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A VIVID NAIUUTIYF. The remains of Napoleon wen", orrbmiK'd J on tlm 15th October, 1840, f,;.r ti:uj burin I in Paris—on tho 26th armverr-irv of id? arrr.ul at St. Helena or the British ship Abu t kmnherland. The siory is i.A<: vividly by M. Albert Calm-at. v, bo is publishing a book —'Xaooleon lieiivoM' I Tin; -,vr,v!c of exhumalbr: ;i little* ah-:i- midnight. • "In the dead silence of th? night the first dry strokes of the pick-axes lVil. i ; the conlie of the group a uniformed tigii'e, tin- commander, briliiraib i;: gold lace, is 1-1--C-U now and again by tha of the torches held by ;i. dozen of ih- ; soldi-.-rs of tho 21st Infantry Rogimeni. Ibe mist, bad horonto a fine rain, oyi -vers ":;e stands sdnv-ering. 'Jin; Frorn-h----men !•.. v ere nth' bond down to pick tin ndics. the flowers and pkinu> growing thick'y around tho- grave. The lh>: tlag- : stones mo soon removed and (ho w r<.avgh.t ■ inn grill that hn.<= iircf-tei-ed tlio copah-hio i: fin dciacen«-nt through 19 long years is prisr-d out. It falls on the sodden ground with a dull sound of chain?. Mr Darling. ! the, points out the- stono coyeri 1.-., - ih- head. The n;ri continues and tin'. I i.--Id is neneTratiug. The Fiencturiou"-? ' t.f.--'h chatter. The- priest is not in tii-.*. , l'::.-t. improved. ITo keeps jottins: down : i-n;<::■-. in his journal. Ono pathc-iir. fri-.m ' tii' -c pages a vivid picture of that memorable night. The weird light, thoinystenI i :":-. h.oires grouped nbout on the baek--1 ground of tho two irntr.cnso shchor rents- - ; ii.'i] ■[■lr-.z in the wind attd sbiin:ncvnig ! gho.•, i\-; the click of muskets as sentinels lan changed. ... A sharp, incisive j vote? issuing commands tlu.'. whii., .and ; through nil tho dry strokes of lb* pick; ! against the stones. Men in red or white ! uniforms appear and disappear, and things 1.-ire thrown down with a-dull thud. In ail i tiiio sundiwei agitation the. priest alono i stands holding the biiver crucifix. raJm and j seiene, although ho avowed hitor 1 hat j .shivors ran down bis spine."' i 'l'lk' ?tones having been re.ntovod and | work ha-gun on tho earth which teemed tu ! have caved in-, a brorthle..s inor.K-uf ]';•- j lowed for fear that the rv-mom. vauit might | have given way. I " Hut. no, it is in tart, and from 3 o'ek. ;k j nnii! 6 in the morninz Iho frdtsoi'6 wor'; j I'limiiiues. Finally, the long, n-arroiv si.ona | ihal rr-v« r? the is discovered. S:nb i fii'niy ?-inn>, loi-geti-ing tho solemnity r.' I the ■cica>iO)i, break tho silonc/> by I satio::. and are irravely r«ninded. in Kr.<r \ iifb. oy Clapvain Ai-csawder, iha-V sca-Yol> i'r.."fnvi separ.-ito thorn from o:i:lin. "Nov.- day hoirit!! s t-> brea-k and rafts ;; ?.::' wiiitf upon the impressivp ecc::.-. Fiiiy n:"ii. long ,'i.ixl heavy ].il.:v. .-ucc.'cded in removing tbd last huge riasj ca.'kt-L is iv'vealo'i. Suddeniy memory ilics ; ba<-!-; to thai morning in May, 19 yoart! be--1 !:.:■'. v.-!k-!i tii... with i:.< i>ic. I cr-.i.s l/.irdf ii \va« lowered into the <T;:Y<:, i M. i:y viio harl the nr,,. I livily v. ere tliLi'o lh--n. a.s ihev v.-'io li'iir. j iVriiand. Mairhani. Ihe r>. ivnovo a::d the jin ma !•"- of l.oiigw'<)'>a. The i.'enlie i M.-i':;:.'!' 1 l!c! tr.'uxi. wiio bad lititrJt at ti:> iii i h-f grave, bitt.-rly. had i :->i,g : i.i'-<- gMi," (•-• hi'i' sterna! !?.-=v. bvt. | ! !<;!!!;.- of il;e I-ls--IJ: -il r.rliceis and :}{•-■ noreI l:r -i.-rr iJaiiing »'ci •• there, arid in tho. 1 - ■ fai- ; K' ,:.;.> -. ,;.-, jjo-.v, ; , p;ioh-i. htiKvi rl'-sfing i' 1 " .-.-..-ai::. . . T!o < u k;t ••n,l !v," .(.:.!.'...'ii i-'. one oi tie>. ;onvs av, iijtiii-; i..m laitiva.l o-' (ioveu.or Mid Vt mon- „i;,| 1,,-, i :■*.:•. : f. ii v. ;'..> eoinp.iK'o' of four comna:!I :■"' ;ti; •;.<- ol inalioL-ntiy, r,.--xi o;:« of jod, I tie.-!: .-I'.-ain one of jr.ahr:j;.i.ny. and. linally, i the .;ii!e" v.ver of /■.inc. S.t.;vi!ig<e to reiaie, | It i- ii:.- .'..iino woikman who had >.-: Mi rul it!:.' ea.-i-ei in ]B2l who nou. witli hamtiier |an i ■ ij• --f.":. v.<\rLs the <ovvr> off. TI-hv t ".I •;■■•• bio-..'!: .-.'.„"1-:,.. the nej vet, -f :{>■■. j \ : ■::ei,ii:--c *tai,d;, g by! Tiic tear of ;v. .'i,il Uligiil bo .-itigmi 1,1.s litI to bj'v.-iking p-Mut. At Jai-t th.i ; I:'.-; i :ver i:, l'"!lluVi'i|. Tiioso who tilU to : :-ic'i',;v .\;i|',oieoii i-'mie fr-rward an-i g.'iZ--i p. [ii.oiir.,l. j;-ver<:T;t!y J>r (iuillard 1--- | gill-. !.'•• roll up t!:•• .--tlkei covering that, \.•..''■ !...':•:; iii-.- 'ho-ty. but bo ptcps aimn.t j iinm. .iiat-. ly. A .strange thing ?oa)!s I ; i ha\e. happe/t-'d v hi, u cin'lls the blood ir i the v, of the witness,;*. Tiie Lm ;:lV ; 'oiv: ; i:;ey couid to it! I"ho v.'i,.''-' I '.Mi ring tho .-oft civ-,';ing and tho over- | .. ]■•■ iijht tieivrs of tin.- spectator- h,-i,i com!i: '' ; '' ; b-' fev.-ic-l hailunnatio!!. All jte^;.,, it. i.j a second, , l: ,d i)v «'iiiilla.ixl i .■"iinniio-' his tad: of uncovering the body : ■'■' .V'r.oiiou. It is tenlly T<'m hini- ! -e : v.r.n appears to tiio-e mho lucw him, i ;: ■• :. it ;,:ire-"<igcJ*;!lde .-.10-k-t'jii. nor a m-u .a::-':'i.l o; .i-raigatri sni . a.loud at 1 ■■■ :'i,r\\ .•:.•!" the robn'i-d chic:. 'One must ! :•::!•.• i >\\.\ the l-iiiij-vror as 1 did to vnderI .-id :ne emotion t-iii.t v.'i-.M.g my : .';.'.o! "-.n't: wo ?aw the wo:'-r.'ii:-:i;:iiored ■ ..M.i-.: .! ~m- lir-ro:' f) n that pah. chill •MM',:;i:_r. tindr-r t::: ib.oping :••:.t. Xapo- . I ■!■■ i>ing "in tb:- metal ca-kf-r :n tho ; ■ '■} ":. v s;n.o]ihj_-i;. brought ovci *!'■.. I !M.--eo. .e-ius |, u . asiep. The f,, ~ . : ;•!':•■-!. r-t".'.v but ! : ni,- .ilt-L-TC; i« r- ~• ; ii- '• and '.b<ekbone.s ; the head. <i-.... 'M' ;'.!■■■ I, I'JKCii \v-iy ixrgo, and The :.-i. : >: ' ;•';-•■;,.■■:•' nioniie-i!!. Th? men.', :■-■ - : - i ■'■ - I"'."'Miai curve, and ahno~' i - ; < ;.. i , : " -. •'"' gl'e'l, Ulif'orm of the. I ';-,' : ' li. ' : MM.:.:- .-lie l.ia:ken"d. !.u. )"•-,. I M'',i;,;:i:L'.. ee-iii like now IT.. ~-( l ■ . ." i :. - ;i< v Ib' and the i-ixr-s ot t!ie 1., ■: • •■, |: ;-i ;'.e !ri;i Crown .sbinr tipo ;i jh,. !■■'...;. • ! ... -•■!•: Ml'OllettOS ; iN , Slightlv 1;i CjM.M, ' ■■■■<■': ; ; .'- i.dl riding boots hoh-n .-.. . '■■ ' •' ; '"' vii ■-' re'lt Of tb:- fee: .-!. .-. •.: I 'Mil ". H:< white bne!:M;ir-; a:"i ■■ '" i;i ■>■•■ - h.-t are titer?. aMo the sibo -■• ''' I trli.l:: ' tile heai*. Th- ii ; ;]r. !,„...■; ;- aim'" 1 bidd.'-i) at bl; -id. . |,y; ■j, i 1 -il'l' '• alm'.'-i, Ii;. iii,,.. lie-; ~., le> !.. ;r ; ••■ - Maishal l>.riraii-l bad p! •,-- i c • i.t'-r tavn-g rai.-e.J •; f,, r ti~. 1 ',;-■ iip>. "<i iiiirtu-l" of de-itl' " e V - I .',.■ ' Mir v.r:;.-:. ' tier.. - A - ri , X ; ,, y ,i,,, n _ ... , ;,. : .'■■-.! I oyr; I i,y lyi],g thtoitgli H' jo-./ ■:.■;, . ' let ■_-■■■! mo ii-,-.; \,y >iuco. whi.-r ;e o • . -.'ti'i ilivived jiim fniihl <c.-;iim-. H-". '■ ;>- tic ibtip'-t-o;- ■ till h.okhig vo-.■;■:,-'■■' .-,i-.\ hi M- Wi .-- 1101-.r-r-d. «. v- !( .'rabl- v!.b- " bair-.xi iMjin, ;irid oven i;i'!i;.:ii;!, ;,!,...,- ;:..;. - M-M g.'.v. '■■ ■ who ji'i-i t»,.|i a, ],].,.. -■ . ~ : li:::: -:':fl iV' MTVf/i !ftp. r/|;:-f'. "Tb- -i. m ' 'r!," : « firtallv •"-; d a-M "!"• -r- -id ;"■::..•*.., o; ;h» hsm:--- IrrrII! .-tat- to |.'i!..|i. ll.e I'l-eri; b '. :.■■,<;., ~}. There .-i.wnit.yi P r ;,-e .| ; i;-. e'- , :-t li-M'l <\ hi-: r,t. ; ,if. ,\t half a for " 111"!:' Maoigiiw! :he h.-]v ~,f Xj t pob"i:;. it. ■a! 1 due vim. !'"■ ti:" son of \\\v." L-'..!•'• I'ioii.Ti.-. A- -'-on ;-, tho e.-,«];.;.*. -' ;.:pM., J ;op i.r-o'.l the tliphip Iklh IVa.d . v.. >::::-- deft ringc.r.-s of the y, y in-g in;!;'.- s of .]■ ■•;iri a !--;wn. was hoist-'-d. and eiimUtar;coi;='y r.l! t l -." fleet unfurled its national colors.'. . . T: '■. as not a furt<?ra,l nvXep*. that v:hie.h h-m tb.e Fmperor back to France. Iff r» glorioas and joyftjj return cf N"apf.k-on. b'b.ii'vi.tod. to his Home.

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NAPOLEON SET FREE, Evening Star, Issue 15643, 6 November 1914

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NAPOLEON SET FREE Evening Star, Issue 15643, 6 November 1914