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THE PROCESSION. The celebration.of Labor Dav yesterday was, taking into account the adverse circumstances by which it was attended, fairly successful. Every effort had been put forth by the Committee to make the prooesslon one of the best yet witnessed since the inauguration of the holiday, but unfortunately tho meteorological outlook on Tuesday nhjht was of such an unfavorable character that it was decided to abandon both the procession and the sports, and an announcement to that effect was made yesterday morning. To the surprise of everyr one, however, tho rain had disappeared by sunrise in the morning, and tho tun shining forth brightly it was resolved that the oarnival should be proceeded with. This was made as widely known as possible, but it was hardly to be expected that on such short notice oil those who had intended taking part in the procession could be got together, ihe trades display, therefore, was behind that ot previous years, although there was a fairly good turn but. The procession proceeded, as usual, from the Triangle along Cumberland street, thence by way of Frederick street, George street, Princes street south to the Caledonian Ground, in the followin; order:—lsngineers' Band; Dunedin Brewers' Employes Industrial Association, headed by a large banner; two lorries containing bootmakers, the_ members ot the Bootmakers' Union having a display of men making boots and shoes, and exhibiting what appeared to be a miniature brick boot factory, with operatives busily at work; the Dunedin Garrison Band; lorry containing a large boiler from the foundry of Mr Joseph Sparrow ; federated seamen (about 55), earn ing a banner ; pastrycooks, carrying'wedding cakes and bread, confectionery, etc. ; Port Chalmers Band; Dunedin painters; tailors; Citizens' Band; grocers' and bakers' carts, b.itcher boys on horseback: one coal cart and rur dpep drays, etc. The marshals were Messrs Doyle and Ledgerwood. 'theprocession, which was about half a milo in length, was witnessed by a large number of people, although the turn-out of the public on the streets would have been greater had the unfavorable circumstances already alluded to not have taken place.

THE SPORTS. President, Mr R. Ferguson; vice-presidents, MtssrsJ.lavernerandJ. Ledgerwood; treasurer, Mr 1. Nicholson ; secretary, Mr D. H. Foreman ; hintlicaDDer, Mr D. Dune.™; starter, Mr J JNagle; judges (running, walking, and bicycling) —Messrs J. Wilson, .1. Cherrie, and ,T. Ledgerwood; timekeeper, Mr A. Hunter; referee. MrE. Hogg; stewards-Messrs D. Thomson, H. M. Stewart and .7. Gardiner; telegraph stewards, Messrs A. I< raser and W. Ledgerwood. In was about half-past twelve before a start was made with the sports at the Caledonian Ground. The number of spectators theu forward was smnll, but in the course o- the afternoon there were about 1,000 present. The enjoyment of the proceeding-) was somewhat marred by a strong, cold wind which prevailed, especially in tho latter part of the afternoon, causing many to leave the grounds. The various events, however, aroused a considerable amount of interest. The competitors turned out remarkably well, and some good sport was witnessed, especially in the eye iug events. On the whole the proceedings passed off very successfully, no accident or hitch of anv kind occurring. The following are the results:— 'Boys' (under 12) Handicap Race. First prize, suit to measure, value £llos ; second priz»,lostid • tnml prize, cage, value 5s Gd.-W. Barnes 1. M Uuskey 2, Cunningham :{. About tlu'rtv started. Won by about 2yds. Grand Laiior Day Handicap, of £23. Two rtistances-120yds and 250 yds. To be run in heats. First prize, £l2 and Bland Holt's trophy, yalue in 5s (the trophy, which must bs won twice in succession or three times at intervals, to be held by the Committee until finally won); second prize, £3 and one ton of Kaitangata coal. value £1 .is; third prize, £1 and photographs, value lis.

First Distance, 120 Yards, first series. First heat.-T. Day (7iyds) 1, S. F. Robins (scratch) 2. Also started :A. Dickson (3yds) A Cunningham Niyils), (i. A. Lilbnrne (Sivds), W. K. Gib?on (SAyds), A. H. Waugh (9',yds). "Won by .(yds. Time, 12sec. Second heat.—V. Clarke (8.1 vds) 1, A. M'Kay f:"yds) 2. Also started: H. E. Bennett Qvd), i l lv ? , ' so ,? r (3 ,^'l s \ b '- Byissi;l ("yd?), D. 11. Waldie Gh-ds), W. Jl'kaigue (9iyds). Won bv about a yard. Time, 11 4-ssee. Third heat.-A. Napier (tiyds) 1, R. Xagle (Syds) 2. Also started: J. Gorden (2yds), .1. GiUigan H J 'jH J - (ulyds). Won by a vard. Time, 12 1-osec. ~F » »rt!i heat.-E. Hall (12yds) 1, T. L. (Syds) 2. Also started : W. 1,. Colvin (2yds) 't Cunningham (4yds). S*. V. White (9yds). Won cisuy. lime, 112-ssec. ,- F \ f }\ he i l , t -- A - Bennett (9yds) 1, F. Reidv f'ydsO 2. Also started : T. Davidson (Syds). Woii by two yards. Time, 12sec. SIXOND SERIES. First heat.—W. Clarke 1, R. Xasle 2. A. Nawiev A Time. I2scc. Also started: S." V. Kobbirs' T Day, A. M'Kay. Second heat.-E. Hall 1, A. Bennett 2. Time, 111-osec. Also started: T. L. Bcgg. F. Reidy /e. F \ n >o h . ca s;~ E - Hall 02yds) W. Clarke (■SJyds) 2. A. Bennett (11yds) 3. Won easily bv two yards. Tune, 11 4-ysec. ~, Secoxd Distance, 250 Ya is n.s. iirst heat.—T. Day (15yds) 1. F. Robins (scratch) 2. Also started: A. M'Kay (9vd=) T Cunningham (11yds), A. Napier (14yds). T.'L.Begg (liyds). Won by three vard =;. Time 27sec ne e 2°?£ h f? t '~, E - Hall m - ;fU) J . A. Bennett (18yds) 2. Also started: H. E. Bennett (3yds), A. Cunningham (10yds). J. Dey (12yds), F. Reidy (14yds), A. H. Waugh (19yds). Won by four yards. Time, 27 2-ssee. Third hOHt.-W. Clarke (18yds) 1, .T. Baker « yds) T?,'.„ Als o started: G. A. Lilbuvne (13vds), C. ? o 'or Wllkln3 O'yds). Won easily. "Time, ES 3-ssee. ' White (18yds) 2. Also started ; ,1. Burke (9yd»), M'Kaigiie (19yds). Won by a yard. Slow race, timo boini? 29 2-ssoe. Final heat -E Hall (24yds) 1, T. Day (13yds) 2, W. GlOTko (18yds) 3. Also started: F. Robins (scratch), A. Bennett (18yds). Won by 3yds: a good race. Time, 27sec. Hall having taken first place in both distances (120 yds and 250 yd?) has secured the maximum number of points (10) to carry off what may be termed the " Blue Ribbon " of the sports'—the Labor Day Handicap. One-mile Bicycle Race (novice). First prize .£2: second prize, £1 Is; third jirize, 10* ft].—J.' T. btone (40yds) 1, W. C. Turner (scratch) 2, T. H. J.atligite (40yds) 3. Also started: C. Irvin" riiyds) < \V. Parata (55yds), H. F. Christie (GOyds)! Time, 2inin.!osec.

Girls'(under 12) Handicap Rack. First prize tin of biscuits-, value 10s «Jd; second prize, pair of boots, value is M ; third prize, hook, value 53 A. M Bride 1, Kate Honoyman 2, K. Mooney 3 Won easily by tiyds. Seventeen started. \outiis* (under l(i) One Mile Handicap Ualkinu Race. First prize, £1 cash and order, value ±1 Is; second prize, 5s and case of fruit value 10s : 3rd prize, goods value 7s (id.—,f Polglase 1, L. Maloney 2, P. MaUone 3. Won by 1 lyds, same distance separating second and third. I ime, Smin 12 l-ssec. One-mile' Handicap Bicvcle Race (open) J- irst prize, open order, value £2 2s ; second prize open order, value £1; third prize, coal vase value I 0 H ; V£ Mt T a2 , 0 - vds) !• k CWonl (ÜByds) J ™ ™ ™°? e(r ? a ,'¥ e , r ' ll0v( ls)3. Also started: AV. B.Bell (scratch), C. H. Home (Cl)vds). T. H Batngate (100 yds). S. Lawson (inriyds).'T. C Johnston (UOyds). Good race. "Won by about a length. One-mile Handicap Walking P, \ce. First p f .^, lze • £$ a , nd V value £1 Is ; second prize, ±land book vabie 9s (id ; third prize, bag of su°ar value 15s. —W. Cwik (50yds) 1, A Crichton Scratch) 2, T. Scott (120 yds) 3. Also started- D Paterson (115 yds), C. A. Seal (135 yds). Won by about twenty yards. Time, (Smin 15 3-ssec. IJip.LS' (under If!) Handicap Race.—First prize 0 wasional table, value 15s; second prize, poods v.ilue 6s: third prize, book value .'l^.—Nellie Kelly 1 Annit|Mason 2, May Anderson 3. Won by two ya -ds.' About twenty started. Youths' (under 16) Handicap Race. 350 yards 1' rst prize, cup value £1 Is, £1 Is cash, and book va ue 7s (id; second prize, trophy, value £1 Is • third prize, medal.— .X. Wilkins 1, W. Findlay •'' w. M Leod 3. Easy win. Time, 43sec. About twenty started.

liiree-mile Bicycle Race (Roadster). First p ize, open order, .£4 ; second prize, open order A2_: third T>nze, open order, £l.-3. T. Stone (l»yds) 1 T. Maw (135 yds) 2, C. Irving (145vds) 3. Also started: P. Ralston (scratch), W. T. Turner riW\ l ?T r™Al !o - T ± ( 15 ° yd s). T- C. Johnstone (loOyds), H. F Christie (180 yds). In the course of the race Ralston and Alloo retired. Stone early overtook the hunt man, and maintained the lead *V, ii\. • , sh| . wlnn,n S easdy by 20yds. Maw filled third position until the last lap when m ikuis a spurt, lie won by half a length. Time' Bmn3Dsec. '

Two-Mile Handicap Race First } Jos i '• H^°"l l , p /i ze ' case of s ™ c e> value £{ 1()5 : third prize, half-ton of coal, value 17s fid -W. Craik (110 yds) 1, D. Patercon (245 yds) 2T Scott (lSoyds)3. Also started: E. Farriuhar'son Clßsyds), W. Edgeworth (245 yds). Craik kept close to Paterson most of the way, but passed him in the last lap in the straight, and won by three of four yards. A wide gap separated second and third. Time, 14rriin Sosec.

Married Ladies' Race. First prize, case of sauce, value £2 2s ; second prize, sheep, value 15s • third tirize, box tea. value 10s fid.— Mrs Mason l' Mrs Eaird 2. M rs Hurnell 3. Won by a few feet' Amateur Handicap (220 yds) Race. First prize, open order, value £1 10s: second prize, open order, value 10s.—E. hj. Macassev (lo'yds) 1. L. Morris (18yds) 2. Good Ace. Won by half a yard. No time. Eleven started. Half-mile Handicap Race. First prize, £:t and traphy value*£l.; second prize, 10s (id and trophv ; third prize. 10s, ss, and razor value 7s lid.—R. Nagle (3oyds),l, J. Burns (25yds) 2, J. Fogarty (layds) 3. Also started: F. Matheson, jun. (10yds), W. L. Colvih (loyds), J. Baker (25vd<0 A Cordon (25yds), F, Beidy(3oyds), S. vSvhhe UOydsXß J. Peters: (4Qrds).C. D. Wilkins (40yds), J. D. Curran ,(Joyds) W. Anderson (45yds), W. Clarke yd l )l ?-/ ac^. on ( £»'. ds >' A. Bennett (45yds). Won by 4yds. Time, 2min Msec. Committee Race, 100-yards. First prize, trophy value £2, 2s; second prize, trophy value £'l Is • third prize, trophy, value 10s fid.—F. Svmmonds l' R. Ferguson 2, W. Ledger wood 3. Eight started' Five-mile BiCYCLtj Race (open). First prize' open order, £7 ; second prize, open order £'i 3s : third prize, open order, £1 and ss.—J. Bell (250 vd si 1. E. Crawford (350 yds) 2, J. K. Irving Kroadster 330 yds) 3. Also started: W. B. Bell (scratch) p' Ralston (40yds). C. H. Horn (195 yds). A. J. Sullivan (300 yds), S. L. Lawson (360 yds), T. Maw (roadster.

390 yds). Splendid race. J. Bell came away grandly m the straight, and won only by a few inches, lime, Llrnin 30 3-ssec. E. Crawford protested against the award to Bell, on the ground that the name of the latter was not on the programme., , Halp-mile Amateur Handicap Race..' First prize, open order value £2; second prize, open order value IDs.—J. D. Shand (3Syds) 1, T. H. Bailey (50yds) 2. Also started: T. R. Mackay (soratch), W. King (25yds), E. E. Clowes (43yds), L. Morris (50yds), J. E. Bennett (50yds), D. Laugh* land (55yds). Won by a yard. Time, 2min lOiec. One-mile Handicap Race. First prize, £5; second prize, f£l 10s, ss, and half-case of fruit value ss; third prize, £l.—J. Burns (60yds) 1, J. Fogarty (BOyds) 2, J. Burk (scratch) 3. Won by 13yds. Time, 4min 54 3-saec. Prizes for Trade Displays. Lorie and Co.'s prize of £lO for the best turn-out of unions was awarded by the judges (Messrs Cherrie and A. Lorie) as follows, subject to verification ot numbers of membership:—Painters' "Union (with P5 per cent.) 1, Cabinetmakers (61.9 per cent.) 2, Brewers (61.2 per cent.) 3. Trophy, value £1 Is, for the best rider-out.— Elliott 1. Trophy, value £1 6s, for the best pair of draught horses.—Duthie Bros. Trophy, value £1 Is, for best single draught horse.—Mr Strange. Trophy, value £1 Is, for best baker's cart.—W. Wright. Trophy, value £1 Is, tor best\grocer's cart.—A. Miller.

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LABOR DAY., Issue 10444, 14 October 1897

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LABOR DAY. Issue 10444, 14 October 1897

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