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A meeting of the executive of tha Dunedin Municipal Association was held last evening, whoa tho question of ProGermans was discussed. The president (Mr J. Connor) was in tho chair. The members of the.' recent deputation to the Mayor reported that His Worship had given them a very courteous heaving, anil would consider the- questions brought under his notice. With the view of bringing the matter under tho notice of the Government, it was rinMvcd that the executive. of the association should wait upon tho Hon James Allen on his return to Dune-din, and lay before him certain questions relating to supervision for the future. A number of letter.-; expressing appreciation of the. attitude of the assuI elation was received. Stags' heads have a big value in tho eyes of sportsmen, and according to one witness in tho Wellington Supreme Court a head which had lieen lent to the Tourist Department at Christchurch was valued at £I,OOO. Pour heads which were exhibits in a ease in court were valued by the owner (20 years a, deer-stalker) at £750. One of them, lio explained, was of exceptional value because of tho fact that it was a ‘'royal." and a perfect head. The earn a owner’s total collection <»i heads had been insured for £6OO, Good men are often 'brown away on the scrap heap because they have not p.r«<vervd in their tiadcs, according tr. a speaker at Tuesday evening’s meeting 01 j the Wellington industrial Association. Tho member of the association e.iid that [ many uf tho unemployed wore men w!r> had | left their irude when they had reached ;!k- ---! fttage at which they were getting Iba nr £1 jp.,r week—left it for higher wages in v.uI ski 1 led lines. The inimediato increase in pay was the hue. but it was e.h-.o a pi; fall. Jhe skilled cm firman was the man who was wanted, and a, complete, know bog of a coed trade wa~. a, fortune to any man, and no bmdj’u to curry. Other ••sdnes said, that the Technical School was la in ,- well patronised that skilled men i.-r tin? future were practically assured. _ ’Use cost, of a kiss was assessed by Mr S. ]•’. M'Cnrthy, >S.M., at Tapi or on Monday morning at £lO and 17s 6.1 roste. Tho decision was the outcome- uf a. charge of eardr. laid against- Charles Wells by .Margaret Heron. Mr J. Humphries, for tin; deludant. pleaded guilty, and mid his, client had been hard pressed financially and much worried, and had taken to drink, the assault being tho outcome. Defendant had snieo apologised to the woman concerned nn-d also to her husband. Mr Busk, for Mrs Heron, said the < uso was more Ferions, as (in kissing occurred several times. In inflicting tho. fine ;t. tho amount skated, Mr M'Carthy fixed default at two months’ imprisonment. Defendant was allowed to pay the lino at the late uf I £2 per month. A Ranguikci resident has received a Inter from his brother in Ontario, Canada. containing oik* passage that is ra.iher significant. Though Mm United Slat;.-, is remaining neutral, hundreds of uoldivi 1 ' ;iv-, rot, the writer that the p.vk ef tho American army lias been ew-annii.g over the border in order io join their Canadian cousins. Had it not bvn for (lm wholesale enlistment of American so Id ior.;, Canada might nut have been able lo send away .so quickly so many men to the front. It was tho sight of «■ lifetime to see the | magnificent physique and soldierly hearing lof Canada’s first contingent, and It was tho unanimous verdict that when the meg pot into nothin Umv would nobly uphold the, beet tradition.-: of tho Anglo-Saxon race. A special meeting of the Otago Harbor Board was held yesterday aft-cinoon. It j I was- decided to a (fix the seal of the board i lo u deed of indemnity with the City Cor- j pni alien, whereby tho board agree to ac- i crept all responsibility for any damn re j which may occur an a u..-ult of fiooding I between the. Tenth street, bridge and the | sea—that m, after the walling on the Leith Scream is completed. Tim acting I chairman (Mr Walker) stated that the I chairman of (he board (Mr Mollcr) hud I

sent ,a telegram of condolence to Mr i Hazlett and members of the family on the ! death of Mrs Hazlett. ten., and sum- ! pathetic, reference was made by members; to the loss Mr Hazlett had sus- j tained. The following motion was 1 then carried;—’'That the members of this [ board desire to express their sympathy | with the chairman (Mr Moller) in his ill- ■ ness, and they sincerely Impe that, hr j will make a. quick recovery, and be aide 1 to resume his numerous duties with the ; same energy as in the past." The acting- s chairman (Mr Walker) and other members 1 expressed their sympathy will) Mr Moller. | At (lie la.-t meeting uf St. Bawl’s Cat he- j dr;il Chapter it was decided to lake, down j the priSi-iit church, and to put in tho foun- ! datiuiifi of tho new l Cnthedial as soon as 1 possible. It was also ar.auged that dvr- ; ing tho jicriiwl of building operations I he; Cathedral services should lie t tar, Me tied I io St. Paul's Schoolroom, arnl that the i iiifit services in (ho schoolroom should be; held on Advent Sunday. 29th November. 1 'Che charge againvt George- Alexander Black (engine-driver) and William Winskill Kirkwood (fircittan) of theft at Stilling of four bottle of whisky, valued at £l, the property of tho Government, was not concluded when tho Police Court- rn<« at 5 o'clock yesterday. Evidence for the prosecution was «iven by Michael Joseph Counihan (clerk in the employ of Messrs j Powloy and Co.), Thomas Dobson Web- I stor, and Sidney Smith (shunters at Stir- j ling), Henry Cook (stiuionrnasier at Stirling), Herbert Stubbs (porter at Stirling), William Horrhy and Alexander Murray j (porters at iMUtou), Archibald Hislop (locomotive foreman at Dunedin), and Constable Fox (.Milton). Mr Hanlon, for

the defence, then asked for an adjourn- j incut till .Monday to consider the position, j and this was granted. At the Canterbury Kennel Club’s show tills week the following Dunedin dag breeders got prizes : —-Mr L. A. Russell'?’ fax terrier Gipsy King followed up his Timavu success 'by winning- the puppy class and second in ojwu class to an Auckland imported dog; Mrs X. Moore, fiv.-l. in Pomeranians over 81b with Shelton Toco. The results of th ■ examination conducted hy tho Pharmacy Hoard last month (pays a ton telegram) were Milled at- a meeting of the hoard yesterday. The par.. ■ lists include:—Fecri'i.i H, Dunedin, •!. M. 1 Burt (partial; am! K. Hawkhcad (partial!. A Wellington telegram states tin;; i Colonel Collins, chief executive officer <■;’ the Dominion Rifle Association. desires i: to bo known that the annua! viflo meeting of the association will he hold as n-sini during the coming year, bur, that it, i; not pos-ible to decide definitely on y, dab', owing to tho Trcntham riflo range bring ! required for training drafts for the Kxnedi- j lionary Force. The prorramm-A will m i,- ! ably he the same ns. at. the- last ruo-aiing. I 'Two more sales arc reported tit the Or go Art .Society’s Gallery—namely. M.-A ■ Hill’s ’Rocks and Sea ’ and S. A. Hr,’: ■ : * dills and Sea.’ To-day the after;;'--. ;m tea was well patronised. The gallery v. id : remain opm during next week. The, drc - .’ • | ing of the art union is fixed for Th.uud.’.y | evening. Tito water supply was the subject of ; ' report submitted by the city engineer to ; the. Water Committee yesterday, H,. j pointed out the number of boroughs that- j had been connected without, tho council in- i creasing the supply, and also tho extra >:ri- | maud on account of connections fordiain- j age. In the event of a dry spoil, the city eie.'incer added that it would not need a very lengthy spell of dry weather to necessitate many irksome restrictions being placed on the ratepayers. He recommended that tho council should arrange, far a. supply from Dec .Stream, and it was decided to refer the matter to the Town Clerk to consider tho cornniittee’a position in regard to Lee Stream,

Mr Paulin’s forecast:—N.E. winds, ■changing to S.W., and heavy rain ■showers. INI I- H. Y. Widdo wson, S.M.. held a short rutting of the Police Court this morning. Two first offenders (mules) were each fined 10s for drunkenness, in default 24 hours’ imprisonment. For failing to rend their child to school Arthur Prert-on was lined 5s and Henry Morris (two charge's) 10s Tho military authorities state that it was proposed to send only four cadets to the Royal Australian "Military College. for tho term commencing in February next. It has now boon decided to send 10.—Wellington P.A. telegram. A first offender brought before Mr J. Watson, .1.1’., at the Port. Chalmers Court this afternoon, was convicted of drunkenness and discharged. At the monthly meeting of the Dunedin Drivers’ Union,’held last night, the following- resolution was passed, on the motion of Mr .]. Haymes “ That Messrs d. Scott and W. Colter lx l appointed to represent this union on the Political Labor Representation Committee in the place of •Messrs A. Watt and N. Anderson, who were withdrawn by tho union's Management. Committee. ’’ The Valuation Commission, consisting of Messrs T. F, Martin (Wellington, chairman). Ewan Campbell (Wanganui), and Jaiuos Rutherford (Auckland), will •inquire into the grievances of people who ■consider that they have been unfairly ■treated in the valuation of their property, and will make recommendations, particularly in regard to a bettor form of appeal than is provided by the Assessment Court.—Wellington telegram. Many men are at. times absent-minded, but the following authentic story will be ■hard to bent (says the Wellington ‘Times’). A high Government official in Wellington, who is noted for absentmindedness. was recently u passenger on n steamer trading between Dunedin and Auckland. In the same cabin was a fellow-passenger who was a. perfect stranger. The morning ji.ft'-r leaving port the Government, official was enjoying the morning air on the promenade deck, when j ids attention was directed to his cabin , companion. Approaching him, he discovered that the rtranger was in possession of his own studs and links. Much annoyed, the official stopped his fellowtraveller, and said ; " Do you know, sir, that you ha,ve my studs in your shirt '.'” Ve = ,'" came tiv reply, "and arc, you equally aware yon arc wearing my shirt Apologies and explanations followed. Notification of .Sunday services as enumerated below appeais in our advertising columns : —Anglican : All Saints’. Presbyterian : Fiist Clhoich, Knox Church, St.. Andrew's, South Dunedin, (North-easi Valley, Caversham, Momington, Musselburgh, Roslvn, St. Clair. Chalmers. Method.®;.: Trinity. Central Missh-n, Monimgteu, Cargill Boyd, Ucllcknowov, Woodhaugh, North-eait Valley, Dttndas Street, Kew, Abbotsford, iiavenshourno. Itoslyn, Maori Mill. Congregational : Moray Place, King Street. Lu'th Street. Si. Chur. Baptist: Hanover Street, Roslyn, South Dunedin. Caversham, North-east Valley. Chuich of Christ; Tabernacle. South Dunedin, Fi’ilni! Street, Mornington. Christadolphians, Choral Hall, Theosophy, Albany Street School Hall, Christian Science. In the election for n. councillor for Northeast Valley Biding of the Waiknnaui County Council, Air E. Laley polled 101 votes and Mr P. Mnrfell 15. Watson’s No. 10 is a. littlo dearer than most wharkies, but is worth the money. — [Advt.] The seventh annua! concert arranged by the young women's Bible cbis-r-c.s of Dunedin and suburbs, in aid of tho Presbyterian Children’s Home and Orphanage, will take place, in Burns Hall on Friday, November 27. The first part consists of u floral cantata, ’ Brownie's Whispers,’ in which all the children from the home ('numbering' 70) will take part, whiles the rest of the programme is in tho hands of the combined Bible classes, and several novel and interesting items aro promised. Tickets arc now obtainable at Mcs.-rs 11. •!. .'bark and CoAt ami the Bible Depot. £1,500 for disposal United ■Starr-Bowkctt, 2ml December. Particulars Hugh Mitchell, Stock Exchange. At Morniugton Baptist, Church to-morrow evening Mr John Leech will sing a solo. 6170 Eczema Cure is recommended for r*;.ran and kindred troubles; 2s 6d box. Wilkinson and Son, chemists.—[Advt.] The fallacies of tho Moderate. League's platform will be fully dealt with on Monday at the Harrison Hull by Mr H. D. Bedford. V is imped that the Moderate party will bs there to uphold their platform. Mr Bedford will bo nrep.ircd to debate the Prohibition rpu-tion ’ witli any member of ibn Liquor party. Common jurors summoned for Monday, the 16th arc not required to etlcnd until the loth. 1 "Have one with me.'* ’‘Thanks, J wo”.. ;HI have Watson’s No, 10, pteasc.”—; Advt-l V.’.;. have received a souvenir booklet of il.u----j vi-it. of Rev. A. Vijmu Tiioma.i ’■ o Knox , i hurth. 1' contains excellent. ptetrai?*. <■/ j Mr and Mrs Thomas, and excerpts from bit j iv) farewell sermons. The proceeds >■: t lie | : ■;e of (hit booklet will !)' hilltded to tho i \ i.uur men's niisnon fund. ; Bright, singing by the s,clm’.ir? and bright ■ .-id-uv.-vr.: by' R.-v. VV A. Hay in the morni ;,jg anti the Lev. R. s. Dray (na:to;i should j prove a, feature of the Sunday school nuui- '. 'rsarv servicer. in the Hanover Mrcet Bapt;(much to-morrow. Entertainment on Wednc-day. No lady should bo without Martin's ApiM and Siro! Scld by aL chemists end stores throughout. An'Jra!it»;.i. — [Advi.] The il.v. Sum Gy Jonkin will preach at Ito'lvu Baptist- church Ui-moriow, At the k*. Clai" Congregational Church on Sunday evening the. Rev, \V. J. Ashford will ! tr,!:e for lbs rnbjr.ct ’in the Balance,’ and Mrs T. Meredith will sing ‘Lead, Kir.dlv Light.’ Speight's n!e and stout aro acknowledged by the Dominion public to be the bci-t on the market.—[Advt.] ‘The Russian Empire; Her Pmplo, Govi nmwnt, Industries, Ideals, Literature, and Music,' 'will be. tho subject- at the Unitarian [’."onres-ivo Society's meeting in the Club House Hall, Moray place. to-morrow wining. There will be musical i'Justratiuns from modem Kiiss.hiu compose] s. The anniversary of the, ('avershr.m illcwi Methodist. Sunday School will be celebrated to-tuorrow. The tea and concert, will be held on Tuesday. The Dunedin Citizen*’ Baud will play at. Sr,. Clair (.Second Beach) to-morrow afternoon. New season’s photographic goods: Excellent Mode now arriving, (lamores irom CL. Stud your order early to H. J. dill, 11 and j 13 Frederick .Erect. Dunedin. ’Phone 1,14*1. -[Advt.] : Tin Mulicnci is advertised to run to the j North Spit and Maori Kail; to-morrow. j The ft:. Kiidtt Municipal Bund will play in j the Botanical Gardens io-mo now nfiernoou, : commencing at, 3 o’clock. A good, programme will bo submitted, including' a muub'.T : patriotic pieces. The full prrg:smm« ap- ; pears in our advertising column', and if tb. r . weather i> favorable a pleasant, afternoon j may bv spent in tho Garden?. j Holiday excursion railway rams aro :;u- j noumvd in connection with the A. and P. ( Show and the Forbttry Park trotting race®, j

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Evening Star Issue 15650, 14 November 1914

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