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U*TE ADVERTISEMENTS, ESSEX AND CO.. Fruit anti Produce Merchants. Asparagus 4<i and 6tl bunch • ’aid:!!', w.-rs Id, 2d. and 5d each i uguiiiiurs 2d and Is each Rhubarb 2d lb ‘drooii Pea? 4d lb N-w Po'aioa*, Gooseberries iloiiaiics 30 and 24 for Is 171 G. ESSEX AND CO., Jtl/t 205 Princes street. WANTED, i IT I K T H s Apply AND S . KOSS AM) G LEX DINING, LTD., Clothing Factory, High street. COOT TRADE. FOREMAN BOUGH STUFF BOOM. WANTED, a Competent FOREMAN foe the Rough S,ulf Room. Applicant:? to suite previous ex pari on op, also wages required. IT. HANNAH AND CO., LTD., Boot Manufacturers, Wellington. OLD FALSE TEETH BOUGHT. WANTED TO UU V. OLD FALSE TEETH. Highest prices given in New Zealand. Cosh by return mail. Scud J. DUNSTONE, Bos 345, Christchurch. WASTE PAPER. W ASTE Apply PAPER. FOB SALE, Lois to Suit .Purchasers. ‘STAR’ OFFICE. A T Sanders’s, 175 George street, Re-cover-ing and Kenovatiug Furmturo specially atended tn. Get our quotations. ROSS’ (il/niA.VS Comnnu'cia 1 College, Dowling street (established 1852,’. — Classes Shorthand, Typewriting. Bookkeeping, Business Training. Railway concessions. ANTED, ho,in Youth about. Id or TO; able to drive. Brook Bros., ih ,-iyii. •w } ‘W ANTED. Invalid's Wheel Chair. Suite i rice, when; seen, to " Wheeler," ’ c.iiico. .IHT-ANTFD To Buy, new IOC-pdion Square V V Tank. Still' price ■ G a lie ANTED line, wu--Infants’ Welled Shoes and Sii ikl»i Is, 2s lid; Ladies’ Can vis Shoe, - , 5- Cti. Sniherlaiid, near Cargill’.corner. WANTED, good .Shirt and Bodice Hands. Inipr'.'. ers, .'.pprf iiticc-. Mis- Belaud, 50 George street (above Mrs Bewridgc’sh WANTED. Apprentice Aun.y (shaipj Cidqr slice!. Ecu' miilincry. isiores, Stuart .■\\T-tNTED’ Couple o: smart Girls; inn.-l t , be overi'-cikc.i in labM iug. A. MurV hj and Co., ci. Audreve TAMED TScii, new iha'u B.i.rgain." 'Star lITAXTS, Fiimi-hcd Crib for holimn¥7 iiru/tqd reply, .Addr-ss "Ciib .Morav Piare Po.-t Olhcc. WANTED, good Bodice t.ud Skirt [mp rovers. Mis Whelan, 40 G ergge ’lir.’l. W amhd: smart Youth; exur-rii m. Apply lUik.* and Sons. ,T| 1 ED, Paddock for grazing ) V urtir Cuuibudiiud street; -huo term., 11 >x 20. •w '.’TKO. suuiri. oruau fof ?‘am-v dopimmout. Apple Unique Stores, art- a:mu. I ’VSi7ANTBD, smug Boy ia.boui 15 or 16) ¥ ¥ for l-.ciidirg factory. Apply Hogg and Co.. Ltd. TVS 7A NT ED, a Crib. Brighi ui or Bread % v liny: runm-licd or unfurnished. Additss ” Brighton," ‘.Slur’ < 'iTiee. T,^7- i -N7TKr), ledcklayi r build in copper. » ¥ Campbei!. 28 I' -t rr s’ ro:l. ( v vc/Mu n;. WANTED, Boy! Apply ~ p,"' Mi ' lv. cuing ’ Company. ivc Lads i nvc-r ima e or IP Two :: ¥ T got; I wages In whang hand... Pkauiix Company. Ltd.. Maclu ggau siren. WANTED. Young Fellow, take chary; of Mi* ter loom: kiunvledgi of butter recommendation. B:;>y Bios., 21 Water ’I?|7'ANTEI) Buy. Farm. 2U i.o lb, icro, ¥ V stnaked or otherwise, near Dunedin. ’• Anxious." ‘Slav’ Office. WANTED i December and January), Fin uisiicd House, four bedrooms, in n near town. Mrs T. (’». Price w 7A-NTKD Known —Heim!: «'y I’.isirycr.oks Close 6.50 relay. Onslow House. i;d Sou, except WANTED. —Guty Hair regains its mu lira.’ color, biiule hair turns soft and gk's-y, daulnift disappears, and falling hair is slopped by icing Dr Wilson's Kegrncia,lor: hollies. 5s i;d. (-ok: agent ; Heady, hair special!.d. WANTED Known—Scott's Influenza Mixlure is a safe. cH-iaic, and rpferiy remedy; 2s 6cl. Scott’s Pharmacy. '&'>*TAXTED~ 80/ 'to "run .-asiTT good v ¥ wages. Apply Winded .Bees, and i". WANTED, comp'. Hut Accountant, leading inaaufa'giu'.iig linn. Apply, widi copies testimonials. ..tating expo:tenge. " Aciciunaii! " Box jOS. Dumiiin. ANTE!)! smart Bov "701~ lock sfuic,-. agent's office. Audit?.; Be*.; MS, Dumdiu. TrY PANTED. ITmiWl.ed C; ib 'for' ImiMci'-T i V Brighton or Taicri Moini; pr.Tci.ed. • ” Crib.’’ ‘ Syr ' Oil, -e. d'lrc WANTED, House-Tubleiaaid.. with references. Mrs Jam... - Rohoiis, Memtprllier ici>],osilc. Kaitunu Bowling Green;; u I* phone 1.6 n 5. WANTED, iTC iiiiil Sl'lgi Milt Exti.ici Jar,-, any cpiantity; highest, price given itract , , Lie!, The Wilson Malt Whiter of L-iilli. -Kaikora.i ExW ANTED Known—Kaikora.i Quoiting Club Opens 'he be;,sou on Saturday ills;, at 2.30 p.u: . 1; Duncdni. AN TED, .* tiice. Box 275, w iIiTE Paper for Wrapping-up For Sale. Apply 'Star' Office. Bond street. WANTED Known —For GasHtting and Plumbing Repairs ring up C. S. Jenkins and Co.. Dowling street. \7STAXTr.D Known —Ferro-Caruum Beef ¥ V tr"ii Wine exccilcc!, spring tonic; vs 6d large bottle. Scott’s I'liarinacy, 17 Priuccc- street. WANTED Known —Our Made-to-measure Suits from 45s best, value in Dunedin. Herbert, H.iyn At ys7ANTED Known—Our Made-to-measure * ¥ Suits from 4is bcs>t value in Dunedin. Herbert. Harms WANT’ ED Know ::—Men’s Roinpn of Coins f.*o:u 37s 6d, ivtrn’s WuU-rpioof Cunts from 27s 6d. llc-rbvK, Haynes. 7ANTED Known—Men’s Rainproof Coats I s‘?s V* I. Vi,;*.*. XV ;v..■ r; * loot Coats out 27s 6d. ITcvbevl, Haynes. 7A NTL’D Known—Boys’ ’Verriry Suits, t good tweed patterns, s/sccial cut and hj, only 8s lid. Iterbeit, Haynes. 7ANTED Known —Boyi’ ’Varsity .Suits. good tweed patterns, special out and hj, only 6a lid. Herbert, Hajmes. T ANTED Known—Except ional value f oticred Bordered Velvet Table e-rs. ashorlcd colorings from 23s £d each, ml, iiuvnes. ¥ V ( olorc-d Casemeuts, SOiit wide, Is 6;1 slid Is Sd yard. Herbert, Haynes. I’ED Known.— Latc.-L eltects in Shadow Tissues tor loose coverings, 31 i«r wide, from 2c lid yard. Herbert, MOI.LISONS Spi-ciaiii.—A window full of Lr.diiV Ready-to-wear Hubs, in siik, burnt straw ei : usually 12s Cd; all marked 4s lid. See display to-night. WANTED Known—Billiard Table. 6ft x sft 6in, and ail Accessories, £l2 10b. Watts, George and Princes streets. TNURNITURE, artistic design?, from facJP lory to home, at bedrock prices. Watts, George and Princes streets. DUCHESSE Chests from 555; Chesterfields, £6 10s; Wood Bedsteads, £1 ss. Watts. George and Princes street. WANTED Known—Sulphur and Cream of Tartar Tablet? cool and purify the bleed; Is. Scott’s Pharmacy, 17 Prince* street. HERE’S to you and yours.” Drink it In Watson’s N.i 10. and do honor to lac c.‘?:i“i in. E Al.'Ell for Wrapp’ng-np For Sale. Apply • Star’ Office, Bend street.

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 2, Evening Star, Issue 15637, 30 October 1914

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 2 Evening Star, Issue 15637, 30 October 1914