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(From Ouk Special Correspondent.]


A howling nor'-wester was blowing J<>r Canterbury "Cup day. and the conditions o) getting to the course per road wor' 1 mo>t unpleasant. The. belts of trees made the stands ami surroundings more sheltered. but it was stifling lint, and the attendance was below Saturday or Monday. The. course was very hard, and for the short courses down the straight in the early part, of the day very fast, but the fields caught the full blast of the wind doug the long- back stretch and round the top turn. Just prior to the running of t!v Canterbury Cup the wind veered round to south-west, and the temperature became lower. The race is easily described, for the pare over tlio fir:-;t six furlongs was very slow, and Warstep ran away with a tremendous lead. This she. maintained to the distance po«t in the run home, where the favorite caught and easily beat her. Private watches" made the time • and over the last mile and adiaif 2min 40sec. The Jockey Club Handicap provided a very fine raco and a win for Otago with the Oamavu-owned horse John Barleycorn. He was always prominent m the betting, and only just missed being first favorite. He was slow in finding his feet, and prominent only in the rear till approaching the turn into the straight, where Bell got through on the rails in the run home. He was lucky to get through a bunch in front of the stand, and just beat Rinaldo, who came with a very smart run in the last half-furlong. A* slight shower of rain fell prior to the running oi the Oaks, but not enough to affect the going, and it cleared off again prior to the start, but was still blowing very keenly. Fir George Clifford's bracketed pair were made very warm favorites, and by running first and second easily landed the odd-. The last mile occupied lmin 4o3sec. and the full journey lijsec longer than Bonny Helen's victory last year. A heavy shower fell just before the last race was started, and somnwhat affected the totalisator investments. The total for the. dav was £32,880, as against £35.570 for the same day last year. | DETAILS OF THE RACING. All started in the Suburban Hurdles. once round and a distance,- and Rustic 110.13), for which M'Flynn had be.-.: specially brought from Auckland to ride was made favorite. "Ngatiraunui, b\ Maniapoto—Secrecy (12.0. Lorigan), 1m from Rustic as they pa>sed the stand, ;>nc was in charge until five furlongs from horn" when Rustic and 2 Otatara (10.3, Trickle bank) took charge and led over the last hurdle. In the run home the top-wcii/hl caught Rustic and beat him by two lengths Otatara si* lengths away. Then follower 7 Andrea (9.0), 3 Parable (10.91, and t Combination (9.0). Time, 3min -If,sec Investments, £3,0972. All on the card weighed out. in 1.!.< Spring Handicap. 4f. for two-year-olds and Asterias (9.2. Olliver) was made ; slightly better favorite than the coupler Chokebore Lodge pair, Holiday i 8.7) anc Adjutant (7.10). From an excellent stari 4 Sntala, Klysian—Lady Hester i (.7. Finer son), coupled with Kolentina (7.5), 3 Sami •=en (7.7, Olsen, coupled with Oriande 7.5) and the favorite were always in front, am. Sutala lasting best won comfortably by two lengths, Asterias half a lencrth in front of Samisen. Then came 2 Adjutant, 7 Happiness (6.12), and 5 Bonny Dream (7.5). Time, 47gsee. Investments, Only Pavlova and Meltchikofr wen withdrawn from the Avon Welter Handi cap, 6f, for which Bimeter (3.13, C. Finer son) was male favorite. A strong west erly gale was blowing, and a. considerable delay took place at the barrier. 7 Reva i 9.5, S. Reid) was always in front, and tin favorite reached him at the distance post onlv to be caught bv 9 Vocation by Birk euliead—Stepfeldt (8.8. L. Wilson)'a litth further on. In the race to the post Voea tion, out wide, came away, and won !>;• two lengths, a nose separating Bimeter anc Reval; 8 Golden King '8.4), 5 Pariforn (8.13). and 2 Boldstroke (8.6> next. Time lmin 15? see. Investments. £4.844. All four acceptors started in the Canter bury Cup, and before the horses went, ou the' wind had veered round to a slroin sou'-wester. The. order of betting was , Warstep (8.9, O'Shea). 4 Merry Roe (8.9 Buchanan). 1 Reputation bv MartianStepfeldt (7.6. L. Wilson), and 2 Balbo; (7.6, B. Dee.ley). Warstep sprinted off th mark, and after going two furlongs wa 25 lengths in front of Merry Roe, wit! Reputation at her girth and Balboa tw lengths in the rear. This was the ord^ ! past the stand, though Warstep came ba'-i | to her field within about eight length? ; this first six furlongs being run at a ver I slow pace. She drew out again goinu t I the back, and Merry Roe went away fro;: i Reputation. Warstep was 16 lengths awa; i at the half-mile post, where the favorif | ran up to Merry Roe and out after th ! Cup dead-heater. Mr Bidwill's colt caugh Warstep inside the distance post, and wen on to win by two lengths, Balboa, thre length.s away, and Merry Roe a hur.drei yards away. No official time taken. Jn | vestments, £3,31'!J,. All starter! in the Jockey Club Hanoi cap, Im. In a sood betthia race. Iridi : (7.11, Stowf) was a very :..!i:rhtly h<-u» favorite than John Barleycorn by SartoBrisa (7.2. Belli. First Glance (7.11 Hvcttus (7.10 i. and Pavlova. (7.7) were a: well backed. !■>...;, a -ood -tan 1 Moutoa Girl (6.111 and 9 Fair Rosainom (7.7) were, left mx or seven l't;?-ths. and Pavlova (7.7), 7 Beldame f7.fK and Crown Pearl (7.13) were the firs! out John Barleycorn beincr in the nick, le 1 dame and Crown Pearl lei inlo th; straight, 15 Ogier (6.10; and 3 First Ol.vubeing their nearest attendants Wk.en I'. straight, was reached First (J'ance to. charge, and 4 Hyettus and John l!,v'. . corn moved up to'the fighting line. Indig and John Barlevcorn were on even term with 13 Fabrikoff (7.7) and Indigo at th grand stand, and in the final riiii th i Oamarti horse came out and -von a pre!.! j race by half a length from 6 Rinaldo (7.1.3 Campbell), who finished very fast am beat Indigo bv a head for second monev Fabrikoff. 8 'Chillies (7.2) and Hyettu next. Time, lmin 42sc-c. Investments £5.3581.

The "f-tnrtfrs in the Now Zealand Oaks Stake.:. 11m, were Charmilla (Ollivor), Jfcnestv '(Campbell), Steinheil (Berry). Martigiis (Olsen), and the liraket.-l pair Court Martial bv Martian— Di'dpline iT. E. Jones) and 'Snapdragon (Bell). Tim latter, followed by Honesty, at once went out to the front and led all the way 1o the stand, where her stable mate caught her and won by a neck, Honesty a length and a-half away third: Charmilla and Steinheil next. "Time, 2min 39 4-ssec. Investments, £3.223. Only Silver Shield, Boldstroke, Golden King," Medley, and Findhorn were" withdrawn from "the Randolph Handicap, 6f, hack conditions, and Ardent by Royal Fusilier—Sanguine (3.6, C. Price) was made a good favorite. When the field came near enough to pick them up the. favorite. in the centre of the course, was well out in front, and won very easily by three lengths from 4 Meltchikoff (8.6. Emerson), who was a couple of lengths in front of 16 Firegod (7.0), 2 Kaminohe '8 13). 12 V, 1spiel (7.0), and 14 Philade'nhia. Time. lmin - o ' " ~

Nsratira-n'ii nrr) 1 C " drawn from the Otaio Phte. 1 :r\. "* T " '-- roa (8.12, C. Price) wa= m3He a shVrtly better favorite than Ringform by Boniform—Ringdove (8.13, Berry). From an excellent start 12 Troon (8.3), 11 The Polo (8.3), and Ringform were quickest round the bend, the former running out six lengths along the back, Maniaroa lying last. At the mile post the latter began to move qp. Troon was still in,.front, at the

! lu-.'ii into thf -dvu'dit. where M-.niaroa .wl j Rinjilonn came ihromo'}. and in ! straight tlii> pair drew fi-'.'ir oi' their j Held. At the :;T-:vl 11 hi 2; form forsi-'i i tjicditl" ahead and v.ei hv !. nock, 3 Ki 1 - I .'.lony'(O.Ol :hrre !■ ir.-th/ ;.way. 10 Gh:iennnieh. id.Oi. 6 r'aiiipe.-idor i9.6i, an'! ■• Guidins; \V;tv (0.C;! in-.!. Time, 2rnin i 3a d-s=ec\ I:ivt?:-f.r;><.'ii:?. Sl'l.l'aQ. xm fs by Tin-: afohraf. . Alsy unprejudiced M.oit miiei dlliit that Mr BHwiil v :,. vdvuhy in not having lioj-ntiation's li.-Mn- add-d to t,i„' li = ! .of Derby winner.--. T!-.■•■ ■;: 1: bad an mi beaten threc-vcnr-olel reeord. ;m<] hod a.eounied for Fo-r Flight Hwiee.i am] BalF":, at, w.f.a. r-ondilin-ir- Tn MondayY, niiv- , i!no:-:'(.rffi;[-- by F ; :\-: Flrth.t r,ro\-?cl jl:;p:i- ---■ t;:tioi:'.v iiiylohi:;. hut ;!.e WniTrrep;! ho;-.' luni'-.-l t!; ' tr.k 1 ■ <':<■ >-: vi !y \ieterday < ;'. th-i J>eiby v it.'i'T. That the je.-'iU. ■>:■. \ Monday \v;r: a thd: > we- r hov. Tl hv lie i public ,!!:ii,i. ! i: T'!.']-ji!!.nii-"i the fnvmiie- on I {]:<■ oee;i-io;i ,'i" l'uil' Mihfeenien! Ill'' ii::::. ; This is v.-l-.:it in- • l>r'.--' i.:i=- :.i >.-,y of the I'cthy in.■..;.-■:■,! : As ihe ii\e hjrloi:i: intirk iho s:\" (■'■•nn----: it■ '-.- biniehfxl tocreliior. A liti!" la:-, r limitation o.j- ---■ Gear in i'i-.,iH -e. oh :i loivjt'i and a-hnlf f.i • :-|-,i.---. l-jiti-iiii.; '!'•• rrnlrrhf. Reputation v. n- -till !r;:(-!:.ic r-nri L ;ni!i:/weH, and Fii^i;. ui'd.-r i,•'■=--:'!'• . v.eni up and i-Tn^l him. .'l't'i they ran to.-j'tlm' to a furlong : and a-haU n-'iii.i hotn.o .\i the TtJ!-.:i wn- a «-np!o of Froths behind. j Fl-rpmafiori. who dror-d !.;i hy and Rnihoa 'phot up cm 11>.-• iiiit-:'.!•'.' a.fl too],- char::. 1 . : First Flight han.dni' <ei to the rnils:. Rein- [ t:itinr vn.i pullc.i <;n:. .ioti fir,i>!iin<,' with a good run, whs htt up acrn.iti, and ! K -,t to Fir-t Fii'hiV •iniot It'.tch" n-- ihev rrn-.-rd 111' 1 1 in-:.'. hut. oonld not reach I-nl--1 boa. who ivn? -dl onf, m win by a leivj! hj .'Kid a half. ' f-'mithoin ftal.lfis ;i.rc liinp;* in fantttli'ivv tiii-; \vi■(.■]:. Ol.^on ■'■ '■ VuiAlcrtr.), Win ?<jnn (Tr-:;t! ino f'tiph and Jolni F:ul.'V< on; (J',"k:-v Ch>> ; Handifap) n.-,-<'tMi;,-'d for tin.- - hip i'lako- ! and piMitfirs fio'iii 'his .-ido of the }Va't.'ik j vl'.d M'-ro on !'-,- s.-on.'s of opn-aiions .in , enr" to liavo ]-ro!;ti'd hv i:>:• losnlt?. 1 That Jolm T,:nd--Viovii is th.-> heM of il, j Raitos m.iy, I think, ho aoroptr-d. Thonoi I Or.inani own«<l. as staiod hy "'»: v f-p'-oji j at the front." lie ha.- l»vi at _\Vro i cretin for poiiH: iiionUis. and \c, in Chris!io'? i htahlo. TJ<> wa- foaled at Warrin-lon. 1 and is out '-f > c ir ('oor-o M'Lo,ir,"s old \ racing mnro, Bn'.-u. lie is a slow betiinn'T. I l*nt has a p/va6 hrnvt oi zpeed, ns ho show) ' in tho cfinclndii!,i: event, at the Fiuneiiiu : Spriiia; Meeting' hi.-:( month, and M'emimrly \ oniifinned at iHorarton yr.-terdny. lii--I owner. "Willie" Gardiner, hj a steward of j tho North Oiajo Joek'-y CJuli, well known ' j in cciiirsirifr ciyoles, and a proiiiinciil. l'apa- ' l l;ir:n K.on-.-r. ! Tiie ("hokohoi'e ].< i '.;>• ftiaWc ftirnishrd | h.oih ti'e whiiK'i- n;if! " ri'tlin.'i'-Uj! for ill' ' ! GaUs, l.nt Mi|'l o)-t-rs of the i.ra.k'-'t.'O \ ].|iir to lay o,i<l- on their fr.ncv in tkoij totalizator iir.c.-tm.-iiti'. Sir (hj orco ("hi 1 j foi.l won tiii.- 1.0-e in 1911 with C-unt. , ■ I feit, and ajain in i;il ii hv the nsrer-oy "f ' I l'irown U\\\, s> t!:a(. i: ha.* fallen U) U.' \ ! lot in three out. of i 1"': la.t heir oo:it"-! Th- Stev! Memorial Gold Cap. Ifini. a.nd ■ t.h-: Fleet! Ie !'!-:•.■. df, are the w.f.a. .jvt'nts ' on SatiiMkiy's rani. v. hen tie- ne-etni- will ' I he broiicjlu. io a. cloro. ii

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O.J.C. SPRING MEETING, Issue 15648, 12 November 1914

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O.J.C. SPRING MEETING Issue 15648, 12 November 1914

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