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t;-:hms of scurknijek. The nreeise twins of the eapittdation ul' lUiTiHin >,»'\v Ouiuea are as follows: Made this 17th <l»v of September. 1914. hetween (.dm-l Wiibaiil ltaef D.nO.. y1) y,i ... .er I'nin.maiKiiiV-!; llie -•-»•-• tvidian Xave! a»d .Military Kxpedition.irv In.>ree on behalf of His Most (irn.ejnnn Majesty Kin.; - !ror;;o .no .fifth of tU iiu,(. p'iri. and Hi'iT K. Haber. Artmlimvrnnv t til.' Herman possessions known as i)t "♦.-•fii Neil '-'<■' "» I"''" 1 ' of 'tin- lmpmia! Gorman Government, of the .-croud 'part. Whereas tin- pmmipal - oi Deut-nh Noil Guiivi have be<-n occupied l.v an nverwheimim: !'"•<" under tin-, . onv maud oi the said CS.m.-i Holme.-. And whereas the said;-< .nvenmi' has no authority tn surrender any imr- ,:,,,, ( ,j- ,;„, C,.hihii possesions under Ins administration, but. :n view of lii'' said ~., violation be lh ; s .'-ai I o\ crwhelmHiL,' tor,'. the <;,';,! .\.>in-.(;ovcriior is prepared to Lii... an assut'an e tiiiit al! mill'tiiirv rv-'Maime to smb. («' upat ion in lJeutsrh' Vm Ouinoa -hail <>':)<.• !ort!iWii ':. X„, v , I:;.' Pwnwil... W'HU- ami ron<Ut ions ;."< .-..ifinni.v a.jreed npmi between ! '!■!;,, ],;;,,;,. I) ( .. i; ; =;.-!! Neil '.iimrj .Getman \,",v I.: ninoa i in. hides the whole of !i iv tPrnmn possessions in tin- Pacific O, ran lately adtimn-feivd from Rabaul by tin' mii<:! Ai Mil'.,- 1 bivr-riKir on behalf of the Imperial Imnuan Government, and thr -aid rns.-ea-ioi.s arc hereafter icfrrred ■■>' \!i mibtarv' le.-m-tau c m tia- said military •■ ■ npatmn "•' the ■ nlony enaii ~.a-v tor: hv. it:.. ;,. Tin aint.'il i ierman mifl native torees i.,,vi in rln- tit Jii tin." to ,tirreuder at Hcrbort.inme on tin' 21-t, day of September „t 10 n'i lo,k i\: tin- forenoon. M!lit.irv honor- will hi- granted. f. I'm.,i tin- .-.0 l Aetinn: Gnvwher i;iv- ,'.,., \.[l pai'.f- to take no further part, , liirettiv '.i iniin .•(■:!;.■ in tlio pre-w;t, war, j ivi ob-'taoK' v. iii bi- (daoed in the v..ay --;' | |,j . H-tnriiiir.; t" fb nnany. Sa, I, pmoi,: j ,i l; ,'| r,: i,-.vv"it iiiv Acting ! ('.:,A'.'n,..r 'ti'ian !.'i,h'i i. v C to Mi,- lmprri,:! j tbiM'iimvnt. .:. i).viiu Midi Mvi.v ;-i< it" .iijiv ,j ~..n i-ii.|i:>i v ;t ; i to t,.; no .a ,V ~m !. ol 1 in- ..m.'. I . m' th'' y.'OO iiili-i--r,."iiiac t.arc-. ml v hoyc n-iial (.. I'lio.; tj, ,n ;. ni . il. u id. "ii inking an oatii oi iicntnilic-- i-'i tin- duration of the psvs.Mit. war. b..'i.'lraM'd and pc'rinittcd :o .ctni'ii ;,, lb, ii' hoin, - and ordinary avncahiaiv 0,-,.pt win !•• Mii-h avocation- am oilicia!. JO at:d ii will a;.piy. 6. A- tin '-aid A'litiil ih.viTiMV j.'ivi'. ]d- a- nrain .■ I.hal none of t!:n white i<Ov-r<:!;mii>-i.nn d olin-cf- and nvn r.'.w in tlm iicld bi'loni; tn tin: reeid,.r finer- <■■'. the ib'i-nian l-iinpin . sin it wldlf. nmi cni.utiis ; i.,ned olHeer, and men. noon lakoitt; tlr.aid oa'h ••;' ;i- iUial!t>. udl b.. ?.-ir,vrd and o.'iinitir i in re-ainif thnr n:di: .<;\ ;,n,oUinn.. e\rr,n. a- )iv.V]dr-l m par.i-jn-aph 10 and .1 i , V. As it i- undel-tood the' the -af'.ty ,:;' tile udl itO pnplllatilMl d('[)f 11(1, [.I Jill i-X----trnt o;: in : rxi-tenee of a native constaia; lam. thai, pnrtion "f the armed native e:.i'i-tabularv wdiieh now- form*, pail, ot the (b'l'iiian loi'ee=. in tin: iieid, if found satisfaetnry, will ba L.'.-unfrirrd tn i he rm : itary adiiitiii'-tr it ion o. As the adniini.-tiation of the <ol..ny ihii-iiu; tlm military oecupath n wi): '■).- (•findttV'ted by the Ilritish mihtaiy eon,. niapder, all moneys and of th-; late. Administration arc tn be handed ovm to the said Colonel Jioltne-. biiyadie; I'lirnmandiii^. 9. During the. said iniiitaiv ot'( up.ition ■fie 10.-al Ja\v-, and eustonn will ninain in foiee -.1 far a : i\ ermsi-b ill with the inditarv situation. ;'n. A- ii i. intnide-l that, adiuini-' rati, ai -had !«■ racrud on under the emi'mi ...f Itittish niiire;-. subject to the. serered int' paragraph. Mirh only ■ of tlio .-'vd ofticet'. ni tin,: late, t Adniinmt: atioe ~ it may hi- i 00-idered to r'--laoi m an advi-oi'v c.'ipn.'ity u ill be , .'.i tinned in their n'llins. Otlirial- -•. .e----mined v. I'l in. required to take the oath. ~f neiilialitv. and their former ..aiarie>vi!l i,. cmipmied. fltJirhd- i'"i -> '•"- tallied, r.,,.1 thn-e nbn ii'i.l-i: to take tl'." , ntp. v. ill b. depr.i-te.! to An iraha. on! , Al ;i bave i,., obsta.-l- placed in the u..;~f tlii'ii' '■■ tiiinoi" thenee tn f b.T.n.iny a'l i 1-: the prote. n.-n ■•:' He '•• ■■ ' p.ipulailHii the mPive- the _i -■■■ man .ttir: ii- erne m ehaiLTe .a ont l> :t j ~,', .;,,,. ~; v..- e,.|i,ir.- v-' : i rniPinile , > Jt,,.i,' nliniiii eajmitin- uind i.hrv,d ! v . the military admini-trat ion. ]>, An" V.riinh. -nfin-rt- ai "H-. n: o" ~,,.,,,10(1 ~.■ J.eid ,n diiie.. n l"i yon loionv am to be ,elea>ed and nniinol ... ,hel,.' Inems and n -mm' po-:t mm tns.i ..nP. -[lim d. " n"t ■:; 1 !'!> '" ■'" " I ' twine imjiimi il nv aei omnal . ..n i -■' ■■ i pennt im i-dietnu. ]n ni!i:"- wliereuf tin- -ani e..,,:ra. I".'.' partin- of t!il~ P.-' nod >.. put. n.i' heewmtn -w tinar hands tin-. Mb .km ■ '. t-vptrMTitie;', I°M. at lierheit-hoi e. >.. ". lititniu Tj„. eoiit'-iminj: luclii. : nm' r that all mvil wliether ihnv mm., t)ll> ( nf neutrality or not. be r-:ittt I- -' to receive at lea-t ilieir three iron I '.' , a.. Hum October 1. 10.14. out, of the fund- of the colony, and ti'n.o an advance on navelliiu' expenses mr returnini* home., a,eordiiK to the retxuiatirus it: foiee under . Jeirnan ltde. It is lurther agreed that iiiev sh;-t)l Jiave proper l'a.dlitics i:.r um lamnm: theii ueiioniil allait-, in the The inovi'inor promise'; that the nirt ■ expended under this head will he m- ' funded by the Gfnnan lm}ienal ii Vermont ont" of ihe yearly colonial •ii'b.-idy. i The lu'ipaiiier prniiftse'i that prnne, caiy ! be taken in order to conduct women -i;m I children of deported oltiriak to the. jda-.' j whwe, their ttiei: are. All claim-, aeamm i the Herman Adnduistration arc to be paid for ont, of the funds of the colony. It, is expressly understood that the papers relating to the personll r.tati.s of the officials of'the colony shall be handed over to a German official designated b - the Governor. The document if signed by (Jo'onol Holmes and ITerr Haber.

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NEW GUINEA, Evening Star, Issue 15635, 28 October 1914

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NEW GUINEA Evening Star, Issue 15635, 28 October 1914