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[From Ottb London Co-respondent.] September 11. SOLDIER ATHLETES. The list of athletes serving the Empire Ht tha present time grows longer and longer. London clubs are providing many recruits. The South London Harriers and the Blackheath Harriers hold a. very proud record in this respect, the former having 'timished R. J. Morfey, F. J. Martin, E. J. Colin. V D. F. Saxon, r\ E. Adams, md G. C. O'iTynn, whilst the " Heathen " recruits include B. H. Lymbery. G. A. rilaescr, R. A Lindsev, F. R. Limpennv, R. G. Smithar, and C. N. Seedhouse. E. S. Btirley end J. G. Houlihan are two of the newest Polytechnic Harrier recruits, and other clubs are also well to the fore. The universities are naturally well represented, and many athlete Blues are now serving. Among the number aro H. S. 0. Ashingum, the Cambridge allrounder. E. N. Bock, and J. V. ByrneJohnson, both long-distance runners, W. T. WotenhaJl. a quarter-miler, A. E. D. Anderson, and A. G. Slrakcr. Oxford men who have proved their patriotism by ceminp forwaid aro G. M. tfproule, the'three-miler, who is a, Rhodes scholar from Australia, F. W. H. Nicholas (sprinter!, the Rsv. C. M. Chavasse (quarter). F. A. H. Pitman (runner and rowing man), and G. R. L. Anderson, the. be-: hurdler England ever had. Men; ion may also he made of F. R. S. Shaw, G. N. Morphy. and T. O'C. Dunbar, three famous Irish athletes now wearing a service uniform. This, list is but a small section of the athletes now in line as defenders of the Empire, but it in lieates that followers of >pn; ts and pastimes ~;-e doing their duty. HELPING THE FUND. Another r.t.hletie meeting for tho benefit :'" the Prior o of Wales's ' relief fund was ft'.-} at Romford on Saturday. The Great l'-istern Raii.vay A.C. gave tlte use of the ground, and. wkh the prizes only of a nominal value, the fund will beet-tit considerably as a result of thii venture. Ti'.c names of many }>rominent athl»tes w--re missing, and tho sport naturally suffered, though there was no lack of keen competition. Tho fea'ure of the meting was provided bv J. P.oonev. who wr,|, tha open lOCyds in e.Tcelleut.' style. He to in receipt of liyds .start from W. A. Appk-garth, and he "was timed to run hi- Poiyds in Slsee. Thew was a slight drop, in the track, discount? the pert'onnaneo to sum? estcn:. yet. there is no mistaking the fact that Borney is rapidly approaching chanipioii.-hin rank. Appiegat'th'did net start, but G. W. Taylor, who had half a yard start, --vas amoi:,g the competitors. Another incident of note at the meeting <-as that the open mile handicap w.uit to a iong-?tart. man namcnl Schlamp. Though 'norn in England, he is of German stock. r and his win «r.s gained in excellent style. BOXING. Boxers .ire showing keen anxiety to assist tho relief fund, the first of a series •■:_ benefit tournaments neing held at Pretrderland. London, on Monday evening. Bombardier Biiiy Welis sparred with Pat, K'Kreffe, and tho list of'champions, past red prerent. who appeared included Joe Bowker. Matt Wells, Owen M->raii. J. Siuniaers. .and Bigger Stanley. It w, IIS pleasing tu .see how bo.xcrs from over the .-■:-.. rallied to the cause, among them b.'ing .'dike Fla-mior. Ki'i Bi irk. and G. Mtutroe. of America, the last named being a ban-ian.-weight champion nearly 20 years ago. liien there was F. S. Hague-v', of Australia, and J. Holland, of Canada, ao that the list v.-a.- really very international in character. Pat recently enlisted in tIV and another who appeared in '_■!;& Piatt* has since procet"i>:-.-| to tho 'r i t «' I'd pard n i I i i t pro i sentet i> hj \tng j jntd tie 1 fle Ini,aJ° B 13 ti" -u>t xl tmt the \ utjre wi 1 av'l hj tund rv lout huO 'ia i f « I en tha \ x \ ai 1 en t > mo j 1 p, it 1 ttitn tig t a oil" hj 11 ot 1 a- ti of b 1 \ n 1 r j Ife L 1 "J in c it hj hj n 1 I u 1 \ Ca tin ot tl Jti I m o e it L» t \ugT nriti m t I n c ha "> 1 t i u a in u J e \ Licit 1 1 11 1 OKeefft a J v it , t r I 1 1 1 1 1 note iu t it 1 1 Hi _ in th 1 i ti\ 1 t Pn\ Lr t '0 1 at eg t 1 wo ir i"d In 7 111 -in Pi 11 a 1 << i ai i om; ted 1 11 n j nnfni nr>e n 1 >'2 1 ' 11 r n 11 f 1 lp T") 1 nt ifu! am 1 uuiio It * nt e hi 1 u rt d 1 11 poitan 1 e wetn Dai P t ' t <r «eig ii 1 Vu ir 1 in i 1 fl n Eh me af \[ n am 1 i 1 er It har I rnit 1 hj It,, 1 el 1 tu' Eh t 1 i i 1 I 1 10 md bu om t a t It ™ am U a cited hi pr 1 CI iCs-Er PECT 111 rlamL.»h f nola j 1 ei 1 r i m c 1 1 t untt s it \ I tl t, 1 i j u 1 mi ft* ft tli rr n Llll thrt \iui) 111J r (In t 1 ui ii end d i\t r ni a. nir er -u I An _ o if i ii(, ta 1 bv 1 1 - L hj 1 \[(_t 1 ae "tt a Oti 1 a.l s wt hj tav i n tr 1 ' a 11 a 1 e 1 orp 1 < iu 1 t"o mi i 1 j! \ iin k dt 1 1 1 ul tnra i-ij inn In J ii un \ r k 11 1 r tun mi 1 »it t i t' ne u\e pnt u 1 iihen tne r tu a - naiiabl m riin, tc b held at Lord C roun 1 t 1 th puii t t inakin u i 1 batti 11 V rit a •> raket 1 let ml r tint L -ut ut C I Blazer o: tli 1 om 111 i P in eis nil Lieut-e-sant \ 1 H B u i t tn ] Re B i-ntn \ bo ra\ b tl die J und ■wer rjr t ih ci k t la iat al par 1 di t net on a run"i 11 1 hj k -- p V FOOTBALL. Two famous Scottish Rugbv plavers in Lieutenant C. M. i'.-he.r and R. 'U. Robertison, ot ths Gordon Highlanders, are among the missing. This does not neees i-ari'y mean that they are killed, and they may yet, turn up or Sw>. among the prisori- «■;■■>. It .vents to be accepted that 'no in - i--i'national Rugby tixturea will be plavod this seasoit, I.or null the county ehairv]:-. 11.siup be decide-'i. This is what ■•ne might 'tpect, the rank? <>f Rugbv players l.ieuig 1"...'..-- up of a e1.16.3 well aide t;; appreciate lite t,knation. Thousandfi have volunteered for ;e;-vic-c. ami st-ep.s alti> being taken tn u>rm a i'Tp; of Rugby players to serve together. The leading amateur oO'eer clubs are no less patriotic tiian the Rugby men, but tho professional clubs are in a difficult pc-i----tier:. Piayers-'are under contract, and ;■ is recognised that some effort must be mad?, t-o "carry on." What i-lia clubs are doing is to offer no opposition to their players tinder contract to enlist. Tiiry are also prepared to assist the wives of married players when away. To do this it is necessary that the season's programme shall be carried through. It is also recognised that football is looked on as a. popular form of entertainment, which serves a very useful ptirpefo by keeping the people normal. A 'Times' curruapcnilent. writing about ©ar soldier.; at the front, relates how they come ba::k to camp after an ."ngagernent and play football, which is a relief to their minds after the ordeals of a, terrible engagement. The Football Association have given a lot of money to tha relief fund, and arc nondoing practical work of another character. Grounds are being placed at the disposal of the War Office for drill purposes on other than match davs. Opportunities are aleo given to tacruitlng orßoers to address the crowds attending football —Kecent Play.— An early surprise of the League championship was provided by the Aston "Villa »-. Sunderland" match Being at home, the Villa players ware rather confident, but Snndorland scored three goals, Phillips (2) and Shea being responsible, to the one put on by Hampton. Burnley, the F.A. Cup holders, made a poor start on receiving Bradford City, failing to respond to the goal scored by Fox, of the visiting side. Chelsea pleased their mrny supporters by sharing the honors on visiting Totteniiim. Following this, they appeared to

have Bradford City well beaten when visiting the Yorkshire club. They wore 'two goals up with only 10 minutos to play, but Fox, of tho home side. then got, through, and, adding ;i second a minute before tho end, enabled his side to draw. THE RECORD ST. LEOER. Considering that Night Hawk created n new record of 3min ojsec. for tiio St. Lcgcr last year, and that Black JcsLer reduced this" by a second ou Wednesday, there cannot be much the matter with the present-day thoroughbred. Konnymoro ian very well in the Inst of the season's classics, cutting out a strong pace: until threo furlongs from the finish. Mr J. B. Joel's colt then dashed to the fore, and, going stronglv to the end, beat Kennymore by five iengths. Black Jester is by Polyicekj;. also a fine stayer, and the colt iiiav turn out a great cup performer. It may he added that the St. Lector course treasures 1 mile 6 furlongs, nnd 132 yards. Tho acceptances for the Autumn Handicaps are very satisfactory, few of the prominent candidates having been withdrawn. There are 27 non-contents for the Cambridgeshire, the list including The Curraghi China Cock, Blue Stone, and Shngun The first ami last named have a'-o been taken out of the Cesarowitch, for which Junior, with 9.2. stands at the top of the list. Maiden Erlegh :9.Q) is top weight in the Cambridgeshire, nnd a. 10I!> penalty for the St. Leger win -i;its I'kick'.T-ste • next on tile list with 8.12. SCC LI.I.NG. Thero was considerable diitereiKe ui ike physique of Barry and Paddon, -who contest, :d the world's sculling championship over the Putr.ey-Mortlake course on Mo:;, d.iv. The former stands 6ft lin and weighs 11 ''lo, v. hilst tin- Australian i< 6ft ."Jin in height and 15.12 in weight. What Barry lacked in strength, however, he made v)> for in style and watermanship, as the race showed. He ptdled a slower stroke than his rival, yet when Hammersmith 1 j miles* was reached ho was two lengths to tho He had inciea'ed his adtago to four lengths at Barnes, and. t,ik nig matters easily over the last mile, he passed the post a winner by 2J length-. Barry rowed the 4 ratios 2 fir.longs in 21min CBsec, which is only 16see slower than the record he set tin when beating Id. Town; in IC'Dd. This makes the seventh big victorv Barry has gained over tho Thames championship course. hi; rivnh being Towns, Albany. Fog. wili. Ani =t, I'hirnan, Pearre, and I'addon. TN GENERAL. Roving men are organising a, regatta for the benefit of the Prince of Wale*'-; ie!i"'' fund. It is also announced that Li. Cray and H. W. Stevenson will piny a match fc-r ;,he "benefit of the fund, thr> whole of the takings to be handed over to the. authorities. A Dest-i-md colt, fetched 2.lGCgs at Doneastfi 1 o.: Wrdnr-sdav, beiii" secured liv Mr Mallaby Peeley." .vhosef purchase of the t'ovent Garden citato firm Ihe Puke of Bedford created such a big sensation. Poiyinclas is well ahead of all rivals in the winning stallions list, the victory of Black Jester in the St. Loser having swelled the- total of ■winnings to over £2-I,CCO. P. C. Giles won the southern one-mile ?wiiruiing championship on cialurdav in 26min. the best time in the history of the event.

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THE SPORTING WORLD, Issue 15634, 27 October 1914

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THE SPORTING WORLD Issue 15634, 27 October 1914

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