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LATE AJVERTisaHByTS. SUMMER IS ,C IT’S GNLY A'QUBS'fIOiJ 'OF TIME. Ladies and gentj would. <io remember that; in DREnh ' Boots/are an important part, - ■ , and if yot» desire., : .i ■ • i'. ‘ - . i - * ■ t- ' *-* . -A GOOD STYE®' , ? ■, ; A'GOOD FIT, A GOOD QUALITY VISIT AT ONCE VISIT AT ONCE VISIT AT ONCE ' CONTINENTAL BOOT DEPOT, • ?BIKOSB SXBBBT.'. (Opposite Post Office); ANOTHER very large and ■ Choice Direct Shipment of High-class Boots and Shoes now Landed ej Mataura. Plejase Remember that we .only keep Be - HableMakesinStrong Wear ' and Strictly Moderate Prices. , COUNTRY FRIENDS; H ASLEMERE Tea, the hew Ceylon.- "Obtaihableat Young andAhderson’a. WAIKOUAITI Batter, 7d, Bd, 9d; just arrived. .Waikonaiti : Butter Agency, 142 George street (corner Hanover street). JUST Opened, a- splendid assortment of Toilet Ware at Ritchie’s Staffordshire House, George street.: . rji |HE assortment of Tea Sets to be had at Ritchie’s is not equalled In town. SPECIAL Reductions in Lamps and. Lamp Fittings at Ritchie’s Staffordshire House, George street. • . '

I.ATE ADVERTISEMENTS: I COMPETITION THE LIFE OF TRADE. THE OLDSHOP LEADS. I THE OLDSHOP LEADS. Invite Comparison of QUALITY with PRICES. i ; , MEN’S LINES: \ Superior ' Tan Balmorals, 12b 63, 14s 63, 16s 63. Superior , Patent Evening Shoes, 6s 63, 7s 93. 5 8593. Splendid Dross Walking Boots, 8s 93, 9s 93, : ‘ , ;;10a,9d. ■ .. . Walking Shoes (sewn), 6s lid, . 7s 93, 8s 63. Strong Working Balmorals (no rubbish). 8s 113, ;9s 93,10s 93. • ’ ; * Good Bluchers (nailed), 4a 63, 4s lid, 5s lid. Comfortable Slippers,. Is 63,2s 33,3563. LADIES’LINES: ' Neat' Tan Canvas Walking Shoes, 3s 63,4s 63, ■ '•' Ss 63. ■ , Splendid Tain Leather Shoes (new styles), 7s 63,' : 8s 63,9s 63. . Superior Glace Kid Shoes. 5s 63.' 6s 93. 7s 93. Neat Evening Shoes, 2a 113, 3s 63,-4s 63. Rubber Gymnastic Shoes, &113, 3i 63, 4s. Strong Leather Balmorals (hard wear), 6s 63. ' 7s 93, 8s 63. ' Neat Carpet Slippers, Is 33, Is 63, ls 93; , . BOYS’ AND GIRLS’ LINES; Strong Wearing Boots, 7’s to 9’s. from 2s 113. Strong Wearing Boots,TO’s to 13’s, from 3s lid. ' Youths’ Watertight Balmorals from 6s 63. Boys’ Watertight Balmorals from 4s lid. ■ ■ Infants’ Shoes from Is 63. LOOK AT OUR PRICES OUTSIDE THIS WEEK. S IM O N BROTH ER S, George street (near Octagon). LOASBY’S “ Wahoo ” strengthens stomach, simulates liver and kidneys, and invigorates whole system 2s 63. All. chemists and Grocers. -

at THE CARNIVAL ON SATURDAY. «}oh} 560 Men’s Linen Collars, sizes 14*. 15, only 4d eaoh, 360 M« a .B TweedGolf > Caps, allsizes, 10ideach; 98 Boys’ Serge Knickers, lined, ekes 6, 7, 8, Is Hid pair; 39 Yoaths Regatta Shirts, sizes 13.15 i, 2s Hid each ;13 Black Enamelled ioTi 8 ’ f,Q I M I6 > l %i ßln i and „ 3a . lld i 43 Boys’ S-rge Sailor Saits, sizes Ito 5, 4s 6d each; 6SI Mens Tweed Trousers, all sizes, 4s lid pair; 180 Men’s Merino Shirts and Pants extra spliced, 2s Hid pair; 18 Men s Tweed S.B. Sac Suits, special, 24s 6d each. . , VERY -SPECIAL. ; , Velvet Pile Door Mats, Is Hidl Black Serges, ls3id; Spring Fancy Balernos, Is 3d; Cordetle - Muslins, 2Jd; Black Merinoes, la Hid. Pandoras, 6|d; Fancy Cambric Prints, 2|d ; Navy Blue Dress Tweeds. 4|d; Creme Fisherman’s Nefc,.ll|d; Nainsooks, 4Jd. _ AT Jp YFE AND CUMING’S STORES. DRESS Walking Boots, Gents’ and Ladies’. —Extensive variety now landed. Simon Brothers, George street.: , ■ . BXOYCLES. —Budge-Whitworth are the best and cheapest; see them at Show Rooms.Reid and Gray. - '. , , BOOTS AND SHOES. BEWARE of worthless imitations; all genuine lines stamped with the registered brand. Have no other.; 1 WE are sole Agents for these Goods. They fit like a glove; the wear is guaranteed. ■XTOTB.—To be procured only from the KanJL3I garotte. Boot Depot, 44 : Princes street (next Braithwaite’s). ; STRUTHERS AND SCOTT have large stocks of Haslcmere Tea, and strongly recommend it. - 1 . CHEAP Fruit Depot.—l,ooo boxes New Figs, 7d—l2 boxes, 6s ; Oranges 24, Mandarins 40, Rhubarb Blb, Apples 51b Is; grand show. Freeman, Roroeril. MRS DREAVER, having secured the services of a First-class Dressmaker from a loading Melbourne; house, is prepared to make Stylish Dresses at, moderate prices. Large variety of Dress.Matcrial on hand. Cycling and Tailor-made Costumes a specialty. Ladies’ Own Material made up. Millinery unsurpassable, as usual. HRISTCHURCH ‘Weekly Press.’-Xmas Number Published in Dunedin 30th October. Prictor and Co., agents, and all dealers. MO LLI SO N AN D 195 Snd 197 George street. CO., MOLLISON NEW HOSIERY. •We have just received 1 Case of 100 dozen Ladies’ Black Ribbed Cashmere Hose, extra value, at Is, Is 3d, Is 6d, Is 9J, AND CO., 195 and 197 ■George st. KID GLOVES. 50 dozen of Best Austrian Tan Kid Gloves, 4 buttons, in Browns, Tans, and Beavers,, value 2s 6d per pair, celling at Is. Hid. See window. ARTISTIC MILLINERY. MOLLISON Latest novelties in Hats and Bonnets in the Millinery Department. Inspection invited. AND CO., 195 and 197 George st. SAILOR SUITS. A comparison of the Goods with the Small Prices at which they are marked will astonish every customer. Parents can clothe their Boys for very little money. Boys’ Blue Serge Sailor Suita from 3s 9d suit up. REMNANTS! [REMNANTS ! we Save just thrown out hundreds of remnants. «2T SEE THEM, TSJ *, .A. EO RI E AND CO.

PREMIER Goods Shop, George street,—We supply hieh-olass Goods of Y® I ’!' ■ finest quality; Pork .Pies ai specialty. .Roast Sucking Pig on Saturday 'Night. CJPiJiNG Lamb.—l have now drafts, coining forward weekly ;•to bo sold cheap. A. Rand ell, Maolaggan street. B»lbg,~ Flower of the Gods *" f* " (Chinese lillies) j 3 for Is, posted Is 93. W. Bull. - : SYNODSMEN recommended to purchase , Books, new and sebohd-band, at Driver’s Book Room, ** Chaucer’s Head,” Octagon. THEOLOGICAL, Biographical, Historical. Poetical, Scientific, Educational, and Miscellaneous Books, multitudinous' and cheap. Driver’s Book Room, Octagon. TT ASLEMERE Tea, the finest quality Ceylon U_. Tea imported into the Colony; try it, D. G. Shepherd. . AND E. WATKINS,—Sun Bonnbts. • Sun Hats, Summer Coats, Pelisses, Pinafores, Boys* Smocks, Ladies’ Sun Bonnets. *VTBW Veilings just arrived ; great variety to JJv choose from. Ladies’ Stock Collars and Bows ; Lace Boleroes. ABYLINKN a specialty.—New Styles just arrived; Shirts, 6d ; Gowns from Is 3d. A. and E. Watkins. SATURDAY, at the Carnival! Saturday, at the, Carnival! Saturday, at the Carnival! Eyfe and Cuming’s Stores. LADIES’ large Holland Cooking Aprons, Is - oaoh ; Colored Petersham, air shades, for Belts, 2d yard. | ADIES’ Macintoshes, detached capes, ■AJ 8s lid ; Wide Ribbons, Id and I|d yard ; Belt Buckles, l|d each. UMBRBILAS, la 6J; New Beaded Frillings, 2|d; 4-button Kid Gloves, Is Hid: Initial Handkerchiefs, Is6d half-dozen.' : T ADIES’ All-wool Cashmere Hose, Is pair ; -KJ ; CoateV 6-cord • Cotton, Is dozen; new Veilings. B|d., SAILOR Hats, 63d each; Flowers, 2|d spray; just opened. Consignments of Rustic Sailors: stylish, pretty, cheap. CORSETS, Is,-L,Hid* 2s 6d. 2s lid pair; Ladies’ Vestk: 23d, AJd,''and 6|d each. At the Carnival, ■ SATURDAY, at the Carnival! Saturday, ai the Carnival 1 Saturday, at the Carnival! Fyfe and Cuming’s Storeso c ARTER AND' CO.- will offer their entii Stock of Kew Season’s Draper - and Clothing at wonderful ohea ■ prices dnringNovember. ARTER' AND'GO;, are sending a List c Bargains through the Star T< night,. October. 29tb. 1 If you d not get a Bargain Bill, send an , ■ -- - get one.. CARTER AND CO. have never been in sue a -good position to giver you bai gains as at present. They have 'splendid stock New Goods, bough from actual makers, and selling a . . a slight advance.oncost.ARTER AND CO. ask the favor of a early call. They havea grand lot c ■ Novelties and useful Drapery, an you can depend on getting th very best value that your mone can secure.C CARTER AND CO.’S SHOW, ROOM crammed from floor to ceiling w! all the. Newest and Nicest in Sail , • Hats, Trimmed Hats and Bonne Mantles, Capes, Jackets. Corse ami Underclothing, and Infan •, I - ooda of all kinds, cheap. ' ' CARTER AND. CO. 'have, just opened. Mataura, a Grand Lot of Novelti in all departments. - They ni ■ ' ■ hold." full ’ stocks of all the'M< Drapery, and at t lowest prices in Dunedin* taki • - •' : / vfqaality as theteat. AND CO. FOR BARGAINS.

GOMPAHE my Tea at la 6d with that sold by others at la 9d. D. Comrie, grocer. King street. fFUGBR Teas are the only Teas wo I 'know to ..B. make man happy and to keep him So. • TOOK !—Grocers are now. keeping Speight s > bottled'l Riout. 'I OK Cases American Apples; all the best irtrfAP aortas Asparagus, Phnbarb, New Potatoes, Gooseberries ; Apples, 2d. Bull. r DARBY’S “ Wahoo,’’the unrivalled herbal i remedy for all stomach, liver, and kidney complaints ; 2s 6d, Chemists, Grocers. . WAIKOUAITI Butter, 7d. Bd, 9d; just arrived. Wsikouaiti Butter Agency, 142 George street 'corner Hanoye/streot). CYCLISTS should see big? display Shirts, Caps, Stockings in Clothing Factory’s window, , BOOTS for Your Boys and Girls.—Try the unrivalled “ Beehive ”; wear guaranteed. Only at Simon Brothers’. F IOH Rummer IM. Full dress. 9* 6d, 10s 6d, 12* 6d. F 108 Summer Tweeds go to Duthie Bros., Ltd. Full dress, 12a 6d. 14s 6d. 18a 6d. F lOR Summer Serge's go to Duthie Bros., Ltd. Full dress, 9s 6d, 12s 6d, 14s 6d. F 10 R. Summer Costumes go to Duthie Bros., Ltd. Full dress, 14s 6d, 18a 61, 21s. F F lOR Fancy Blacks goto Duthie Broa., Ltd. Full dress, 12s 6d, 14s 6d, 18s 63. lOR New Prints go to Duthie Bros., Ltd. Guaranteed fast colors, sjd, 6jd, B£d. F lOR Blouse Prints go to Duthie Bros., Ltd. New designs, 7|d to Is, F lOR Flannelettes go to Duthie Bros., Ltd. Striped and plain, 3|d to B^d. F 108 Lace Curtains go to Duthie Bros., Ltd. Choice selection, 2s 6d to 21s. F lOR Cashmere Hose go to Duthie Bros, Ltd. Seamless feet, Is 6d, Is lid. ITIOR Umbrellas and Sunshades go to Duthie BJ. Bros., Ltd. All new goods, 2s lid to I2s 6d. 1 F 108 Fancy Aprons go to Duthie Bros., Ltd. White and colored, Is 3d to 3s lid. F lOR Sailor Hats go to'Duthie Bros,, Ltd. Large assortment, le to 4s lid. ITtOB Bond street Hats goto Duthie Bros., ' Ltd. Now so fashionable, 3s 9d to 5s 6d, F lOR Mantles and Capes go to Duthie Bros, Ltd. Newest styles, 12a 6d to 70?. F lOH Blouses and Shirts go to Duthie, Bros. Ltd. Large selection. Is 6d to 5s 6d. FOR Boys’ Portsmouth Collars go to Duthh Bros., Ltd. To wear with sailor suits from Is to 2s 6d. < FOR Dress Shirts go to Duthie Bros., Ltd In new colors, green and blue, bnff, ; eto. ■plOR Linen Collars go to Duihii Bros., Ltd. New shapes, every novelty. lOR Gents’Straw Hats go to Duthie Bros. T * J ' Large assortment from la to 5s 6d F - Ltd. FOR Juvenile. Clothing go to Duthie Bros. Ltd. Colonial Goods a specialty: Suit from 9s9d. . ' TIGER Teas.—We cannot make yomgood but,wo. can make yon feel good. Drinl Tiger Teas. • GOLD DREDGE PHOTOS. COPIES of any Alexandra Dredge (Sample shown in Jacobs's)'bn SALK at > , KSQUJLiNT’S, Exchange Court. . J NEW BUTCHER AT PORT CHALMERS. rpOM HARRISON haß fitted up the Building .X: to; the. National Bank, and. intends Opening*, on MONDAY,, November Ist, his motto being; SmaU Profits and Qpiok Returns. Dairy-fed Pork direct from bis farm, - Families waited on for orders. I&nd the list .of prices given , by palling At the Bhep-

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3, Issue 10457, 29 October 1897

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3 Issue 10457, 29 October 1897

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