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MICHTY ASSAULTS BY GERMANS. AM, REPULSED. PARIS, October 26 (imdm-ht.. October 2". at 8.4,3 a. in < Oflfi. i-i! : N Tuition i.- vio!-:-m'.v bomha" led. Th" German .•!>"..r- ;-. centi->is ■-■ ■.i on the N: uport-P'xmude [v.-.,-.; nit :mut rcsu hj '.---,1 .Vic oV'-v .-\ v\ol,-u-. viih' atta. k>. hc- ,-!! wer- r- ucis-d. INDIANS IN ACTION. THEIR FIRST PEP.F ORMANi E. -MVSiI \ GERMAN" CHARCR AT LA BASSE E. LONDON. 0.-f.lvr 27. . Rwcivrd 0.-t.'bf-r 23, at 0.15 a.m. i Aa. eve-witness narrates an ire idem at La Basse,-- M the end of last week. The Germans had heavily simile,! the lViti-ih trencher. also a. hue of miners' .-fa.-es running u.orthwai-ds. but there '. a> nothing to indicate an intention to '-\--h any parti'miir p■ ■ ill', though the aviators reported the niassing of several brigades behind the rtrtilVry. suddenly an ,i valarch ■■ of men was let A line of British infantry thinned out ■■ • enemy rani: after rank. bur tlm ru-h 'a- irresistible, and ih-'enf s -,-...- rirried, the British defendm.; C> tlm !,e m forcements ■,■,■«.• boned up. but hr-fni-r. could repair the broken line nir'h'T hordes of (I.Tinan; ap , ," , T'"d. !hr awhile tb.. situet mo •'<;n\-_i'i-iiis. and tb<. (>"ir:in --, w ■,•.. . oufident that they had found their way t.. th- < ' '.lst. |b|t th"V 'Aere rude'V mid." >'! ve.i. Th" Indian t;oops w:t-- -•iipp..ri in.; the Pi-dish, and. this u,v; th.' ti;--r thee they hai been in aeijon. For days thcv had be.-, ■.-. i-rcmn _; the burst ing shrapnel, and they • ~-),. th'rstiirg to pf'iVß thf'l' OU.tii'V. Thev were Ti.r.v ord-red Iniw,,;d with (he havener. The lores met ami dashed. "In an instant," says this it ne. s. "•ho issue was deeided. The lb-mum advame was not merely eU.-k.-d. but be;,t--n and broken. "The India::-, ran throng:: ilnni!. rushing the foe ha.!- to r.-eivo right and left th" tire, from tiie Ibit's'i intantiy. "The Indian-, not content with ree.apturincr the treu, hj. leant i; and pursued th" Germans downhill until their ohVers f"i ailed them." THRILLING CHARGE BY BENGAL LANCERS. Germans BOLT, i LONDON". October 27. , Re-reived 0 loner 58. at G. 40 cm.) A corporal of the Hold artillery, who has arrived at Aberdeen, narrates ,i thrilling charge by the Bengal Larv-crs. The British had been fighting hammer and tongs for three -wefk.s. and werf.- exaaaisted. A brigade of ("lerrnan infantry ntta"!-;.-d. When they wore halfway to the trene::".- •'..'-■■ Bengal Lan. ers, who had arrived tht ii.iv before, made a slight detour to nvohi th-.- British line of fire, and then swept to he Ooimans fro:n the left like a. v. hirl- '.'.■ i n d. The Herman.-- knew the Tnri'S, but not t !■_".=« dark-skinned i.iii.-ers. who with -hrill yells brourht flown a man with cvrvy 'aneo thrust. Thn Germans ran for their lives. The lancers pursued for a. mil... and uere rr-epived v. ith v.ih] (h<v-|s when they i-'turried. SIKHS AND GntKITAS KN(;A(!ED. THE INDIANS' FIRST TALLY- TFN TO ONE. LONDON. 11,-tiu.m 27. Received October 28, at 9.23 a.m.' A Central News enm-spondent, do>rrih incj the fighting at La P.assee. vtate-, that the Sikhs and Chirk has took part, in the ahar^'e. A "Staff officer estimates i lint 20,010 dead and wounded Herman- wore left on the field. The British losses do not exeeed 2.n«). CONFIRMED BY HIOH COMMISSIONER. WELLIXOTOX. October 23. The Cnnmissinn >r reports thus from London, 27th C>etober (1 p.m.) : In the neighborhood of La Bassee the fiennan'S in ovcrwhelmini; numbers rushed and captured a section of our trenches. The supporting Indian troops were brought up. They stopped and broke the advance, runnin"; the enemy and using the steel ia. their wcdl known way, pursuing the enemy until their officers prudently recalled them. The German losses were hea\«. THE GREAT RETREAT FROM MONS.THE KAISER'S HOSTS PT'SH BY WEIGHT. BUT "TOMMY" STiLL FACES THEM. i,London 'Times' and Sydney 'Sun' Services LONDON, October 27. A neitral attache says that German officers admit that their losses in against tne British are terrible. Commenting on the wonderful rearguard action during the great, --e *.ays: "We tried by every means to get through, but it was like into a wall of fog. They gave way every time ■we pushed, but still remained, tiling at us all the time."

STUBBORN FIGHTING AT YPRFS. RRITISIf HOLD 2hO.PCO c;FRM \"N<~" FOi; FIVE DAYS. I'ARIS. October 27. iv-eeived O ri i>bpr 23, at 9.25 a.m.i Two hundred and fifty thousand ( !er man. v■ i e masse,-) ; ,t Ypre-, The (Jritidi force held th-mi nt .-it. . hj for tiv- rln.-,,. rl-pito tbe s it;?f . „:,.,, ;!; ,. were from AnHverp. S. mct.mes t|i... e s-us buii'-d the mop in the trenches. The Germans jot to within a few vavds whin the fiiitidi civpt on- or tiv trendies and went at them with the bavonet. The Germans (led, manv hundred-, capitired. 'I here were thousands of vicjini- or" tiv shells ami th-r lire of the machine KimThe situation was critical until reinforcements r.vne on the Fridav. "hen the Germans were thrown back ia mile-. GHASTLY SCENES AT THE YSEK. BELGIANS AND GEKMANS WL'ESTLF AND DROWN. PARIS. 0ct01,..,- ;n. The F„li-ians 10-t 10,QC,n d. ad ~,;rl wounded in the nine days' ..■; i, i; .. Yser. "['v.o thousand German Indies u. a-., found in the Yser Canal after a -.j-.,..!,. nielit's attack. Manv mci e drowned and other. ;i,'i > bayoneted. li"l_'iaus and German, wre-tled and died, di-o-a uiiiL; each other. j gei;m.\n.s show hkavecy. To I'.ALANT'E ALLIES' SUCCESS. LONDON. October 27. L-c.-ived O.tober 23. at 9.15 a..m.j lie- 'Daily Telegraph's' Paris corre.sp.,,,,. dei.t suites that |oi a. loitniulit the I;,-, t" h.i,c hr,-n .showii 1; ; the "i-entost i't'a.-ery, and making d-.spcrate ettocis at l.a. l'.e-see to comiteriialan.e the Allies' .s'li e,s.-.-s in tiie north. The countrv is -. x . ti--mel\ ililii.-ult ; hedges, rannls. ", opscs. and hhlo.ks much fighting at clo-e tjuarters. \'oN MOLTKE'S SCCCE>SOi:. AMSTERDAM, October 27. lb--, nvd October 2S. at S. 15 a.m.! General I'alkeuliayn has sura ceded Ocn.-ral Yon Moltke as Chief or the G,;•-•. man Mat!'. J\AISER'S SON OSCAR I'ARA.LVSED BY A SHOCKING SIGHT. COPENHAGEN'. October 27. ■Received October 28, at 9.25 The recovery of Pi iuce Oscar, the; Kaiser';, son. is doubtful. He is s-utlVriu;.' < from partial paralysis of the vaults nerve, ! caused bv the sho'k of .serin- the Tureos j kih all the, oiliccrs of his Stalf. i THE DOOM OR ARRAS. dLciiiiiiMi 'Times' and Sydney 'Sun' Services.) I LONDON, fjctober 27. A correspondent who visited Arras .-ays i that there is de same talo there as :n',i hunched other towns and villages where „t ! ".vas feared the Prussians were coming. On the outskirts hundreds of women ana '■ udrla could be seen pushing perambulator.- 1 and other hi;ht vehicles; old men stum- j hltu,; wearily alone; children carryine; j ihtcken;-. .-iiui ducks. At the approach of I evening the ri'fucec-j tore straw stacks to ptec-s to build shelters from the wind and rain. Inside the. town the. destruction of ! German shells was visible everywhere, j Hardly an unbroken pa-ue of glass was left. Everywhere was? the acrid, distinctive smell of burning houses, and the scent of the powder floatin"; over from the neighboring French guns was by comparison almost, invigorating. A few people .slunk about the town, but the, majority were living in vast subterranean cavities originally built tinder the town by monks. Yi uttin-snme spirits handed food and water in to their imprisoned friends through the ventilators;. SHIP AND AEROPLANE CO-OPERAT IXG. London ' Time's' and Sydney ' Suu ' Services.) LONDON, October 27. A 'Times' correspondent, describing the coast fighting, writes: "Somewhere in the inferno is perched .a watcher, marking where the shells from the warships .are failing. VVitn him -sits a. telephonist. Piach time n shell bursts the, watcher gives a. message to the telephonist to transmit to headquarters, whence, it is transmitted to a wireless operator, who flashes it to the ship. Fifteen minutes after firing the- phot the gunner at yea receives intimation 1 where the shell has fallen, and hj« regulates his aim and fires again at the invisible, foe." GERMAN GENERALS' COMMANDS. (London 'Times' and Sydney 'Sun' Services.) LONDON, October 27. According to the statements of German prisoners, General Von Kluck directed the German right during the battle of the Marne, but has since remained on the Aiftne, and ia at present with the Germans between the Oise and the sea. Commencing from the south,, the Germans are led by Genend Von Bulow and the Crown I*rine« of Bavaria. The Duke of Wurtembur-g is commanding -in Belgium.

GERMAN GENERAL CAPTURED. (London 'Times' and Sydney 'Sun' Services.) _ LONDON". October 27. General You Fraif-e is amongst the Carman prisoners who have been brought to France. | GREAT VICTORY AT WARSAW. | ENEMY HURLED BACK. WELLINGTON, October 23. The. Plii.h Commissioner reports under date October 27 (1 p.m.): Tho to no of German, and Austrian communiijue.s confirms the Petrograd claims to a great, victory at Warsaw. The enemy vert? hurled back many miles. A NEW SEA THICK. BUT OUR SAILORS ARE AWAKE. LONDON", October 27. (Received October 28, at 9.25 a.m.) A naval officer writes that the latest German dode,e > to pla;.e periscopes on mine.;, hoping that British warships will ram them. lint tile dodc:e i.s discovered. I f 113 BELGIAN' STEAM El I. A CLEVER- RESCUE. J.OX DON. Ociobo 27. j (Re, eived 28. at 9.2.7 a.m.) j After the explosion the Belgian refugee , t> team or Admiral Ganteauine commenced to j settle or: ;in even keel. The stcanitT Queen and two French torpedoers. ; sped to Jit-r a.-si.-c Lance. Meanwbti" the men and women who hr'd b-e-n with panic rushed to the sides, e-t'siictilaliii"; and screaming for htdp. As Uiv (Jinen approached a [.'amber ■('( men and women jumped o\onboard Some failed to inasp the roper- ;ir.,l iiiVh-dts. Fifteen others wore enadi.-i between tho two coins. Oweboat eapsi,.ed. and ihr.e i,f or pattv were drowned The „■„!,•:■ prnviie; ':<>,> ret: eh for the Jaunehiiii i.t' bmW, '■ he. Cuu-e!! lhially mar.icuvred alengs;,!,., ;lll ,i (d K , refugees. \>. ho iwiv ti:e peer,.-.; ,0 the. pour, rerainl.led lather with tiicht. D.e-rit--. t!ie disorder, the 0u0..-:: ie;:e:!ei o V ,----'2.000 in 20 minute?. Tho captain of tlr Queen Male.-; that- tho disaster «.i< .p.... to a tnii;... in hers ,-,tiribute it to a hj ai'T exp! ■:-;.-.;;. NEW TYPE ml- SCRMAiMXE TO CARRY TROOPS. (London "Times' ;»:;J Sydney ' Si-n'Services.) ! I.i:\OOX. Uetob-r 27. | Copenhagen ivpoii., ,-000 da', tie Oer ; marc .j.-: o ■ tlie. bine, at Ilami bt;iu Y . a. new typ-' <>; lar;./.-- .- union lino that juil! transport to ops. It can be u.-ed ay I liiimbeis of v. n-kinrn ;;<..■ «■;• .; ~] , n the.e. j w.iki::- day and o ; ,-he j pusmxc ox 'in;-; wider cacge. [(London "Times' and Sydney 'Sun' Serrices.) i I.OXDOX, M't-.ber 27. | \ Russian •■t);e;;d Mar toi respondent rej ports :ini!i !;--;,.J,,,tutors thai the Russian j htoad-./ai;-.'.- railway ha- i--c;i cinird .vimi. i ■ in;-. I hiii-'iv. and thai furl her j I'i'iimMii.i...-:! •!! \\ ilk tie- .\ii,!,i:ih l-;. i ulc . |,e.-. ; <-!bw;.,i I AEIUAI. DREAI'.N'OUGHT rAI'TURED ' RY RU>,<[AXS. I i'London Thncs' and S\ dney 'com' ' ; I.MXIiMX, Itrower 27 : i The Irivr-.,. .-a. .ar-d in Tra n.-vivania a■' j r-m;rrkni-!e i--■ : ,erial ! w i-...-.-,i ; -d l»ie;.tk ; ■i-ii-ir i' w-iib o-llio- .-ir.-.-t : . -siu-t tli-- < enemy m-av Wae-aw. | IX THE CA.MERoOXs. i;r>f!;.ii:\ \; \\>i; !<• kht. ai' i;.\xj)i'-'M. 'Leud-n -Time-.' sn'isvdii-y • ir-.m ' i l.i iv (x i.\, i),-i,-,ivr 2,7. ' A io-eo-.j.eii e is-, n- sri-vo;_; i, : the ; Ctuneronn- ..,,• |i. i ,;,,, i;.,)-,,;-,., s ;ir ., :rrw . - iol; th ■ Itieiio -n e,,d n'akii'e tie-'O :dl-o; : any ~< ~nr ,o„ ;.■:,■,.. i h.-y a,, d-eow : some of the dini.iM {■ iek- , v -i- hear.! of. ; l,ori;, -.. ;h- ->■ ,t our ;■■•■■!< 1,,-in.- eo\,-ri -.virli '■ Ceiinai:,-. [ hey ao- :_,-ie L }., 0,., : , h,, t . ; ie,-,r. Kld-.l' OCR Wmdl.. I.ONIMiX. (i,-;ob •! 27. R'"-' ivml (i ;,,;>. , 20, ~; d.ld a.m.i The. ' Daiiy "i'elf_-i aph ' mvi;.!.. the, i a-tion of the Sydney auet i..,,, .-,-s in ivi'ns- ; itifc' to take i.vid> hi we.,-,1 a. Id-nnau ae-j count it- \\,-,\ oi tho Emd-Mi's -xploits. a,e! ! calls ~,] th.. (loe.-rnment ;o eree:.- for, mojv j i-„'wi.i i- s!i|,pie-s of v.-.>oi It m: Ac... ! 'lalta arri X--w ! REIaHCMS SERVK ES TO MANKIND. ! Mld.noCßX!'. O.f.ber 20. : ißeeeived (»,!..!„-;• o.j ; ... ~ ]0 ~ ,„ , The eaiil- oi'aill ill.-tl li, 1 ll:e Sir IJ. Re-id i 1., pay MItoEUOO as a -ran; o. I e-'-iun: ! that it is in -ratofiil ael.ii.oC-. dement ,-f ' .

Mi'FMM-n in-- in!•: Aitntnt'Ki-:. m;u\ ia's n !■>;.>;■: rati-. Ki.Toins. ROMh". (),■[, .),<.,• 27. iib-0.-h.-d <i,.-i ,I,<t 28, ;u J0.16 a.m.) Pnmep and tlio <>i\\<-v were found Tlr-v wii! be. i-vnu-nrvd un Wednesday. lile. S'!-\'inil? made .1 <MV-p'.'l-;it.> ;i;''.''ll pi to • upturn thi- city of Sen;jcvr> h,-fo>e the trial UTiiimarcd. VVHE NTHEY CET CALAJS! LONDON'. O, tobrr 27. Received October £B. .'it 12.30 p.m.) 'l'll'* ''l ini''s"s ' v'openha.gen messages itati 111iit. on tin- strength of the Kaiser's command that. Calais must be captured at nil (<>?•-'. IJarnn Von I tannine, of the IJ one Mi Adpit.incy Stall', heine; interviewed, declared that when the Ueimatis are in posses-ion of Calais ; ; :ey will use 17in howitzers for protecting it as a. base for torpedoers ami submarines, and that these will be surrounded by a triple row of mines. Th-r Ramn added t!i;-,.t- th- Hermans will scatter minefields to I'm :smoiiTii a»d off the entrance In [lie North S-a MASSING ACSTIUANS AT r;[TK-XT. AMSTERDAM. October 27. {Received Oetoii.-r 28. at 12.30 p.m.) The -Tekyraar leports that, 10,000 Austrian* arrived at Ghent on Sunday. TFIK CRCISKR XURXDKHi:. COPKXHGAEX, October 27. fßeceived October 28. at 12.30 p.m.) A message from Berlin states that the Nurnberg eaiied at Honolulu lor coal .and provisions mi September 2, after chased for several days. I''lANS AT Till-: FRONT. LONDON, October 27. (Received October 23, at 12.10 p.m.l One hundred and thirty-four members of the House of (.'ominous are serving at the front, including 95 Unionists and 25 Liboials. but no Nationalists or Laboritea. MEAT EXTRACTS CALLED FOR. LONDON", October 27. (Received October 23, at 12.10 p.m.) An a.ppeal i 3 made for meat extracts for the British -wounded for use, on the battlefield. It is stated that shock and injuries following lojxjj " marches and laborious trench work with insufficient food produce dangerous physical depression, and if this were immediately relieved many lives would be saved. ANTI-GERMAN MOTS. LONDON, October 27. (Received October 28; at 10.15 a.m.) Thirteen of the anti-German rioters at JJ cut ford were committed. Sue UiaJ.

j THK AHCHHISHOP'R WARNING. ' 1 | LCNHON. Octolvr 27. I tßeceiv<'d Octolvr 28, at, 12.10 p.m.l The<ip of Canterlnny. .peaking- ( at Brcjinley, said that the country was in grave danger of ;i . s-s-ioti;; breakdown as regards inUmipeiancc. this Loins; duo to friends '• treating" soldiers, in the. belief Hint, they ay pro giving tlteni kindly eiicruirI acement. J hero ivnj an increase, of insobriety in women wbofc. men were at th>> front, .hie to excitement and <listrw.e. As • a result of the anxiety for nows the women crowded the hotels, not for the* sake of . drink, but. seeking information. • AN ANGRY KAISEIt i AND A DYING GENERAL. NAPOLEON AND VILLENET/VE OVER AGAIN. ! A.MSI'IfRDAM, Oetotber 27. i (Received dctoiier 28, at 12.10 p.m.) It is ofiicially confirmed that General ■ A on Moltko is in a. dying condition, and I has ben taken homo t > Benin. His | symptoms aiv aggravated by the failure, of : his plan.s to reach Paris, tin tesuh of • which loused the Kaiser's anger. j ANTWKHP ALIVE AGAIN. ! AMSTERDAM. October ?7. ! -Received October 28, at. .12.10 p m.) i Antwerp is resuming its usual aspect. j The trams are running and many .shops are open ' THE ".I'ACK JOHNSON ' NOW A MERE CHIT. i Gl'N TO CARRY VCROSS THE channel: I AMSTERDAM. Oaober 27. Cvceived O.tobvr 23, at 12.10 p.m.) 'ihe- Dutch p-pers are printing detailed i d..- -■ rip'.ions of a German jitin 66ft long, ! wilii a rang*' of 27 miles, firing- a, proj-.e----i it!" that makes a hole 15 metres in cir- | o-.nm'e'.vni,-. ,-,n.i pc : vtrates eight metres j of rock and soil. Ihe cost of each lound i is £2.400. TV/O NEW ZEALANDERS. [ ONE KILLED. ONE WOCNDEP. j HASTINGS. October 28. J A piiv.-re cable, which ha.s received | reriorts '.hat Oa.piai., Walter Russell, of ! the N'oi-thampt'or,shir" Resriment. the 1 vauiyjest son of the- lat- Sir Willi.ini Rias- '?;•:!. wa.s kid-d in a.'ion in France ..n the j 25r.1 0.,0b.T NAPIER. October o?<. I'lAale cable aiivice received fiom the i War Office states that Lieutenant Alger i r.nn M'Leau. a son of Mr Bouglas;. ! formerly M I'. fot N.i|der. ha- 1..-., 1 \\ ounded in action. LETTERS FROM SAMOA. ; r.ettors fr«m member-, of tie- c.-ittie-.e ) force j;, Samoa were deliifife) in Auckland i yes'etxla.y. b.aving been dr-pnte| : e.i | Apia via Pago Pago to Sydr.e;.-, and for-, i warded by the Riverina. \ A ppar, lit ly i-,o incident, haf- ceurrcd In j disturb ' hj" monotoui. of garrison duty ' ! ~'.r.'(- the \-1 - i * -f the G-uman ernisTs '"-n , ; Sepi-milfcr lb .Many of the leit"is <on-| 'tan. left ronoo tc- the desire of the men 'o | join the main Expeditionary F'-rre. and re- ■ ; port, rum-.i.s o' arrangements «hich have: I been made to enable them to volunteer. j I In-* camp cao'ecn bar. row Ivn-n started, | • n ro' i'. is vo-e-ihh- i.i s-cuie- ".-•■ft" drink- I : and t baei-o at reasonable pliers. The ! ,'troops have been supplied with .suits. | 'Tic u-.ual camp e-'i'ii::' eontmias -reveille ! 1 tim.,ll when lli.-i-- is one; fall in ,-.t 5 a.m. : i fo- did! t;li 6.50 a.m , varied now t.wii e a - week bv a, route march of live miles ~r s.i ; ! [ b, at 7 a m . and tlvn the tet-ai ! caian dtit; ■---guard -'. pi-keit.. p'Oi'-d. with: it: a' 12 p.m. f-li-ev ( d \-,y more j bathing, washii g ..f i hihes. ~., , -, ur \ \ ; hit-lv leave to t !■.. town fr.en 2 n.m. \-- •! \ \ it n-.'; dri'd -1 .".0 p.m. t ■'. ■-, 50 ~.m. : locs i i- granted from d o m. to 6 p.:n . and !n'< r ' i for th-.s" of -ood ~,:dic , ; t-a ;-t '■■ ■ 5 ji.nn. and 'i-'a's --v.: a: 0 inn,. : under date 0,-tol-r o r, IM!I ,j... •., ; r dps< | i -taoon as Sam.-:,. .-: n-s : -" 0,,. c ■; ■-. are \ . iu-tall.'d in •'. :-„■-.■ barracks I won't i : mind how h.t.g v, c ai-> k--| :■ inn. It is, j ' r...,. vrn ph-a.-an! shvnoo: in ',,,,„. ;l . | we wake tipio hud any., mcsfpiit' .'■. and all j Apia wa.s floodicd oui, one mgli! Siimoan j 1 stanins are now m-ohtatnai-'e. Sane ofth-| sets or a, face value of IP: have hen <. ! 1 .' for as much as ...?o. I wish r bad Kttouti ' of thai so. ,iy ;-. 1 mi...ln hav. V-c, ab'e : to make soim- mom-v. Seine of i|,.., ln.ysj saw a. Gciman ;;\nn.: to cm. off a t.-ative j wt -nan's hair, so tiey e,-,; hold of him and I gave him a u'ood fhra.-hmg." I An olncer." writing on Octobe: 7, staled ; that the rainv sea--m wa.- in i mjr'.«. but I tilt ofbcei'S v. ye \->w in coinfoi't.ibh- r|tiar-j A p;..j"<t I'vs afoot to print a lamp ncv.s- ! o:in. : . --'..eiv it.-i, to ...;]d ;,, :': tends in , New /• ah'ud. ■ [ NAT I'OVAT. RESERVE. i. To-m-.trow ev-nin- the St. Kilda. St. ! Clair, i 'aversham. and pan'es. with Nn 5 City, parade on the ( '--. if wet. at WCght. Stepbrnsnn's s.'deyands. The other companies parade at the;'.' ic-".ui! place- <■; at the 'o'gi Farmers' vards. otaco i' vnii<Hi'' ,\\ii g:-'V!-:i:al j WELTV RE .\S-''''( IA ! (ON. "-■• hoy. tfea.-urer? of the Pta-o ['at- | ' riotic asd Gen-oa! Welfare _ A.— - iat ion ,:c- I donatio,,'-, j-. I!,: fntai': " ! EtVvio,;:-:-.- ackn.ovi. -!,,•-1 .. .JJ U 5 j "' nl.',VO:■"".' . '..' ■■ -. 10 0 0 ; H. T," .lan-.-.s 1 0 01' lSnr-,i Mon-iv 10 10 0 j ' Dr Riley .. ... ... 10 10 0 Mrs Gideon S- . -r 10 C 0 Mosm'el District Hi m S-h"-! 1 - 5 0 Mrs. Keith R-tm-w ... 5 0 0 W. A. and K. Searfe 2 0 0: Florence B. Daws.-: 1 0 o Miss G. Helen Gatd'ner ... 10 0 Charles Stewart 1 0 0 E M'Carthv 10 0 Mif. M E. Ewen 50 0 0 S Kpcstnn 5 0 0 "Kaiser P,ill" 5 0 0 •\amele,-" 5 0 0 John .L Harris 2 0 6 "Merton" 1 0 0 Overseas Cittb Dttnediu brands! 50 0 0 £12.21.7 19 9 DUNEDIN WOMEN'S ASSOCIATiON. Work is going on steadily at the Early Settlers' Hail, where over 100 cases have been packed ready for shipment. This does not include, the Port Chalmers cases-, which go forward to their destination by the Pakeh.p. which sails to-im-now. The Maori Hill school children sent in several parcels of clothing for the relief fund. There have been several pairs of blankets ' and quilts sent in lately. Tho number of ' these must now be well over 600. The Diinediti branch of the Order of the Star in the East sent, in a very handsome. ' donation this morning. i The committee hope to get a case for the Qu'sen Mary fund packed and shipped t-> Wellington by the end of this week. This is an appeal for woven cholera belts and socks for the British soidiers now at the front. The following monetary donations <-re acknowledged : —Little Miss Wilson 4s fid, ; Mrs Allan 10s, proceeds of concert at Wai- ' tati (per Miss Morris) £7 10s, Port Chal- ! mers Ladies' Patriotic Committee—cholera • belts £5, Belgian relief £1 10s 9d, Red ■ Cross 10s; and smaller sums. Larlv Liverpool Fund.—Goods : Mrs J. Fulton, Mrs Millar (Mount Grand). Belgian and British.—Goods : Mrs Jas. l Aitken (Waikaka Valley). Mrs Wood, Mrs 1 Skinner. Mrs I). C. Stewart (Patearoa), .- Mrs Skinner, Mrs A. Wilson, Airs Cauley, ( Airs Furze. Mrs Dawson, Mrs Tout, Mrs < A. Murray, Mrs T. Wilson, Mrs P. Miller. 1 Misses Murray, Mrs C. F. Overton, Mrs ± i

J. R. Mitcholl, Miss King, Mrs Benny, Mrs George Bunn, Mrs A. C. Keo (Clydevaiei, Mrs Screen i.llanfurly). J.R., A. C. Love iGreen Island),' Mrs M'Yicar, Miss Harty, K.W., Two Friends, Mrs J. L. Christie (.Saddle Hill), Madame Yon Look, Mrs Gideon Scott, Mrs M'Kir.ley. Mrs John M'Donald. Bertha Sutherland iPalniprst-nn), Mrs Wallace, Mrs W. L. Tnvlor, Miss Tavlor. Mr M'TJcrmid. Mrs 'joint White. Miss Beadle. X.Y.Z.. Mr, Stewart. Miss M'Laan. Miss Murtloc.n. Mrs das. On-, Mrs Lowe. Mies Helen Scott. Ruby Anscombe. Miss Bernard. "Middleinarcli, Mrs Mawhtjincy iWcdtlorhurn). Order of the Fast- (per Miss Hartlevd Maori Hill School jinpils. Mrs I'. R. | S-iiLiood. Mrs W. Plaits (Port Chalmersi. , Mrs Jackson, and Mrs Power. | PORT CHALMERS. j Under the auspices of the Ovcr,e-i.-> ! Club, the Orphans Club yesterday, in the I Town Hall, Rave, a very successful patrto ! tic concert, the proceeds of which eo t.. j the Belgian relief fund. There wa- a I crowded audience, and they showed k■>. i; appreciation of the good programme. The oichestral selections were very line. lie. feature of the performances wis the vet:deriiiK of 'lt's a- Long Way to Tipperary.' a number of Territooinls in uniform par ticipating. This followed an appeal !y tiir Lev! Mr Gocrtz. and while th.e sonwas heiriej sune; collectors went throo.:. the li.klv of the hail and collected iln-e in £9. ' The Mayor read the objects ic, the Overseas Club, and in aeknowledgiryr indebtedness to the Orphans Club for the evening's entertainment expressed the 'hope that- Port Chalmers would at ~ veiy di=tant date have the pleasure of is--necing acquaintance with the talented Orphans Club. OVERSEAS CLUB. The Oveiv-eas Club depot in the New j Zealand Express Company's, building still presents a, busy'. Parcels, of e'(>:.d« continue- to arrive, and the women workers are working as assiduously as ever in the inf-orests of the distressed war waifs of Britain and Belgium. Tht> Joilowinn; 'additional donations ar«- {Tfa'.t.fiillv aeknow-k'di-ed :- Dandv 10s; Mrs Kirk'ss, Reika Riitenberp (Mwselhtirgh) 2s 6tl. Mr« T. Nisbeth (larL-e parcel clot hin.el, "MA." (eiothinu). Messrs lTaJlenst?m Bro?. (burtons), Mr (buttons), Mrs MTWm itt (shet-si. Eotlit Street Homo (clothing). "CuinboHand Sf'-col" (clothincrl. Mrs Braithwaito (clotbincl Reika. Ritt*:rjherg (r-tory L.-vokf!. I.awrenc-? box toys a-ml ('hrif.trua:' iiresenisb CAYERSHAM BRANCH. The Oa.ver.diam liramii has all. along proved to bo a real live on", and the fart thai donations continue to arrive, indicate ilia: the eil'orts of the w -men workors is .•ippreeiated. The committee dfsuo- to ae. ki'.o«"led"<' the following additional donations :-~Go!l,tuvl hv Miss M'C-arthv (St. Clair) : Mrs Joel se'n., ss. Mrs L. A. Rus.sell 2s M. Mrs White 2s 6d, Mrs Motion 2s. N';.; N-.hoft lr. N'vs R-r-vnolds ]*, and Mes CtlU'spie 6el. <":itt? nf'elot.bins : Mrs [■'"errou Mrs James. M rs Gn'cpr, Mrs Xifiiei. Aliss LVssio JToirnrtli (dolls). Anonyinoiis.. Miss Tlion.son, Finlnyson (-oroiiti <]onationl GENERAL. d'he Auckland 'Star' states thai the fob hvw'iiii; probationary appoininients of <-,flJ. ce;s to Iho Maori o-.ntincont have been mad-:--C-aptnin A. Main (15th i!»i!ll; Lieutenant A. E. L. Jones (Auckland) ; and Lieutenant- R'->g?r Dansev iDunfdim. Tho Clint on Committee have forwaavlcd a first instalment of £4O for the reiiW of the P-eli'ian poor. j

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KAISER'S ARMIES AT TOP PRESSURE, Issue 15635, 28 October 1914

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KAISER'S ARMIES AT TOP PRESSURE Issue 15635, 28 October 1914

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