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LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. DREADNOUGHT BOOT SALE PROVING A HUGE; SUCCESS. DAc GEORGE STREET, DUNEDIN bIMUJN JLJJXUfe., near octagon', our only address. SAVE MONEY NOW. NEW GOODS JUST ARRIVED EX S.S. CORINTHIC AND. S.S. RUAHINE. ALL AT SALE PRICES FOR CASH. :3 BOOT LINK. GG&ST BARGAINS THAT HAVE EVER BEEN OFFERED IN THi DUUT LI A Larsro Shipment of Dorothy Dodd and Crockett and Jones's Goods just, lauded GREAT WHITE SALE ! GREAT WHITE SALE J GREAT WHITE SALE I NOW IN PROGRESS AT PENROSES. EXTENSIVE REDUCTIONS OFF THE VERY CREAM OF OUR STOCK. THE BEST WE HAVE WE GIVE YOU AT SALE PRICKS. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN OUR BEST. THERE ARE NO PRICES SO LOW. SHEETINGS. SHEETINGS OF AI.L.KINDS ARK GATHERED HERE FOB THE GREAT WHITE SALE. Eve-iv pair of Sheets we. sell is si direct help to " 01(1 England," helping to keep the cotton mills of Lancashire goinjj. Know, then, that your purchases of Sheeting, Towel*, Calico, etc., will strengthen 'the sinews of war. ami contribute, to Uio reliet ot hardships in the Old Land. OUR PRICES ARE REDUCED TO MAKE BUYING AN EASY MATTER FOR ALL. 12 pieces 54in WHITE TWILL SHEETING. Usual price, iOt'd. AVlnte bale price, /£d. Two special lines in 63in. WHITE TWILLED SHEETING. Usual prices, Is, Is lid. White Sale prices, 7;] d, 9Jcl. , n , , „,. .. c . 10 pieces 72in WHITE TWILLED SHEETING. Usual price. 1? 2£d. White Sale price, lOid. „„„,.. „ , 6 pieces 72in LINEN FINISH WHITE TWILLED SHEETING. Usual price, Is lid. White Sale price, Is 6Ad. ,„,,... , 5 pieces 72in HEAVY HEKRINGUONE WHITE TWILLED SHEWING. Usual, Is 8d Wliito Sale price, Is <Ud. „,„. T „«■ -,- i "RIGA'S" famous DOUBLE WARP WHITE TWILLED SHEETING, 72m. l.sunl prices, 2r 3d, 2*-8 d White Sale prices, Is lCd, 2s 3d. _ 6 pieces HEAVY WHITE TWILLED SHEETING, 80in wiuc. Usual price, Is Brl. White- S»Je price. Is Bd. ...-„. -,- ', 5 pieces 80in HEAVY HERRINGBONE WHITE TWILLED SHEr.riM.. Usual Is lOd. While Salo price, Is 6£d, ALL THESE ARE EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. WHITE BED QUILTS. 300 SATIN-FINISH MARCELLA BED QUILTS, in all mc«. !.•■>« >» !l11 wholesale loTi, size. Usual prices, 12s 6d, 14s 6d, 16s 6d. White Sale pries, 7s &l 9s 6d lis 6VI 11 x 4. j-'berl size. Usual prices, 12s 6d, 14. M, 16s 6d, 20s. White Sale pneer, 8s lid, 9s 6d, lis 6d, 14s Cxi. , n „„ .. t . , . 19 ~, 12 j 4, double-bed size. Usual prices, 18s 6d, 21s, 30s. Wmtc Ssilo pi-iocs, 12, bd, 15s, 20s. 150 HEAVY HONEYCOMB WHITE TOILET QUILTS 10 x 4, sinrie-bod size. Usual prices, 6s, 7s &!. White hale prices, 4s 6d 5s bd. 11 x 4, i-bed size. Usual prices, 7s 6d, 9;. White Sale prices-, os, bd, 7s 6d. 12 s 4, double-bed size. Usual prices, 8s 6d, 9s 6d, .3s bd. White hale pnees, IM:NROSe| CI FAMOI;S°WAIMANA SATIN-FINISH TOILET QUILT, full double-bed size- an excellent weddin-; present. Usual price, 21s. White Sale price, los bd. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. *'* LACE CURTAINS. THE -DUPLEX VISTA" LACE CURTAINS, in Cream ami White, are <-ood value: size 108iu x 52in. Usual price, 5s 9c'. Wliilo Sale price, M lid. THE "PAR-YGON" LACE CURTAINS ara specially woven in handsome devices, either in Ecru or White- size 126 in x 58in. Usual price, 8s 6d. White Sale price, 5s 9d. Wc have just opcn«ra SPECIAL LOT ot FINK NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS in specially-selected designs. . . 3vds long. Usual prices, 10s 6d, 14s C.I, 18s 6.1. Whno S:.lo prices, 7s 0.1, 10s, 14s 6d 3ivds lonjr' Usual prices, 12s Gd, 15s 6d, 21s. While Sale prices, 9s-&l. ..lis 6.1, 16s 6d. , • , • -i The Renaissanea Lac© Curtain*—made like the real Point Lace Curtains, and ni identical patterns. Until recently it was impossible to set a pair ot Curtains mi ho desipn of th» Renaissance under 50s per pair. Our Sale prieo lor the Imitation Real' Point Lace Curtain is 8s lid per juiir. Size 54in x 108 m. Ivory. Ecru, uwl While stocked. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. SPANISH LACE CURTAINS. Wa recommend this Cur.aiu as tho best value in New Zealand for medium price, li is eoin x 126 in lornr raids in verv choice- d*sijrns only. It. is good enough to adorn iinv room, and well worth 12s 6d pan". Our price, 7s 9d. Colors: Ecru <»r White. OUR KNITTED LACE CURTAINS should appeal to those who prefer a heavy window curtain. White and Cream. Special new desipw. 3vds long. Usual prices, 5s 6d, 7s 6(1, 10s. White Salo pnees. js lid, 5s lid, 7s 9.i. 3Jyds long. Usual prices, 8s 6d, 10s 6d, 12s 6d. White Salo prices, 5s 9d, 7s 3d, 100 ODD* PAIRS LACE CURTAINS, in Ecru or White, at specially reduced prices. Somo of theso Curtains are slightly soiled, and must, be cleared at any price. 300 TRAVELLERS' SAMPLE CURTAIN ENDS, extra, large, and extra good qualn i-:-s. White Sal- prices from 9<l to 2s 6d each. \Y. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. CASEMENT CURTAINS. A ureic feature, of our business. We've been fortunate in <.'etiini/ hold of the right; kinds of Casement Cloths, and most new designs aro first shown at Penrose'-. We not only fix tho price for ourselves, bin. also for our competitors. Our White Salo priros will set up a new lot of Casement Cloth bargains. 25 piece;; BORDERED CASEMENT CLOTHS, 32iu wide; quite a freidi lot. of newest, borders. White Sale price, 6Jd. 15 pieces 40in wide BORDERED CASEMENT CLOTH; all colorings in Ui:s line, avs «ood. White .Sale price, B.UI. G pieces BORDERED CASIOrENT CLOTH, 42in wide: ihcsi Cloths are «11 m new Fawn shades. White Sale price, IOAd. THE BUNGALOW BORDERED CASEMENT CLOTH is 52in wide, and made, in all the newest shades. The border colorings are very good. Usual price, Is 9d. White Sale, price. Is 3d. OQ pieces FIGURED CASEMENT CLOTH.S2hi wide. Usual price, !*. White Sale price, 6',1. * \LL C\SEMEXT FITTINGS KEPT IN STOCK. LOWEST' ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR ALL CLASSES OF WORK. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE -STREET. CALICO. CALICO. We could not. hold a White, Sale without making a feature of While Calico. T(. hj. the mainstay of our Household Business. Our standard makes of Calico arc. too well known to need praise. True, dependable makes only kept in stock, yei, every yard reduced for the great White Sale. Wo have priced Calico particularly low, as wo want to put up record business this year. Remember! Every yard of Calico bought helps the Lancashire mills to keep going. Tito famous FAMILY MEDIUM WHITE CALK O, strong, durable, 36in wide. Usual prices, 7£d, 84d, 9.1 d. White Salo prices. 5h lid. 6s lid, 7s lid. CREWDSON'S CELEBRATED CALICOES, 36in wide. Usual prices, 7id, White Salo prices, 5s lid, 7s 3d. HSLAM'S CELEBRATED LONGCLOTHS, thoroughiv reliable Cloilis, 36m wide Usual prices, 7UI, 9d, lOd. White Sale prices, 6s 3d dozen. 6s lid dozen, 7s lid dozen. ..,.,■,, 25 pieces 36in FINE LONGCLOTH. Usual print, 7d. White Sale i>rii'C. 4s lid dozen. I,oooyds GREY CALICO, 27iu wide, 2s 9d dozen. MADAPOLAMS. celebrated numbers FINE WOVEN CLOTHS that ;.hvay.s Xeep v.. »ood color. Usual prices, 6d, 7Jd, BUI. White Sale price;!, 4b ild dozen, 5s lid dozen.. 6s lid dozen. CLIMAX MADAPOLAM, one of iho verv best. 42iu wide. White Sale price, /slid dozen. 3,000 yards of WHITE MADAPOLAM, 36in wide. White Salo price, 3s lid dozen. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. CpOD, SOUND, RELIABLE VALUES, THAT GOOD, SOUND COMMON SENSE MUST APPRECIATE, AND NO CLAMOR ABOUT IT. WHEN YOU GET THE GOODS HOME THEY ARE JUST WHAT YOU EXPECTED THEM TO BE--THE BEST YOUR MONEY COULD BUY. This applies to all Departments, but to-night hero are ;i few things for the. Gentlemen from owr Mercery and Clothing Department: OUR MADE-TO-MEASURE SUITS :it 70s are all made to vivo tho ? rei-,test pleasure n.nd satisfaction. From the best, Colonial and English Tweeds and Worstedsj fib and style guaranteed; a fino selection of materials. WHITE TROUSERS, for Bowling, Yachting, Week-enders; pood wearers and unuhri'ikabls. 9s 6d and 15s lid. A fine selection of HOLIDAY AND BUSINESS SHIRTS at, 2s lid. 3s Gd, 3s lid. Tussore shades, 4s lid. Cellular, 4s lltf, 5s 6d. Check fronts, 5s 6d. Remarkable v;Jue in UNDERWEAR of all descriptioiif;. Our Horace Slade, "Red Seal Brand," STRAW BOATERS, iho latest, 5s -fid, 5s lid, 6s lid, 8s 6d, and 9s 6d. PURE FUR HARD FELTS, 7s 6d, 8s 6d, 9s 6d, 10s 64. Latest shapes. THE LATEST IN NECKWEAR—MitcheII Slule-ca*y Tie-?, 2.6 d. All Wide-ends, bc.-l 2s 6d quality, for 2s 3d each. All Bowa. Is. FANCY HOSE, in preafc variety. Is 6d. Is Sd, 2s. 2s 6d pair. Also, the NEW HOLEPROOF HOSIERY—wo arc agents—2s, 2.« 6cl pair. ItiNINPROOFS.—Wo *ave the best, value. Tho " Simiilcx " Rainproof*, guaranteed. »teo collars, 30«, 37s 6d, and 42-s 6d. '-. hades. CAMPBELL BROS., DIRECT IMPORTERS OF GENERjVL DRAPERY, MERCERY, AND CLOTHING, . KING EDWARD STREET (near Curgill's Comer). XMAS GREETING CARDS THE " ELITE" Box of Clui*.tma* and N«w Year Caads, with SPECIAL LOCAL VIEWS, for Friends at Home and Abroad. DAINTIER THAN EVER.—Our New Stock of PRIVATE GREETING CHRISTMAS CARDS, printed with your own. wording, name, and address, at few hours' notice. -|- WILKIE AND CO., LTD., ** • Society Stationers, . 92 PRINCES STREET. OWEN'S, GEORGE STREET. CASH CASH CASH BUTCHERS. BUTCHERS. BUTCHERS, Top Quality. Top Quality. Bedrock Prices. Bedrock Prices. Buy Your Meat for Cash and Save Money. 41b of SAUSAGES, 1«. OWEN'S, CASH. GEORGE STREET. CASH. CASH. .. 6id Legs Mutton ... 2s .. s|d Forequarters ... 3W Corned Round... 6d Loin Chops W AST f WASTE PAPER. ITB PAPER FOR SALE, In Lots to Suit Purchasers. 'STAR' OFFICE. Corned Roll Mince Steak . 5d Dripping .. 4d Ox Tongues 6d 41b of Best Sausages, le. ARSHALLS Kidney Cure, a w«ll-t««t«d remedy that soon stops that backache; 2s 6d. Marshall* Pharmacy. THE two best " Blacks "—the Black Watch and Black, Mackay .Wniskjf.

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