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CITY POLICE COURT. 'Jieforo .T. U. It.ii t iic;i.:new. Ks.p, S.M.) Driinkimiics.s.—..lohn FiniHay o!MNribur. , a young man. was chtirgcd with Jrunitt-si-ne:M and also v. ith ;'.;-.:oiiting Mich,",, 1 ': .John Clei!i'y.--'!'be . on-plainaiit. .' cab driver, said that be was in Mr, Mug-rat: .tree;, at 1 o''.lo,'l. this morning uhen ac-i:u:-.ed i:'ed itistth ii:g "i mguiige to him and .-'l'-'iick him on I:'o ;';;. e.--.-\. cu ... d '..'tis fined 5s or 21 hour.-' on lirit charge, and £2 and co.-.t.- (Cv.i or seven days' o:i the si:c;ni(i. A tit', l ofie.iider was fined i,:. oi 24 honr,. Tiieit..-. .- ; ':t,ih Freeman wa.-- charged v. ilh l!ie foiai-.vitig . tliefls: —i>leab:;g a meial jiot valued at 5s and cue (iov.'c, pot valued ?< Is 6d, the pn.p.ei-ty <.f ('hiirles CriiM'urd ; stetili'tg a ptiir of gen!'-" bonis valued at 13s Gd ii.rl a door urn valued at Is the property of .lane Willi.ims; stealing a door mat valued at ss. t.'i" pi'ojict'fy oi .j.imes i'.arlay: .--lralh:g r. dour m.'it \.;bien at 5.-, tiie r.rotieriy of ~'.,. .j>b i::du'aro-.--Mr Scerr appeared" for .a eii.s.'d.—.-•iili.e iloilbt ',v;i.-. expressed ato ilie won.aii's condition, are! site was ivmamle.i for >eveti days. iJy-Ltiw fir e.-.,-d',,l riding ,i b'evcie wii.'ioii, a liri'- .\niii.r Moodeii wa.-, lined 2- oi v, itiioni- ,■■!>',.-. alio d, iir.-y Clarke J- fid (.:)..LS (7>J. J'ot' aiiov.'it. :, iiorses e, ■aamicr.'rt \\>:rd uas (iocd os and cost. (','.-.. Xathaniei Campbell, charged .vnh a.hor~-j to be at large, -,\asi.iiilai'iy tletiil wi'h. In-.;,ii :.-< ,'l.--.M;:.\iinder Itotiald Ijiigir.., >'. a.s charged v.ilh b. ill" drank in tb ■ i Waterloo lioLr! ami v. ith refu.'iittg to quit | the pnmise.s whet: n otto-t.'-d to'do eo.j iie ple.elid not gijihv.--Si-.!iior >,-ogi>atii 1 J.i.-irt saiil that a-.'alv.i'i'. lu a\ lock on the I (-'.cliing of lite 27Lit of ia-l ttielitii thj oefendaiit went to tin- \V;ii,i':,n iiote-1. | iie v."a.; drunk and retlu.--ed biptor. Jivi.ntu.'tlly the iiai'inaii laid to tn-e lota, to put b:m oaf.—li lie evidence did n..t j disclose i.he fact that the barman rej (ptei-h'd lite man t'i Jenve the hot'd. and ! tite ca.-e was clhn.bred. Two Cbargc-.s. —lliehavd C!0,.i,e,-iy was c'liirgcd with u.-itig ob.-cetie hrMuagc ami also with using t bre.ii.-jilr.g b.-havior whereby a btcacii of tie- p.-„ce was (.-- casiotted.—Mr Ser.!" defend,.- i. —Senior .Sergeant Dart said th.i: ;.' about 2) trdit'.it.'s pn.-t. five, on i!;-.- , v-edug of the lUtll ol last month a man num.,d Wilkin- ! -riii, a drainer, leg.-tlcr with t; lttan | named Speuce. ati.l two ot hj. r> wet.- in the ) iendaiit wtis also ;!n:;, .'oi,'i it. appeared i tii at there had le-.'ii :-..m.- mi .tr.der-tau IJ ing pt'eviotrdy beLaee!) iiim and U'i'kinI son. Ihe de;Yi,d,t;.i tried to pii'":-; a (plaiTel with \\iji:or-0,1. lie o-ed ui'.sei no language lo Jtiui am] Mnui; him. j Ho also rau'bii Wf'ki.tsoii l.y the thrift. | and the hen.-re had lo pull him oil am: | get him out.-ide. Wlieli Wllhitooli k:t; ] the hotel later the betendatii. followed !ifm | ami struck him in the face, km.: king on* ! his I0"tb.- —l'A'idi.'iti e 'Mm given j by Aixlrew V\ilKin.-oa and .j..h,i :-p, : . -. | Mr Sciur .-aid that the defend iM denied i ttfit.g bad bn.'guag.: c-itiier in the hotel or lin tb" street. V. mil h- said v.;i;-' thtif it ; had ineii repot t,d t-o inm i>y t!;.- i-:.-t .vd I IK-.-S that h< .Moid.-ocMMi va- aihged to ; have railed him a certain ni: '■■. hj v,a:in i".i'.a 'pieti: eo: jg- a; king or .": ;o. ■ : piauatlot. aiiotjt. ti-'.s that the tr.adiie took ; place in the botch lb .sii.i be did m. i. j strtii k him. When ticy g,., out.-i.i: \S :i j kinso.'t referred \o the def-j;d:in: a- a Yan(lei'elidaul .struck ii.'m and bruk, k'. C'-rtii. I—ldle defeixkt'lt in his evidenee .-aio that I he was sevrclaiy of tiie DraitiL-r,--' I'tnoti. land htid to compiain to Wilkinson thai, lojwas c-niployi:.g a man v. bo vras e me; 'unionist lie s: id lie tiev, r g,.|. a okam.- ' ol" sinking Wilkin-, a in the Ir.Mo Wi-ien : tne latter came ' at.-ide J;.- a.-h ! 1'.,,- an I explanation. Wiikh.-on tlaai laiied bin a naino. cul iie struck iik'u on tiie jaw. ! l!e never U>e d ;ili\' oioe-l.e latguage a' I all. —Evidence wa-''a ! -o ,-i..., ly Maple,; j Allien be Comt-M- ilis Wor.-lii.. .-aid th' j on the evidem ■■■ ',.■■ ioe the C .' ,'f be did j not care to -ay \\':'':i J.M'iy '- v - '•> r.spai,- | ,-i'nle for the m-a '■; tin- oh-oem- bngiiagi'. I However, so fa: ;>.- 1 ■■,.' oiler ehaig-- was I concerned, that , i" icing tbrea'c'-oing i., ' hivioiir, l.bei, v■ ' re, doubt t'bont. t irblow being ,!:,;■ '.. ~nd to. -k "ta In-.-. not. proved the, I' r .'■- i'l: .-■'■. ill r aba I ttoll The ei1.1... ■ o, "k: e... 1,,,;..-, g would be dismi. .-c !. a: - ; ~,, ■: .-;■, •;■ charge the d, ;,-n :,r' weak! I. k ed Ik, cost.r, (23 !. or ir.-i oe.-k-.' in.el •-.,. men!. The Shops Aei.--i'ct. i !'■ • < •.-.;.- eliarged with ialilng ; , , |.,- : ' . o ~. WedncMlav, the si,,.i:oM- half k Y■'..'■■. a; 1 oV lock.'—Mr Irwin , inked |i.-. : . „.. assistant, delivered can. god- .". ..: ten: - Tlis Worslkp. I'-ow.v. r. a.:.-' i. •" : m . f.-.cts mTghi ,;j ai-- !k" , a ■■■. ": .. ' fondant had a gn r<--\. .-i, a, a: ( a j, ■..,. fie abo had a b :k,a .• Im-im-.--. ~:,.! •",- the of . :,. .;., 'a -■ nag nasi 12 to deioi-r '" g. ■■•:. . aloi t.-. a to ro lb.- t- a ;■ ■:,.-■. D- «.■.< de ; ship sr.i-1 t'u.'it in ;.i'■.■'. o: «k- .'Xol,nat' a, ■ given in- v. .-.oh! i'oni-s tijo i:i ~ ~nt k gi'";in,i of iiarlalay. ! !-'(!!;t ;•;.' .'. .iiiiH ( onrik (ii.OO'o ||. , t ". V/'d-'JoU.-'OU. be,., S.M.j | A Cii.'if.",. .-c \ : -ati];. John 11. ib-M », •o! and VkiMiam A!' Fat !:."<■ v.-.o' jointly <b. -o-d with b:.'. iter en !'■<■ otb ; ilnt. ;.: -atiii, d Wiliian ''■■ -i ''l-b-; ! Xt l\e!i/i,. so a.- to i a'!-.' I k i ::' t in! bodil, !;ar:n.- - - ( nti'-i able Ai'l'lei- ... who pros'Tntcd. aokd t-.r a V"»..""'!. a-. <ln ! roni]>btin:H!t umi and would bo t,>c.k]o : ,, nitond tor ioigor live <hiys. T.he fact-, of •!,■■ ea:-c were that lb" :m n :aio sadin- on - h. H.oloni.'i. and were piereed'lra lo their boat nstri'Dv when „;,„ of !•■<)., did _ w't.ii-:: eacsod M'Kon/.na . who was tin- L.oods shod foreman, 1,, reinotistrato. Tir- l". a ' c-ia . d 'none db.r.'ly -tackled .M-jwot/ie. and bad ; some local men noi inter;",•> d. !,-•' would have !..•' n M-rmti-lv ir.ii.r.-d ' Then the ittet; v.ei.l aboard tin- bo-,;. wliero there wns a si;.< k of timber, ,-.•., ]'iiislifd a piecr, over on i,> M'l\,.!!>na bitting him on tin 1 side oi' the hr-aik ' The doctor said that. "AFKoimo w;r-c badly hurt, and would be unable to babout for several davs..—His \\'or>l:qi remanded hotii af-ctisod till next Friday. ; Defence Act.—E. Paris was rlnirgerl with failing to register as required under the Defence Act.—Aroused stated he had ftlb-d in ;i rogjsi ration form, and forwarded it to the Defence Office, Dunedin, and that it must havo gone astray.—His Worship adjourned the case for a fortnight for search to j be made. I By-law Case.—Manuel G. Shepherd I was' fined 5s and costs (7s) for riding a vehicle at Portohollo without a light f Civil Caso.—lodgment by default was given for plaintiff in the ease of John Watson v. Samuel Tregihts. for '■!< 2s, for goods supplied, with costs (OS).

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THE COURTS -TO-DAY, Evening Star, Issue 15643, 6 November 1914

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THE COURTS -TO-DAY Evening Star, Issue 15643, 6 November 1914