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" f don't very much like talking about enli.-ting or a.lvi.ving others to enlist, he(a use 1 cannot enlist myself, and it is al- | ways a painful thing to urge people to do what you cannot do yourself,'’ remarked Marl Rosebery. Lord Lieutenant <4 the County of Midlothian, in the course of a capital " iwruiting ” speech to 800 men at an eni Inisia.-iii- meeting at Juniper j Given ; " but. 1 ask you to remember 1 here, in «.iir peaceful Rule parish, what it |t- that we drive t., contend with. There | must I* at the very lowest imi’pma.tion j 20 millions iff armed ni-m at tins moment, 1 lighting in Europe. Twenty millions of tanned iwifl Two and a-lr.'t timi.s the j population d England v. b.-n sbo foiiglo j a-ain.t Nai oid n. Twenty millions of ! aimed men’’. And our force does not 1 probably amount to ’0J,0.i, ! ;. Vet we are ! iighiii'g for hi-:..]. - quite as g;vat and vital j in (lur-eivi-i as tile 20 mi hr ms. who arc in i arms. Vven con.’, nting. which i am quite j willing to e, input-’, that cm.n on" of our |:nn i- Wui’th ‘.hive or four or five ordi■n.ll y .so’eiicis. i Cnee la-.) That. :u any I r.r: . leaves ns verv iar behind in the rate ; ,-f annaiiKiita. I '<l,j beseech you to in t member that thin is a. war lire greatest ! that- the world bus ever eeen, putting tie* ; cicathm at what da to yon ]i:.v> —the great- ' e.-t war id;-it l!w wiciJ ha® ever .-.ven, or. I hope, will ,'Vert*. I—andi —and that we are lighting at this moment not, merely for tne i eiitrant.v B* tgium —net merely as 1 •mink i V ’he . an.-- ~l ("vili.-ation itself—w.■ are nphiiiu for <mi cxiolvliCO, our ,cvn imicpci.d-m. tr ”.vn Jineiiy.” : Well. m>w. I i” not think, when any , n i; V..../ is valid age 1,. ,1 vi-hd s; r. n j<vhs s the importance t iff, in' w ii in sil..U; for a ;; v in some v..iv m anotm r. whether by . ifli; I lii- in 1 1;-’ rr . an- or bv joining the r. r ;,d F“. '! Ini! is ah I bawl to ;v aim .1 ■ :.!i-! i. It is a subject, iu-. 1 said, that I lit) MG dwell upon v.-qv Hi It ell. ,u,, ) , ,t. on:, ...;v; c. i ci,nu-,1 giwt an v example. But, >. is mi tins .“j .i (.ii.!, r wiiv ;’ i- tiial we nr., a i war; >•. bv ;; is imii, tic catl'e i ndve.-iP ■ - > I;i ■: m niim. ai-d which nas ic; •’ -o “a. bad-iddv ’ r b. iMy the untr. i,v ihe I’r.m • M.n: :-u. ! :.»• Eoi* ;gr ,\! in si r. .-t.d ; l:i<: -n-.,c •■; t 1 Ex- , In in vm-G I >:■■■: "niy w-.ikeii i.y quoting. . , , . --I’iu.-si.i.;. .‘i .1 f>n:-m. Wli.ul is: it, ii e ; v.. a:v fighting gainst? [i is ;r t I i.e I * man nat i- n. G.'sigh, of , .mi:-. ’hr ■: I 1t,..;: i.nion i.S limiting lIS. \v.. have no ;cv I S’,:la r in’ori.-; w :l)i the laG'ii. w ,’d. ‘1 IS a p-.1-tu!. qii- I. ,lo : ...-1 G nee. i i. J I'i it i'" V 1 aiooM V .] id* o' nan. We a,” lighting rgMis-i. . a a 1 I'r", - la. i distilli 'i ■ .a.-'; and ;: : -iy lc tween 1 ■ - ■ m i 1a • Gm many. ,II .... ', n. V aa:/n :-'M and ,! ,M,n ni- • i ay Ihas-i..!.. !:. ml j. ~ .~, • | . ;,, ; ; it i.- i• ■; 1 lano- , - 'f, -' . a . f, mu WnrtemM ■ , ;; d, . , It e,aiia. hj i,- entirely a hj . a d in :: - i;is;.-.ry fins ■.. , i • . M - ~ Hal d•• I ■ .Us a" i ! .. ,1 :M I; ,a - 1 a I a • '• M V a . i i, - ;'.., ‘ I ‘ ■ .in: |- a t !■. i ;■■ .! ,■ : -1 ’, In ia 111 *. i■ ■. Id,; I MI; 1, : :im !■ i: : n‘_- 'hi!■ ■IV same, and d, M lie y " d! .. - m a,; j, a, ,1 a.a dm. : is lid. v,, •.;ej vid i; sg . >.-i. W,- .... ■ 1 . .;; I ; - .M :I, : I i.e ;, ii- us , I imi M linj.t ;n u. )-. hii . Ml. .- I L, overpowering I,ai d- as. a i.. ;>■ ip.,; ..d •. < ’j'iflst w.-ir In-I-I ;■■■ con,,*, • •• 16 :.1. i. .s :ad---d in I m-; an on ..a,:. - ;,,Ma m: man : ~i ■ a.ii‘. nr- , \ id. a , 1,1 "Ol i be fllis a:; a -1. If hj !,a 1 to "erne, il v.e,,. i,.Mtwi‘ t.-j.t. if. . in...hi r ilia laa ~ iM.M ia'.nr. Waul tln.M' ... ‘ had is- I; l.’iiil tip !•> Mi.-h Ml rxtet I Til.-Il it wouiri bj Ve i>- n a S- .io!-,. I). . to our ‘.’Wii than it is, and when ilic .irmi- s of fierinarv we;e even mow ovi rwiielnn'ng tha.i ‘ i ic-y a.iaa jffal c<m:e s-.-m, i-oin., hr... il had to I. am", aI id uc had la, be in Man foi. fjoa.i. of r. :.aon , t beers.) 'this as no we,.r for liberty in which (drear. Britain ] e-ai; a’tcgi thor to stand rxifle. | (, hea.r.) ■ F-.;- ti;.j li’jiior of Scotland.— ! Relc-n-ii'.g to tile Biit-vli ;d’ in Franco j 1)0 Mod : I Ait, ‘.haase uie only eur \'a.:iguaidf. IVc i lavs to fill up, Lie. .r i'.cmo. it Ls for you \ to do it,, and r,n! maiciy o;;r ((...rieiies. It I h;..s p> ho d-'-ne ah ~vu Kr.gia.ud and Scv;- ! iai.d ; and 1 g,., ",'•.,11 you, tor the name | and ho;.- r <ff M:'d- ' dan. .’or ..a" d : honor of ;-a llano .is 1;, riot tt, be ba-ikwß.rd in ins-. iib;i.g yotn m:,o up-,.: tin; rod of honor .-. iii-;’j a d; .a-ng y.nj and your ehildreii’s ehiifli-a’ti. iCheer.s.) If you : il-V1 d ilk-.I you ’’.ill ;>C looaed at. ai kirnee. I very often bi.t, tne«* will )-• a. sus-picion ih’-rt you might have helped B;d- ; tain in her hour of peril. But if you •• in. and fall in with the intrepid rr-nk.? t; ‘ now '-ombirt 'r; tins widmd d i d.ingeroi;-- id-, yvi wri! I." ■.-. ]■ .>r, ui :; your honK-s isvr ’ as were Uiv intaroes of I Bannockburn. (Loud cheers.) J

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THE FIGHT FOR LIBERTY, Evening Star, Issue 15649, 13 November 1914

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THE FIGHT FOR LIBERTY Evening Star, Issue 15649, 13 November 1914