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PUBLIC NOTICES ARSHALL'S PHARMACY. IRON IN MEDICINE Is analogous to the importance of Iron in the_ industrial arts. Its use is indicated in all' Wasting Diseases. Where there exists no fever, and_ where the red globules of the blood are diminished, where impaired digestion exists or. other functions are deranged, whereby the tissues lack nourishment, then the speediest and surest cure is brought about by; giving Iron. It directly increases the red corpuscles, and changes their pale and shrivelled condition to redness'and fulness.' Through them the system' is more highly oxygenised, ,and the conditions necessary for digestion and renewal of tissue are Beoured. THE ELECTRIC THRILL OF HEALTH Is never felt by those who are ran down, out of sorfcß, poor in blood, badly nourished, with poor appetite,, or dyspeptic. That would be impoß- ;.. sible, and so the delight of living is lost. . THE PHYSICIAN'S TRUMP CARD For ages has been iron in some form or other, but the difficulty has been its proper combinations, so as to benefit the' system without causing unpleasant effects or injuring the stomach. . MARSHALL'S TONIC, A.B prepared by Mr M. Marshall, sen., is a happy combination of the tonio properties of Quinine and that strengthening and. energising agent Iron. The Iron in this preparation is in a pure and chemical condition, easily broken up and assimilated by the Blood. IT BRINGS WEAK PEOPLE Up to the standard of health, feeds the blood, and acts on the nerves, removing Debility and Muscular Weakness quickly. MARSHALL'S TONIO Is the very best Nerve and Brain Tonio made; It will cure neuralgia ; it will create an appetite; it will enrich and purify the blood; it will build up and strengthen the whole system; it fact, the finest remedy you can get for Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, and Nervousness. IF YOU HAVE HAD INFLUENZA, Or if your wife has had it, do not fail to get a bottle. It will most likely prove to be just what was wanted to bring back health and strength. Everyone knows how weak Influenza leaves the patient. Therefore a Tonic such as this should always be given to enable the body to„ throw off the dregs of the disease and prevent relapses. MARSHALL'S TONIC is sold in bottles at Is 6d and 2s 6d at MARSHALL'S PHARMACY; FOR PALE GIRLS, Suffering from anaemia, we recommend a short course of our BLOOD PILLS (Dr Blaud's formulas). These Pills contain iron in a form that is easily assimilated by the blood. They have been well proved in thousands of cases, and have restored many to health who had been suffering for years. Price, 2s 6d a bottle. FROG IN THE THROAT. The celebrated Cough and Voice Lozenge, should be used by all Singers, Teachers, and Preachers. It helps the voice, clears the throat from phlegm and mucous, and make 3 the voice as clear as a bell. Is boxes. MARSHALL'S INFLUENZA MIXTURES Have cured thousands. They can cure you or your children if thev should bo attacked. For Cold in the Head they are without an equal, and will soon break it up. Price, 3s. Two bottles sufficient for a family. When you have the Toothache you must get MARSHALL'S ODONTALGICON if you wish to get instant relief. Is Boxes. When you have a Corn that is giving you fits and you wish to get rid of it, get MARSHALL'S KURA. KLAVA, the Prince of Corn Cures; Is. For a splitting Headache get a Box of Dx CROSSLAND'S HEADACHE CACHETS; they cure the worst headache in 15 minutes. Price, Is 6d. Dr CROSSLAND'S NOXOL is the beßt remedy on the market for Indigestion, Constipation, Liver and Stomach Dißordera; the only taßtelesß remedy on the market. Price, la 6d. All the above Preparations kept in Stock at MARSHALL'S PHARMACY, 86 Princes street, Dunedin. A VICTIM OF FUNCTIONAL DISEASE. ALAXUM never fails anyone in such a predicament. To sufferers from Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, and Constipation it is ''a friend in need and a friend indeed." Assist nature by ALAXUM, and you will avoid a multitude of distressing functional derangements and diseases. Of all known medioines for renewing the energy ALAXUM is the best. Its secondary effects are marvellous. Many persons afflicted with Constipation have testified not only to its immediate relieving properties but to the fact that THE obre lasts. No care is required while using it. It doea not interfere with the diet, habits, or occupation, and produces no inconvenience in its action. ■ It is at once a laxative, an appetiser, and a stimulating tonio, prepared scientifically, and endorsed by the Press as the most valuable medicine that has ever been offered to the public in a popular form. ALAXUM CUBES BILIOUSNESS BILIOUS HEADACHE DIZZINESS COSTIVENESS SOUR STOMACH LOSS of APPETITE COATED. TONGUE INDIGESTION DYSPEPSIA FLATULENCE HEARTBURN PAINS AND DISTRESS AFTER EATING, And all Functional Derangements of the System of Nutrition. NOTE THIS WELL.-The whole system of a human being may be perfectly sound, and yet through derangement or weakness the organs of the body may perform their functions or their work sluggishly, thus giving rise to want of appetite, and a consequent general impoverishment of the whole being. Such a condition causes thousands of people to.fancy that they are consumptive, while they are really only in need of a remedy to set the organs of the body working harmoniously. Reason pojnts to two essential qualities in a remedy for this purpose. It must create an appetite for food, and at the same time assimilate its nutriment. With either of these qualities alone the remedy would be worse than useless, but with both it becomes a power for incalculable good. ALAXUM is the only medicine which combines these two qualities. It is a natural appetiser, and its first". action is to create hunger. After the appetite is satisfied it acts directly on the stomach, liver, and kidneys, clearing away all effete matter and exciting them to activity. The system then receives nutrition and new life from the proper assimilation of the food; and where there is no organio disease health mußt follow. This is common sense and cannot be gainsaid. Accept no substitute that may be recommended to be "Must as good." It may be* better-for the dealer-because of its better profit,.but in such an instance the dealer is not the one who needs help. *■ FROM ALL CHEMISTS AND STOREKEEPERS, 2s 6d. ODONTALGIC Extract gives instant relief from Toothache; Is Twttie. Kempson, chemist, 99 George street. ST. GEORGE JAM—Best in the Market All Grocers. t: Dally Increasing

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 5 Evening Star, Issue 10445, 15 October 1897