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LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. FACTS IX BOOTS. Xcw Goods: Clark’s, Dorothy Dodd, Latest Shapes and Styles. ALSO—Lyric, Bostock (ex Rotorua). WE CO ONE BETTER THIS WEEK. DREADNOUGHT SALE. SPECIAL LINES: Ladies' Glace Kid Bals, all sizes, usually 14s 9d, now 8s lid. Ladies’ Glace Kid Derby Shoes, Snub Toes, 10s 9d. Ladies' Box Calf Derby Shoes, usually 13s 9d, now 8s 9d. Men’s Box Calf Cookhama, usually 255, now 18s 6tl - „ „„ Men’s Box Calf Bals, at. soles, usually 20s, now 14s 9d. FACTS IN BOOTS. New Goods: K Make, Crockett and Jones, Latest Snub Toes And other Up-to-date Shapes. SIMON BROS., GEORGE STREET (near Octagon! ABOUT CALICO. All the Wholesale Houses have put up the Prices of Calico, compelled to meet higher all round. At tho GREAT WHITE SALE ALL CALICOES CAN BE BOUGHT UNDER WHOLESALE COST PRICE. We could not hold a White Sale without making a feature ot White Calico. It is the tuaiustay of our Household Business. Our standard makes of Calico are too well known to need praise. True, dependable makes only kept hi stock, yet every yard reduced for tlie great White Sale. Wo have priced Calico particularly low, as wc want to put up record business this year. Remember! Every yard of Calico bought, helps the Lancashire mills to keep going. , , , ~ 'lire Famous FAMILY MEDIUM WHITE CALICO, strong, durable; 36m wide prices, 74d, Bid, 9*d. While Sale prices, 5s lid. 6s lid, Vs lid. CREWDSON’S CELEBRATED CALICOES, 36in wide. Usual prices, 7kl, B a d. HASUAAE S°c t: TUB U ATE D LONG CLOTHS, thoroughly reliable cloths, 36iu wide. Usual prices, 74d, 9d, lOd. White Sale prices ’ " 25 Pieces 36in FINE LONGCLOTH. I.oooyds GREY' CALICO, 27iu wide. PILLOW-CASES, BEDSPREADS, ETC. 500 FRILLED PILLOW-CASES, large size, well finished. White Sale price, 9d cacii. All Pillow-cases our own make, Horrocks s Calico used. 500 PLAIN PILLOW-CASES, taped; size 19£ in x 29in. Usual price. Is od cacb. V. b-.te 12 Dozen^PCUNT LACE DOYLEYS, with lineu centres; size 12in x 12iu. Usual price, 104 cl. White Sale price, 6d. Tr . M Special" Lot of COLORED BEDSPREADS, in new designs. Usual prices, 8s Id, Js bcl, 11s 6d, 20s. White .Sale prices, ss. 5s lid, 7s lid, 10s Gd. 100 FRILLED CRETONNE CUSHIONS, well filled and finished with double frill ; serviceable Cretonnes in good colorings. Usual price, 2s lid. M bite Sale puce, Is 9d. Usual White 6s 3d dozen, 6s lid dozen. 7s lid dozen. Usual price, 7d. White Sale price, 4s Hd dozen. 2s 9d dozen. Wc are now w holding a bigger sale of White Bed Quills, bigger than sly none. Record Sales of Bed Quilts mark each day s business, wondered at, either. The reason is well known to the public. W. PENROSE AND CO:, GEORGE STREET. anything we’ve It’s not to be WHITE BED QUILTS. )0 SATIN-FINISH MARCELLA BED QUILTS, in all sizes, loss than wholesale prices 10 L ° U Vmgh-l.ed size. Usual prices. 12s 6d, 14s 6d, 16s 6d. White Sale prices, 7s 6d 9s 6d. 11s 6d - --- 11 Usual prices, 12s 6d. 14s 6d, 16s 6d. 20s. White Sale prices, 8s lid, 12 x^fdVublc^cd^lze! 1 ' Usual prices, 18s 6d,' 21s. 30s. While Sale prices, 12s 6d. 0 HEAVY HONEYCOMB WHITE TOILET QUILTS. . . ... - 10 v 4 single-bed size. Usual prices. 6s, 7s 6d. Vthife ..ale puces, 4s |d, os 6d. 11 x4’ 1-bed size Usual prices, 7s 6d, 9s. Whstc halo prices, bs cd, 7s 6d. 12 x 4. double-lied size. Usual prices, 8s 6d, 9s_6d, 13s 6d. W.iue ..ale puces, 6s 9 , FNROsIIs FAMOUS W \IMANA SATIN-FINISH TOILET QUILT full doublc-bed size: au excellent wedding present. Usual price, 2ts. White Sale price, las 6d. We do not now pay Customs duty on Towels. This concession by llio Govcriimeut pud Penro.-o’s concession in price together make Towels very cheap i TOWELS! TOWELS! TOWELS! . rrf7i>irT<i<-T IT AND TOWELS size 39in x 21in. White Sale puce, 7 s u. Dozen L.AItGE WHITE TURKISH HAND TOWELS, size 46in x 22iu. While Sale Dozen TARGE HEAVY WHITE TURKISH TOWELS, size 49in x 25in. Usual price, uLen’ EXTRA HEAVY ' WHITE TURKISH TOWELS, size 49in x 26in. 3 “TIOn°TWEYvF> TOWELS, special prices. Tho VowrU are fineness of weave ami durability. Usual p. 9d. 2s TT. PENROSE AND CO. GEORGE STREET.

M ARTINS, Octagon.—Great time for bargains in Furniture. Cally early. CARPET Ends, 2s lid. 3s lid up; reduced to 6s; Carpels from 555. Rugs Marlins. DUCHESSE Chests. 355; Tile Washstands. X3s Cd, 2Vs 6d, up to 70s. Martins, OcI agon nc)l? 10s. —Nearly now walnut iron-frame, ct/4I I trichord ‘Piano; great bargain. Martins, Octagon. FLOORCLOTHS from 2s 3d running yard; Linoleums from 3s 3d; lulaids, jS 6d Square yard. Martins, Octagon. Ol O 10s.—English Piano; suit beginner; 3£«.Lr3 sound, and good tone; cash price. Martins, Octagon. MOU. ISONS Offer To-morrow 65 Ladies’ Trimmed Hats, English_ models, nc two alike, at 12s 6d—worth 335. WAR Papers.—Just received. Supply of Loading Illur.tiatcd Duncan and Simpson, booksellers. Full ’apers. SALE of Samples.—Mouses, Corsets, Underclothing ; see windows; Saturday and all nest week. Fyfe Economic Stores. M~ OLLISONS Offer To-morrow 65 LadieV Trimmed lints. English models, lie two alike, at 12s 6d—worth 355. Ti/B'UTUAL Stores.—3,ooo Japanese Draw JjX Grata Gaskets, very useful, 8d each: all sizes. nn Pieces White Pique, lljd, is. Is 3d, Is Ovf Id yard; Double-width Piques, ]s 4d and Is 6d yard. B L teS‘ Dunedin. Cotton Hose, embroidered colors, smart, Hid pair. Mutual Store* THE Standard of Quality—Black Mackay Whisky. P~APF.R for Wrapping-up For Sale. Apply ‘Slur’ Office, Fend street. ASK for "Gotham" Su»pendcr-proo: XX Black Silk Stockings, price 6s 6d per pair. Procurable only at Herbert, Haynes’. MOL LlSONS Offer To-morrow 120 Ladies' Colored Crepe Washing Blouses, correct style- 1 , at. £s lid—worth 5s 6J. milE Easement Hairdressing Saloon, undei X new management; everything of the Lett. Electric Massaging a ‘Specialty. (NALE of Samples.—Blouses, Corsets, fit O derelothing; see windows; Saturday and all next week. Fyfe Economic Sieves. (JA-GIHNEA Iron-frame Piano, by Haakc; Olr wonderful tone; handsome appearance; 5s weekly payments. Holden, Octagon. _____ rpHE Wear of "Gotham" Silk Stocking.X will be remembered long after Iho price is forgotten. Herbert, Haynes. HERE'S to you and your?.” Drink it In Watson's No 10. and do honor to iho occasion. MOLLISONS Offer To-morrow 120 Ladies' Colored Crepe Washing Blouses, cor. rect styles, at 2.; lid—worth os 6d. OOKE. HOWLISONS Bargains this month; the very best, latest models; rare chance probable buyers. ~l fT/Y s' lo ' 7 Bicycles just landed; Eadic XxixJ coasters, front brakes; high grade; £lO MOTOR Cycles. —Sen latest Humbers Clynos, King Dick*; special prices I hi. month. Cooke, Howlisou. S~ECOND-HAND Motors. —Humber, fixed £.-0; Norton, fixed, £55; 2-spc-cd Kins Dick. _£4o_. _ 17AM OUS Record Bicycles, built to order, . with Eadic coaster, £l2 Ills; slock, £ll 10s 1 TYRES.— Motor ami Cycles; Hutchinson Moseley, Bates; no increase in price, Cooke, Howlison. WAR. Papers. —Just received, a Fill Supply of Leading Illustrated Papers Duncan and Simpson, booksellers. SALE of Samples.—Blouses, Corsets, Un derelothing; sec windows; Saturday and all next week. Fyfe Economic Stores ESTIMATES Free.—Pointing, Glazing, Do corating, Sign and Ticket Writing; material, workmanship guaranteed; testi menials from hundreds of satisfied cus tenters; lowest prices in the trade Paints Glass, Picture-framing Requisites; wholesale prices. Wren’s, Wren’s HOME Mail.—Xmas Cards and Posi Cards, with local views; new designs London Bookstall. TMTOLLISONS Offer To-morrow 99 dozer J.TX lovely Millinery Flowers, at Is each - worth 5s 6d. Fee window display. THE two best “ Blacks ” —the Black Water and Black MackayJWhisky. PAPER for Wrapping-up For Sale. Appl; ’Star’ Office. Bona street. WEAR " Gotham ” Runproof Black Silt Stockings, and end all stocking troubles; 6s 6d per pair. Herbert, Haynes. PURIFY your Blood by taking course ol Marshalls Sarsaparilla; soon remove: Pimples, Boils; 2s 6cl. Marshalls Pharmacy. GOOD Whisky hurts no man. Watson's No. 10 is safest, because purest anc best. MOLLIS ONS Offer To-morrow 90 dozer lovely Millinery Flowers, at Is each—worth 3« 6d. iiee window display.

PORT CHALMERS TO TIIK FRONT. RESERVE YOt T l! ORDERS FOR XMAS. UK PRIME PORK HAMS: I am able to give a Xmas Box at Low Price?. BFF.F \ND MUTTON still at DUNEDIN quotations. rip j, HARRISON. BUTCHER. ' EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. 5 dozen onlv AVHITK WASHING CREPE BLOUSES. Assorted Styles, 4.t lid each. NEW NECKWEAR. including (ho Latest Styles in Collars, Bow Ties, etc., at special prices. UNDERCLOTHING. —We arc now showing a particularly nice range of all that is new in Underclothing at moderate prices. SPOUTS COATS.—Our stock of Sports Coats is Larger and Better than ever. We have made a special study of this particular garment, and wo can confidently assert that our Stock of these goods cannot be beaten. Exceptionally smart Coats at 26s 6d, 27s 6(1, 28s 6d. SECURE ONE NOW. F. AND D. WOODS, LTD., 13-15 PRINCES' STREET iOpposite Herbert, Haynes). BEAUTIFUL NEW NECKWEAR And VERY LATEST VEILINGS At \A.ND E. WATKINS’. . IN THE MATTER OF THE COMPANIES ACT, 1903. XrOTIC-E is HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant xa to Section 302 of the above-mentioned Ad. that the TWO BAYS NURSERIES AND ORCHARD COMPANY PROPRIETARY, LIMITED, a Company duly ineorporated in the State of Victoria, in the Commonwealth of Australia, proposes to CARRY ON BUSINESS in the DOMINION OP NEW ZEALAND, and that the Office or Place of Business of the said Company in t!ie said Dominion where legal process* of any kind may be. served upon it and notices of any kind may be addressed or delivered is situate at, No. 20 MANSE STREET, Dunedin. Dated this Ninth day of November, 1914. A. E. M'COMAS, Attorney for the said Company. TOWELS. Wo have an Exceptionally J.arrro Stock of TOWELS. Bought, Direct from the Best Irish and English Manufacturers in Linen and Cotton. ONE SPECIAL LINE IN WHITE OR BROWN, FULL SIZE, Is lid PAIR. SPLENDID VALUE. Wc Stock Others from 6d to 4s 6d each. Our Reputation for Good Towels has Stood the Test of Years. KILROY AND SUTHERLAND, 192-200 PRINCES STREET. PURCHASE A WOODROW’S SAMPLE BOATER (Best Value in the Market) AND SAVE 25 PER CENT. • At ALEX. GARDEN’S, r Specialist iu Men's Wear, 77 PRINCES STREET. WASTE PAPER. WASTE PAPER FOR KALE! In Lots to Suit Purchasers. Apply ‘STAR' OFFICE. ALL ALTERATIONS OP DISPLAY , -'A advertisements ■ Must be HANDED IN to the Ofita BBFORS 11 O’CLOCK of the PRECEDING DAT.

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 3, Issue 15649, 13 November 1914

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 3 Issue 15649, 13 November 1914

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