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PUBLIC NOTICES. 1 JOHN REID AND SONS. LIMITED. Telephone 3,391. Telephone 190. IUCnONEEBS. LAND SALESMEN, REAL ESTATE, FINANCIAL, AND INSURANCE AGENTS. VALUATORS. SURVEYORS. MONEY, SHARE, AND LAND BROKERS. CORNER LIVERPOOL AND BOND STREETS, We make a SPECIALTY of the Management of Properties, the Collection of Rents, and act as Attorneys for Absentees. Id SECTION. WORKER'S BARGAIN. Id SECTION AND WORKSHOPS. £420, £420. £420. ROOMS ALL IN THOROUGH AND SOUND ORDER; BATHROOM, WASHES HOUSE’ WORKSHOP. SEWERED. TERMS CAN BE ARRANGED. 2953 £lB5 HARBOR CRIB HARBOR. CRIB. £lB5. iftLOSE TO WHARF—TWO CRIBS; GOOD SECTION. 2952 ROSLYN.— 5 Rooms; nil modern conveniences, electric light, workshop, dark room; garden in line order. OWNER HAS SECURED A LARGER PROPERTY, AND IS PREPARED TO TAKE SMALL DEPOSIT. WHAT MORE FOR £615? 2845 /'NITY LODGING-HOUSE, near Octagon; 13 rooms; furnished. This is a carefu-.y carried-on business, nnd can be rcccnmn mlrd. £l3O. 2941 Id SECTION. ROOMS; verandah, copper, tubs; view unsurpassed. The ground SOUTH. Id SECTION, outbuildings; J-;icre; splendid garden, fruit trees; rout is £3 10?. 2340 CITY: TO LET. High street.—,9 Rooms, 40s Manor place. —8 Rooms, 27s 6d. King street. —5 Rooms (brick), 225. Georgo street.—7 Rooms, £75 per annum; 5 Rooms and Shop, 27s 6d; 2 Rooms and Shcp, 15s fid. Walker street,—s Rooms (brick), 13s. FURNISHED BRICK HOUSE, 6 rooms: no caw: 40s. Term at Christmas. SUBURBS: TO LET. Maori Hill.—s Rooms. 13s fid. Highgato.—6 Rooms, 22s 6d: 7 Rcoras. 255; 5 Rooms (cviry convenience, large garden. oxUu.-ive view), £IOO per annum. Opoho.—s Rooms, J-acrc. 22s fid; 7 Rooms, .'.-acr'. 15s. Rosivn. —B Rome (briek), 255. Si kilb.—s Room-. 11s; 4 Rooms. 15s. Kensington.—s Rooms, 13s. Si. Chirr. - 6 Rooms, 30s; 6 Rooms, 21s; 7 Rooms, 275; 7 Rooms, 235. Morningum.—3 Rooms. £6O per annum; 6 Rooms, I7s Sd (up to dale). Miis.-elburgh—C Rooms, moduli. 295. N.E. V.dtVv.—G Rooms, 12? fid: 5 Rooms, 12s fid.' SIEVWRIGHT. HAGGITT. AND CO.. LTD. REGISTERED LAND AGENTS, SHAREBROKERS, ETC.. Telephone 780. EMPIRE BUILDINGS, PRINCES STREET. Telephone 730. n/JKA—CITY (NORTH END): ebOOU BEST RESIDENCES in this much-sought-after position. Wt> have received instructions to sell ONE OF THE The house comprises 7 LARGE ROOMS, with EVERY MODERN CONVENIENCE. The property is of very IMPOSING APPEARANCE, and stands on a BEAUTIFUL SECTION OF J-ACBE wet] laid out in lawn, garden, etc., the nearest artjoining property being 30 feet away. The POSITION in a VERY SUNNY ONE. The ground is Corporation Leasehold. 14 years to rim. and the rent is ridiculously low. The first, bona fide inquirer WILL SNAP THIS UNDOUBTED BARGAIN. Don’t put off; CALL upon us RIGHT AWAY. nrwA —SOUTH DUNEDIN (CLOSE TO CARGILLS CORNER). NEW 5-ROOMED At) 111 HOUSE, with all conveniences, including hj. nnd water, porcelain bath and This property is in A VERY HANDY £SO DEPOSIT. basin, electric light, drained to D.B. regulations. POSITION, and the owner is prepared to sell on with hj. and c. water, r ._ drained to D.B. regulations. ’his l* a splendid property, in first-class order, having recently been renovated outside nd inside. It is VERY HANDY TO TWO CAR SERVICES, INSPECT AT ONCE. (NORTH END): GOOD 6-ROOMED HOU: bOlu gas, bathroom (with pedestal bath and bast:; OOOA— CITY (NO CARS REQUIRED): rooms; DRAINED to D.B. regulations NATTY 4-ROOM ED HOUSE; good-sized This is a MCE LITTLE PROPERTY, j most conveniently situated, and is one that will appeal to those on the look-out for I a, home for which CAR FARES DO NOT HAVE TO BE CONSIDERED. SMALL j DEPOSIT only required. I PIYIYK—ANDERSON’S BAY close to 2d section; wild with porcelain bath and large basin, b. NEW BUNGALOW; 5 ROOMS, ww w , and c. water electric light and plug or elec trie jrom latest tiled hearths, grates, and mantels, built-in wardrobes, fine ennooa hall. LATEST SEPTIC DRAINAGE; in fact, EVERYTHING AS YOU WOULD YISH IT; FINE SECTION; sunny position and sea view. TERMS. 4T»A A/\ SOUTH DUNEDIN: New 4-ROOMED HOUSE; scullery, bathroom, hj. ami aitt'lU o. water, steel ceilings, built-in wardrobe, largo oriel window; good section. TO LET. Rooms (briok), Smith street, City, 355. roomed House, Mornington; all convenienses; Rooms. Mornington: electric light, hj. and c.. Rooms, St. Kilda; all conveniences; 15s. TO LET. minute from car; 15s. nd drainage; 16s. PETER BOYD, LICENSED LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, VALUATOR. ETC., 193 Princes street, "VTOW’S THE TIME TO THINK OF WEEK-END CRIBS FOR THE SUMMER. We Jfiv can offer von some Real Bargains Irquire nhoir G r«o without delay. i HOW -ABOUT MACANDR.F.YVS BAY? Quite handy to the City, either by ferry boar or road. NOTE THE' FOLLOWING: VERY CHOICE NEW BUNGALOW of 4 room.?, in splendid position; only £200; large verandah, water laid on, Shacklock range; tine large rooms. Musi be sold. Others as follows: -- Four Rooms, onhr £135. Three Booms, lovely view, etc., verandah, range, etc . only £175. If you want “the pick of Harbor-side Week-end Cri’w or Sec lions call on BOYDS * LAND AGENCY at once. _ PORTOBELLO. SECTIONS. SECTIONS. SECTIONS. SECTIONS. £3O. £35. £43. £75. From £5 deposit, and balance r.i-v terms. mP * Sj—MUSSELBURGH : ABSOLUTELY THE FINKS I 1 AND MOST COM PL El K (715 BUNGALOW OP 5 TARGE ROOMS TO BE c-EEN iNYWH.ERE AROUND IB CITY. THE LAST THING IN UP-TO-DATENESS. Charming eppet. ranee, largo .tore hall with best Iradlight windows, high-waisted oak ckv'o, etc., beautiful _ papers d Empire friezes throughout: splendid Section, high and dry ; solid concrete foundling. Complete in every detail Terms can be arranged. BROAD BAY (a good spec.): 8 ROOMS end J-ACRB, in the very ocst _ position in is most charming township. Look at the pne». 5425. It's a rare bargain. JOHN SKENE AND SON, SS i.m ' ' HOUSE AND LAND AGENTS, VALUATORS, FINANCIAL AGENTS. 223 PRINCES STREET inert 10 Wren’s). l/TQRNINGTON.— £50 deposit, balance as vent: 6-roomed House; waidrobes. cupWL boards, scullerv. copper, tubs; about i-acra Section, Icvoi, double frontage; also n corner section, small Cottage, let at 5s weekly. This pays rales, insurance etc,, mi be whole property. PRICE £495. 5 minutes from car. WORKER’S OPPORTUNITY'. OSLYN. —£50 deposit; Just at Kaikorai car terminus, good 4-roomed House (built 10 years): verandah, bath, gas. copper, tubs; full j-aerc Land; nice, sunny posi£39s. GENUINE SNIP. DEPOSIT. £SO DEPOSIT. £5() HERB YOU ARB! 10 minutes’ walk from Kaikorai car terminus.—Splendid 7l«d Residence, of massive design; only built about 9 years; in spot.ess order; bath, I water supply, electric light, wardrobes, presses, iscmlcry, washhouse, copper, tubs, I© trap shed, fowl run: i-ACRK level section, with double frontage; glonouriy tllTflY ■sunny position; handy to SCHOOL and IIOVvLING £470. DEPOSTT. MaNCB’ 12s 6d WEEKLY, pay PRINCIPAL mid INTEREST. NO JTGAGB. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Further, a ONE-ACRE Paddock alongside ■a can bo rented at 2s weekly. LEEK-END CRIB N.E. Harbor, 7 minutes from wharf: New Two-roomed Crib, ', lined with VENESTA throughout; verandah, double CASEMENT window’s 2 ;-in bunk*, iron bed, ottoman couch, table, chair*, crockery, pots, etc.; also Shed, ifciful section (freehold), sheltered, sunny ; fruit tree? in Jin. bearing—_l EARS, IMS APPLES; some native bush; ereon water. A QLIEI SDNNx SI Of. £lal) the 'lot £25 deposit, balance bv small monthly payments. No mortgage required. ephone 1,458. J l , CARTER AND CO., Telephone 1,453. LAND AND ESTATE AGENTS, EXCHANGE COURT. ■ mo«t UP-TO-DATE Five-roomed BUNGALOW in the DOMINION, situate in best, 'part of ST. KILDA; electric light, drained to D.B. regulations. Urge reccntion HALL and DINING ROOM, very latest in paper? and iiiimtolpitces, porcelain bith, return verandah, beautiful lead lights; splendid Freehold _ CORNER Section on SUNNY side of street. A reasonable deposit will *'(-ujo ibis properly. L.iu\ on us ami pot the key to inspect at once, as it is a KAbttJAIN, and was built oy uue ot DunecLn s *CLAIK.—iNew MODERN Five-roomed SEMI-BUNGALOW; electric light, drained to sewer, fibrous plaster ceilings, VERY LATEST am! b.-st paper-; and mantelpieces. etc.; close to School and Tram; good Freehold Section. £o2o. Deposit, n-iaomed NEW'iIODERN BUNGALOW, in the favorite suburb of MUSSELBURGH, electric light, drained to regulations: brim inti RECK VTION HALwith fancy wood panels; lead lights, porcelain bath, handsome paper? with ovcp friezes, and ANTIQUE mantelpieces. The first genuine buyer who inspects uv-, properly will snap it, as the house is on. a LARGS SEt HON", close lo Irani, ."clmo:, and Bench. Reasonable deposit accepted, balance arranged. iSLTN. —Splendid Seven-roomed Family R.-aid'-cce, iiali-minutn to tram; electric light sewer drained, good papers throughout—in fact every MODERN convenience; about i-ACRB FREEHOLD Section, well up off road, with live hedges all around. At the price asked this property is a BARGAIN. £SO cadi down will be accepted from an approved buyer: balance as rout. > have TO LET UP-TO-DATE Houses in City and Suburb? of 4. 5. 6, and 7 rooms, also several Seaside and Week-end Cribs, furnished and unfurnished, For Sale or To Let, on the NORTH LINE. Call at F CARTER AND CO.’S, Exchange Court, nrd get particulars. J. JROY. HOUSE AND LAND-AGENT, ELDON CHAMBERS, 90 PRINCES STREET (Nest G. and T. Young, Jewellers). ’PHONE 2,485. FOR SALE. RO6LYN-—Modern Brick Bungalow of 7 rooms, in best part of Boslyn; every possible convenience, and latest fires and lighting; 4-acre m garden, etc. BEAUTIFUL SUNNY CORNER, with 7-roomcd Dwelling; 2 square windows and portico, bathroom and scullery, linen press; nil drained, and in good order. Ibis is a good farnilv house, and can bo purchased at a bargain pric.-’, and on very reasonable conlevel IN SIDE OF ROSLYN.—Modern Dwelling ; hot and c. water, gas ret« verandah and foundations, scullery, bathroom, coalhonse. etc.; drained; action: close to car, in sheltered, sunny position. £640. , on TOWN SIDE of ROSLYN.—6 Booms; 2 square windows and portico, bath■oom, hot and e. water, gas; good section. £BOO or offer. 7 5 Booms - bathroom, pantry, washhouse, tubs and copper; close to car; good motion. £490. PIONS, Momingion, from £IOO par i-acre, LYN.—Secfon, level corner, close to car. in fronting District road, good position; £255. Others, £230, irtwrer 6 Rooms; verandah and oriel window, bathroom, hot and c. water, electric {gilt; large section; 2 minutes from 2d oar. Price, £550. Small deposit, and easy arms if required. T CJST.—BOSLYN: 6 Booms, 18s; 5 Booms, 1/?; b Booms, 223 6d. MAORI HILL: I Boom% I6s.

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