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[From Odr Srccuz. Correspondent.]

CHRISTCHURCH, November 9. The weather was very hot for Derby Day, and the attendance good. The course was hard and fast, but Die racaig throughout waa interesting. Only a small field started in the Hurdles, and a splendid betting race saw Corrie. Sunbeam, and Glenorchy almost equal favorites. Ngatiraunui, who refused to •tart on thd first day. pot well away today. and was alwavs in front, though Sunbehm got close to him at the end of a mile. ' Had Conic been brought along earlier die might have troubled the winner, but nothing else bad a chance. Thu Criterion Handicap produced a big field, aqd Mr Wood made one of the quickest and best starts. Martins, who was cue of the favorites, was never dangerous. Autuninus appeared to go very scratchily ia his preliminary, but after warming up moved more frcelv. In the run down Hie straight Artumnus finished very gamely, and won handsomely by nearly a length. First Glance was finishing very fast, but. was almost, last in the early stages of tho nice, and had no chance of getting up. Fifteen very nice youngsters paraded in the Tnvell Handicap, end a delay at the start, was caused bv the misbehaviour of Margarine, Flying Start, mid Ilyla. Tho finish was a good one. the two favorite* catching SfjMjS'cri «it tho &t.*vnd and lighting out a. game finish, the winner having a length advantage. Hyettus and Campeadov were withdrawn fioin tho Derby, t>md us the field of six paraded Reputation certainly had the calf m looks. First Flight looked as if ho had been hosed down just prior to saddling. He moved nicely in the preliminary, and gained ninny f: tends on i»eccunt of his full brother s win in the previous race. Balboa is a big chestnut with two white foreleg* and two white bind fetlocks, and ho looked to be Gained to tha hour. In the betting Reputation was always an edde-ou chance, and that was considerably improved by backers looking fov a second choice, which would pay nunc than the first dividend. The race was nm right against the interests, of the favorite, and this probably accounts for his downfall. The first half-mile occupied 55]?ey, first mile Imin 45see, and last mile Imin 40 sec. Balboa’s great turn of speed wm him. tho race, for, after lying behind nil tho straight was reached, be moved to within striking distance before the distance post waa passed, and then tackled two tired horses and beat them homo snsily. First Flight appeared to close <Ol to Reputation at the distance, post, but fiom the Free* stand it did not look 10 interfere with the favorite’s chance, as he was well beaten. The stewards held an inquiry into the matter, and after hearing evidence placed Reputation second and First Flight third. The Juvenile Handicap produced a good struggle between Tetc-a-Tete and !hs favorite, Bimeter, ever the last couple of furlongs, and the stable mate of the Derby winner got the verdict by half a length. The Metropolitan Handicap gave backers their first turn-up, the favorite. Bonny Helen, winning by a comfortable margin. Rongahcro was about the outsider of the field, and except at the rear was never sighted. The Epsom Welter provided cue of the tin cel finishes ever seen on tho ccurse, and had Golden King had the services of as efficient a horseman as the other three that lie-shed paH. the post in line with him he must have won. The last race, though only a hack race, carried within a lew pounds of the amount invested cn the Derby, and was another triumph tor outsiders- Speculation was b; idk throughout the day, £37,6921 being invested, as against £36,025 last year. DETAILS OF THE RACING. All started in the Middleton Hurdles, l]m, and on this occasion 4 Ngatiraunui (by Maniopoto—Secrecy, 11.1. Lorigan) got away with his field. He led all the way from 2 Sunbeam (10.9. Coker), who caught up to him four furlongs from home, but could never head him. 1 Corrie (11.7, M’Seveney) "’ns six lengths away at the last hurdle, arid under punishment van to within nearly three length* of Ngatiraunui at the finish', Sunbeam four lengths away, 5 Glenoreliy (11.0) next. Time, 3min 16, sec. Investments, £2.9512-. Vocation was the only withdrawal from the Criterion Handicap, 7f, for which Sand (3.5) was tent out favorite. From an excellent start 9 Pavlova. (7.9. O’Shea) and 13 Downbam (7.15) were first out, follower] by 13 Chudii (8 2) and 6 Shaki (7.2). Downham dropped back after going three furlongs, and Pavlova and Chudic led into the straight. Halfway down the straight B Autuninus by Treadmill—Goidlcaf (8.12. F. E. Jones) forged to the front, and 2 Chortle (8.12, Oliver) moved up into third place. In the -un home Autuninus drew out. to a length advantage, and Chortle just beat Pavlova by a head; Downham. First Glance (8.2), and Sauci next. Time, Imir. 26? sec. Investments, £4.579.

For the Irwell Handicap, 4f, for two-year-olds, Happiness was withdrawn, and Desert Gold (8.8, Berry) and the coupled pair—Fjying Start hr San Francisco— Fleet foot (7.12. Boll) and Holiday |3.7) were easilv the host backed. A lot of trouble took place at the post, but evennally a good start, was effected, and 7 Sainisen (7.7. Olsen) was first to get to the straight, with 5 Wishful (5.4) and Flying Start next. In the run home the latter won a pretty race by a bare length ; Desert flold two lengths in front of Samisen, who tired quickly at the people's stand. Then (nine Wishful, 9 Moutoa Queen i7.-l). and 30 Golden Prince (7.12). Time. 49;=cc. Divestments, £4.2571.

The starters and order r,f favoritism in tiic New Zealand Derby, for width llycttus and Campeador were scratched wore 1 Reputation (L. Wilson), 2 First Flight fF. K. Jones), 5 Balboa, by Van e-—Neve (Deeley), 4 Kingform (Berryi, 5 famulus (Emerson). and 6 Roumania (Oliver). Balboa. Kingform, and First Flight showed nut first. Rounding the turn First Fi’giit tcck charge, followed by Kingform and Reputation, with B.albo.a. Roumania, and famulus bringing up the rear. At Cutt.-'s Kingform drew out dear of First Flight and Reputation, while ai the mile post the order was still the same, Ringfonn being a length in front. First Flight and Reputation then moved up, and they were showing cut- clear at the seven-furlong post; but a. furlong further on Roumania lushed to the front. Running round the turn, Reputation and First Flight again vent on. with Roumania next, fallowed by famulus. Rating past the half-mile post. Reputation opened out a gap ot two lengths from First Flight, while Balboa made a forward more. When fairly in line for home. First Flight ran up to Reputation. who was beaten at the distance. Balboa then appeared with a strong rim, and. drawing away, he won comfoitanly i-y two lengths from First Flight, who Mopped i.t iho lust few strides, but beat Reputation by a bead. Ringiorm was f s.nih. lulbwial bv famulus and Rou--1 .a..’:. '! I'.ie. 2;nin 35'f-er. A.: -at ,1 in the Juvenile I Tate. of. i f ;-i- and tbr«-e-yea.r-oid>. and alter a i-a.g d-l-.y at the past, caused by Dinner (bn.g. 4 llymoltius (6.7) ran .across tho i ;.ek "I when the .harrier went up i ■ .an otherwise good start. 5 Tete-a-tete by ILyal Fusiliei--Gossip i 8.2, Berry) was a (way., well up, and in iho last furlong stalled off a good challenge from 2 Blind* r (8.0, Emerson), and won by half a length : 5 Bee i 3.2, F. K. Jones) a length •away; 9 Chakwarra (3.2’. 10 Dinner Gong iT.Sj. and 1 Sweet Corn (6.6) next. Time, Imin Ojscc. Investments, £4,587. All started in the Metropolitan Handicap, llni. for which Bonny Helen (Bonifotm—Helen Portland, 8.7,' C. Price) was made favorite. The alart was not a good one, 11 Rinaldo t8.7), 8 Moutoa Girl (7.1). and 12 Maniaroa (6.10) being left several lengths. 6 Slogan (7.7), 3 Hyettius (7.8'. 7 Multiply (7.11), a-nd 10 La Reina (8.3) led the field round the bend into the back stretch, where Hyettjua and 14 Mysteriarch (7.2) took charge and led to the straight. Here Bonny Helen moved up, and was in charge at the distance. 3 Sinapis (8.12, Oliver) and 4 Quarantine (7.7, Bell) challenged, but Bonny Helen held her own, and won by a length, Quarantine a nose in front of Sinapis; Slogan, Moutoa Oid, Multiply, and 0 Kcoya (8.4) next. Time, 3min 35|sec. Investments, £5,0804. Fearmonaz and Sir Mosely were withdrawn from the Epsom High-weight Handicap, Im, and Guiding Way (9.1. W. Young) was made & a lightly better favor-

lie thg.n Fair Rosamond nnd Birkful bv Birkkenhead—Hopeful (8.15, C. Price). *• Banian (9.3) was first out, but 10 Hoy (8.6) took up the running before a furlong had been covered. Hoy was still in front as the field turned into the straight, and below the distance post was joined by Guiding Way, 8 Scotch Melody (8.5), 7 Golden King (8.6), and Birkful. *At the distance post tho southerner looked like winning, but faltered a little, and in a desperate finish between tho last-named four Birkful won by half a head, a similar distance between second and third, and Golden King just as close fourth ; 5 Vocation (8.13) and Hay next. Time, ymiu 42sco. Investments, £4,712j. All started in the Ashley Handicap. From a fair send off 12 Shepherd’s Bush (7.0) was slowest to move, and 4 Belnsco (9.7) was first out. but wont back very quickly, and 11 hadrono (3.5) led to the turn into tho straight, where 5 Samuel (8.6) and Silver Shield (B.ll) took command. At the distance post 8 St. F-lnm by St. Ambrose —Maude (7.6, Wilson) and 5 Wharfinger (8.0. F. E. Jones) challenged, and in tho run home the former won comfortably by a length ; a similar distance between second and third ; 10 Birkbeckt7.o), 1 Flower of tho West (8.3), and 2 Steintieil (7.9) next. Time, Imin Aoftec. Investments, £5,536]. NOTES nv -‘THE ADMIRAL.” A couple of weeks ago the Victorian Derby was generally regarded as a match between Mountain Knight and Woovak, but a boil-over took place, and Carlita was returned (ho winner. Yesterday’s event was similarly legarded as a. duel between Reputation and First Flight, and sports wondered whether there was anything in tho race capable of emulating CarliUr's example and beating thus pair. The qiuetion was answered in the affirmative, Balboa doing tile trick. Earlier in the sca-on Reputation had won the Wanganui Guinea*. Hawke's Bay Guineas, and Champion ,I’lalo at Trent ham. and had accounted for First Flight and Balbn. Though defeated in the Derby, hq was not disgraced, for the race was run in yxceptionallv fast time, and is only a tick outside of Cherubini's record established last season, as the appended tabic of ivvent wiline's shows,:Year. Winner. Rider. m. - s . 1900 — Renown F- D.ivb. ff 42? 1901— Mensehikofl Hewitt 2 57J 1902 Orlotf Hewitt ■ 2 57,1 1905 Itoseal M, Brown 2 oot 1904—Nightfall Hewitt 2 uS? 1805—NoVtuifo- ;c Hewitt 2 41j 1906 — Ziminerniin D. Price ‘ 2 40 1 1907 Elevation 8. Reid 2 56| ISOS—Husbandman F. k. Jones 2 59s 1909—Elvsian H. Gray 2 33 I*ll0 —Danube 11. Gray 2 38 1911— Masterpiece F. E. Jones 2 363 1912 — Bon Revo A. Oliver 2 42j 1913 — Cherubini W. Young 2 55? 1914 — Balboa Deeley 2 55? The placed horses in the Derby will have another opportunity of fighting out their battle in the Canterbury Cup, 2?m, w.1.a.. to-morrow, and keen intoiect is sure to be occasioned in the result.

It is quite a. new experience—if not unique—for .v horse owned by Sir George Clifford to ’nave the judge’s placing reversed on the ground of interference in tho straight, and this would be especially galling in a race of the magnitude of the t’.J.C- Derby. Seemingly the positions awarded bv the judge were not affect'd br tho incident, hut tho stewards, in arriving at a finding, very properly showed that they were, no respecters of persons. As a rule the Metropolitan Handicap b tho hardest nut to crack of tho meeting, but vesterday punters made no mistake in making Bonny Helen first choice. Last year’s'Gn-ks winner was supported by toe stable for the New Zealand Cup. but she picked up a nail at Wanganui, which caused her training to ho suspended, and she was consequently withdrawn froiu the two-mile event. This year’s. Metropolitan took 2min 35|sec, which is a second slower than Tannhauser won in last year. General Symons holds the race record (2min 54sec). established in 1903. Fairlv fact time (Imin Ojsec) was made in the' Juvenile Plate, si, for two and three-year-olds. It was a duel at- tho death between the Napier-owned Tete-aud-Tete and Mr Greenwood’s Bimeter, honors resting with the northerner. Fnnhurnt’s record for the race (STip-ec) was made in 1910. , . , . The Oaks Stakes, which ts nm to-mor-row, has not an attractive field.

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DERBY DAY., Issue 15646, 10 November 1914

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DERBY DAY. Issue 15646, 10 November 1914

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