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LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. NEW POTATOES. Fresh New Potatoes 'ld per lb Hothouse Cucumbers 9d and Is Fresh Asparagu.-, 8d bunch Kipo Honan,-is 30 for Is Passion Frail 21 for Is Prime Potatoes 5s per sack Green Peis, Cocoanuls. Preserved Ginger, etc., etc. Bryant and co’s fruit market, ’Phone 1,012 Rattray street. Delivery City and Suburbs. m ROSS.—Blouses, (ho best and cheapest JL • over s2cu in Fiundm; personally selected by Mr Rose. TTULL-SIZE White Muslin Blouses, tunv .5. over while embroidery collar; and ernbroidery frciit, 2;i llcl, 5s lid, find 5s lid, DAINTY White Washing Silk Blouses, plain or with colored collars, buttons, and pipings, from 7s Get. fn> EAT, Irish lland-nnbroidoml White IXi Voile Blouses, open fronts or high coliar, from 11s 6.1. T. Ro-’.<, importer. MOLLISONS Specials. Ladies’ Black EmI) oiih r-’d Hose, line make; worth 2a 3d. Price to-morrow, Is pair. KAI.KORAI— -£50 deposit purchases new 4-roomed Bungalow House, furnished complete; owner leaving. Maeassey and Co. VyjORNiNY'}T6N--i-acro Building Section; iOL oust, £200: will accept now £125; must sell this week. Macaf-cy. ri-o DEPOSIT purchase* English Pin no, otA bo.ucb.ome instrument; grand tone; great bargain. Macasscy and Co. jo-GUINKA Milter .Organ, sold walnut, „0 mirror back; eight stops, powerful tom-; easy payments. Holden, Octagon. MOLT, ISONS Specials.—Ladies’ “ C.B.’’ Corsets; new model, correct shape; all sizes; 3s lid pair. A bargain. *j> UMORS arc deceiving, but it is a fact li that. Huraell and Stevens are supplying Drapery at bargain prices; Millinery Sain now on. 275 George sheet. HOUSEHOLD Lines at prices lint make British comer-, supreme; open until 3 o’c.ocl: every evening. Hcrucll and Stevens, 275 George street. _ miCKEI) fop Absolute, Sale--O tie-piece A Dr-js-cs, TV. lid; Children’s Kiroom-, Is 3-d , worth 2s lid.: White Sided.. Is lid: ];hm--cs. Is lid each. Homell and Steven.-. _ EMHTIFIf Plvick.—L-"lies’ ll.> sc, Od to 2s > fid o. ~ur; Underclothing. Ribbon, ’ Cloves, Juices, and Embroidery, bargain prices. _ OCR Long terse!?. 5s 6d per pair, f penally recommended: Cotton Dress Stuff, choice si-lectin l .. Ilornell and Stevens. M’RS 1.5 EVER IDO E. 50 George street, la-- . ju-t opened choise iissorlinoui. While Pi,pic and ’ Katime td-'Mimrs, Onc-piccc Frocks. Oolorc-d Ce.-iic—. c.pocial m Black I.vcc Oos.Ucs, FoorG Coed s du all (lib new ro.ocria’s), Cscfni and Styli.-U Millinery. Ail p, moderate prices. MOI.I.IFONS >p s :a's.-- 3u Ki’dapoi Tailorunde t is rss bkinss, in washing yriiipi o;,d, re!. 5.1:10. n.ivv, and black; laicsl r,a; ; wcr.h 2!--. Ad in irked 8s fid each. MOMK Main--Xmas Cards and IV-1 GmvU. wh !i local views; 'new designs. Louden 15 -,;iv-;;ili. HJIIS T."—Please call ai auctioneer's JjA office wii’ncvd d'iay. r-SKATER Mil or tar For Hire. Apply No. *) / Cal.!•.;• »>rccl. Cavcr-dmiti. or ’phone 1.146. _ I MOLLIsONci Fpcci.d.-.—2CO Ladies’ Od-, ov'.'fl W -I:: is; Gi f.| it - J.lloltSe'S ; IICV. r-ol cui. U-miilv t.o Cci; now 2s lid. _ _ i Mjss' rr.ornirs s?.i© or Lamw Fan.-y, Work '! ..-nr); row I’Falurday); I bargains to be chowrd Grotge fI reel. i Ladies i-Mi sg; mi gifs F,.m c: t,-| morrow' ■..-taiurdayi ; fancy Work at | eVirin;; lode-. I.a.’.ic-’ Depot. George I idiret, _ I mHiTlStaiidard of Quality—Black Mackay A _Whi=ky. __ _ , LVDIKS wil.ii Drv Hair mm Marlin's Hair, Promoter; kill? hair eater, restores; e-tor; 2 s ed. Marshall l . Pharmacy. _! MOI.LISONK Special-. 50 boxes Xeu-Mil-Inicry Fb«mr; wmfii 2s Cd. All marked Is each. CIOOD Whisiiv limts no man. Watson's jy ,\o. 10 is’ sat'.'si, because pure-.?!- and best. _ €( O-AM FAD Fhop* know the value of a K modrrni-.-il F, i.n;i ape 1 It pays! Con milt. Patiidos. shoptitlere. Moray place. HANDY Fittings in -hep or borne • dc-oi.-d :• c.. ni.-sdc. .nodrraic prices. Patthlos, wood-craftsmen, Moray place. MOI.LJS-ONS Snccials. Girls’ Crash Washing Blouses ; In girls live to mac years. «.'."h, A IVAV with did! care mid sorrow! Walnull’s Nr. 10 biinss comiorl and a brighter outlook. JUFT Opened— 1 landsornc. Fire Screens. 2s 3,1, 3s 2d, 4- lid; Draw mg Hvo'n Sciceus, 7 s Hit, TP- Cd, Ths Cd, Mutuat bion.-. j -FOLD Draught Feroens. bisek. embroirt“L" creel enM, ]’2s lid rm-b.; Plain Casement Cciibs. 5- lid .icizcn. Muimd Fiores. SPECIAL Value —Caseiiicuu for F-priug i., plain or bordered. Cd, 9d, yard. Mnlmd, MO I. L ISON F Fpenis.—Haml-inade >1 a pani- c il; a. • '.'ivg l ; .-ire. COiii x 30i« : a Ciidid hatd-wi r i ii:;• mg. - Price. lid lOR medicinal purposes the toa.-fc. or the - No. 10 NVldsk.v. Mps WCM-tAMF. KtalrV-id has large s-rerk Ladies' mid Gents' Fccomi<d,■Fling ;Vr sale;;. nrTHE two best '‘Black.-" —the BLack Watch A mi l Black Mack,ay Whisky. MOLLISONF Specials. -- Hand-made I! ■mi! mgs O.udc from tailors’ cuttings); 54ia x 27in. Price, 8s lid each. EVARDUI Raincouti are Perfection; ’.ten's. Youth;', !5 »y-’. 21 sices slocked, indy irsm New Ncaliiu.l C.ol Factory. BOYS’ ’Varsitv Suite, improved style. 13s C«l, 14s rid’ 15s fid; Washing Tops, 5s I'd. 4s lid. New Zealand, Glovlihig Factor,'.. MEN’S Sac Suite, tailor-rut styles, excellent Hindi, 47s fid, 555. 62s fid. 69s 6d. '/e-. New Zcahr.'.d. Gloihing Fmdory. B II»OYS’ Smart Cotewoid Kuickcr Suits, ’2ss fid, 27s 6:1. 32s fid. 365; absolutely peril; tin". New Zealand Clothing Factory. EN'S Boots and Shoes, the finest makes i.u! .smartest shapes in Dmicdin. New d Clothing Factory. M EVER WE All Sole Leather, ronrarkablo wealing {(U.iiitics; get, jr, into your m r-iviir.'. New Zealand Clothing Factory. MEN S Shirts, uncejualled values and I vinci.y; .smart, summer styles; 4s 6d, 5s fid. 6.s Cd. New Zealand Clothing Factory. MEN’S smart Silk Shirts, plain and pleated; all prices; special display udlv. New Zeeland Gloihing Factory, be. blessed. KINGS may be blessed, but Tam was glorious. So hj Black Mackay Whisky. MOLL ISONS Specials.—•.Ladie.s’ While Embroidered Muslin Dresses; just (he thhig for holiday wear. AH marked 5s lid. odii gdSVVG rear time for bariVlA gams in Fund nilure. Cully early. Ends, 2s lid. 3s lid up; Rugs Az reduced to 6s; Carpets from 355. MarD UCHESSE Chests, 355; Tile Washstanda, I9s fid, 27s Cd, up to 70s. Martina, OclOs.—Nearly now walnut iron-frama, trichord Mart 1115, Octagon. £27 trichord Piano; great bargain. TTiLOOECLOTHS from 2s 3d running yard: if Linoleums from 5a 3d; Inlaids, 3* 5d aquara yard. Martins, Octagon. iTJ 10s. —English Piano; suit beginner; Si..L/-v sound, and good tone; cash price. Mart ins. Octagon. WATSON’S No. TO is a little dearer than most whiskies, but is worth the fTAHE Basement Hairdressing Saloon, under JL new management; everything of the test. Electric Massaging a Specialty. WHITE Paper for Wrapping-up For Sale. Apply ’Star’ Office, Bond street. MIEN’S New Paipethangings, .Friezes and Cretonnes to match; Latest Interior Decorations; bea atifui designs and colorings, higbost-claas goods, remarkable lew prices; estimates free for Paporhanging, Painting, Decorating, G-lazing. Wren’s, Wren's. OLD age commands respect. Watson’s No. 10 is highly esteemed because very old and matured. rjTHE finest Blood-Purifying Medicine, Marshalls Syrup «t Sarsaparilla, eoon removes pimples, blotches; 2s 6d. Marshalls Pharmacy. 7t/f OLLIFONF Special.-’.—Ladies' Colored XTX Crepe Holiday Dresses, in Saxe, brick, champagne, white, und brown. At 10* fid.

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 3 Evening Star, Issue 15637, 30 October 1914