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[By Ariel.] We have had a good week. The phrase smells of the shop; but, then, we have not ceased to be n nation of shopkeepers, ,uid we are not ashaoried of it, or of having a good week either. Some of us thought :t was a long time coming, but they say : hat all things come to those who wait. 1 he vast armies on the French fide of ti.« struggle have long been like a pair ■'■ wrestlers who seem of equal .strength ~. -1 who have equally good grips. For a. ha g time they are stretched in some well- : : , hj impossible attitude, trying one an- ■■' :-ev's endurance. Then there is a. sndconwnision, ami it is seen that- one "ii has stood the test better than his : ' !-igouist. YV<» have soon two gn0.,1 train? •• c ;t tuvt-nf-w.if so well matched that ■ i her seems to gain an inch. There i? a ' ■ ■_; wait Xothinr: seeais to he going on, '.:. as a matter of i.ut. both, ni'o spend- :•• : their strength r.i:udiy. If is simplv t picsriou of v.-iv.. ria.s to sfumd. \o v the long wait there is a- renewed -•' ''.'gle. arivl ore sit!" walks nway with t' orl.ei. That is what has been going ■ > ; : this thanie -ug-of-war, ami now we '■ ~-.■. had our eoi-d week, ut «o have :.•■■-;) '-,et,i- than the m.emy. Ili- lines • >c u:idetg(>ne "totally mid-signed vaiiai -." ..nci bis attacks exhibit " piover- ' - esasoera-ioti." He i-i not good at, the a ■ hear'-"..! ieeident, for he has never t'; oh t i's ocrurrenee posyjlU.e. fTe loses ;■ s -emoer and start.-' kicking, like an ■: j erfe, tlr broken celt-. It was. of , eo=e. ve'rv of the Allies to st.-.mi ••■, o biro'ami destrov his reputation for ■'•■. oicihihtv : so iet "him kick. l'"s a- ■ e essary nart r-f his education. * '* * 4s ■:«■ * ■;• 'Ve. neie of leading :' ■ "vi'-leiir attacks of the enemy were . oulsed." Put that was evidently the "dees' pioj.anime. and they have carried • nit ice!!. When one side, in the tiu-- ; ■ e iicin_- iminoval. 1 -... the more the other .- . e struggles the worse [or it. The Allies ' are he the Cermau- <lo all the atta.. kinrt. •- , that is til" wasteful par; of th" busi- • --S. Tiie a: fa. king party ivil! generally ' .-" s.-'cera! times as nuiiv men as the defenders, and hv repeated rebuffs suffer m.-s; in spiitts." That i* the position of •he' Gt nnaii;. They have p'led f.alure on '.lilnre. at an awful cast of hf,.. Their .s iirrals are bankrupt of plan-- and their ■ on are disheartened, and no hu'qer be■vf in tlieir leaders. Their pro-rramnic ... as such that for them not- to win was • left;at : bur for the .Allies not- to ]„> ,-j, : - o«»rl was to win. Vhis was evidently the plan o[ campaign -the kind of Fabian policy thi r wore out .far.nihuh It wa.--. :he verv for i; was n«-ecssa-ry notonly to' icak" th- enemy vaste himself. but' also to edu-'ate tit"" Frem-'n im.-ts in •he beiiet that th"v c,.u:,! heat the Germans The shod, .'i 1 ,Til-Tl was -o extra- j ordinary ilia- sink a soki-iolh-g was neees~ary to both sides. ],, that 'debacle '.!:•• Cermaus account en for 654.0C0 of tiie| 710,000 that the French put in?" the field! j There was never anytiiinc; like it in the womb N'„ wonder the I'hniuiis thought! ih"v liad not bin"; te it tin's tim" hut to I walk in. and that the French needed nurse j ing !-ek 'o ,o„fidc"ce. Well, thanks be' The itetimius have evidently learned -]in' there are othet men in th" Ho:'id 'opskh-s t'letiiselves. bm they are le-i.iibno in behave decent i\ towards the "FY,. | Y a'- ,iiiv rate, and even to )■••- i pmltate s-c-Ys "f th" it y of th- 1 A!!:?--. Thev ai- thinking of the time ■ men the ]';'''■'.:■■'.', '.'.ill be in Oenmniy. Put it : s ci;b,- rYicv. me a t|uin-;e or lM'ni-.. t.-o- "i t;i th" H-hboo-iM change his i sl-iiY:" lo |o;b. Tleb-iiim_ H:ey emuinuc j ruohii-if t itn lmwrrianer- in Brussels. and tine., os-yshovs foimd in pos<c-sien of i ,nr,.= rf r'l- l.ood'r,, -Tieic.-- w.-reshot— ! b: :;!.".• words, th.mde.-ed. Xo-.v. iu 1306 j (!:,-:■•■ •',:■- a r.roitsc!!-"!- named Pa'm in I H' .-'! ciliated :■.•,-■•• pamphlets luted. '..!• ■•■• iin_- weighed down: but re->t | d.stlovd. f'l ■('! '"it ''"ii 7iav>- tV'tf is ' that we imrt k'-ok. ... ft is Cernary that mast r.iiso ;•-•.-■ If from its rains and a, 'onoik =hj tee getvrol emanripation. »,■ shpl! do more: we shall deliver France Ysc|; -,-,! r-r'nr,-. to fh"t Power a five and paehl .. "o.- e,,,.,». . . ," This was obvioiisiv aimed at •Wtpole-m. fie therefore had I'aho ssire,-!. T; -icd bv a military tniemak an! slue. This deed ctused 't tremen-lous sensation in <"Jr-rmany. and indannd th". ndi, !,■ n.'ition. Fv-"i in Kn--kind it eam-ed Tr<x t" ttive up his belief in A'aro"; ■;■•,. .Vow. whicl: is the ".re-iY- ■ rime, the shoorierr of th.-, prr..iiot f, r of a dire-'tlv hosfi l ;- pniupiilet. "r the slmojing without trial of [bw poor boys who were trving to t'irn -in honest peunv b" sellin ■; tlm nu-st d-fin-.d paper it: itie wo'ild' ft has, iseeu -ep-.i t-d the the Crr-nans. take n-, black prisoner;:. Thev simply kill Midi a; fall i:m. ti.oi.- Ir.rd.-. ' pi;.; vmor. rt, is in keeilt;- with 'h: v. bed,-. ,e th.-ir diabr.lica! pobrv.hiit i: m a ba' bceinnirtorn pe'.pie aimi" _- at wall nupire. T; , i'-'" ihiius '"--I to be k, >•■'■;: ar the very end*; of "the ca"h. md t:;e i-.-t re.-:-di!v forgiven, nestd- ■:-■.. the ,- Yve.j t;■ ~r , s ~.. di' ""' iv,- their turn :" yd-'!..- r>r:. : <":-rs, :■.: d human nature 's tur htueHt i atari.. '-V"ti u h--n it is in :i tol'teil el;"-. In .\f:i'-:t it tiiipeais ihe (rejnians. ni • ;of -o rice; the\ ; -tir i-p t!.eo- I kcks t, i-;d.l P.-itbd, te-rrdoiYs ,u t hcii old tashem. in this •-;,.,0-na.aiv ~'!U.t:oli of r.u'Mi-i'V and mo:;.!- th" Co;it.'wr.>"abrei: : h" yen- 1770 i'hiu (Tatlutm delivered ins iremortn' ;n the Ame-ieai uar- " AV!;c. is tile man who. o'f the '■.,-;■ !;as T.-. .'.tldp'of and ;;s- ---.• yci!l csi adiaiiee 'lm- '.viki ami irdiiinum Of th" woods; , , deb..;.,,,, to ;l,„ mcr-.i" ss Indian lb- d--f;mc ~f disliovrrirs of barbarous v.:r agains 1 mtv .e.aioeo. Mr lords, ib- - cimnnities .rv ak.tid ;■-.• redie=s. ami pamdnecm. !i,:t thev have been dt-feri-v-d - : for it e, ..,.■,..,■..,!.-.- .....iv... i, rd •to n-,- all tin- mmans whi' hj C-el and \',,- mo I, ,-. - pur on , .aw lui'-ds." f am a.-f ■; 1 '■■,.-(. ! em 4i , !■; d to -ml, ! o 'i'e'thiseomnry. '. ' . We :>.rc ia!l- ! noon as nie'ubers "T this lleuse. as ■„. r ;•-■ iV : :Y:h, ;,, ~.-!,■' eoaitist- eimh ho.rii '■ bnrharitv. That C A and Vature 1.-vc , :,; into cm- hands! What idea., of .; ,1 am! NaT- rh;• rob!- lord may cut..;--t be. "! enow re : : but T know thai Mich .1 p-moc, prm-hples iii!' ."piaily iibitoirer-t ■»■-■ re!l;'ire, and humanity." -Tim "Piu.-s." .-.iv- that n;> sitch loree as ; - i inadiat. eoutin-ent has lauded iu l-'m-b :el sim..- William lbs- Ikmeueror. I K-'k-Ve that the bo:wt it," ::ue. i.ild it shows ■,}■.,. eieat msid foituiic that the Enelish hav- ..mi'tw.-l f.. r w,-il m.-h a ti-onsand \- nee >"-. v.:/n-ier they are in dane'cr of jcmim.: mi ili-vir o'ti's. William brought ■.>.-;• ;b: u: '."b'mO of hi;i r-fti-uiis to iovnA oar aristo-e-a, oes. King dohn introduced :- lb-nit .-rmv h> suiu 0.l him ■tgabttrf. his but- it u;u a Sin.-'ll ope. Puring ;'r Wars of the Poses several expeditions v-fvt* on the Continent and brou-ht ram--. !i"t the- were. t:-,ver larce. RiehuiT.d. .' 'V instance who overthrew the. hnn.-h'nack. P.lchord 111., landed with only 2.000. aixi they ■fjs o rri»atesf forel'.-n invasion since. Wll-ha-n j. was that of William Til".. Pliricp o! r trnnrro. of glnri'-ms memory, who camo. on iriv-itafion to turn out his fs' James IT. 11-a brought the- bvlfc of wTtflni Trc-Te Dutch v«teraps. B"t '!f we substitute th« cro'sinst of the Tw-ed for th-? of the Channel, u-o mtiy find feme rwv; forrpidnHo hoots than ewi th? Canar 1 krie. .After Banjibclrbum tht Scot? least .30.000 m«i. „ Or. a.i.'C'xl meny othe.r cceasions, down to Cnllod»n. thev have made oar fathers atralce. But their most successful invasion oi England has been since the Union. Peaceful penetration. T think, is the correct phrase for it. WeuM that, .ill inttons had *>noagh to I>e ■atißue.J irilh that kitxL of invasion.

Tory torriblo are the mac-nine- gun?, the maga/ino rifles:, and the immense German howitzers; vci-v terrible are the- Turow, the Ourkhn-s. and even Hie Deaths Head TT«3?nn«: but infinitely more terrible are the now reinforcements, tin? deadly bacteria that march as .stealthily and silently as a. torpedo, and with far more deadlv nnfc.ll '■Cholera, Smallpox. Plague. Tvphoid. and Lockjaw" arc the grim chiefs nnrloi- whom they range themselves. Unhappily "these iww hordes ai-o strict Iv imnnttial. and ate like to fall upon Ix.t.h .sid-?s, for they fear ;,o to.nhinati >ns of mere numbers, thom'h at (.resent t.hcv appear i*> hu>y udth the , i-liomv onlv. '"Von the Sword of Cod'" «,ivs Cholera., "I am His Sword ami ll l * | soHir-.\ Yo„ j. War Lord ! Til piu innw i more mime-reus into 10 (hops of Tonic- 1 raman hV-od >.h:in there a.-.r German*, <m thp. plni'ef." These tci-rible foes have at- | wav- Nam far nunc deadlv than bullet ami YssiiU-rc-s. . Hero ;>ro the statistics oi d--\oi v. two wars ([ nut the kilWl ,in<i those who died of wounds in-vrb--r. The ■mm Go's were formerly about eipiaL hut I th- tciKl-mcv now ; -s <■> m.-re o; Dm j wounded! :-ln the (.mm-a, five J.-rd"-*' j kill-,! nr.d -dW!" we.e 5.50-' : -lied of sickness. IS.oOY Th- French had 21.403 war deaths and 7. '.CO from disease. .1 he p v ,.<--,-■.,.< h,si 72.b5"0 hj, war and 774.C00 throueh disease. ' In Ihe Fi ,nv. o-Pi nssi,,, „v the French b.-mic.h< 710.000 into the rV-ld >!:•-: ar.d las'. KilVd. 4-1.COO: died. -oOilO: disease. 45,000: disabled. 116.000: yirUmu- 'IT'S.OOO. Hut that war was s-.v!ft 'ami afforded constant change pf erourd 'l'he same remark .apndes to t.te-{;,,,.,,-.isn War. The camn.iicn in Ausj,:^'.,],.,' „r;.,,ds d'.ui •■"■ "f L'ron-id. hut T an',' a'tr.dd th ■ Allies eie slaving too !o:ig in ■■■■'..• .lace. .;,. .;<. * * * * * T!. . Kmden is rurmim-: the Alabama do,-, for th* position of 'most swcesstul se'-'.-nl'' The A !:>1 'nma. made 65 c.ip--r.,... which were valued at 4.(.C0.000d0h p....,, ~„t i however, thr vaiue of the , jMU'ires that counted; it was th" rise in ;„,„.„,,.., and the .-.carina ot (lie trade of t'.s Vrwth. front the sea. The Amcri- .-!,<! mad" su.'h demands on i'hi_;!aud tor eom-en<;nthsn that Disraeli put into a « n ,. 0 ,.1, , r om the Throne * very effective j r>l.-" • - 1 trust- that the sum to be paid to An'erica, will not ex-ecl the mrlem-t-it,- ivthl to Cenrtanv l.v FraiT-e.'" I'ma!h- P.ritain was to pay v^'2°o 166 15s 4d. No dordu it was Ihe l7,v~aiid daneerous r!e U otiatio.t pre- ( .-•d--d arbiM-ati'on made the Alabama --.., famous. The Km-dei: will Irive tio sivh add to her fnme. T.ut let us not crrm-b-'e h er a ■.■enermis tribute. She is alone" in the world, and has chosen her water with splendid I credent. The Ala-bam-i was a sieairer auaiust sai'eis. arid a IM ,,„ ~..: au;dosi no -real naval Power, j The Kuuleii is not onlv huntiii-' steamers | bel-.n"in" to the ovatest of na\al powers, hut has elr-ade !i.-c.:-ed greater value than the A'taba: a. ihl iu iw'o years. We try -:',,;, ~., f ( .e! ;;pr soiecn against Imr and to admire her ' enterprise, so worthv ot ourscives. All the same, then- _wid lie we'le.irn that she is safely resting on the | botr-.tll. j * -* * jf ->:- 4f # TieM-e is a t>i:ly Rnilis'i note in ilv-la-oni - lr.essac'f, ',,: the 1 ".idauiited : •■Stink the lot." The m.-tfter-of-eoursT-r.,.?s of it is redolent of the r.UI T'.ntisn Tar. N'othini: to blow aluuiL or make a lone store o'". Jtisi " I eame. I «--:iw. I" Yon didn't- e\neet anything .•is..- neither (lid I. X"Xt. I'lease. It: is s.iid that Napier, when he . aptured Semde in India, simply teh.eraoe.ed '" Veeeavi." •■ 1 havp Sinifd." It sounds rather like a ' Punch " joke, but --.'eat men have de-s.--mded to a joke when dealim; with most seriou-s nn!!"K, When Cnurmig was instrirt'nc liie at The Ha-ue about a ireaty of comuierce then in imestion h:> drooped into p ictry. like Sil-S Wees, and wrote : ■ ; Pi rnafieri o. . raiimeree. the r ault of th.. Dr.teh Ts ei'.ing too little and a?kim; f.-o mucn. Tk. -re is att a.poropriate ciiestuur about Fimneln, the Iris.!: '.iiioF'WHL 'a!io had had several , a??s of derailed engin.-.s to deal with, and had written detaii.-d and cloriueut tetioris of each affair. ]]■■ was f.-.!.d' hv th'" o'.T:-" to study l-revity, so when th» ne.U. ease occunr-rl he wrote : "Off ;i-'i::. "is r>'.- : ri. ll"!F aim. I-inrn--2 i 11." There are two .-.-ood points about the -bikiW of the lot. The first, is no:-.ted our. bv 'The 'i'imes's ' eorrespon:i.-, P i- ■ ■■ i'mr swore has been chiefly made .;■! "tin-. ._..-„vl old above-l'.oard fashion." To everv tliar- is a real and t sn .-,!;[..' roesideration. There is some-,hii-7u .-f mueh akin to cokl-biood.-d ...p.rdm- in tite t'ressy-If ogue-.\boukir kind, of war thru th'T- i" more honor in liein-r th." loser than th* winner. I live me the avowed, the ere,*, flic manly foe ; jp,i, | | e'O! ivf-ef - - re; linps may (urn his ' blow'; !„,. i. hep oi!!, oadded loot, he sneaks and shuns th- ligh'. I i'-i'l ■'!. but nut no* o'eieonm in i'mht. tl'lease note that- t ! noeti'v ends a> "blow." for the r-st of' Canning's verse does not fit.i Tio >.-,-iitd cro.-x-l point is that these Herman d-e.ffo-w. r s mere pro'oabh- the van- ,_.,,.!-'. ,o a' shoal ot sharks. They were smir to fefi the v. ay to Antwerp, v.hrrei it v .-a? honed lo .".Aablidi a base for ! suhmaro'es to infest tlv "Sunk tire lot" !•: fi very suitable result, and carries in it mmm more solid the Fm:e,-e i.!:::n ;>• rhaps appears at first ginnce. ' T!ir- exia't'iment iias been tiied. and is distinctly di - ■■eiraeiue. So perish ad others bound o>i f'te same ertand.

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ON THE WATCH TOWER Evening Star, Issue 15635, 28 October 1914