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The cricket season was opened on Saturday under favorable circumstances. The leather kept fine, and the wickets, gene-jt-n'.y speaking, ware good. At Culling Talk only were the ground conditions against the batsmen, and there the scores were small. Following are the results: FIRST GRADE. ■ Colts v. Carisbrook A. The newly-formed Colts team made a very successful entry into senior cricket on Saturday by defeating Carisbrook A comfottaniy! The- wicket had been prepared to the pavilion end of the ground than usual, consequently tho boundary on that side was a short one. But tho wicket, th ;;gh on tho slow side, played well. Ciawford won the toss from T. Adams, the in, u akipper of tho A’s. and decided to bat. Shepherd and L. Chadwick opening tb' innings. Rutherford bowled to the A-h'u’u man, and the third bail, a full tvs. was driven tor 1. Ten came from t'n over, including 4 byes. A. P- Alloo ■wa- the other bowler, and a good deal of time was being occupied hy careful placing *ff the field. Both batsmen played free cricket, Shepherd getting into doubles with a lovely stroke in front of point off Rutherford. * Chadwick was lifting the ball u bit too much, and was lucky by escaping c:i more than one occasion. Still, the cricket was brisk, and when Shepherd just tout, had one in trying to cut Rutherford, 31 had been score’ll in 30 minutes. Shephi td's share bciiw 25. A. W. Alloo was n-xt, and promptly opened with a single iif the first ball. Bannerman relieved Alloo at 65, but was very erratic, and 9 came from the over. The Rev. Hay (the Aucklander) came on vice Rutherford. Ho began with a very short one, which Alloo (J3) hit back high over-the bowler’s head. Lay, however, reached upi and brought off » kjod catch. Crawford followed, and v... cordially received by tho spectators. He began with a single. Next over ho hi; Hay high to square-leg. and Reid ti.i-.-cd him. Chadwick hoisted one over the fence tor 6, and 100 went up-after 50 cio tics’ play. At 123 Chadwick lifted Hay to Reid, and this time the fieldsman hull it. Chadwick batted freely, and made his 64 runs in ns many minutes. Next over Crawford lifted Rutherford to Bruges at long-on, and retired. The coach kid not bat crisply, and has vet to get into 1 Im. Bell was run out without getting a st: ike, and Galland joined Binney. These two colts batted nicely, Galland bringing oil some fine drives: but he was too eager to score, and popped Hay up to Nicholson at cover. Stephens tilled the gap. Rc:d added one more to his series of misses by dropping Binney at point. The fielding was not at all good. Binney was caught (if Bannerman, after a nice innings; Stephens and Hayden were run out: and .'l‘Mullen was caught, the innings closing tor 189, got in live minutes under tho two I'.'iirs. Carisbrook began badly, Bannerman being well taken in tho slips off tho third ball from Crawford, who was getting an awkwardly. Hay was next in. Satterthwaite bowled from the other end, and yorked Bruce.-, after that batsman had scored 7. Nicholson was quickly run out, but Smith batted steadily, while Hay get to work on the younger bowlers, a good drive off Satterthwaite landing over the rails at long-on. At 85 Shepherd got one past Hay, and then Crawford, going i n at the stand end, finished up tho innings in quick time. Twice he got two wickets with successive halls, and none of the batsmen could play him. The innings yielded 106, and the colts won by 85 rims, fetumps were then drawn. Crawford’s average was six for 31. The fielding of the Colts was keen and good. The umpires weire Messrs E. Hamel and H. "Wilson. Scores:— Colts. Shepherd c Martin b Rutherford ... 23 Chadwick c Reid b Hay 64 Alloo c and b Hay 15 Crawford c Bruges b Rutherford 11 Binney o Alloo b Bannerman 22 Bell run out 9 Galland c Nicholson hj Hay 17 Stephens run out 16 Hayden run out 5 Satterthwaite not out 1 M’Mullen c Hay b Bannerman 0 Extras 17 Total 189 Bowling Analysis.—Rutherford, 72 balls, 1 maiden, 66 runs. 2 wickets, 3 no-balls; Alloo, 30 balk, 33 runs; Bannerman, 28 balls, 22 runs, 2 wickets; Hay, 60 balls, 2 maidens, 48 runs, 5 wickets. 1 no-ball; Adams, 12 balls, 13 runs. Cabisukook A. Bannerman c Galland b Crawford ... 0 Bruges b Satterthwaite 7 Hav b Shepherd 50 Nicholson run out 0 Smith b Crawford 19 Alloo b Crawford ... •< 3 Rutherford Ibw b Crawford 5 Baxter b Crawford 0 Adams not out 1 Reid b Crawford 0 Marlin c and b Shepherd 6 Extras 1° Total 106 Bowling Analysis.—Craw fox cl, 66 bails, 4 maidens, 31 runs, 6 wickets: Satterthwaite, 30 balls. 1 maiden. 22 runs, 1 wicket; Bell, 24 balls, 26 runs ; Shepherd, 38 balls, 1 maiden, 12 runs. 2 wickets. Carisbrook B v. Grange. Carisbrook B v. Grange fought to a draw at the North Ground. Boeby replaced Downes in the Grange Eleven. Carisbrook won the toss and batted first. Tho feature of their innings was the fine partnership of Watson and Ramsden. in which Ramsden in particular batted with great judgment, as well as aggression. He \yas particularly sevoro on Graham, whom twice in one ever he lifted clear above the trees. Watson, too. played sound, hard cricket, and the partnership was the main contribution to the team's respectable total of 172 runs, since the only other two to reach double figures were Turnbull and Austin, both of whom played good cricket. The wicket was in line condition; indeed, many Carisbrook men consider it the best they have played on at the North Ground. Grange had lost eight wickets for 128 at 6.30, and it was therefore possible to expect f. result by 7. but the light was bad, and it was decided to puli stumps. Graham was then in with 39 to his credit, and playing good cricket. Other batsmen who contributed materially were Eckhold 23, Paterson 10. and Boeby 12 not out. Details: Carisbrook B.—First Innings. Cameron c Chadwick hj Eckhold _ ... 5 Westbrook run out ... ~ 8 Tuckwell c (Malcolm hj Graham ... ,26 Nugent c Roberts b Eckhold 2 "Watson c and b Eckhold 45 Ramsden st Chadwick b Boeby ... 56 Hardio b Graham 9 I*. Alloo Ibw b Eckhold 0 Speeding b Eckhold 3 Austin not out 12 Nelson b Graham 5 Extra 1 Total 172 Bowling Analysis.—Eckhold, 114 balls, 62 runs, o wickets; Graham, 102 balls, 53 runs, 5 wickets; Beeby, 42 balls, 33 runs, 1 wicket; Holdaway, 24 balls, 18 rims, po. wickets. Grange.—First Innings. Popple, b Nelson ... 7 Malcolm Ibw b Ramsden 0 Eckhold c Westbrook b Hardio ... 23 Chadwick c Argent b Nelson 9 PattMOn b Westbrook 10 A. Graham b Hardio 0 Roberts b Hardio ... 7 Henderson Ibw b Nelson 9 J, Graham not out 39 Beeby not oaf 12 Extras ... 12 Total for eight wickets ... 128 Bowling AnalTSis.-sßafnsdeu, 66 balls, 35 runs, 1 wicket; Nelson, 84 balls, 36 rufij, 3 Wickets; Hskrdis, 30 balls, 13 runs, 3 wickets; Westbrook, 30 balls, 16 runs, 1 wicket; Alloo, 12 balls, 9 runs; Spedding, 6 balls, 4 runs.

i Ddnedix v. Albion. The Caledonian Ground has seldom looked batter at the beginning of the seaeon than it did on Saturday. Taking all the circumstances into account, a good wicket was provided, and both teams should have made more runs on it. Dunedin compiled 172 and Albion 115. The homo team wore the first to bat, and did not start well, two wickets falling for 12. Thou Brydcn and Grigs became associated, and they carried the score to 63, when Bryden went for a hit and was bowled. Howard, a ren. player from the North Island, made his first appearance here, and got in one or two nice off strokes. The fourth wicket fell at 76, and “Bob” Johnston was bowled second ‘ball with the total unaltered. Five for 76. Mackcrsy and Tweedy next made a stand. Tho sixth wicket was captured at 80, the. seventh at 121, the eighth at 125, and the ninth at 126. Wilkie and Graham, the last men, hit out, and the board showed 172 when tho last-named was bowled. Grigg was top scorer with 34, which included three' 4‘s. Graham, a young player, got a lot of power into his strokes without any apparent effort, and made 23, which included five 4’s and one 5. J. Wilkie (20 not out) was missed by Brinsley before he reached double figures. Tweedy (21). Bryden (19). and Mackcrsy (14) all made a good start for tho season, showing some of their old form. C. iStlglich, who took six wickets for 70, clean bowled four of his men with a ball that tempted the batsmen to have a fly. ' “ Bill” Johnston got throe for 48. Albion made a poor stand against the bowling of Maekerey, their wickets falling as under One for 16, two for 18. three for 58, four for 64, five for 71, six for 78. seven for 84, eight for 93. nine for 105, an dten for 115. Tho veteran Baker led the wav with 34, which included two 4’s. Stewart (18 not out), Johnston (15), and .Duthie (14) were the only others to reach double figures. With Torrance away, Dunedin had to rely on Mackcrsy, who rose to the occasion, taking seven wickets for 77. Johnston (three for 17) got two of his men Ibw. The finding on the whole was keen. Scores ; Dunedin.—First Innings. MTvay c Stewart b*Johnston 6 Given Ibw Johnston 2 Bryden b Stiglich 19 Or'gg c Johnston b Stiglick 34 Howard Ibw Johnston 14 Johnston b Stiglich 0 Mackcrsy e .Stewart b Duthie 16 Tweedy c Brinsley b Stiglich 21 J. Wilkie not out 20 Hanna b Stiglich 1 Graham b Stiglich 28 Extras 11 Total 172 Bowling Analysis.—Johnston. 15 overs, 1 maiden, 48 runs, 3 wickets; C. Stiglich. 14 overs. 70 runs, 6 wickets; Duthie, 5 over's, 20 runs, 1 wicket; Williams, 7 overs, 2 maidens, 19 runs, no wickets. Williams bowled three no balls and Stiglich one no ball. Albion. —First Innings, Baker c Grigg b (Mackcrsy 34 Brinsley c Johnston b Mackcrsy ... 5 F. Williams b Mackcrsy 1 Duthie c Howard b Mackcrsy 14 (M’Noill Ibw Johnston 0 Johnston c Bryden b Mackcrsy IS Strang b Johnston 5 W. .".tiglich Ibw Johnston 7 Stewart not out 10 E. Williams b Mackcrsy 4 C. Stiglich c Grigg b .Mackcrsy ... 2 Extras ... *.. 12 Total 115 Bowling Analysis.—Mackcrsy, 19 ovens, 1 maiden, 66 runs, 7 wickets; Graham, 8 overs, 3 maidens, 15 runs, no wickets; Johnston, 9 overs, 5 maidens, 17 rune, 3 wickets; Given, 2 overs, no maidens, 7 runs, no wickfcts. Opouo v. St. Hilda. The chief point of interest about the Opoho-St. Hilda match was the first appearance of the suburban team in the senior competition, and although they were defeated to the extent of a 2-point win, and their performance on paper docs not appear to bo up to tho senior standard, they did not put up such a poor showing when all things are taken into consideration. Undoubtedly tho nature of tho wicket was tho cause of the rather poor scoring, for it had only been prepared as an emergency wicket, owing to the grass on the wicket proper having failed to come away, notwithstanding that all possible attention had been bestowed on it. Opoho were dismissed in a little over an hour for 73, Kenny (21) and Downes (11) alone reaching double figures, notwithstanding a .short boundary; but when the St. Hilda batsmen faced Eckhoff and Casey tho wickets fell rapidly, and there was a regular procession pavilionwards. A good deal might be attributed to nervousness, but on such a bumpy and at times dangerous wicket it is doubtful if a really good batting team would, have made much of a showing against the Opoho mainstays. With five

“ ducks,” nine wickets wore down for only 15, but tho last two men brought tho total up to 26. The hill team appeared to have a reasonable chance of securing a 5-point win, but in their second venture no one, with the exception of Davidson, who got 26, including a 6 off Harvey, made runs in anything liko good fashion, and Kilgnur declared with six down for 46, leaving St. Hilda 95 to get. Their second innings commenced about 20 minutes to 6, and when at 6.50 their captain made a successful appeal against the light, they had six down for 32. Opoho consequently had a 2-point win.

The bowlers had much the best of tho sport, so to speak, Casey getting tour for 10 and four for 8, and Eckhotf six for 13 and two for 12. Livingstone, who can send down a fairly fail ball, breaks a little both ways, and lie is also a bowler who can use his head, and when mixing them needs watching. Jlis analysis was six for 36 and two for; 7. while O. Edwards {a left-hand -straight howler of medium pace and good length) secured three for 50 and three for 25. Taken all round, St. Kilda, are a young team of whoso merits it is yet too early to write. As far as batting is concerned, it can only be said that the two colts—Walter Kerr and Alex. Livingstone shaped well enough. Tho following are details: Oi'ono. —First Innings. Kenny c King b Livingstone 21 Ingram b Edwards 4 Davidson c. W. Kerr hj Livingstone ... 5 Casey b Edwards 5 Eckhotf b Livingstone 8 Downes b Livingstone 11 Kilgour mn out 6 Moore c M‘ Faria no b Edwards 3 Oaten b Livingstone 1 Timlin not nut 0 Xeame c King b Livingstone 0 Extras 9 Total .• 73 Bowling Analysis.—CL Edwards. 15overs, 50 runs. 5 wickets; T. Living.-vme, 15 overs. 36 runs. 6 wickets. Second Innings. Kenny Ibvv Harvey I Tim If a c King b Edwards 4 Ingram b Edwards 0 Davidson e 0. Edwards b Livingstone 23 iDownes b Edwards 6 Eckhol! not out 6 Casey st W. Kerr b Livingstone- ... 0 Extra; 6 Total for six wickets 'declared) 45 Bonding Analysis. —G. Edwards, 8 ovors, 23 runs, 3 wickets; Harvey, 6 overs, 3 rims, 1 wicket: T. Livingstone, 2 overs, 7 runs, 2 wickets. lSt. First'lnnings. Ward b Csscy 0 Kelson b Casey 6 T. Livingstone b Eckhoff 0 G. Edwards c and b Eckhoff 0 W. Kerr c Kenny b Eckhoff 5 Harvey b Eckhoff 0 A, Livingstone b Casey 2 M'Farlane b Eckhoff 1 King b Casey 0 L. Edwards G Neame 2 Wm. Kerr dot out 8 Extras ... 3 Total 26 Bowling- Analysis.—Eckhotf, 7.2 overs, 13 runs. 6 wickets; Casey, 7 overs, 10 runs 4 4 wickets.

Second Innings. Ward hj Casey 6 Wm. Kerr b Casey 1 G. Edwards c Ingram b Casey 1 Nelson c Downes b Eckhoff 0 W. Kerr not out 2 Harvey b Casey 6 A. Livingstone b Eckhoff ... 4 Extras 12 Total, for six wickets 52 Bowling Analysis.—Eckhoff, 7.2 overs, 12 runs, 2 wickets; Casey, 6 overs, 8 runs, 4 wickets. SECOND GRADE. Opoho v. Grange resulted in a win for ‘he former by 9’2 runs on the first innings. Scores ; Opoho 142, Grange 50. Tho bowling honors of Opoho lay between Graham (five wickets for 19 runs) and Rutherford (five wickets for 23 runs), while the best bowler for Grange was C. Boaby, who secured four wickets. Albion defeated Dunedin B by 41 runs on the first innings. Dunedin were dismissed for 30, Albion replying with 130 ')). H. Thomson 50). For the winners Ritchie secur'd four wickets for 9 runs, and Marks three for 15. M. Thompson and Bunn divided the bowling honors for Dunedin. In thcivjsocond essay Dunedin made 111, Andrrfnn Bay defeated Carisbrook D by 131 runs. Carisbrook. batting first, made 74 (Matthowsmi 44). Anderson Bay replied with 205. For Anderson Bay G. Kirkwood took five wickets for 11 runs, and \V. Stewart two wickets for no runs. For Carisbrook Austin took four wickets. 4 Mornington defeated Dunedin C on the Caledonian Ground by nine wickets. Scores : Dunedin 102 and 43, Mornington 57 (Caradus 25 not out) ami 91 for one wicket (Caradus 38 not out, Freeman 35 not out). For Dunedin Eggletou and Coupar secured Hie wickets, and Holder. Freeman, and Hope trundled for Morningtnn. who gained, a three-point, win. Christian Brothers, v. Carisbrook C was won by the. former by the narrow margin of 2 runs. Scores : Christian Brothers 93, Carisbrook 91. T. O’Connor (four for 23) and Flanagan (two for 23) bowled well for Christian Brothers, as did M'Hutchon for Carisbrook, taking six wickets. High School defeated St. Hilda by an innings and 37 runs. High School made 161 (Hutchison 63), while St. Hilda were dismissed for 24 and 100 (M‘Faull 41). For the School M'Naught took five wickets for 8 and Hutchison four for 14 in St. Kilda’s first innings, and Wolstenholmo five for 26 in the second. IN OTHER CENTRES. Auckland.—The first round of matches for the season was concluded on Saturday in fine weather. Eden A (294 and 57 lor six wickets) boat Grafton ' ’ o2) by 132 runs on tho first innings.—North Shore (144) Ijyat Eden B H43 and 87) by one run on the first innings.—Ponsonby (350 for eight wickets, Sneddon 113) defeated Parnell 232 by 118 runs on the first innings. University (172) beat Waiteninta (ICO) by 72 runs on the first innings. ■Wellington.—Tho weather was fine, though dull and a bit cold, for tho continuation of the cricket championship. North, playing Central, batted all afternoon for 503, Robinson making a century in 50 minutes. Tho first 50 occupied 20 minutes. His score included three 6's and nine 4’s.—Old Boys batted all afternoon against University for 211 for eight wickets (Stainton 64 not out). Christchurch.—West Christchurch (284) defeated Lin wood (158 and 183 for six wickets) on the first innings. A. W. Thomas was unbeaten with 60 in Linwood’s second strike.—Riccarton (135 and 168) were defeated by St. Albans (215 and 33 for three wickets) on the first innings. W. Lamb played a not-ont innings of 64 for the Saints.—Sydenhanl A (193 and 150 for four wickets, W. Hayes 80 not out) scored a win on the first innings against East Christchurch (1651. LEAGUE CRICKET. Reid and Gray defeated Hillside A by 3 runs. Scores : Reid and Gray 122, Hillside A 79. For Reid and Gray Hodge (32), Holt. (22). Churchill (15), and Simpson (11) batted best, and in bowling M’Dougall took four wickets for 12 runs, Hodge two for 8, and Morgan four for 28. For Hillside A Dcuehrass made 19 runs, Lear 15. Symonds 13, and Paris 12. In bowling Hayden took two wickets for 3 runs, Paris two for 10. and Symonds four for 36. Standard beat Tramways by 33 runs. Scores : Standard 97 (Paine 20/ Richmon I 18. Holleyman 11. Ellis 11), Tramways 64 (Williams 11). For Standard Richmond took six wickets for 23 runs, Holleyman three for 21, and Stubbs one for 8; and

for Tramways Williams took two for 3, Pye two for ll r Ferguson two for 11, Faina ofio for 0, and' Bond ono for 10. Y.M.C.A. beat Haywards by 18 runs. Scores : Y.M.C.A. 114 (J. B. Thomson 36. F. A. Thomson 27, Gould 11), Haywards 96 (Mowbray 26, V. Robinson 19, B. Palmer 17, N. Walsh 16). For Y.M.C.A. Dcnill took three wickets for 13 runs and Tapper five for 37. For Haywards M'Dougall secured three wickets for 10 runs, Williams two for 8, and Palmer five for 25.

The Railway team" journeyed to Waitati and played Orokonui. winning by 48 runs. Scores : Orokonui 81 (Dr Ross 37, Sutherland 19), Railway 129‘ (Guy 37, Swinney 34, Richdale 13 not out). For Orokonui Hodgson (six wickets for 34 runs) bowled best, as did Swinney (three for 32) and Guy (five for 32) for Railway. WEDNESDAY DUTCHES. The following is the draw for the first round; — November 4.—StT Hilda v. Tahiti and Penii-sula B (No. 2 wicket), ■ Gtocers v. Taieri and Peninsula A (No. 5), Railway v. Post and Telegraph (No. 1). November 11.—St. Hilda v. Post and Telegraph (No.- 5k Railway v. Grocers (No. 1). Taieri and Peninsula, B v. Taieri and Peninsula A (No. 2). November 18.—-St. Hilda, v. Taieri and Peninsula A (No 2). -Taieri and Pcninsul t B v. Railway (No. 3), Post and Telegraph v. Grocers (No. 11,

November 25.—St. Hilda v. Grocers (No. 2), I’ost and Telegraph v. Taieri ami Peninsula B (Nr. 1 i, Taieri and Peninsula A v. Railway (No 3). December 2.--St Hilda v. Railway (No. 2), Taieri and Peninsula A v. Post and Telegraph (No. 1), Grocers v. 'Taieri and Peninsula B (No. 3).

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