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The matches on Saturday provided some very interesting cricket. On the Caledonian Ground the new rule providing for an extension of time enabled Caris brook B to gain a victory over Dunedin, with three minutes to spare. On the North Ground, where a collection was taken up for the patriotic fund, the Colts, thanks to J. N. Crawfords tine bowling, beat Albion ; and Opoho gaincil a meritorious win over last year’s premiers—Grange.- The surprise of the day, however, was the victory of the new senior team (St. Hilda) over Carisbroofc A, at Carishvook, tho home team being fairly and squarely beaten. Following are-the results:—'

FIRST GRADE. Carisbrook B v. Dunedin

Played at the Caledonian Ground, where tho wind was troublesome. Carisbrook batted find, and made a good start, Cameron and Westbrook taking tho score past the half-century before being separated. Camerson, who hit bard right from llio first ball, was out Ihw to Johnstpn. Tuckwell followed, bet Westbrook did not long survive bis late partner, and retired caught at mid-off by M'Kay olf Given. Nugent joined Tuckwe!!, and a good partnership ensued. The ex-Melbourne man, however, was lucky, being let off no fewer than four times during his stay. Nugent was very slow, but stopped there until bowled hv Johnston for 31. Watson played good, lively cricket for 19 not out. the innings being declared when Ramsdeu was bowled by Wilkie, tho total being 176 for five wickets. Given was tho best bowler on the eide.

Dunedin made a r-oor beginning. M'Kay, Howard. Wilkie, Bryden, and Grieg all being out for 58 runs. Mackersy and Johnston made a bit of a stand, both playing nice aggressive cricket. At 53, however, Mackersy (22) sent one bark to Ramsdon and was held. Neither Perry nor Given stayed long, and at half-past sis Johnston and Graham were at the wickets, and with only two to fall the new rule was brought into operation, and the came went on. *Tho two batsmen made a determined stand, and there were only a few minutes to go when Johnston was caught. Hanna, tho last man, defied tho bowlers for a. couple of overs only, being bowled by liar die. Graham batted well. Ramsdun came out with the excellent average of seven for 46. Scores: Carisbrook B.—First Innings. J. C. Cameron ibw b Johnston 23 Westbrook c M'Kay b Given 28 Tuckwell <• Perry b Given 53 Nugent I) Johnston 51 Watson not out 19 Hampden b Wilkie 7 Fxtras IQ Total for five wickets (innings declared closed) 176 Bowling Analysis.—Mackersy. 96 balls, 1 maiden, 56 runs; Graham, 72 balls., 4 maidens, 28 runs; Johnston. 99 balls, 3 maidens, 57 runs. 2 wickets; Given. 88 balls. 2 maidens, 40 runs. 2 wickets ; Wilkie. 9 balls, 5 runs. 1 wicket. Dunedin'. —First Innings. M'Kav c Alloo b Ramsdeu 3 J. Wilkie c Nugent b Ramsdeu 9 Howard b Ramsdeu 1 Mackersy c and b Ramsdeu ... 22 Bryden *c Dntmm b Ramsdeu 5 Grigg c Tuckwell b Hardie 1 Johnston c Westbrook b Tuckwell ... 31 Perry e and b Ramsdon 7 Given c Tuckwell b Ramsdon 1 F. Graham not out 21 Hanna b Hardie 0 Extras 14 Total 115 Bowling Analysis.—Ramsdcn. 138 balls. 5 maidens, 46 rims, 7 wickets; Hardie, 72 balls, 4 maidens, 26 runs. 2 wickets; Alloo, 30 halls, 2 maidens, 3 runs; Tuckwell, 24 balls, 2 maidens, 7 runs, 1 wicket: Watson, 34 balls, 2 maidens, 4 runs; Westbrook, 36 balls. 1 maiden, 10 runs. Grange v. Opoho.

The match between these two teams was played on the North Ground, and was watched by a large number. The wicket was moderate. The batsmen on both sides made an indifferent display, and the scoring was consequently low. Grange won the toss and elected to bat, and were all out at 5.30 for 55 runs. The bowling was entrusted to Eckhoft and Casey, the former taking six wickets for 15 runs. ,T. Graham and Robcits were the only two players who reached double figures. Opoho made a slightly better showing at the wickets. Ingram putting up 39 runs. His batting was good throughout, and he scored all round the wicket. Kenny was the only other player , to reach double figures. Grange went in for a second innings, and when stumps were drawn had lost six wickets for 64. Following are the scores : GgANOE.—First Innings. Galland b Casey 4 Roberts b Eckhoff 10 Eckhold st Turnbull b Eckhoff 4 Chadwick st Turnbull b Eekhnft' ... 0 J. Graham b Eckhoff 10 Paterson b Casey 0 W. Beeby run out 5 Henderson Ibw b Eckhoff 0 A. Graham b Casey 0 C. Beeby b Eckhoff 0 Forrester not out 4 Extras 10 Total 5.5 Bowling Analysis.—Casey, 54 bails, 2 maidens, 28 runs, 5 wickets: Eckhoff, 54 balls, 5 maidens. 15 runs, 6 wickets. Second Innings. Galland b Eckhoft 3 A. Graham b F.ckhoff i Patterson o and b Moore 17 Chadwick st Turnbull b Eckhoft ... 4 C. Beeby e and hj Moore 2 W. Beeby b Eckhoff 0 Roberts not cut 11 Forrester not out 6 Extras 9 Six wickets for b4 Bowling Analysis.—Casey, 50 balls, 3 maidens, 13 runs; Eckhoff. 42 balls, 4 maidens, 4 runs. 4 wickets; Moore, 65 balls, 2 maidens, 28 nuts. 2 wickets; Brown, 18 bails. 7 runs: Davidson, 30 balls, 2 maidens. 5 runs. ()rono. —Firm Innings. Kenny ibw b Graham 11 Kilgour run out 8 Davidson st Chadwick b Graham ... 2 Ingram b Henderson 59 Downes Ibw b Eckhold 0 Casey b Eckhold 1 Brown Ibw b Eckhold 6 Eckhoff b C. Beeby . 6 Timlin c A. Graham b 15'. Beeby ... 5 Moore not out 0 Turnbull b V.. Beeby 4 Extras 2 Total 84 Bowling Analysis.—Eckhold, 90 balls. 8 maidens, 26 ions. 2 wickets: ,1. Graham. 78 balls, 4 maidens, 34 runs, 2 wickets; C. Beeby. 30 balls, 1 maiden, 15 runs, 1 wicket; Henderson, 24 balls, 2 maidens. 3 runs, 1 wicket; W. Beeby, 3 balls. 4 runs, 1 wicket. St. Kilpa v. Cauisbuook A. St. Kikhi sprang a surprise on Saturday when they defeated Carisbrook A. The mutch was placed at Carisbrook, which was on the heavy -side after the rain. The home team were the first to bat, ami were alt out at 4 o’clock for 119. Two wickets were down for nil, Livingstone getting both Bruges and Hay with successive balls. The third wicket fell at 3. the fourth at 18, the fifth at 22, and the sixth at 22. A. P. Alloo and Baxter stopped the rot, and the total was carried to 52. when Alloo was given out, much to the sunwise of the batsman. Adams and Reid also put on inns, and the eighth wicket fell at 70, and the ninth at 112- Both Livingstone and Edwards bowled well for St. Kilda, the former taking three for 61 and Edwards three for 32. Harvey, who was tried towards the finish, got two for 6. Alloo’s score of 25 included three 6’s. Rutherford injured his leg and had to retire. St. Kilda replied with 136, thanks to the batting of M'Carten, who carried hi# bat for 70. His score included one 6 and seven 4’s. He was ably supported by M'Faull, who made 35. None of the other batsmen succeeded in reaching double figures. Three wickets were down for 16. and the total wan carried to ■ 104

before the fifth wicket fell. The sixth fell with the score unaltered, the seventh at 107, the cigth at 110, the ninth at 113, and the tenth at 136. Adams was the most successful bowler, taking four wickets for 16. Scores : Carisbrook A.—First Innings. Banncrman b Edwards 1 Bruges c and b Livingstone 0 Hay b Livingstone 0 vlyholson Ibw b Edwards 7 Rutherford retired hurt 10 Smith b Edwards 0 A. P. Alloo b Harvey 25 Baxter c Livingstone* b M'Carton ... 23 Adams b Livingstone 11 Reid b Harvey ... 25 Martin not out * 1 Extras 16 Total 119 Bowling Analysis.—Livingstone, 13 overs, 61 runs, 3 maidens, 3 wickets; Edwards, 16 overs, 32 runs, 4 maidens, 3 wickets; Harvey, 5 overs, 6 runs, 1 maiden, 2 wickets; M'Carten, 1 over, 4 runs. 1 wicket. :rr. Hilda.—First Innings. Word c Reid b Bannerrann 1 M‘Fariane Ibw b Hay 5 T. Livingstone b Hay 5 Nelson b Bnnnerman 3 M‘Fanil c Bruges b Adams 35 M'Carten not out 70 A. Livingstone b Alloo 0 Harvey c Nicholson b Adams 2 P. Edwards b Adams 0 L. Edwards b Allot) 1 Chapman <• Bruges b Adams 1 Extras .' 15 Total 136 Bowling Analysis.—Banncrman 12 ovdre, 26 runs, 3 maidens. 2 wickets; Hay, 15 overs, 41 runs, 3 maidens, 2 wickets; A. i‘. -Alion, 11 overs, 40 runs, 1 maiden, 2 wickets; Adams, 8 overs, 16 rims, 1 maiden, 4 wickets. Colts v. Albion. Only tho wizardry of Crawford's bowling arm pulled tho eoJJs’ team through their encounter with Atuion. Heavy ram had thoroughly soaked tne North Ground wicket, which hung throughout tho first hour of play, .incl was eccentric throughout. The colts were ail .it sea, feeling for everything, and with Stiglish sending down a good ball with a Jot of leg spin, very few of the batsmen looked happy. Crawford himsoif went first ball, catching his bat in the edge of the pad when “going for” a beauty from Stiglish. Alloo made 27, occasionally playing freely, but for the most part giving the bowling a much more difficult complexion than it should have worn. The only really attractive innings was that ol Bell, who played with impeccable discretion, and some audacity. Tho last two wickets carried tho score from 65 to 150. On the face of it it was a fair task to get a team like Albion out under that figure, but Crawford did it in an hour and a-half, his average reading : Seven wickets. 11 runs. Even on that* comparatively slow wicket ho got tremendous pace, with that slight and yet all-suffi-cient turn from the off. Stewart and Baker played steady cricket for the second wicket, but Crawford beat them both shortly after 30 was recorded. Duthie and Johnston took the tally to 73, and E. Williams made a nice 26, the innings dosing for 101, and leaving the boys victorious by 29 runs. Details : Colts.—First Innings. Shepherd b Johnston 8 Chadwick c E. Williams b Stiglish ... 4 A. W. Alloo c F. Williams b Johnston 27 Malcolm st F. Williams b Stiglish ... 0 Crawford b Stiglish 0 Binnio c Brinsley b Johnston 10 Stevens st F. Williams b Stiglish ... 7 Bell b Marks 26 Kerr at F. Williams b Stiglish 0 M'Mnllcn r Stiglish b Marks 22 Hayden not out 9 Extras IV Total 130 Bowling Analysis.—Stiglish, 90 balls, 4 maidens, 44 runs, 5 wickets; Johnston, 72 balls, 48 runs*, 3 wickets; Marks, 24 balls, 13 runs, 2 wickets; E. Williams, 6 balls, S runs. Albion.—First Innings. Baker b Crawford 15 Brinsley b Crawford 0 Stewart b Crawford 11 F. Williams c Shepherd b Bell ... 5 Duthie b Kerr 25 Johnston b Crawford 12 Strang c and b Crawford 0 Marks b Kerr 0 M'Neill b Crawford 2 E. Williams c Binnie b Crawford ... 26 Stiglish not out ... 0 Extras 7 Total 101 Bowling Analysis.—Crawford. 103 balls, 11 maidens, 11 runs, 7 wickets ; Shepherd, 66 balls, 5 maidens, 20 runs; A. W. Alloo, 12 balls. 4 rims; Bell, 12 balls. 14 runs, 1 wicket ; Kerr. 56 balls, 1 maiden, 45 runs, 2 wickets. SEOND GRADE. Opoho, playing Mornington on the lattfi's ground, succumbed for 37 (Houston 11). Freeman took six wickets tor 13 runs and Koklerness three for 21. Mornington scored 134 for four wickets and declared (.1. Haig 30. Caradus 35 not out, Blown 36 not out). Opoho's second venture again yielded 37 (Harden 11. Ostend 11). Holdorness secured six wickets for 9 runs. Mornington scored a three-point win. Albion made 206 rims (Satterthwaite 76). Dunedin C's response was 106, Murke securing five wickets for 26 runs. Grange 136 (BeU 44 not out) defeated Dunedin B 101 (Hardy 30) by 55 runs. St. Kilda were dismissed for 63 (Cham- | b.?rs 14), and then routed Carisbrook C for 23. T'ne Saints’ second venture yielded 59, and Carisbrook had 53 on for the loss of three wickets when lime was called. Chambers bagged seven Carisbrook wickets j for 11 runs and two for 4. | High School also obtained a two-point win over Anderson Bay. The latter made 92 (Macadam 25), and High School replied with. 176 (Lockhart 40. Holmes 36, Gregory 55'. M'Knight took four Bay wickets for 10 runs. THIRD GRADE. High School A <r'l and 42) defeated Albion (27 and 48) by 24 runs. Knight took four wickfts in tho School'© first innings and nine in Hie second. High School B won by default from Grange. Christian Brothers G6 and 74 for eight wickets) beat Opoho (41 and 36). Needham (Christian .Brothers) gob seven wickets for 13 runs in each innings, including the hat trick. Mornington (84) defeated St. Kilda (70) by 14 runs. Y.M.C.A. (121) drew with Orakanui (76 for six wickets). AT OTHER CENTRES. Auckland.—Grafton 272 (M'Cormiok 122 not out, Hay 91) batted all the afternoon against Parnell.—Eden B 160 v. Eden A four for 61.—Ponsonhy batted nil the afternoon against Wailcmata, the board showing eight wickets for 331 (Wilson not out 129). —North Shore 171 v. University 52 for one wicket. Wellington.—North 341 beat mitral 303 on the first innings.—University 270 (Tucker 102) v. Old Boys 215 (Staintem 64). NEW SOUTH WALES*”QUEENSLAND. Tho interstate match New South Wales v. Queensland was continued at Brisbane on Saturday. Queensland had lost sb: wickets for 75 nins, and the innings closed | for 110 (Row© not out 18). New South Wales, with a lead of 146 on the first innings, made 263 in their second strike (Cranuey 45, Andrews 45, Pratten 36, Davis 32). Queensland, when stumps were drawn, had lost ©no wicket for. 34 (Andrews not out 20). LEAGUE RESULTS, Reid and Gtav 142 runs (Hodge 44) beat Hillside B 30. For tho winners M'Deugsll (six, for 18) and Morgan (four for 12) wore the bowlers. Kippenberger, for 3'lleide B, secured three wickets for 32, and Ross took three wickets for 14 runs. Railway team beat Standard by 53 runs on tho first innings. They made* ICO runs in their first innings and 141 runs for seven wickets in their second, while Standard compiled 47 runs in their sole venture.

Tor Railway Swinney made 40 and 34, Williams 23. and 14 (not out), Turner 33, Pettit 34. Bwiriney (six for 19) and Pettit (three for 7) bowled most successfully. Batting for Standard, Butler made 21 runs and Holleyman 11. whjle the most successful bowlers were Jarman (two for 8 and one for 15), Richmond (three for 26 and one for 23), Holleyman (three for 34), and Butler (two for 21 and three for 37). Hillside A 165 runs (Harris 36, Edwards 52 not out) beat Haywards 45 (Williams 22). The most Successful bowlers were: For the winners—Hayden (throe for 6), Hams (three for 6), Symoncls (three for 16), and for Haywards’ side Robinson (four " ' kets for 17 runs) and Palmer (throe for 28).

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CRICKET, Issue 15645, 9 November 1914

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CRICKET Issue 15645, 9 November 1914

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