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AUCKLAND RACES. The totalisator receipts for the opening day of the Auckland Spring Mooting amounted to £26,999j—an increase _of £3,864 compared with the corresponding day of last year. Following completes ! our report: [ Shorts Handicap, oOOsovs. sf.—Prince [ Soult (£5.3) 1, Kitty Bellairs (7.12) 2, Grattan (8.7) 3. Ten others. Won by a length; head second and third. Time, Imm llsec. I Citv Handicap, l.OOOsovs. 1-^m. —ltoval ! Irish" (9.5) 1. Prince Merriwee (8.0) "2. Goldsize (8.0) 3. Eleven others. Royal Irish got up just in time, to snatch a victory from Prince Merriwee by a neck, with Goldsizo (who got a bad run) threequarters of a length furiher back. Time, 2min 9sec. Ilobson Handicap. loOsovs. 6f.—-Christ-mas Rose (V.O) 1, Soultainn (7.10) 2, Hadj (7.0) 3. Twenty-seven others. Won by four lengths. Time, lmin 16sec. Flving Handicap. oOOsovs. 7f.—Princa Soult (9.1) 1. Tact (7.11] 2, Ineuru (8.5) 3. Nine others. Won by a length. Time, lmin 28sec. WINTON MEETING. The "tote" 'turnover for tho two days was £17,900, as against £15.506 handled last season. Following concludes our report of yesterday's racing: Steeplechase. lOOsovs. About 2Jm.~Truo Blue (12.51 1, Black Sea (10.9) 2, Heatherlea. (10.91 3. Four others. Black Sea and True Blue looked like providing a fine finish on jumping into the courso together the last time, but Black Sea faltered. I.edingham kept in the saddle, and set his horse- going again. Won easily by 60yds. Time, 2miu 24sec. Memorial Stakes, 120sovs. lm.—Peerless (7.6) 1. Obolus (8.2) 2, Russo (8.3) 3. Also started: Capon 9.4. Hesione 9.4. Sombrero 8.0. United Service 7.11. Feodor 6.9. Won by a length and a-half; Ttusso a neck away from" Obolus. Time, lmin 45? sec. Countv Handicap. oOsovs. sf.—Martian Maid (9.0) 1, Ngapuna l 8.0) 2. Pretty Jane (8.12) 3. Seven others. Won by two lencrths. Time, lmin ssec. Bash Trot (saddle). 75sovs. lm.— Spring Grove (losee) 1. Mistati (lOsec) 2. Vincent (srri 3. Three others. Won all the way. Time, 2min 33sec. Farewell Handicap. 65sovs. 7f.—Bullcr 1. Obolus 2, Sartomart 3. Two others. Won by half a length. Time, lmin 32sec. C.J.C. SPRING MEETING. The following acceptances for Saturday next were received last night: Spring Hurdles. SOOsovs. 2m.—Kilmeny 11.13, Fashion Plate 11.6, Beacon 10.11, Daylight Bill 10.9. Tho Pole 10.9._ Ngatiruanui 10.8, Glenorchy 10.7, Corrie 10.3. Parable 10.2, Sunbeam 10.2, Otatara 9.10. Spring Plate, oOOsovs. lm.—Chillies 8.2. Glcnroy 7.13, Golden King 7.13, Monoaua 7.15, Silver Shield 7.13. Bimeter 7.7, Campeador 7.7. Camulus 7.7, Don Francisco 7.7. Ringform 7.7. Meltchekoft' 7.4, Moulu 7.4. Samiel 7.4, Shaki 7.4, Atheldana 7.2. Court Martial 7.2. Honesty 7.2, flov 7.2. Hushecn 7.2, Martigues 7.2, Shepherd's Bnsh 7.2. Riecarton Welter. 400*ovs. 9f.—My Lawyer 9.13, Red Book 9.13, Mysteriach 9.9. "Feramorz 9.9. Hvettus 8.13. Moulu 8 10, Slogan 9.6. Birkful 9.0, Charmilla 9.0, Gasoline 8.13, Banian 8.13, Rene 5.13, Gnome 8.5 Troon 8.5. Camulus 8.5. Veritas 8.4. Snapdragon 8.3, Mescal 8.0. Glencannich 8.0. NEW ZEALAND CUP. of 2.ooosovs. 2ra. st. lb. V. Riddiford's br hj Kilrain, 6vrs ..". 9 0 E. ,f. Watt's br g Sea rink, 6yrs ... 8 2 D. Kemp's V> m Kooya., syrs 8 0 R. H. Dudcr's rn m La Reina, aged 7 12 T. H. Lowrv's br m Labor Dav.6rrs 7 11 C. G. Dalgctv's b f Warstep. 4yrs*... 7 11 A. B. Williams's b g Multiply, syrs 7 9 G Hunter's hj g Indigo, ovrs (inc. s!b pen.) 6 12 C. Renault's blk c Guiding Way. 4yrs 6 9 J. Smith's b g Romyiherc. syrs ... 6 7

Welcome Stakes, of l.COOsovs. For two-year-olds. 4t.— Asterias 9.1 (inc. 10! b pen.), Battle Eve 8.5. Flying Start 8.5. Golden Prince 8.5. Sutala 3.5, Wishful 5.5. Desert Gold 8.0, Floweret 8.0. Freva 8.0, Gffld Foil 8.0. Hvla 8.0, Interlude 8.0. Nones 8.0, Spangle'B.o. Amphora 8.0. STEWARDS' HANDICAP, of I.soosovs.

st, lb. st. lb. Merrv Roe ... 9 1 Sir Moselov 710 Postilion ... 9 0 Blue Lake' ... 7 9 Chortle ... 8 !2 Berlrada ... 7 8 Crown Pearl 3 9 Peg 7 7

First Glance 8 a Hvmettius ... 7 7 Chudie. 3 a Ogier 7 6 Sauci S 2 Bimetcr ... 7 4 Ruapani ... 8 1 Bee 7 3 Downham ... 715 Vanquish ... 6 9 Martins ... 7 12 Suratura ... 6 7 Ohsono 711 Chr.kwana ... 6 7 Belorne 7 11

Linwc.r.d Handicap, of 20Ccovs. 7f.— Scotch Melody 8.9. Ardent 8.9, Husheen 8.4. Flower of tho West 8.3. Leading I.adv 8.1. Baritone 8.0. Listen 7.13, Court Mar- ■ tinl 7.12. Stoinheil 7.10. St. Elm 7.7, Rarj tor/.c 7.7, M.a-tizues 7.7. Miraculous 7.3, Rirkbeck 7.... Varadian 7.2, Waitara 1.2. Glee 7.0, Philadelphia 7.0, Te Araroa 7.0, Gnv Echo 7.0. Chorale 7.0. Door. 7.0, Skirl 7.0. Esto 7.0, V-A«.piel 7.0, St, Ewe 7.0. In connection with the second and third day's racing the following final payments were mule : Dcrhy Stakes, of I.soosovs. For three-Tear-olds, ljni (run on Monday).—Balboa 3.10. Cflmpcndoi' 3.10 Cumulus' 8.10 Elevate 8.10. First Flight S.lO. Hvcttus 8.10. Reputation 8.10. Rmcionr. 8.10. Koumunia 8.10. Oaks Stakes, of SoOcovs. For three-year-old fillies. l£m (run on Tuesday).—Charmilla, 0.10. Court M.u-tial 8.10.' Honesty 8.10, Husheen 8.10. Martiaues 8.10. Red Robe 8.10, Rencontre 8.10. Snapdragon 8.10, Steinheil 8 IC, Tete-a-tete 8.10, Wisobird 8.10. rORBUJIY PARK TROTTING CLUB. The following nominations have been received for tho opening day (November 27) of the Spring Mooting: First Amateur Handicap teadd!?), 100 sovs. lim. —Blackball, Trugela, Miss Fimai'der, Tin Barn, Ivory Bells. Maungatui, Havana, Joe M'Kinney, Lady Nelson, Z-m----etti, Gold lip. Degree, Master Ebony, Starry Night, Little Georgina, Whroo, Park field. Flora Tracey, Young Quincey, Spylaiv Maid, Lavinia, Welcome Home, I*ndy Tui. Octave. Victor Chief, Peter Drncan, Pine 8011, James Madison, Brown Wilkes, Okn. Royal Rothschild. Progressive Handicap (harness), lOOsovs. l^tn. —Marvinetle. Windhall, M'Kinnoy Utile, Dot Robbins. Icicle, Edenchild, Bloornfiold. Ladv Mac, Favonius, Honcsc Mac, Black Satin, Prince Toronto. Flora Traoey, Winnipeg, Maid of Dan-agile, SeaTchfield, Bell Boy L., La Franz, Imperial Perfection, Ilono Axiki, La Paloma, Mascot, Volcano,'' The Bronzewing, Lindelta, Silver Cloud, Black Link. Spring Handicap (saddle), ISOsovs. 2;r.. —Frank Henry, Carretta. S.M., Ravenswood, Tika, Knapdnle, Queen's Drive, ; Waitchie, Merce. Black Satin, Ladv Lyons, | Mushroom, Black Yet, Black Link. President's Handicap (harness), 250jsovs. j 2m. —King Colo, Lovelock, Piecework, St. i Swithin. St. Kevin, Prince- Warbock, Frandocia, Albert H., Denver Hi.on, Wallace Wood, Adonis, Schoolgirl, Bright, Steel Bell. j Caversham Handicap (saddle). lOOsovs. | IJm.— Matchlight, WindhaU. M'Kinney Belle, Collrena, Silver Shoe, Stanley's Pet. Stoker, Outre, Rue Patcheii, Tho Limit, Flora Tracey, Aero, Winnipog, Maid of Darragile, Louie Pxi/t, Doris Wilkes,, Heriot, Frankton, Paria, Larkum. Dominion Bandicap (harneaa), 135a0v«. 2ni.—•N«erett«, Hiroti, Combirhs, Alraont Junior, Frank Wilkes, Pitch Dark, Rostoebor, Advantuieea, Olive L., Mushroom, Capitalist, Annie K., Truganini, Tony Rooina, Gardenia.. Dash Hondicajp (harness), 160sovs. lim. —Lovelock, King Cole, Prince Poole, Glendalouflh, Goldwood, Prank Tracey, Prince Warbeck, Bacchus, Albert 11., Orourn Prince, Denver Huon, Wallace Wood. Al Franz, Adonis, Ripon Child,: flAgffrfri "Tinr-hnr 1 - '

St. Kilda Handicap (saddle), 125sov*. lrn. —Hinemoa, Nance O'Neill, Piece-work, Millwood, Fred, Lucky Chance, Bequest, Dalwhinmie, Breeze, Bonny Jenny. Stanley's Child, Truth, Rolette, Sparkling Kola-. Equally satisfactory nominations have i been received for tho" second day (Novemi bcr 28). I MELBOURNE ASCOT THOUSAND. I The Ascot Thousand (trotting event) was j run at' Melbourne veste.rday, with the following result:—Johm Porter l.Jhopstitch 2, Jack Lester 3. COLLEGE SPORTS. Tho thirtieth annual sports gathering of St. Patrick's College was hold at'Weilingion yesterday in i.loal weather. Students from all over New Zealand were represented in) the relay races, which resulted as follow:—Canterbury team (G. Kennedy, P. M'Crossan. E. Bennett, T. Folcv) J, Wellington (C. Deaty. 0. C.amble, G. Dealv, L. Cidlen) 2, Hrtwko's Bav and Wnirnrapa (R. Miller, T. Cotter, C. O'Conrich. M. Murray) 3. The Open Belay Race (senior) resulted as follows:—Wanganui (I Campion. T. Bonrkc, D. Campion, T. Teveri) 1, South Canterbury (D. K>llv, J. Rellly. T. Cleiirv, J. Joyce) 2. Wellington (15. Chapman, C Deuly, J. Seymour, C. Colder) 3. Tho Half-mile Race was won by W. C. Craighead (Waimate). ROWING. The semi-final of the Dunedin Amateur Boating Club's fiist race (tho Trial Fours) was rowed last night in smooth water, and resulted as follows: W. Mills (stroke!, A. M'Pherson, G. . Pedofsky, E. Bryant 1 T. Hodgson (stroke), J. Hollick, T. Francis. T. Anderson 2 Tn the absence of F. Anderson, T. Hodgson stroked his crew, and T. Francis acted ,-is substitute for 1). R. Thompson. Mr I'. Wright got both crews away at 7 o'clock, and in the 'first half-dozen ■strokes one. of Hodgson's crew lost his seat, thus enabling Mills to gain a considerable lead, which ho kept to opposite the boathouee. where Hodgson put in a spurt and cut down the advantage to a length and a-half, which Mills kept- to the finish. Tho final will bo rowed to-night, in which J. Bode meets W. E. Mills over the beacon course at 6.30. I

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SPORTING, Issue 15642, 5 November 1914

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SPORTING Issue 15642, 5 November 1914

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