Elgar Thomson (Knox), Christina Adams (Maungatua), Jane Lily Barclay (Maungatna), John Allan Miller (Maungatna), Reginald Shepherd (Russell Street), each 99; Rena Mackenzie (Knox), Rita Jamieson (Waikouaiti), John Allan (Waikonaiti), Margaret Johnston (Kaikorai). E. Gillespie (St. Clair), George Christie (Hyde), Agnes C. Mills (Outrarn), Isabel Royd Turnbull (Roslyn), each 98: Norma Fielder (Maori Hill), Ada M'Elrea (St. Stephens). Mary E. Andrew (Outrarn), Isabella Wyllie (Ontram), each 97; Vivian Butcher (Knees), Gordon Dow (Knox), Eric Maunsell (Maori Hill), Annie Kearney (North-east Valiev), Jack Davenport (South Dunedin), Enid Bell (South Dunedin), Murkd Esqudant (Musselburgh), Maggie Wintrup (Green Island), each 96; Robert Lnrimcr (Kaikorai) and Rita Livingstone (Mornington). 95; Lily M’Gill (Waikouaiti), Jeannio Brown (Kaikorai), Evan Ramsay (Hyde), e=>ch 94 j Hannah 0. Kilpatrick (Green Island), Alice Taylor (Knox), Warrington Taylor (Knox), Amy Miller (Kaikorai), Isabel Watson (Port Chalmers), Jemma Eews (Roslyn), each 85; Eva J. Dickisnn (Musselburgh), 92; Mona Mac Lean (Port, Chalmers) and Hannah Tait (Port Chalmers). 91: Colin E. Taverner (Green Island) and Doris M. Gardner (Musselburgh), 90; Janies I. Ross (Russell Street), 89; George W. Wilson (Green Island) and Ella Wintrup (Green Island), 88; Dorothy Horswell (Knox). 85. —Middle.— Margaret E. Gibson (Otokia), 100; Ella Manson (North-east Vidl-y), 99; Margaret Holmes Henderson (Roslyn), Gladys Black (Roslyn), Elizabeth Do.vden (St. Stephen's), Janet Galloway (North-east Valley), Doris Isabella Cunningham 1 (Northeast Valley), Anastatiu, Lor.mer (Kaikorai), George Holmes (Kaikorai), Margaret 1. Guthrie (Knox), Minnie E. M'Moihau (Russell Street), each 98; Vera A. Hcywood (Knox), Margaiet Turnbull (Knox), Jessie Mackenzie (Knox), Mabel MTatyre (Kaikorai), Ivy Cunningham (St. Stephens), Mina .Miller (Maungatna), Mina Johnson (Mornington), Jean 11. Cato (Morr.ington), Alexander Chisholm (Outrarn), Eileen Walden (Roslyn), each 97; Irena Holmes (Knox), Helen M. Jeans (Leith Valley), Uubina I. Davidson (Leith Valley), Margaret A. Sherritf (Leith Valley), Lizzie Robertson ;Sonth Dunedin), each 96j Thomas Thomson (Green Island), James Kinnear (Maori Hill), Vera Flamank (North-east Valley), Jessie Bartholomew (South Dunedin), H. Chesney (Waitati). Alice Wyllie (Outrarn), each 95; Eileen Thomson (Knox), Nellie Stewart (Waikouaiti). Mabel M’Cracken (South Dmiadin), George Pearson (St. Stephens), each 94; Euphemia A'tchisoii Mason (Green Island), Lena Miller (South Dunedin), Agnes Brown (Mornington), John Martin Jtl’Ewaw (Mornington), each 93; John Thomson (Maungatna), 92; Ivy 01-.ea (South Dunediibv Eilten Robinson (Knox), Maggie Jamieson (North-east Valiev), Elizabeth .fcland (Green Island), each 91; Cuthbert Andrew (Outrarn), Wm. Ritchie (South Dunedin), Ruby Paisley (Knox), Marion Anderson '(Knox), Dorothy MTntyra (St. Stephen’s), F*rio Fairroaid (South Dundin) •David Adam (Green Island), each 90; * Apnea Hope (St. Stephen's), 69; Mary Kearney (North-east Valley) and Margherita Buhcn, (St. Clair), 88; Daviim Steedman (Waikouaiti) and M. A. Milne (Waitati), 87; Adeline MTntosh (St. Stephen’s) and Gordon Mackenzie (Knox), 86; Vera May Brown (Knoi) and Aiaslie Wilson (Oaversham), 85. —•Senior. — Rose Ritchie (Opoho), 88; Etie] M‘Kinston, (Ka<w), 86; Eveline (St. Stephen’s) and Marjory C. Mitchell (Northeast Valley), 85.

SCRIPTURE. 1 -—Primary.— Lillian Scott (Roslyn), 07; Kliz. B. Wynn (Groan Island), 88 ; Daniel R. Watson (Green Island), 84; Douglas Anderson (Roslyn! and Alisie Fair bairn (Roslyn), 82; Charles Wilson (Maori Hill). 79; Win. A. Hayward (Knox), 75; Jane Thomson (Maungatna) aril Tom Cunningham (Waikouaiti), 74; Nothin Ritchie (Northtost Voilov) and Evelyn Watson (Roslyn), 73; Mary G. Wilson (Maori Hill), 72. —Junior.—• Bessie Russell (Port Chalmers), 91; Saidie Martin (North-east Valley), 89; Jordan Paterson (Roslyn), 86; Willie Lang (Waikouaiti), 85; Rita Jamieson (Waikouaiti), 84 ; Julia Thomson (Port Chalmers), Warrington Taylor (Knox), and Geo. W. Wilson (Green Island), each 80; lona L. Mackenzie (Knox) and Mavis W. Miller (Green Island), 78; Margt. Johnston (Kaikorai), 77Isabel Dunlap (Port Chalmers), David E. Thomson (Knox), Eila Wintrup (Green Island), Reginald Watson (Roelyn), and M. J. MT.can (St. Clair), each 75; Stuart Malloch (Waikouaiti) and. Peggy Whyte (Port Chalmers), 75; R. Osborne. (Port Chalmers). 72; Isabel Watson (Port Chalmers), John Watson (Green Island), and V. Jackson (St. Clair), each 70. —Middle.— Win. Ritchie (South Dunedin). 99 ; Chas. M. Gray (North-east Valley), 96; Margt. H. Henderson (Roalyn), Thos. Thomson (Green Island), and Ainslio Wilson iC’avcrisham), each 90; ELiz. Dowden (St. Stsphem’s) and Vera M. Brown (Knox), 88; Margt. Turnbull (Knox), 87; Eileen Robinson (Knox) and John 15. Inglis (Outram), 85; Eileen Walden (Roslyn!. 82; Sydney Cook (North-east Valley) and Jean Wilkinson (Roslyn). 81 ; Gladys Black (Roslyn), Ivy Cunningham (St. Stephen’s), Lizzie Robertson (South Dunedin). Murray Malloch (Waikoiaiti), Leslie Sutherland (Kaikorai), each 80; Mary Armstiong (Roslyn). 76; Jessie Mackenzie (Knox). \ era Fhunank (North-east Valley, and Phyllis Moir (Kaikorai). each 75; Annie J. Maclean (Groan Island), 74 : Win. J. G, Wyllie (Gilliam), 73; Alex. Chisholm (Uutrain), Nellio Stewart (Waikouaiti), Kenneth J. M'Clyinont (Green Island), G. L. Brown (Knox), and Robert Sutherland (Kaikorai), each 72; .Essie Bartholomew (South Dunedin), Muriel Woebling (Roslyn), and Eileen M’Elrea (St. Stephen’s), each 70. —Senior I.—• Kathleen Walden (Roslyn), 95; Mary M’Donald (St. Stephen's), 83; Evelyn© M’Elrea (St. Stephen's), 82; Ulirissio Bachchoung (Knox), 80; Ethel M‘Kinm>:i (Knox), 79; Marjory C. Mitch-dl (Northeast Valley). 78: Margt. Jackson (Port Chalmers), 73; Margt. T. M’Dengall (Knox! and Alma Cooks (North-cast Valley), 72; May V. Manson (North-cast Valley), 71; Bita Wilson (Port Chalmers), 70. —Senior 11. Clara Townrow (C’avcrsham), 86; ,Essie Ireland (Green Island), 77; Doris Miller (North-east Valley), 76. ESSAY. —Junior.— Willie Lang (Waikouaiti), 76; Julia Thomson (Port Chalmers), 75; Ella Wintrup (Green Island), 73 —Middle.— Gladys Black (Roslyn), £6; Ainslie Wilson (Caversham), 90; Mabel MTntyro (Kaikorai) and Muriel Woebling (Roslyn), 89; Thomas Thomson (Green Island), 87; John B. Inglis (Outrarn), 86; Neale Thomson (Port Chalniers), 84; John M. M’Ewan (Mornington), 85; Eileen A. Ramsay (Hvdo), Wm. J. G. Wyllie (Outrarn), and Alex. Chisholm (Outran!), each 82; Doris Beck (South Dunedin), 79; Georgo Pearson (St. Stephen's), 76; William Rit-diio (South Dunedin), 74 ; Marglierita, Ruhen (St. Clair). 73; Margt. H. Henderson (Roslyn), Eileen Walden (Rcslyn, and Dave Clnistiu (Hyde), each 70. —Senior I.— .Marjory C. Mitchell (North-east Valley). 96 : Phyllis Mo;v (Kaikorai), 93; Anna F. Ramsay (Hyde), 90; Mary Young (Kaikorai) and May Mather-on (Kaikorai), 67: Margt, T. M’Dougall (Knox), 66; Eveline M'Elrea ;St Stephen’s) and Rita Wilson l Port Chalmers', 79; Jessie Jackson (Port Chalmers), 78; Margt. Jackson (Port Chalmers), 77; Mary M’Donald (St. Stoph-enkfi, 75 —Senior lE—--Mary Holmes ( Kaikorai' 97; Doris Miller (North-east Viille.y), 94; Jessie Campbell (Green Island) and Wynn Harvaway (Green Island), 85; Daisy Green (St. Stephen's), 82; Win lived George (Reslyn), 78; Jessie Ireland (Green Island Bush), 77. SCRIPTUIIE 31EMOR1SING. —Primary Division.— Dorothea Mitchell (South Dunedin), Albert Kaye (South Dunedin), David Kaye (South Dunedin), Jack M'Noil (South Dunedin), Ivy Henderson (South Dunedin), each 100; Edna Alexander (South Dunedin). Hazel Sniaill (South Dunedin), David Riddle (South Dunedin). Charles Fisher (South Dunedin), Agnes E. Gibson (Otokin), each 99; Alary Steel (South Dunedin), Jack F. Ramsay (Hyde), Rita Forbes (Maori HUD. inch 9D: Clive Fwhcr (Snath Dunedin), 97; David M’Nicoll (Maori Hill), So; Mavis (South Dunedin). 93; Rcrtio Hodges (South Dunedin), 88; Bessie Hollows (Walton), 87. —Junior Division.— Esther A. Kaye (South Drmediti), Margaret E. Kaye (Soulli Dunedin), Evan Ramsay (Hyde), Rosie Craig (North-east Valley), lona L. Mackenzie (Knox), each 100; Iselin Barton (Maori Hill), Mary G. Wilson (Maori Hill), Constance M'Donnld (Maori Hill), A'iolet M'Nav (Maori Hid), each 99; Reka Cuiuining (Knox), Nellie, Ritchie (North-east Valley), Jc-eie A. Ritchie (iSonth Dunedin). Eric B. Williamson (Hyde), Wm. A. Hayward (Knox), Elsio Flynn (Knox), each 98; John S. Robertson (South Dunedin), Annie Kearney (North-cast Valley), Dorothy Allan (Knox), Je.«eie. A. Lewis (Portohellci), each 97; Given Pcarco (Anderson Bay. 96; Gladys C. Dickson (Fortubelio) and Georg© Thomson (Knox), 95; Ken,a Mackenzie (Knox) 94; 15e-.sic Harvey (Anderson Bay), 93; Leonard Black (Maori Mill), 92; John Forbes (Maori Hill) and Cln'Rsio Rutherford (Kaikorai). 91 ; Sufic M’Kinnou (Kniox) and Katie, Camphell (Maori Hill), £0; Zeila Eolith (Walton) and Archie Rutheiford (Kaikorai), 89; Mm, M. lb')ikius (Knox). 88; Stanley MMntosh (Kaikorai) and Hilda Cameron (Anderson Bay), 87; Eric W. G. Ruhen (St. Clair), 86; Alico W. Holmes (Knox), Kittv Sinclair (Knox), Rita Joseph (Maori Hill), Violet Hughes (Portobello), each 85. —lntermediate Division.— Ainslio Wilson (Cavorsiiam), 100; Eileen A. Ramsay (Ilydol. Ellen M. Wyllie (Outram), Irena M. Holmes (Knox), each 98 j Margaret Turnl.mlL (Kimx). 97; Win. A. Ritchie (South Dunedin) and Rita, South (Walton), 96; Eileen J. Robinson (Knox), Jessie Campbell (Maori Hilt), Margaret E. Gibson, each 95 ; Olivo M. West (Mornington), 95; Lewis I;. F. Browne (Knox), 92; Mervyn F. Valpv (Hyde), 90; Ivy A. M. Olsen (South Dunedin), 89: Sydney I). Cocko (North-east Valley). 68; Margherita, A. Ruhen (St. Clair), ftb : Graeme Ritchie (South Dunedin) and Etlio S. Gillespie (St. Clair), 85. —Senior.— Marjory C. Mitchell (North-east, Valley), 1(0; Margaret Allan (Anderson Bay), 99; Elizabeth Robertson (South Dunedin), 97; Mem Wesney (Anderson Bay) and Anna F. Ramsay (Hyde), 93; Ada Hand (.'aiderson Bav), 94; Dons Miller (North-east Valley),’ ?1: Jeanie Davey (Walton). 87; Norah I. M’Diarmid (Woodside), Annie L. Petrie (Woodside), Ruby L. A. Dleikle (Knox), each. 85.

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SABBATH SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, Issue 15651, 16 November 1914

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SABBATH SCHOOL ASSOCIATION Issue 15651, 16 November 1914

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