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LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. FACTS IN BOOTS. Now Goods: Clark's, Dorothy Dodd, Latest Shapes aud Styles. took (ex Rotorua). | I)0W 149 gj. SIMON BROS., WE CO ONE BETTER THIS WEEK. DREADNOUGHT SALE. FACTS SPECIAL LINES: ™ Ladies' Glaco Kid Bals, all sizes, usually 14s BOOTS. 9d, now 8s lid. j s t ()w Ladies' Glaco Kid Derby Shoes, Snub Toes, ~ _, , 10s 9d. K Mako, Ladies' Box Calf Derby Shoes, usually 13« Crockett and Jone9, 9d, now 8s 9d. Ti.ic.vm Men's Box Calf Cookharas, usually 25a, now Latcsfc S(lub loes 13s 6d. And other Up-to-Men's Box Calf Bals, st. soles, usually 20s, date shftpes iTftD—Lvrio Bo<?. I 133 M « , / *l . » Men ' 3 Box Cn,f Bals ' sfc - soles ' usuall 3' 20s, GEORGE STREET (near Octagon). PRICES THAT "WILL HELP YOU. ALL ADVANCES CHECKED PENROSE'S WHITE SALE. YOUR INTERESTS SECURED BY OUR ACTION IN PLACING OUR EXTENSIVE STOCK OF WHITE GOODS ON SALE AT CLEARING PRICES. MANY FRESH ATTRACTIONS READY FOR TO-MORROW. CALL WHEN PASSING. THE FREEDOM OF OUR STORE IS EXTENDED TO YOU. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. LADIES' MILLINERY. SALE OF OUR WHOLE STOCK OF NEW SEASON'S MILLINERY. The builders arc remodelling out Show Room, and in oonsequonco wo are clearing our stock of TRIMMED MILLINERY right now in the- beginning of the season. Wo l.nvo cut down the prices to LESS THAN HALF THE USUAL. Four Special Lots of Millinery will bo found attractive: LOT 1.—200 TRIMMED ItEADY-TO-WEAR. HATS, in very newest styles: Piques.. Linens, Chips, also Panamas; White, and also new colors. This lot all at 4s lid each. Regular half-guinea hats. LOT 2—200 TRIMMED HATS, all new shapes, very smartly trimnwd. Trice, 7s lid each. Regular 15s line. LOT 3.—100 VERY CHARMING SUMMER HATS, trimmed wKh new ribbons, posies, etc. Can do White and any fashionable color. All to go at 10s 6d each. Regular one-guinea hats. LOT 4.-100 CHOICE TRIMMED HATS, in White, Fawn, or Putty Silk Straw, with satin ond crepe trimmings, tinished with posies or roses. All one price, 15s 6d. A CHEAP LINE OF GIRLS' STRAW HATS, in Mushroom aud turned-up rim, with Navy and White- bands or cords. White Sale price, Is. CHILDREN'S STRAW GALATEAS, with Navy, AVhite, and Palo Blue bands, iu asserted sizes. All ono price. Is lid. W. PENROSE AND CO. LADIES' ROBES. NEAT PRINT ROBES, White ground, with Holio., Grey, or Bluo (.tripes; fastening at front, low roller at neck. Usual price, 12s 6rl. Whito Sale price, 7s lid. WHITE CREPE ROUES, fastening at froi-.t; pipings of Bulgarian trimming. Usual price, 18s 6d. Wliito Sale price, 14s 6d. DAINTY SUMMER ROBES, White Voile skirt slashed in front, coaico effect of Floral Voile. Usual pric;, 32s 6d. Wliito Sale price, 25s 6d. HANDSOMELY-EMBROIDERED VOILE ROBES, latest, .styles. Usual price, 47s 6(1. Whito Sale price, 39s 6d. LADIES' WHITE COSTUMES. LADIES' WHITE DRILL COSTUMES, neat coat, cut-away front, inset sleeve, higliwaisted sktrr. Usual price, 255. White Sale price, 17s 6d. LADIES' WHITE PIQUE COSTUMES, smart collar and rovers on coat, high-waistcd skirt. Usual price, 29s 6d. White Sale price, 22s Cd. SMART COSTUME IN WHITE PIQUE. Raglan sleeve, belt around hips, skirt with high waist. Usual price, 32s 6d. While Sale price, 25s 6d. WHITE PIQUE COSTUMES, coat rounded in front, collar of Blue and White stripe, buttons to .match, higli-waisied skirt. Usual price, 39s Gd. White Salo price, 32s Gd. LADIES' UNDERSKIRTS. LADIES' WHITE UNDERSKIRTS, with deep frill of flouncing embroidery, placquet fastening at side. Usual price, 5s lid. White Sale price, 3s lid. WHITE UNDERSKIRTS, with flounce of deep embroidery, split at. side, laced ■ ribbon, ton finished with ribbon beading. Usual price, 10s 6d. White Sale price, 6s ribbon, ton finished with ribbon beading. Usual price, 10s 6d. White Sale price, 6s lid We have- some Ycrv Prettv WHITE UNDERSKIRTS, wi'.h embroidery frills, finished with ribbon beading. Usual prices, 10s 6d, 17s 6d, 17s 6d, 19s 6d. While Sale prices, 7s lid, 10s 6d. 12s 6d, 15s 6d. LADIES' WHITE PRINCESS UNDERSKIRTS, with embroidered top, hem at foot, embroidery insertion inset. Usual price, 7s lid. White Sale price, 4s lid. WHITE PRINCESS UNDERSKIRTS, embroidery tops, threaded with ribbon, flounce of tucked embroidery and insertion. Usual prico, 10s 6d. White Sale price, 7s 6d. We have a Splendid Variety of PRINCESS UNDERSKIRTS, in White Muslin, Voile, and Silk, all greatly reduced for our Whito Sale. OUR CELEBRATED " BEAUTY" CORSETS, with mediuui tops, extended hips, suspenders attached. Sizes from 24 to 30. These Corsets are well worth 4s lid pair. White Sale price, 2s lid. LADIES' COTTON DIVIDED SKIRTS, clastic at waist and knee: in shades of Crenie, Navy, Grey, Roso, Sky. Usual price, 2-; lid. Wliiie Sale price, Is lid. - " " W. PENROSE AND CO. DRESS DEPARTMENT. THIS IS THE GREATEST BARGAIN WE'VE HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF OFFER ING. 1,009 yards ALL-WOOL NAVY DRESS SERGE, 54in wide (note width). Usual price, 3s 3d. White Sale price, Is 9d yard. 1,000 yards ALL-WOOL NAVY DRESS SERGE, 54in wide. Usjal prico, 3s lid. White Sale price, 2s 3d. REALISATION OF SUMMER DRESS STOCK. Wc are in a position to offer some Remarkable Bargains in SUMMER DRESS LENGTHS. We have grouped some Thousands of Yards of Beautiful Cotton Material into Lots of Three, and will sell tho Group of Three for tho prico of One Dress. THE " PRINCESS" DRESS PARCEL. THREE DRESS LENCTHS FOR 10/6. 1 Crepe, 1 French Foulard, 1 Linen-finished Washing Gingham. FIRST DRESS.—FRENCH CREPE. White, Cream, on Blue ground, Fretich Crepe, on which are printed pretty rosebud designs. All very dainty. SECOND'DRESS.—FRENCH FOULARD. Very fine Satin-finished surface. An., may be chosen. In Light to Dark Browns, Blues, Greys, Navies, Greens, Saxe. Evory pattern is in some small, pretty design as now worn. THIRD DRESS.—One Length is of LINEN-FINISHED GINGHAM. Stripe effects, soft Pastel shades; others Light or Dark Grey. The lot for 10s 6d. Any Purchase may be Returned to us it not quite suitable. Wo will supply Samples on application. WHITE IRISH LINEN AND IRISH LAWN DRESSES. Very Handsomely Embroidered. Almost made up. Our 16s 6d quality. White Sale price, 8s Gd.Our 21s quality White Salo price, 10s 6d. Our 28s 6d quality. White Sale price, 14s 6d Our 35s 6d quality. White Salo price, 17s 6d. Our 36s 6d quality. White Sale price, 18s 6d.Our 39s 6d quality. White Sale price. 20s. Our 47s 6d quality. White Sale price, 245. Our 50s qualhy. Whito Salo price, 255. Wo Guaranteo every one of these Box Robes at Half-price. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. BLOUSES! BLOUSES! NEAT WHITE MUSLIN BLOUSES, embroidered fronts, with high or low collars. Eight patterns to choose from. Usual prices, 4s 6d to 6s. Now at, ono price, 2-. 11.1 WHITE CREPE BLOUSES, shirt style, low collar. Usml price, 4s lid. Whit* Salo price, 2s lid. SMART WHITE PIQUE BLOUSES, fastening at front, Norru.nidv collar and inset Kle»v3. Usual price, 5s lid. White Sale price, 3s lid. DAINTY AVHITE MUSLIN BLOUSES, trimmed with embroidery and tucks. Urual price, 7s lid. White Sale price. 5s lid. Wo have a large assortment of CHIFFON. MUSLIN, SILK, and WHITE VOILE BLOUSES, also DAINTY LACE and NET BLOUSES. Usual prices, 10s 6d, 12s 6d 16s 6d, 22s 6tl, 32s 6d. Wliito Sale prices, 8s llrl, lCs 6cl, 12s 6d, ISs 6d, 21s. DRESS SKIRTS. SMART NEW GOODS AT SACRIFICE PBICES. SMART WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS, high waist, with belt across back, buttoning at fool Usual price. 8s lid. White Sale price, 5s lid. WHITE PIQUE DRESS SKTRTS, high waist, and buttoning at foot. Usual price, 10s 6d White Salo price, 7s lid. WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS, flashed at foot, high waist, with belt across bark. I'-ual price, 12s 61. White Sale price. 8s lid. LADIES' WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS, neat fold down front, hiirh waist, with belt, at back. Usual price. 14s 6d. White Sale price, 10s 6d. WHITE PIQUE SKIRTS, slashed at front and back, and deep hem at foot. Usual price, 255. Whito Salo price, 17s 6d. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. HOLIDAY BARGAINS AT MOLLISONS, LTD. GREAT OFFERING DURING NOVEMBER OF SPECIAL PURCHASES. HUNDREDS OF USEFUL LOTS, ALL MARKED AT BARGAIN PRICES. NEW SUNSHADES AT HALF-PRICE. SHOW ROOM SPECIALS, ussore and Whits Sunshades, now crook No. 1 Lot.—Trimmed. Hats, all new ' handles. Usually 6a 6d. Now marked Models; very stvlish and exclusiro goods 2s lid. Worth 21s. All" marked 10s 6d. Colored Silk and Tussore Sill: Sunshades, No . 2 Lot-Trimmed Hate, the most eretalined coloredsuk. Usually 8s 6d. Now a - ve modcls . Knglish ' alld Continental marked 3s lid each. st les _ Worth 455. All marked 21b. Nove ty Silk Sunshades, in floral, striped, „,- t. j i _ eu self colors, black, aud whito. The new 2bo f«dias Ready-to-wear Straws burnl lone handles. Usually 15s. Now all f lcadl "5 shades. Au c gj 'is lid caen. New Cho;k Silk and Satin Sunshades, correct 72 Ladies' Silk Ribbon Hats, the vary latest combinations of colorings. Usually 16s m style and coloring; the ideal ready-to-6d. Now all 7s 6d Black Silk and Mo'ro Sunshades, also New wear" hat. Worth °l2s 6d. All marked 4s lid each Black Silk ana jhoto jsunsuaats, aiso ihw ->= *■"' >-.'<-u Self-colored Silks. Novelty pearl and 200 Lovely Crepe Blouses, in all the latest fancy handles. Usually 21s. Now all colorings; stylishly cut; good washers. 10s 6d each. Worth 5s Gd. All marked 2s lid. 120 boxes Lovely Millinery Flowers, the Washing Costumes, in fine linens, in nary, newest Continental shades; a charming Saxo blue, grev, champagne, rose, nll ri lot. Worth 2s to 3s 6d each. All markect black. Worth 425. All marked 255. Is soray. MOLLISONS, LIMITED, END OF PENNY SECTION, GEORGE S\ REEL TEN PAYS. FOR TEN DAYS ONLY WE QUOTE SPECIAL PRICES FOR MEN'S PYJAMAS. SEE WINDOW FOR SLEEPING SUITS At 5s lid, 4s 6d, 6s 3d, 6s lid, 8s 3d, 9s €d. These are Specally Reduced Rates. KILROY AND" SUTHERLAND, 192-200 Princes street. MODERN METHODS MUST TELL IN THESE STRENUOUS TIMES. is an expensive luxury. Delivery *-' is also an expensive luxury. But -why should thoso who enjoy neither help to share tho cost of both? My pricw are from id to 2d per lb below those charged IN MANY SHOPS FOR CASH OVER THE COUNTER, because my customers do not share tho upkeep of a credit and delivery system. I HAVE NEITHER. JAMES WRIGHT, CARGLLL ROAD. O/vGUINEA Iron-frame Piano, by Haake; "ORING your Doctor's Proscriptions to OU wonderful tone; handsome appear- A> Marshallß Pharmacy; fresh drugs, ancc; 5» weekly payments. Holden, Octa- nwdcrate prices; prompt delivery, city or I <r o n, ' suburbs.

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 4 Evening Star, Issue 15643, 6 November 1914