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AMUSEMENTS. MEW QUEEN’S THEATRE. PERPETUAL PICTURE PALACE. Daily: 11.30 till 5.30; 6.30 111! 10.30. Never put oil till to-morrow what can be clone to-day.” ' At, 11.30 a.m , 1 pm.. 2.30 p.m., and 4 o'clock p.m; you can sit, in a comfortable seat at our accepted Home of Modern Picturcdom and view ‘TITE RUINS OF TERMONDK.’ ‘THE RUINS OP TERMONDK.’ ‘ THE RUINS OF TERMONDK.’ Giving oho an idea of the havoc wrought by shot and shell by order of (ho " Mad Kaiser/’ Also, THE HERMANS ENTERING BRUSSELS. THE GERMANS ENTERING BRUSSELS, j 'HIE GERMANS ENTERING BRUSSELS, i Showing the German’s first thought at, a i nesting-place is his stomach, and showing | the army being fed from the soup kitchens. I Now, our advice is good advice. These I Pictures are quite an education for both i young and old. In fact, everyone with • British blood in bis veins will want to view this nevev-to-bc.forgot ten episode of tho GEE AT EUROPEAN WAR TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT, At 7.30 ami 9 o’clock, is the time of scrcen- | iug these Pictures of the Hour. A Varied Supporting Series Includes: OLD RELIABLE. Vi la graph special feature, in two magnificent parts. MACS AT IT AGAIN (A Kovslone ‘Scream, featuring “ Keystone Mabel"). P/.zy, the Operator Reliance Comedy Tho Parent Strain Lubin Drama THE TOPICAL BUDGET, Containing many Scenes from ihc European War. ONE PRICK TO ALL PARTS; ADULTS. SIXPENCE: CHILDREN. 3d.

AMUSEMENTS. pLAZA JICTURES. Hours To-dny: 1 o’clock lo 5.50; 6.30 to 10 p.m. STAR PROGRAMME. AN ANGEL UNAWARE | A DRAMATIC STORY OF AX INNOCENT I GIRL'S SACRIFICE, ! Produced by the Essanay Company. | Also, j AX OLD LOCKET. AN OLD LOCKET. i AN OLD LOCKET. | Featuring LOIS WEBER and PHILLIP 1 SMALLEY, 5 Leading Actors in ‘THE ROSARY.’ Supporting Series; EXPOSING T7fE HANDCUFF KING Interest INTERRUPTED COURTSHIP Comic I NEWLY WEDS’ DILEMMA...Nestor Comedy . FATHER’S SCAPEGOAT A.B. Drama WARWICK CHRONICLE Topical j Direct from London. i And NEVER LEND YOUR BOOTS Comic Prices: Adults, 6d; Children, 3d. BEAUTY COMPETITION. Particulars at Plaza Office, NO ENTRY FEE. Otago yacht and motor boat CLUB. . OFFICIAL OPENING, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER. 7, 1914. Procession will bo termed from Basin at 3 p.m. Motor Boat Race (steered by Ladies). Course from an imaginary lino taken from a flagged boat moored in basin to Hag on wharf, round red beacon off Ravensbounre Boat Shed, and finishing across starting line, leaving beacons on starboard band. Entries I Close with Secretary at 5 p.m. on Thursday. ; E. S. WILSON. Secretary. Eninirc Buildings. Princes street.


LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. 'VJ'EW Overalls, personally selected by T. i.s Ross. Full-titting sizes, to suit, tail, medium, and nciito ladies; JX Strom; Casement Cloili, Print, and Drill stripes, checks, spots, and pretty pompadour patterns; entirely new. DRESSY Shapes, mostly with Kimono sleeve-:, banded waist, and full skirt. Price's are from Is lid, 2s 6d, lid, and upwards. Far and away the .-v cheapest and best Overalls in Dunedin. At T. Ross’s, direct importer. MEN'S Sealless Motor Overalls, 22s (id, 27s Cd, AOs, 355; Motor Cycle Jackets from 17s 6tl. Hallensiein Bros,, Octagon. VKRAVEAIE the” Sole Leather for .-atisfaclion, only from us; bring your Hcyairs New Zealand Clothing Factory. C""mTdißEN’S“Foolwcar.-Tlio best the world produces in Black or Tau and Fulent Leathers. Hallcusteiu's, Octagon. 7i/STOTOU Cyclists’ Jackets. 17s 6d. 30s, ar.L 355, 455; Sealless Overalls. 22= 6d. 27s (id. 355. Now Zealand Clothing Factory. IT Would Cheer Iho Folks at Homo'’ io get. your family group, beautifully photographed by I’attiilo! A RT Furniture, fumed oak: best value obtainable. ,T. and A. Wilkinson, St. Andrew and King streets. OA-GUINFIA Iron-frame Piano, by Hanko; wonderful tone; handsome appearancc; 5-; weekly payments Holden, Octagon. '^ST'ANTED.— Reel Cross Ointment soothes V» as well as heals; never irritates; reduces inllammation. Buy a box. ______ BE sure you drink tho best Whisky— Black Mackay. HERE'S to you and yours." Drink it in Watson’s No 10, and do honor to the occasion. ANTED Known—Terro-Carnum Reef Iron Wine excellent spring ionic; As Gd large bottle. Scott's Pharmacy, 17 Princes street. *4 WAT with dull cave and sorrow! W.Usen’s No. 10 brings comfort and a brighter outlook. c;iuse young children lo start » v in sleep, grind teeth, upset digestive organs. Cel. .Martin’s Worm -Syrup. OLD age commands respect. Watson's No. 10 is highly esteemed because very old and fully matured. HOME Mail.—Xmas Cards and Post Car.L, with. Real vk-w=; new designs. London Bookstall. GOOD Whisky hurls no man. Watson’s ' No. 10 is' safes!., because purest and best. ■’s’jTAN'j'ED Known—Red Cross Ointment, TV tho mighty healer of sores. Keep u box in tho house. " DON'T Aliss the Christmas Homo Mail!" Scud a loving reminder—your photograph. artistically taken by Paftillo. ■fUST Opened—Handsome Fire Screens, 2s dJJ 3d, A,s 9(1. -R lid; Drawing IRum Screens, 7s lid, 10; Cd, 12s 6d. ' Mutual 4 -FOLD Draugl'.t, .Screens, black, embroid- : crcd gold, 12s lid each; Plain Cae-omeut Cloths, 5s lid dozen. Mutual Stores. SPECIAL Value—Casements tor Spring Renovations, plain or bordered. Gd, 91 d, Hid yard. Mutual Stores. TED Known —For Gaslit ling and w A ?: Plumbing Repairs ring up C. S. Jenkins and Co., Dowling street. MARSHALLS Vegetable Tocihiiig Powders are absolutely free from calomel and other harmful drugs; Is. .Marshalls Pharmacy. ITIHB Standard of Quality—Black Mackay JL Whisky. VSTANTED Known— Sulphur and (,’rram of TV Tartar Tablets cool and purify the Mood: Is. See it.'a Pharmacy, 17 Princes street.' "FVrEW. Modem Four-roomed House. St. -La Kilda: electric light, latest conveniences ; bargain; easy terms. Carter, Exchange Court. ATSON’S No. 10 is a lilt'o dearer than moi. whiskies, but L worth the money. WANTED i urgent lyl, On-! Furuishtd Bedroom and Sitting Room, for married ccuple: conveniences. Address " Careful,’’ 'Star' Ofliee. may he blessed, hut Tam was glorious. So is Black Mackay Whisky. f jjVHFt Basement Hairdressing Saloon, under JL new management; everythin? of the best. Electric Massaging a Specialty. OR medicinal purposes, the toast, or the friendly nip—Watson's No. 10 Whisky. P 'PHOTOGRAPHIC Chemicals. Photographic JL Supplies, Cameras, everything Photographic at Barley's photographic importing department. Retail quantities wholesale prices. THE two best “ Blacks ” —the Black Watch and Black Mackay Whisky. WANTED Known —Scott’s Influenza Mixture is u cafe, certain, and speedy remedy; 2» 6d. Scott’s Pharmacy. ANTED. —Eczema, varicose ulcers, all skin eruptions disappear after using Red Cross Ointment. “ TWriCHT Dispensary.”—Registered Chemist il in perpetual at tendance at Bagiev’s Pharmacy, King street north (near Howe street).lACH AND M’LENNAN moving to Now \i Premises, Old Technical School Buildgs, Moray place toff Stuart street). -> FORRESTER _ ANd“CO., 79 Prince’s J » street, desire to Thank all who assted with Window Accident, last night's irrietvn*. T ARTTAJfE.—Cottage Wanted for fortAk. night in January. Reply, particulars, Fukctcraki,” ‘ Star ’ Office. DHOIV Bargains.—No need to wait. Com KD to us to-nighl; open until 9 o’clock The British Drapers, Hornell and Srevem 275 George street. I Q-GtHNEA Miller Organ, sold \valuul -I t ( mirror; , c tjil Mops, poneriT tpiiu Hoidcii, .Ocia^yUj

ELECTION NOTICES. DUNEDIN WEST. Mil W. DOWN IE STEWART’S CITY and RORLYN COMMITTEE ROOMS wii! bo OPEN on and aftc- TUESDAY. ord November. for 1 Iso INSPECTION of ROLLS and ISSUE of ABSENT VOTERS’ APPLTCAT!OX FORMS. Oily Committee Room, Xo. 6 George street .j (three doors from the Octagon). Open from ] 2io 5 and from 7 to 9 dailv. Telephone Xo. 1,042. Rorlyu Committee Room;, Old Eire Brigade Station, Roslyn. Open 2to 5 and 7 to 9 Telephone Xo. 1,041. JAMES WM. JOHNSON, Secretary. LOST AND FOUND. I BOUND. Black Collie Dog. Owner can . have sano by paying expenses. 0. Winter, Abbotsford. TAOUND (Moniingion), Band Ring; owner X 1 can have same by applying at second hr use. L.ting's road, Mnrnington. IPIOUND, only Few Shares available now group United Starr-Bowkett; join now. Hugh Mitchell, secretary, Stock Exchange. LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. SPRING- CLEANING. Xow iliat the housewife is again busy, we j have some special lines of interest. LINOLEUMS, 2 yard.} wide, 2s sd, ■ ok 9d, 4s .Id, ss. 1 CARPET SQUARES, 15s 6d. 23s 6d, 1 30s, up to 60s* • HEARTHRUGS, Assorted Designs, from ' 5s lid. ! A large assortment, of CASH Ml IXT (HOTIIS, CURTAINS, and WIN- , DOW NETS. jyUTHIES, DRAPERS. GEORGE STREET. DUX EDI X. i [A Cann.] i np,E TARAKA PRIVATE HOSPITAL. : .1 MEDICAL AND SURGICAL. 58 ROYAL TERRACE, DUNEDIN. I Nurse HAYVv'AIiD, Christchurch Hospital 1 and Stale Certificate, late Matron of West- I peri, Masterton Hospitals. ! LO KEOXG'S SALE. IN ORDER TO MAKE ROOM: for tho New Goods, wc are making BIG REDUCTIONS in FANCY GOODS, CHINA WARE, and TOYS. Gome and inspect our Choice Selection of I Chinese, Tussore, While and Colored Silks. > Japanese Crepes. White and Colors; Silk ! Handkerchiefs, Plain and Embroidered. | Japanese Lanterns. Umbrellas, and Fans. r.o kmoxg, ; 117 GEORGE STREET, 1 SALE'OF WORE. OWING to the Disbandment, of ST. PAUL’S LADIES’ GUILD, a, SMALL SALE OF WORK will he held in GYMNASIUM HALL. (URLS' HIGH SCHOOL, Dowling street. on WEDNESDAY. November 4, 5 o’clock. Proceeds io In- .leveled to the Gould Memorial Fund. Tin: NEW AMERICAN SODA FOUNTAIN J« Xow Open at ! THE SAVOY. 1 f34FIE SODA FOUNTAIN is; one cf Urn | -fi. Moil Popular liinlit nitons in thoUnitf.uj Slates and tho big cities of Australia. Delicious Drinks take the place of After- i neon Tea during the Summer, being Cool, I Refreshing. Novel, and Most Enjoyable. Toe Cream Sola-. v.ub Pure I’tiul- Flavors (with or without Straws). Exquisite Beverages. : comprising 12 varieties. 6d per glass, s-erved | with Bi'cnits . j THE SAVOY, " Restaurant de Luxe," ■ .Monty place fctruer Princes street). . LADIES’ KVXDBAGS. New Shipment Latest Designs, Horn the Best i ilri l ish Manufacturers. NOW OX VIEW. IT WILKIE AND CO., LTD., W • 92 PRINCES STREE’J’. Union t s XING NUMBERS at UMPIRE BAZAAR, Forbury School Art 1.365,- 6,102, 6,251. PURAKANUI. —For Sale, 2 Rooms, furnished ; full $ ground; boat; lovely view; cheap. “House," ‘Star’ Cilice. 1^0 R SALE (cheap), Black Manx Cat; -I-' pnv.e-wianer: great “Danny," ‘Star’ Office. prl. Address SALE. Hen and Wyandotte Chicks. I.' Retily Gill, and Co.’s, Wednesday. SBOR5 BOR SALE, light Dog Gut, Horae, Harness, good Hack, cheap. Podlow, saddler, Bav View road. FOR SALE, Hfn and Chicks (AVbito Leghorns) ; best laying strain. Hobson, 78 Fitzroy street, South Dunedin. SIDEBOARDS and Dining Room Suites, richly finished; unequalled in value. •T. and A. Wilkinson, King street. “ /CHRISTMAS Photographic Post Cards,” delightful souvenirs for Homo friends. Specialised by PatlElo, bridal photographer, George street. N’S New Paperhangings, Friezes and Cretonnes to match; Latest Interior Dee.nations; beautiful design; and colorings, highest -ela-i- pot d«. leiiiurkublc low price*; usiiinu'.e.s live lu.' I'aperhaugiug, Painting, iWyenfo AYrsu’jf

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 3 Issue 15640, 3 November 1914

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