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1 ! ; ! . I TI; T; I ■ : - • ■: ■ C. i. ■ ; i j 11 - ' ■ i - 1 *' i, :•’<! tj;n;; i . : c.aav of ya>r i -:cl rl„ Jji. .-,i j- v - -i f:,r " )i .' .Aha i,, : ;; i /-ii :y 'lie In !: •• a am I in l Pi'--. M ' ! ■ ’ ••!!;• Unit )! I T !<■ 1 l-Pf' pair-- 1 ! i : J: I ] F . ~ ! •' y hnt [ ”‘ w: ! . ana, On !■■■ 11 a/Iviml. 1'i !'■!' ■■■: <i‘V . advic*, but i.. ; iy ibyi I : ■ • ; v. 'juicl have been V oil ach .;> nava | r thJ a little n; <■•!••• careful! • ;:.y iim . letter. Hud iionc m> he v.-ould hav“ ! noticed that I onlv used the advanced I price of cream of tartar ns one es- 1 iiihiilo of the present unnecessary extra | cost Of livmy. IJ.A."’ also sub- j gests that 1 should den’.- inysdf smokins; or some other smriU pleasure. Ii “ u.J.A." (ns [ am) a married man nil hj a la;! il v t-.< support, _ he will of >=• c..>s-.)iy k.ioiv th:;* at the present tram such a has to d ;ry r ll; iia few that is if ha to • .p iro.n money I, ■ thr 0;; c rhinc; 1 trust umplr. < a: P J.A. ’’ upon i? •■ i:.,ii..ll■i;, v.j.hl: hj,- hj afc'.T roo’in” t .iO of ;n • 1 ;t d-- cld’-d that 1 nru a sii.oh-t r. idmi l icl: Holmes: at his bc-.r coaid scax-cly liuvc* equulled «uch ■ of dcductioii. One would almost imagine '• iI.J.A." to Im a nicsober ; of one of the at lie iinns. - I am,! etc., Pro Patp.ia. | November 14. i

It wap, of course, inevitable that the pvat tribulation that is now afflicting the nations should bring again into prominence the re ■■■•■, .■ - tics of the visionaries Arf.u--! laters there is a forlorn attempt to demonstrate that Armageddon has come at la-i. but for some unexplained r-.iv.n u<> effort is made to rhow that the great battle, is being fought by armies that, “gathered themselves togmimr ini > the niece which is called in Dertw H.-m-M.viednn." That, p-ilmp-. ■- n d-t a-1 )ba t had better be left on*, bv n-oniirt ■ ” I , fear their undoing. A, leading .■■••bg;..n» journal pnblbbed in London i-.’i.-d a tents poster soon after the wir bred-e o*. h-md-d ‘ The AVn r Foret obi. WV tlm . At. Baxter Right- Aft-v Alii’ Ihe r; itself stigged a that -ome-ihing bad goon wrong with the rineWt'th ce’,l ’f-v pr.. pbet’s forecasts, but lb- ‘ t ’bn-turn ' vorrinted extracts from in-- writing* -e.,-*-ing that his predictions '.vere con big tr>m in those latter days. Baxter, however. I died discredited. The hariri'ming* (bat ■ were to fill the world with wonder were to j lake nlare between 1906 and 1319-- awi !•■ margin that made a few chance in*- nr..b ‘ able. Text i— and Pr Cummin*: bat- i, > : can fixing the date ,-,f the battle of Annai geridon in Ifv-O, blit «hj "■ <’■l id- da;.’ o 1 ; ward from time to time when event unlit >.». npsef, their visionary rib r.lati--ii-. b.a on old apocryphal writings. They we-e onnnllv at sea in identifying the \ni; p’nri't.. and it dn rt s not xrt an-sr-n the devotees of to-day have rpj‘(e mad'' nr their minds as to whether or nor <b.i!. stigma is in be applied to "Bukov i’cd as Mr Ol'phant. safr-ly bevnnd the reach the Ipsp-majeste law. calls William 11. ■■f rternninv. As a matter o’ miiin’”" k-i.-vw-b’dgc. pvnphccv and its interpretat’on !s looked at. askance in liberal tb.ica’cal circles. As one of the modern critics puts it : '• The defenders of Daniel have d'm. ino the last few rear* been sairlom! chiefly in cntlivm Daniel tn pieces.” iV.'-uv-, aeain. are af a loss to know bow He Tb->k of "Revelation came to be included : n C-e canon when so manv mere profitable ancient writings ’.vere left out. The t-en-rendentel has always been powerfully attractive, and slwrvs will be. there ran be little doubt. U'u "dthst ending the spread of systematised common sense, which is another name for scientific investigation. Hence it is that, nan pas-n with ’-/-interpret ations of Daniel and Tl-vela-(i'.p tb ” divinations of prophets and pep. and charlatan- of like 1.-idnev. b”"e .• uu e,l into prominence, can-big ope.u •'■outlied vender to manv. and lightening the pockets of not a few. Amongst the rw-f, famous of these seers into the - flifnre is Mme Do Tljclv’s, who kv”- |u grand style in Paris, According to boown account, she has read flic hinds of kings, princes, part v leader-, great bankers. merchants, speculators, engineers, actresses. and even fockex-*. She ! idles credit for giving many distinguished persons warnings that were savin-’. i> .-■•■ ted upon, and brought di-aster when neglected. Of cour-e. she did not fell her ■W’ericau interviewer when she was (ret'lntr a chenn ad vert i-etnen’ bow many failv’e- bad attended her efforts to lift the veil that hides the future from the present. When pressed to sa\- something a!>-,n* the Amevi- ! e-n> prospects she had (ha shrewdness Ir, I (rdk enigmatically as to the re-n't of the ATeyicnn war and of formidable ca’ncwsms. “ T>c(. the Americans ,lrpa,l 6re md voter--ve = . and vrni can nd 1 wind." said the ora-le. adding that 'New ’’Trek '-as thmnfened. “ mavbe ’’ flnf'e' -’ii ndvisp 1 farmers pot ie]l tin->’•• wheat f<> Eni'one. for they wi! l need TrniK'o. t];o ■ Aijld i>r» n info n l '-?] '•* T'-’t : ri'cTf- Vc ji;v'i !:, ■ iiiorT ] v M; ■* •-r■ ? ■j ■ -•- • p 1 I’orifl i’ll fVi-< •irioV'- ]'■ *V.y 'i ’ I'”' 1 -Hut ire. it i*s linrlrolDfl v. ith llir r f rt < 111 j Od- viVnr,! of ,v .ir : *i | }f<-> ■ re.i] of T' I *’*' 'b'r , tTtO n.mri-i] Ji I '*! nyi : '-''it r;r.f- for D• * "• - *•* • p.m' 4 r> I 1 'D'DriH in n’i 1, 1 I 'l .’•—r 'f. - | ♦ In -/o }■ •'r v ”- r ■ (-••••'. T \ r 1 - i« t Tt in ’» ■- i } f l ', fx 11/r-c- —’l ■!’* I .* ’•mt Tli..-a '’'ith i]"' “'vif 1 *r t ImlipTf. ** JfiA linin' t-mV'D'; -■* Vn.-» ))■' Tlnhoc r-nt] li«r fo]it-" ."i.T'f:Tl v/Tif l '! < ]-. ri «"Vp tlipt vil! *'*; t-ji'ifi--*-ib v- r;.;- r K;ti«or r, f (- v. ♦’iM n<. wHI nrr-nu* to 'T/-n,-IV oroi'v ; l>l7f .-s rr** K on *r, r-'(«*• rn,t> ■mj f(:pf *\-]1 f '-i' n Til’ (> ' :» •••.--Vr.t iv-lidll■;,n ip n- r V.ATrn'p T-d—.'iv.’-’c r.j ■» 1 nt n VDOtnrn tltA * I *-■ »t •; ? ->f tlt n r-'V-r> i I;** A K^ip^ror d is-" j . 10-t ;ivr-rr I'iv,'* n f-> Ka .] ' -(f 1)101] •« rntbl ■ ij b) O) O-.-"- om’: .1, . fT. Mnrlrr*>,‘. rtniTDit, K]nr;^^ r li'-.v, *-■ p;-. it, - ’v.-li *i]ll■ : «'D‘ot.o!l~ ";« r,t |Mrn]t’t!bi- f')T f-’-f"! T» lit** '* 1 , a •’ i* f.v ;!»•• n 'lnrnrDv of «-», m r'if i» o{nn»’: r rtH*T;ii i;n of ■••• it • ■!•' *nm *l, n ro*-t of •’•l’i'l." rtiir] ;,|I fli].. n • •■* l’;o - in }>ocn Iva ; •o t :«*■»' .jvr.-'t nonV-rpro .V: 5 f» • 1 *< " a » r •; ■• m*'■ p to ti:o ‘ y.o. r-.g-n 1 --.. n-jt is, t> fio-f » -*r -a•. • ••«]. rfH.i;.’.;' rrr-r Top mr-Jpr-i T : \y rr f;?V 'V' 1 ] ],r llO'D’’'’ (] i ‘NT ]‘ > V »'•• ? *',r IThi'l <ior;?'/r Tr.<* r ;m nr-' xu>- -t r, l 1 ■ r f 1 Tnnr.'iAc. r ]'};p <v ; !! S’O'lr ;*o port Tin Ti'st'lP of fl;o r^^ror - hs t l . ' JT' -•»«*.« 'T . IVn«t--r> r ■-’•r Arirvv. I-’ *r\ 'Hid r-.i n-trrphf M'ill >-■; : M:? -nv-vi; for will iia jnibii r>’’ -> -v’-.ola -\t»7-|<3 ! This vpry ’.vi« n ?-rlr *t clisrpiiptintr fonrl’nlors.^ n of a ciuirlen ' , o V-r Tjonnnrjr in ih<* Imp*:: of ontn.* I ' • AriorLpi- of ln'-r j;roT)horf»R i-'.vonocrful V 1 ~fl * IT I -Ht l/.vs I.M'f-d'-MI P of flF?] :ng out is ’hat ;.’■ •vh;,-h sh f . dr.j-.-ia.res that the 'bv ■■• ib b,e ref toi ed in Portugal through tho eO-rPi of a Hiave woman who has already did ingnidmd herself in tins affairs of that nnf-.jdini-',-oicantry. A belief !n cha-rms r a pait Madnme>, ?f o-.-k-in-trade. Af’’-r d’-elarir-g in a cryptic manner that. ciirrer-t* are prer.t myiterles. she in .. . , d= ad'-ise women to w, ; jr i'-wels “■ 5 !’•••!'• tin. to carry a Jump of that met/. 1 in their pockets, and particularly to I” children have tin playthings. It m , v be if’sf'd : Why waste ink .-ind p.iper in cx> osing the mystic vagaries of n od-rn '»r PhiniotiK who irrow rich bees us- of the pullibility of people 'mostly who find pleasure in reading such n an-;-archf !y impotent rt tempts to icid lb" sig’-s of the times* pt-phi-tie nonsenre is prp.’simcl hy those who ora’ll* to know better. Testov, probiblr in ope o? his yestati- atraelrs. pr*. d’eted the outbreak of a groat war conflagration that was to be;»hi in 1912 and last until 1325. At. the end of the great e/ilamitv there would emerge a new political era.—a federation of the United Stales of Nations, with only four grea t (riant? in power—the A-nglo-Sarms. the Latins, the Slav 3 , ar.d the Mongolians—with 11 » strange from the north, a new Napoleon.” to dominate Europe. Another prophet. who paid a flying visit to these parte recently, claiming to pcisess access to fountains of knowledge sot available to common mortals, prophesied the coming of a World Federation that is being engineered by reincarnated Jvlius Cmsar! Without venturing on tho slippery path of prop’ic.y, it will be safe to conjecture that tlm saints and sages who are trying t<> tell ns what is going to happen for the next ten years will he soon " tarnst like foolish prophets forth; their word* ia Bccxn be scattered.”

Foolish Prophets.

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UNKNOWN, Issue 15650, 14 November 1914

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UNKNOWN Issue 15650, 14 November 1914

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