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[From Oru London* CoiutK^roKDENT.] i A LOSS TO ATIiLFiJCS. j The athletic world has r-ufiVr,d a vrry ] big loss tliHuiLi'h the death of -lames I-.. ! Sullivan, secretary ->f the Amateur A;h----i Wie Vivos,. It is only a mnn.r of about ! 10 w.-eks sin.-e .pi-'- writ'". wish-.! me dei reaped '• Lf-v-'l-Vv " nt Ktut-oii. \-h'-n AiiieI rici's f.-roinost worker for aihie-ics r---j turned to hi/ home ai'tr-t ■■ i t-^pd>ntr 'h "' I Knidish eliampioi-.-hips lie looked bv I usual cheery -self .lii'ii. and it coio-i- ;' i= a i shock to know that the hearty >.* j --.idled. -Tin- Sidlivan was a ivrd husM- r. i mil'! mi the death <-i William I'.. Cm". ..■■. '; woe established himself -as the qreai- -sii authority «'. in America. His (work in the cans-: since ( lie revival of thr l | Olympic Games has Iwn enormous, a.nd :l ;is extremely doubtful if a,ny other man j has accomplished haJf as much for aib- . ,'eties as the- deceased. The wider first laino in contact-with Jim Sullivan towards ! the end of 1888. and kqU in close 1 touch with him ever since, and he can. trtdy ; say that th: longer be knew him the more he admired and rcspecl-ed him. Points of. ditierence naturally arose, but the decea.v: d ' always showed himself a good sportsman j by recognising "the. other fellow'i- point of j view." As ho wrote toon after the 19C8 Games, when wo could not see eye to eye j with each other : " You are- one of the [Englishmen 1 can correspond with at- this j piiiod without our celling .each other ! thieves and liars, although wo disagree." I Jim Sullivan was always willing 1o adI vise and LeJp tile, young athlete, and Jus ! work in connection with the formation of the j Public Schools' Athletic Lea.gue ha-s borne ■■ gi-ont fruit. As a legislator he was in the jlfont rank, and no one was a. greater I sticker for accuracy in. connection with j athletics, lie once told the writer how he. j first ranif in recegnise ihe necessity oi | accuracy in connection with .athletic pro--1 formanccfv and it is worth repeating, as it' ! may serve .as a lesson to some. He relates ' bow he rushed down town from the old Pastime AC. Grounds, Sow York, to tell the late William B. Curtis that he had seen a certain novice put the shot 421t. "I know everything is correct," said -Sullivan. " as I measured the put and weighed j the shot." His war, damp-:d : when " Father Dill" remarked- "And did i you tost the scales." On being infornu-i ilia', this had net been done, .Mr Curtis advised his you:-g friend to do so. Tins J.lhS. did, and discovered that the scales were a. lot out, so thai the actual weight of the shot was only jiir-t over ]4lb. That lesson," remarked Alr Sullivan, "was one 1 never forgot, and it ta.ught me the necessity of accuracy." His death leaves a blank in the athletic world, for there war only one Jim Sullivan. His passing on also makes one reflect on others cont-om-j porary with the writer and the deceased I in the athletic world who arc no more. I The list, includes I.on Myers, Wniie l)av, I High S. Hart, W. T. "" C.'esa.r" Young, j and T. P. OoniK-ff—famous names in the ! history of ■foot racing.

! SOLDIER ATHLETES ! The list of killed and wounded from the I m-:ii of war con bains 11k: napie-s of many 1 men who have done, b:g things mi the | running path The latest cdiows. that I Lieutenant Jl. E. 11. Blakor.ey, of the : Royal iSus'sex Read mem. i* numbered '. ummiz the wounded. Ho is .1, iiiemiH; of ; the L-midon A.C., and iep-re..v,-.nte<l Uioat | Britain at. the, last Olympic names. H" | excels, as a sprinter ami hurdler, having | twice iinhdieel second in the 100 Yard* I Army Championship, whilst h<=> was nu -oik! I in the 4&0 Yards Hurdles Championship |of England last duly. In addition, lie was ! once credited with muni rig the- 120 Yard.- | Hurdle Race in i is the regiment to which Scrg« ant (J. i \Y. liuts.on. the or.'.: and four-mile cham- ! pion. belongs. No no'vs lias been hoard of liim so far, and hi<* many admirer? Imp--lie will come well out, of his campaigning, though '-'tis a long way t.-, liprn rary—- | otherwise Berlin." j Soldier athletes of every nationality will 1 glow with pride to read how M. Georges i Andre, tin- f,anions French athlete, recently distinguished himself. Ho is reI ported to have cut down the Germans j defending a flag • and to have captured | the fropliy, for which he lifts boon promoted to the rank of sergeant and awarded a special medal. Andre, is the. : best all-round athlete France has pro- | (lured, and as recently as last dune he j won four championships. Ho also shines I as a Rugby player, having represented ! France against England, Ireland, and ! Wales. | THE TURF. 1 The doekoy Club have just decided that ■: it is advisable to carry on maun. As j tin- .-towards point, out, this course 'a not, recommended in the interest of those I who attend meetings for amusement, but ; because they are satisfied that .-e.-.s'iic.n ' would throw krg" numbers of people out ! of work. | This is a wise pom-y. fr.r it would he i foolish to make matters liard lor lii-.-e | who are unfitted to serve. I Apropos of this, .Sir Evelyn Wood. Y. 0., has made a strom; idea, to masters m hounds not to -top hunt in;:, which no considers splendid vaining for cava by | officers. Another famous soldier in eiir j Douglas Haig. now serving in Fram-e. is i a groat advocate of polo as a means, for ! training cavalry officers. He was a keen ' phner him.elf when at, Oxford, an! .figured in (he team whi. hj beat Cam ■ bridge in 1883, and also the "7 fll lb; - i sars team which won lie- ;ntcr-rog: ; mental tournament at Hurh'ngha.lii in . 1884, : , The list, of molt ennueited with the ■Turf who are no:v doing n-iiil:iry v/ml; i grows every day. The Ibm. Fravu ;•; | Lambton, a*brother of Lord Dmharn, um» i runs a training establishment at Ne.wI market, hast hi.-.l- been given a eommis- ! sion in the Guards. Other notable ie ' emits are the steeplechase jockeys J. and :T. Lvall, A. Smith, \V. Payne, and 3d. Bletsoo. The first named has joined the 4th battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment, and the others the Nortliunts Yon-

Tlie victory of 15lack .lost r tl Legcr proved verv hoI j> f t.i I t p ai lief funds, Mr .).' P>. Joel hj in £I,OOO of his winnings io tl \I f Doncaster's Relief Fund, tl e J t St. Albans Relief Fund. Hie 15 1 n Pe lief Fund, and the Jewish R t lui 1 each getting £250. FOOTBALL. The Football Association rccentl rf fered to stop the playing f fo trill matches entirely, if the War Office authoi ities thought it advisable. The reply was in the negative, the authorities leing o f the opinion that it would not be ad able to stop entirely. The Vv ar Oft very gladly avails itself of tl hep 1 1 Football Association, howeve n i ii 1 to the use of grounds for tl e tra n n i recruits, the obtaining of i e re t and al.-'O in regard to the rai l s t to be used in providing for the [am 1 f football player* who are sei\i g M professional cl lbs have con tuc J I ranges at their grounds, ;n 1 i e 1 o drilling the players. The Hud 1 sf d Football Club are fortunate if j ai ex-drill instructor in \V. Norman as trainer, and he is . putting t! p ai, through their facings in fine st-vk Jl club will also allow season-ticket 1 1 ic to make use of the rifle range, which it a practical way to help, (

i i I eic;ut Championship

\ u ltu n 5i tli League touinment, r J hi b ) tii ]ini loim ol \.ston 'I" '" i t i iAd kin up <.eiM)ii ' ti< I ' till! \\ dne cm < <'"' 11 v. i il luui laxt o£ th in "i i ll i i lh \o \ Inch vi i « , ii i i'ir i n ioij Ihc ' V 11a i" <! if * Ii I,\ on v 1 i t \ Ui i r r i l Hun pi i i > d t , 1, I L,n ih I ' ( In 1 ix ii ]) ]|\ 1) lnic tl <"' 1 I ll I' \\.dni?«dl\ f 'u *i ! I Wlii 1-, p-iitini 'i'K ) iii jK ,o d tJiree goi ii i i | 1 ii'i i I mi ji and Y\i]m-ii 1 ' -'> _ ') th \ r ikbhire c] il fi i ii ii id k i ji\ Jin (.nos th 1 ' i i i i i n r line a dt ' i in, ni m hj firi !i n i t 'i u«'<h j ion ii i n i 1 hj l n(t it Vi nil how nig tii 1 lin ni> ii \ j tin c 1 pi< m ' n' i t iii hj nl tJ in cnt ni nd > JW ~< I i I i lii nt ] ikh i|i ' ih t t i l i Ai ml n mn I 1 'III <J I 1 111) i Mtiuuii 1 » i „ ' i J nli t<nd scored *h - i I' i i in i nock t ' i I Uilld ,i i t i 1n t, t I K in t 1 von i i i t i i \\a 1 ordon l tin r n I i li ii In uin t r r i «n ! ii i 1 t 1 lii 1 i uiu\pttt il dru H ( i i i i i m nit Ih 1 i 1 l tt 1 20 0 1 p< nplt mo t ol vn m i\)> nil ii (i\ 1 L u , l 1,, a t( i lin m ii in t i nit i, ,1 tttict and b ' 1 i I i u tli uti hj 1 ( i ? n li mi pi 01 nil \inis) <hj \\ipio\siiir I n i i a ii 1 11_ is'i putimcn rrredtW n 1l n Ini \ i lhn 0 bin an\ tt 1i hj in _ n hj i\\ i bit! intit ent-ci] n J j'Jo in, Ii }i i i ] j\ r Imi I i n Ti ill i_ i to aintlu mo loi £ 00 a tbt_ \\ in B uiui Fuci t'n < i t 1 b ni. ii imp ii l I w ui in ill t i i'n J an\ £iM oi <"-jteii o and i Jnm Jiil 'i iiulioat ipceip I m\ in <j< i ilit ° vi n gt-ni i i tmi i i\im, 1 i 1 < I\ 11 ill icr t <n i ipi< n 'ii} o\ii t'i J'utnt\ MoriH 1 (1)11 i H ill I<l til' 11 lh lllMll !•- 1 m it \d tialn nd \i\ /tilmd md 1 i t 111 Mil < litt till (tftl t) tdkt Jill' 111 lim'i i,i I'm hi t 1 "iK in a bit, ti iim i H i ill i\ii luitl mi i this. On th-o oilier hand, it would b ttii ph i ni ii\ if j fa. idmiror n n r)m ii o{ hj b il ii i \ lit. imm< e ii 1i n hj nit, c tu In tnumnhs ah Jo\m=- A i i t J <] I n md otliMN i t pn I on tij I n inn md < n i nil ill \i t l k 1 md hot his v oi'd hj iiiiju nh i titl in 1 lidr ii l l I'inv i<i n iu\ 1 f Ikh nip th loinu Ik Ida s i \ iiiijiK if h*> m< ( ] iddo m \ /i t'and JT \\ '-town ii ml O Gia\ <n in w iiKctn/ in a ° i oi unli leo each o' jj up tlii. toucbt "i th* Jinnee n \\ il til Jh f nmr how< d hi " ir mi M (1 ' d i im on ' \\h< n li m It ibi ' 4-1 J \\ Jl 1 IJ t j-11 li< v-U Uphill 1 t> \ < i I U -i I 1 \ * \t nui th J t noid hj i !V r T 11 nt J i ink \\ > <\, Kent - bo t i'l inn i ''ilrt'] \ i in mi d l > Mi ' 1 oid i nt Vhi id i n Mond it lii % li i p'nin iiHiiiiKifi 1 i'ii v i i (I rl u ' I'l b\ 1 o itiiill ( lub ni r l 11] 111 t l" s lll \ '1 ICM 1 1 ll tT"I t nnj jTriii \li -* pi<- <l 1 matili i il'i (•■ Lir\< i «i i i (.inn rl Smihf'l i l n n i u'n i nK hi to r"o in "■ t I ni i 1 i<ici r 1 t ) i i ' ill .ir I I i, i , \ ( I' i Ih ' iii >l iit i«c in i i a i ( • i ._ ' i I \, l 1 i ' i \ m r m in 11(1 I in r I I 'IS LIU' (ifi in i In In i lull < m-l t I 1 mi ' I'lm ,1 - (<<i ' KOO! M 1 t1 I I ll|( tl 10V\ 1f W I n i iit \-d \' ii t_i\ <ll l|r it i th 1 & \ , J! lU , j uhl 'i 1 i 1 ' 1 1 j I 1 t t 110 (1 'M II 1 .1] pll mi\ in ii t lit i li* »(inn oi \ ti < 11 1' 1 ' 11 stud k <in 1 \\ in n iin iim d the wni r *. 1 r J , » \» .) Il 1 I | I \\ • I ' i[ <- n

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THE SPORTING WORLD, Issue 15635, 28 October 1914

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THE SPORTING WORLD Issue 15635, 28 October 1914

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