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CRICKET. First Grade,

St. Kihla v. Carisbrook A, at Carisbrook.—St. Kilda :W. Harvey, A. Nelson, T. Livingstone, H. Ward, f. M'Carten, A. Livingstone. L. and .P. Edwards, M. M'Farlane, M'Faull. Chapman ; emergency, Hamilton. Carisbrook: Adams, Bannerman, Bruges, lleid. 'A. P. Alloo, Kuther- ; ford, Rev. Hay, Martin, Nicholson, Baxter. Smith. Umpires: Messrs Sutherland and Caranagh. I Dunedin v. Carisbrook B, on tho CaleI doru'an Ground.—Dunedin : Brydon, Crami mond, Graham, Greigg, Johnston, Mac- ■■ kersv, M'Kay. Hanna, Howard. Perry, Give'n. Carisbrook: Austin, Tuckwell, i Watson, Ramsden, Cameron, Drumra, ' Wostbrook, Bardie, C. Alloo, Nugent, De ' Beer. Umpires, Messrs Wilson and Foster. Albion v. Colls, on the North Ground.— i Albion: Baker, Brinsley, Duthie, Johnj ston, M'Neill. James Marks, Strang, Stew- ! art, C. Stiglish, K. Williams, F. Wil- | Hams. Umpires, Messrs Stevens and Crox- ! ford. I Opoho v. Grange, on the North Ground. j —Opoho: Kenny, Kilgour, Downos, Ecki hoff. Moore, Ingram. Davidson. Brown, j Turiibull, Casev, Timlin. Grange: Chadwick, Beeby (2), Eckhold, Graham (2), Henderson, Patterson, Roberts, Galland, Forrester; emergency, M'Keitch. Umpires, Me&srs Dray and Hunter. Gkade. —A Section.— Opoho v. Mornington, at Mornington. Carisbrook D v. Christian Brothers, Carisbrook, High School v. Anderson Bay, school ground. —B Section.— Dunedin C v. Albion, Caledonian Ground. . Dunedin B v. Grange. Caledonian ] Ground. St. Kilda v. Carisbrook C, Culling Park. TitiKD Grade. High School v. Albion. North Ground. Mornington v. St. Kilda,- Mornington. Opoho v. Christian Brothers, Opoho. Grange v. High School, school ground. League Matches. Rcid and Grav v. Hillside B, on tho Oval.—Reid and "Gray : Churchill, Condon, Hodge, Jenkins, M : Dougall, M'Cullough, M'Grath, Morgan. Pearson, Simpson, Whale; emergencies—M'Kewen. Harwood. Y.M.C.A. v. Orokonui, at Orokonui. — y.M.C.A. : Doutl, Gould, Hughes, Jones, Kibblewhite. Logan, Manson, Pacey, Tapper. Thomson (2i. H. E. Shocklock v. Tramways.—Shacklock: Spence. Buit, Armit, Puddy, Torrance (2), Hodge. Rice. W. Martin, Tonner, Rosovear : emergencies Webb, Johns. Walker, Sinclair. Standard v. Railways, at. Montecillo.— Standard: A. M'Kenzie, If. Stubbs, W. Butler, G. Anuinie. A. Paine, D. Ringrose, J. Richmond, A. Ellis, Jarman, F. Holleyman, S. Ringrcse: emergencies—R. Finder. H. Reeves, G. Dodd. Hay wards v. Hillside A, on the Oval. —Haywards: Walsh, Mowbray, Palmer, Grav. Williams, Andrews (2)," Robinson, Sinclair, Butcher, M'Dougall, Hesford. BOWLING. —Association.— North-east Valley v. St. Kilda, fen North-east Valley Green. Roslvn v. Caledonian, on Roslyn Green. —Rosfyn: Mustard, Merchant, A. Crawford, Wedderspcon (s); Farmer, Wood, G. A. Scott, Fountain (s);, Webb, Simpson, Gregory, Davis (s). Otago v. Wakari, on Otago Green.— Otago": C. M'Peak, Coxhead. Don, Fynmore (s); Maxwell, M'Lachlan, Honeyman, Cooke («}; Brewer, M'Gregor, Sundstrum. C. R. Smith (s). Wakari: G. Armit, A. Stewart, W. Webster, A. Armit Is); H. Johnston, A. Johnston, E. Wood, G. Blacklock (s); J. Armit, Jos. Murphy, J. Hood, G. Johnston (s). St. Clair v. Mornington, on St. Clair Green.—St. Clair: Seddon, Muir. Ruhen, Colo (si; Pope, D. Gillespie, Williams, Hancock (s); Kingston, Stevens, Robertson, Piddington (s). Mornington : A. T. Blvth, J. Preston, A. J. Rotting, C. Coull; J. Thompson, J. Johnson. J. H. Thomson, T. Whelan; D. Blyth, J. Dick, J. H. Ford, W. S. Neill. Balmacewen v. Kaikorai, on Kaikorai Green. ~ Balmacewen: Tyrrell. Haig, Kirkwood, Jones (s); Owen, Anderson, M'Lennan, Beeby Is); Cutt, Millar, Latimer, Balk (s). Kaikorai: M'Kenzie, Watson,' Ellis. Morton (s); Thomson, Blackwood, J. Masterton, Hunter (s); Gibb, James Robertson, Walker, Paterson (s). Caversham v. Taieri, at Mosgiel.—Caversham : Hardy. Pcarce, Mitchell, M'Gregor (s); Ruston," Thompson, Austin, Brookes (=) • Renfree, Dempster, Christie, Emerson {S] ' r ♦ —Centre.— Balmacewen v. Kaikorai, at Balmacewen. Balmacewen: Muir, Ritchie, Grater, Wright («0; Gamble. Aitken. S. N. Brown, C. A. Wilson (s); Omnnd, Clark J. S. Wilson. Thompson (s). Kaikorai: Stewart, Porter.'Hepworth, Weir (s); Allan. M'Millan, Moore. Hamui (s); D. Masterton, Tlecuan, Malcolm, Allnutt (s). Green Island v. Otago, on Otago Green. —Gr<*n Island: W. Thomson, Waiters, 1.. Miller, W. M'Donald (s); Mayall, BoswoTt'i, James M'Lean, A. Harraway (s); Mason, Gordon, 11. Harraway, Dryden (si Otago: Spinke, Cameron, Robson, Hamilton s); J. Henderson. A. Mi-ocd. .1. Brown, Watts ;s); J. M. Brown* Cofumb, Melville, Hay (s). Caledonian v. Roslyn, on the Caledonian Green.—Roslvn: Tim son, F. Wilkinson, Dickson. W."A. Wilkinson (a); Gow, Farlev, M'Dougall, A. Matheson (s); Ross, Alien, Miller, M'Fadden (s). Mornington v. St. Clair, on Mornington Green.—Mornington: Jas. Robson, J. P Simon, J. Kennedy, J. Holgato (e); J Hardie, W. Easton,*A. Kerr, J. Robertson M; J. Smith, G. Liddell, J. Perry, H. Hardie (&)■ St. Clair: Ball, Macdonnld, Lanham. Maddox (s); Jolly, Abbott, Hicks, Giles (s); Thomson, Lcvido, Fraer, Foster (s). Port Chalmers v. Kaituna.—Port Chalmers: Hillier. C. M'Donald, Douglas, Booth (r) ; Young, J. M'Dougall, Ripley, Edgar (s); Wilson, J. Watson, Bow-ley, Pat-erson (s) ; emergencies—A. M'Donald, Burgess, Laing. North-east Vailey v St. Kilda, at the Valley Green. Caversham v. Fairfield, on the Fairfield Green.—Caverehani: Passmore, Walmsloy, Tretheway, M'lntosh (b) ; Orchard, Henderson, Hanning, Forrester (s)', Lumfiden, Gall, Howarth, Walker (s). —District.— Kaikorai v. Outrain, at Kaikorai. Port Chalmers v. Kaituna.—Porjb Chalmers: Gray, Pollock, Pickard, W. Morgan (s); Cordock, Tew6ley, Sutton, M'Lachlan (s); Miller, Leah, J. Pickard, M'Dougall (s); • emergencies—Godfred, Paterson, Cook Otago v. Wakari, on Wakari Green.— Otago: Walker, M'Caskill, Ringer, H. L. Smith (s); A. C. M'Lcod, King, Glover, Crawford Is); M'Kinnon, Gaseoigne, Mark, j. M'Peak (s). Wakari i J. Gebbie, W. Sharpc, F. Hayward, S. Roberts (s); John Murphy. G. Purton, W. Pettitt, E. Murphy (&); D. Creed, J. Mowat, C. Tilburn, J. Moil- (s). s Caledonian v. Roslyn, on Galedonjan Greon. Roslyn i Wright, Marshall, Ilamel, R. H. Scott (s); Gordon, Scott, Chisholm, Cameron, ,D. Soott (s); Harlow, J. H. Matheson, Nicolson, J. Scott (s). Green Island v. Taieri, on Green Island Green.—Green Island: M'Clvpiont, C. Martin. Kane, W. T. Smellie (s); Bayley, T. Thomson, J. M'Mttllan, A. Smellie (s); P. M'Lean, Edwards, W. 0. Smellie, Sloan (s). Caversham v. Fairfield, on Caversham Green.—Caversham: T. Brown, J. Wilson, Smith, Wilkinson (s); Lischner, Snowball, R. Wilson, Meekison (s); Prioe, Thorn, Tinnock, Blackwood (s). St. Kilda v. North-east Valley, oh St. Kilda Gr««n. _ __„ TENNIS. G Gbade. —Nto. i ' Cosy Dellv. Taieri, at MosgieL—Cosy Dell: Parker, F. J. Galbraith, Bohmann, and Mitchell, Misses Mariryalt, Black, Clapton;, and '

St. Kilda v. Roslyn, at Anderson Bay.— St. Kilda: R. Wood, Johnston, Chapman, Swan, Mrs Scurr. Misses Morrison, Fothergill, Gore. Roslyn: J. Pearson, R. S. M'lnncs, R. J. Maun-sell. R. Duncan, Misses Dick, Git'cory, Ellis, Patcrson. Arthur Street 2\0." 1 v. Hauraro, at Ar= tliur Street.—Arthur Street: V. R. Cooke, Ilutton. Wright, Binnie, Misses L. and K. Dewar, M. 'Jiiompson. M. Dow. Hauraro: M. Peake, Thomas, Easther, Rallingsdinw, Misses Stewart, Bagley, Mitchell, lienderson. —2Co. 2 Section.— Arthur StreetvXo. 2 v. Kaikorai. at Anderson Bay.—Arthur Street: It. Talboys, M'Peak, Aitcheson, Isbister, Misses B. Spiers, E. W. King. D. Kitt, N. Hubble. Kaikorai: R. Hill, H. Davie. E. Bone. 11. Dick, Miasms R. AJinutt, Hill (2), L. Cunningham North-east Valley v. Ravensbonrne, at Ravensbonrne.—North-east Valley .- C. Flantank, P. Gray, M. Harvey, S. Hiirvev, Misses Breen, Foord M'Glone, Taylor. GOLR The monthly competition for tho St. Andrew's Cross will take place on Balmaeevven Links. Tho following is the draw:—H. J. Reeves plavs II A. Salmon, 1). Samuel plays G. Bernstein, G. Smith plays D. V. Donaldson, C. Smith plays A. \V. Wheeler. H. Do C. M'Arthur plavs D. A. Aitken. A. II Fisher plavs C. R.'Sarfftrad, G. L. Mahon plays J. R. Bartholoyi* w A J ~ A Cook ' ,,il - vs H - D°d?shuii, J. 11. C. Bond plays R B. Williams, B B Hooper plays D. Ramsay, F. J. Du Croz plays H. Price, Colin Gilrav plays II E Wilson, D. plays H. H.' Hutchison. J. H. Gale plays L. E. Barrwtt, J. Hutchison plays P. A. Ycunß, H D Stfonach plays A. Todd, K. B. Lambert 1) ays G. H MncEwan. J. L. Salmond play* F. Ihrop. T. G. Youn« plavs F. M. Oldham. J. N Ritchie plavs 11. L. Cook, C. W. Birch plavs II L. Taplev.

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OUTDOOR SPORTS-TO-MORROW, Issue 15643, 6 November 1914

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OUTDOOR SPORTS-TO-MORROW Issue 15643, 6 November 1914

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