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Berlin reports state that the Germans are depressed, that the opportunity to Invade England has passed, and that the health of the troops Is bad. The Allies' advance in Belgium is excellent and general. British warships shelled the villages along the Belgian coast. Acting In conjunction with the infantry the guns compelled the enemy to retreat. The Germans are said to be fortifying Ostend. General confidence, says the ‘ Dally Mall,' prevails as to the future of the Allies. “We have great hope and confidence in the morrow." A Portuguese newspaper says that Portugal has sent 12,000 troops to France, and will send other 80,000. the battle near Warsaw continues amid ceaseless rain. ON THE EASTERN FRONTIER. BATTLE ROLLED BACK FROM WARSAW. AUSTRIANS"REPULSED OX * SOUTHERN FLANK. Press Association —By Telegraph—Copyright. PETROGRAD, October 21. (Received October 22, at 9 a.m.) The battle has rolled back from Warsaw’, and the cannonading is now inaudible there. A constant stream of wounded prisoners is pouring into the city. The battle, progressed in ceaseless rain. Ghastly details of the fighting reached Warsaw, where crowds manned the bridges to watch corpses of their enemies floating down the river. The Austrians made strenuous efforts to cross the riven between. Faroslav and Przemysl, but'were repulsed. They then endeavored to outflank the Russians south of Przemysl, and several days of obstinate fighting favored the Russians. THE CAPTURE OF THE KOMET. SYDNEY, October 22. (Received October 22, at 11.20 a.m.) Further news is to hand of the capture of the Komet. It appears that this vessel cleared from Rabaul upon the approach of the Australian forces. After the seizure of the wireless station messages were constantly tapped, indicating that the Komet was despatching news to the German squadron concerning the occupation. Eventually news as to the hiding place w’as gleaned, and an armed force, under Lieutenant Jackson, accompanied by Colonel Paton and a detachment of infantry, led by a native guide, proceeded to the north coast of New Guinea, where they discovered the Komet warped to the bank of the river and completely covered with greenery. The Germans were greatly surprised when the British party sprang aboard and seized the boat. They found a powerful wireless installed, capable of transmitting long-distance messages. AID FOR HOSPITALS. MELBOURNE, October 22. (Received October 22, at 11.20 a.m.)The Council of the Australian branch of the Red Cross Society have decided to cable £12,000 to London for hospitals that are proceeding to the front. DOINGS IN THE PACIFIC. SYDNEY, October 22. (Received October 22, at 12.30 p.m.) Reports as to recent operations in the Pacific state that one of the Allies’ warships visited Auguar Island, landed an armed crew’, arrested (he German officials, and destroyed the wireless station. The Norwegian barque Remonstrant has arrived from Jaluit. She was previously' chartered by the Germans to take a cargo of Westport coal to Matupi (New Britain), afterwards proceeding to the Marshall group to load copra. Being a neutral, she suffered no inconvenience. While at Jaluit a fleet of German colliers arrived after coaling the German fleet. TALUNE FROM THE EAST. A NAROW ESCAPE.AUCKLAND, October 22. The Talune arrived from tire Eastern Pacific this morning. On one occasion she had a narrow escape of meeting the enemy’s cruisers. A German warship called at an island in the Society Group, at which the Talune was due. The officer's made inquiries as to when the Talune was expected. The information imparted was not quite accurate, with the result that the Talune never came within the danger area. The Talune arrived at Rarotonga on .September 29. She was due at Raitea on October 3, but on the night of October 2 the wireless operator intercepted communications between German cruisers within a hundred-mile radius of the Talune-. She doubled back to Rarotonga at top speed. Subsequently the Talune completed her usual itinerary without incident. DUNEDIN WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION. The ingenuity with which the ladies at the Early Settlers" Hall contrive garments from what appears to the ordinary male eye, waste material, is nothing short of vcoriderful. The worn feet are cut from a pair of stockings, and what remains becomes in a few minutes a wee child’s singlet, or something equally useful. Tomorrow will be “ Baby Day,” and Mrs Capstick, who will be at the hall between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to receive donations, hopes to be inundated with parcels of articles for the innocent wee sufferers by the war. No doubt plenty of willing hands have already been busy preparing things for this “Day.” Miss Stewart and Miss Burt are taking charge of the soft-drinks stall at the High School Sports on Saturday; the proceeds of the sports, by the way, are to bo devoted to the Patriotic and General Welfare Fund. From this stall will also be sold buttonholes and sweets, and the ladies mentioned will bo pleased to receive donations of these, also of cakes, at the Early Settlers’ Hall up to noon on Saturday. The association took a leading part in the successful canvas for funds at the various halls yesterday. The following member* and friends assisted in the work. Octagon Hall : Mrs J. 0. M'George (in charge). Misses C. Smith, Speeding, Rennie (2), K. Salmond, M‘Kinnon, 55. Croft, A. Croft, A. Reid, R. Benham, Barron (2). Garrison Hall: Mrs S. M. Park and Miss Runciman (in charge), Misses R. Melville, H. Bowler, D. Allan, N. Smith, F. Thompson, D. Wren, D. Gascoigne, M. Somerville, D. Macaulay, G. Smith, M- Peterson, N. Ellio£, N. Loudon, H. Praia, I. Baxter. Princess Theatre: Mesdames Capstick and Fulton (in charge). Misses W. Alaceowan, Watson (2), Gillies. Balk (3), Gibb, Fulton, HertSlet, Sim, J. Allan, and some pupils from St. Hilda’s College. His Majesties’ Theatre: Mrs M‘Fie, Miss Stewart, and Alias Burt (in charge), and Misses Theomin, Glendirining (2), Mackerras; Gibbs (2), Hayward, Turner, Park (2), Lewin, Shrimp ton, Geerin, Rattray. MORNINGTON WOMEN. Warm garments of all kinds are still coming in to the Morhihgton Council Chambers, and things are kept very bifsy. The Mayoress \lslrs \V, j, reminds the Tadies that Friday is “Baby Day,” and clothes, socks, etc., will be received at the Council Chambers at 10 a.m. Donations of cakes and sweets are also required for the patriotic sports on Saturday. “A Friend” has sent £1 for the Belgian relief, and “ Anonymous ” a large parcel of linfcn for Red Grots putpbsbs.

OVERSEAS CLUB. Room No. 9 on the second floor of the New Zealand Express Company’s buildings was a particularly busy place yesterday afternoon, when a display of Christmas boxes for the Belgian fund was being h»ld. Commodious as was the room. it proved much too small for the crowds of Juveniles and adults that assembled.. Here one saw little trts, ranging from three years and upwards, bringing their toys and gifts of a like nature, and presenting them to the committee for consignment to the "Little Belgians.” It was difficult at times to persuade the little dono'-s that the Belgians were not on view, but explanations generally satisfied the generously-disposed “young Britishers” that their gifts would be forwarded to the little war waifs. The committee wish to tender their thanks to all donots for their magnificent response, and the recollection of the pleasure which all seemed to experience in giving to a most deserving cause will live long in tho memory of those who were on duty at the club’s depot yesterday afternoon. The Forbury School band rendered a number of pleasing selections, and other pupils of the same school gave pleasing renderings of other items. The following additional donations for the Christmas box fund are gratefully acknowledged : —“Sympathiser” ;2), Mrs (Dr) Williams, Airs Christie, Mrs Watt. Airs and Miss Anderson (Roslyn), Miss Glover. Aliss Bevin, Miss Arlidge, Mis* Una Ferry, Alaster Hunter Nelson, Miss Menzies, Mrs Munro Aliases Fraer, Mrs Crow, “Retail Firm,” Aliss Eileen Cusack, Gogie and Nessie Miller (Green Island), Lovcday Henderson, Nettie Williams, Barbara Williams, Forbury School boys and girls, Eileen ami Aloira Young, Airs Ploace, Nelly Fobv, Airs Foley, “Sympathiser” (3). Nellie and Robert Connelly (Wakari), Arch. Bovin (Wakari), Aluriql and Nellie Pearce, Forbury boys, Charlie Brady, Vera and Willie Hayward, Sophie “ Anon.” (3), Little Girl, Phyllis and Doris Wheatland, Brenda Scoullar,. Airs W. Reid, Mrs Gardiner, Miss Findlay, Aliss Thomson, Airs J. Sinclair, Helen, Duncan, and Cecil APGregor, Mrs ATGregor, Doris Vealo, Evelyn and Clyde Wellsford, Alan Hutcheson, Mrs Hutcheson, Mrs Robinson, Miss 0. Halligan, Doreen Crossan, Alurroy Sidey, Mrs Brown, Aliro Duncan, Esther and Doris, Doris Richards, Jack and George, ‘"Girlie,” “A Friend,” Three Little Macfarlanes, Airs Kirk, Miss Al’George, Miss Niven, Annie Aitken, Airs Gibbs, “Two Friends,” Cecil Green, “Little Girl,” Airs Bennetts, Misses Hutchison (3), Airs Hutchison, Aliss Esma Smith, Nora and Ethel Watts, “ Overseas,” Kathleen, Irene, and Aliss While, Alaster Denis Barnett, Alisses Hill Jack, Aliss Kathleen Greenslade, Airs Greenslade, Miss Blandford, Airs Couston, “ Two Friends,” Mrs Ramsay, the girls from Archerfield (second donation), Alaster Alills, Aliss Eileen Cusack, Aliss Gladys Leland, Airs Vial, Airs Alills, case of cadet uniforms from High Street School, and Air James Hutchison.

The following donations of money have also been received Air C. H. Statham £5 ss. Miss E. Fraer 6s, Airs Alace 2s 6d, ‘A Friend” ss, Aliss Mary Napier 3s, Miss Doreen Crossan 4s, Airs H. White 2s 6d, “ A Friend ” (Taratu) 2s, and money collected in room 325.

Parcels of clothing have been received from Airs De Brun (124 Dowling street), Airs A. Fyfe (47 Union street), and Airs Alace.

A number of cases of clothing will be despatched by the s.s. Pakeha, which is due here in a few days. m and Belgian Fund.—Monetary j Sl i? s ’ *[ rs and M i* s Ldtt, Aliases Alien, Airs Nimmo, Miss Ponder. Airs F Ansdell, Ella Smith, All’s A. j. Gibbs a ? J !' S W " Jud ß°- Mrs Marshall, Airs A - B. Johnstone, Airs Broad, Airs Kemrs Pike. Cavershain School (per Mrs SnowbaU), Miss Alexander, Mrs Whit combo, ALT., Airs Rotnison, Airs Allen, -Nil's lv. Kennedy, Mrs Coventry, Mrs rustain fMosgiel), Olive Fountain (toys , Enc Fountain (toys), Airs Hayman. Mr A Alunro, Air Bressy, Aliss A. Bunting, Airs Kerr, Airs Thomson, Airs Roberts, Aliss Roberts, women of Owata (per Airs Shaw), Airs Low (Bavensbournc), Peggv Mandeno (toys), Mrs T. B. Hamilton, Mrs Aburn, Aliss Watson, Mesdames Brodley, Saul, Alollison, Drummond, E. Ross (Hillgrove), Harlow (Woodside), Barclay (fe't. Leonards), W. A. APOulloch, B n ?. ies ’ - M ‘ La - v (Kanfurly), w. J. Spittle (Waikojkoi;, Leask (Alosgiel), W. Kirk (Mosgiel), Boyer, and Capstick, Aliss Hay. Mrs W.W. (Kelso), M.B. (Monona)) Nancy,” “Friend.” Lady Liverpool Fund.—Aliss Alacandrew, Mrs J. M’Kenzie, Airs J. Brown, A.C.8., Mrs W.W. (Kelso), Mrs D. Sutherland (Alosgiel), Mrs Prentice (Alosgiel). ross Fund.—Mrs Holdsworth, M.A., Aliss Garrett. Mrs Kemnitz, Airs B. C. Haggitt, Mrs Hornby, Airs Alaurice, Airs Campbell. Money gifts have been received from the following Mrs Andrews (Belgian fund), ss: Airs Orosswell, Palmerston (Belgian fund), 7s 6d ; Airs J. R. Johnston (Queen Mary fund), £1; “A Friend” (Baby Day), 10s; Peggie Mandeno (children’s’ fund), ss; Alice Alollison (children’s fund), 2s fid; Jean Alollison (children’s fund), Is fid; Aliss C. C. Johnston (Queen Alary fund), 10s; Mrs A. B. Johnstone (Queen Mary fund), 10s; St. Andrew’s Sisterhood, per Miss Coull (Lady Liverpool fund), £8; Aliss Winifred Iset, ss; Aliss A. Stewart, Crookston (British' and Belgian fund), 10s. To-morrow is Red Cross Day.


Air Hugh. Mitchell, secretary of the Expeditionary Force Committee, has received the following letter from Mr C. R. Parata:—“ I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 16th insi. informing me that your committee has donated £1 each to the Otago men of the Maori contingent. On behalf of the Alaori contingent, and more particularly the Natives of Otago. I thank your committee, and trust that the Maoris while at the front will prove worthy soldiers of their King. and their country, and that they will come back to us with honor. Kindly accept my sincere thanks and good wishes.” The following donations are acknowledged :—Mr E. H. Reid £5 3s (local distress), Captain C. F. Sundstrum £5 5s (half British, half Belgium fund), Air T. AY. Dobbie writes :—Enclosed please find cheque for £1 17s, being amount collected by J. M'Connell and myself whilst rendering " Tipperary ’ at the Oceanic Alasonic Lodge last evening. This amount is for the local patrioticfund.

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LATEST FROM EUROPE., Issue 15630, 22 October 1914

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LATEST FROM EUROPE. Issue 15630, 22 October 1914

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