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‘I.ATE; ADVERTISEMENTS. ■' so meats taken A. GUIN.E AR.:~; Fine .-"Upright ' -English " Pjanb,by Bosnian small time pay- ' Musical. Eychang-*. Octagon. ft" 1 ARNI VAL ■ atjjiri/o' :h'uir''.Uumiiig'a : .Grc»c VV ' DiajJery.'iStforfeS. "Extraordinary ' Dress Bargains. ■' Black-Serge. fullflrelaVSi ITd-T 1 " ■" 1 r - --j- r• ~ • ’’Butter/' 9d lb;; ' fresh, o ..just; , a^iitgeJ t -? .JVaikouaiti' Bntter. ktoency^".'-^.- - . George” wriieF l■ p ::■ ■■ BES'r.; Valuei Largest , Demand. —• Alex. • j Chinese •■■ Laundry;.’ Qlaze ; packets, . faany.iniifcatioiip. . i !,: Have you used -’* O. oclLuc*. ■ good;-value tea. , Siruthers' and Scott. ; f AStjESIEREi Tea, the .new' Ceylon.'' Ob-- .' tainable at Young arid Anderson's. tOASBY’S ■“ Wahoo” strengthensstomach, ■ aimulateaJiver., and kidney s.and invigorates whole r sy stem R2a 6d.. s , All ,■ chemists- and Grocers. . \ : ■ 5 ■■■', v■ -'■ ■ ■ Sample cases ▼ ¥ ■ Qardk made and' lettered af the Factory, G»y»rord street.; and Stab A- NDALUSIAN and Minorca Eggs (imported ’ -CA. guaranteed.; {Waters. Port Chalmers. LOASBY’S “ Wahoo ” positively cures where otherremedies only relieve: purely herbal; always effectual; 256d.~- Chemises, Grocers. rjniGßß Tfeas. —We' cannot make you good, X., but-we can make you feel good. Drink Tiger Teas. . :■ --- r LAST .Days of Macedo’s Cloaihg Sale. Eufther Reductions 'Books, Music, Pictures, Stationery at 202 Princes street/ CARNIVAL at Fyfe.and ■ Cuming’s ’Great •Drapery Stores. -Extraordinary Dress Bargains. Black Serge, tull dress, 8j lid. ; : ,!Adj KS DRttAVER has p’easure in announces X mg to her Patrons that alterations and repairs to the Front SHOP are completed; Call early; have first choice, : of the season’s Newest and most Fashionable' Goods-’ • • S T. JOHN’S HALL.Roslyn.—Entertainment by Men’s Club, Friday, Ist October. miGER,Teas are the only Teas we know X make man happy and to keep him so. MORNINGTON Preparatory School and Kindergarten.—Fourth Quarter commencea Tuesday, sth October. Mias Mollison. OLD Smuggler Whisky is particularly free • from'fusel oil, as it is well aged before being bottled. "VTEWSPAPER'Men are about the best judges XI of a good drink. They one and nil appreciate Old Smuggler Whisky. o LD Smuggler Whisky is about the grande si tonic in the world. CITRON SALT (Spring Medicine) for the blood,; pimples, blotches, boils, all skin eruptions; Is bottles. Bagley. W EAR > tho.-.Palladino Glove;' warranted French Kid and Perfect Fitting. THE • Dunedin - Property Exchange Selh Land, House Property, and. Shares by aiic tion or privately for IX per cent. No sale m charge. Entrance free, X OASBY'S" Wahho,” the unrivalled herba 9-J remedy.for all stomach, livor; and -kfdnei complaints.; 2s 6d -Chemists Grocers. r H DENNIS - Material; This reason’s supp ■ just unpacked by Thomson, Bridger, ai Co. Racquets-speoially good and very cheap. CRICKET Material.—First shipment just i hand; and without doubt is the Best Stoi ever seen in Dunedin. Clubs would do well i inspect forthemselvos at Thomson, Bridger, ar Co.’s. . : Electro pl ated ware.—in this Thom son," Bridger; and Co. carry a very Jarg and varied^stock, suitable for Wedding Present and Trophies. at,exceedingly low prices. GOOD Evening ! Have you uied “ Good Luck s '/Tea-?—a perfect treat. A. Miller and Co. ■ • FBRRINE, the well-proved modern reined’ for pile faces, lassitude, languor, nervous nesg ; packets, 2s. Alex. Bagley. HASLEiIERE Tea.lhe finest quality Ceylon : Tea imported: into the Colony; try it. D. G, Shepherd. 5jJ MBOSSlNG.—Envelopes, Note,' and Lette B'J Papef Embossed with private or busines dies. Star Factory, Crawford street, A ULD SCOTTJE.—SoId by'leading grocers r3L Ask for it. , , A A ULD S.COTTIB is a genuine Malt Whisky matured and of rare bouquet. ULD SOOTTIE is the favorite Whisky : tfafeCity of Glasgow. C ARfEB’S FIRST SPRING SROW, F lIRST- SPRING SHOW.—New Draper ! and Clothing; novelties in all <li . i partmentb, and all marked at th , very lowest cash prices. Com ,r 1 and see our windows. Carter an Co. IRST SPRING SHOW.—Ladies’ and Girl ■ New Trimmed Hats from 5s 11 r to 19s lid ; Ladies’ stylish Trimme ; Bonnots, ’ 8s lid to 19s 11< . Carter and Co. F F IRST SPRING SHOW.—New Sailor Ha : ribjron bands or ' extra-trimme ‘■ Is Hid, 2s 6d, 2s Hd, 3s lid 7s lid ; a splendid variety. Cart • and Co. F IRST .SPRING SHOW, Flower Feathers, Blouses and Shirt • Corsets anl Underclothing, Jacket Mantles, and Capes. Try Carti . .. and Co. v F IRST SPRING SHOW. New Dr Materials in great variety, double width, from B|l yard u 1 Navy or Black Serges from IsC .to 4s lid “yard; New Ooloi ; Lustres, 3 s 3id to 2s lid ya: ; Carter and Co. F IRST SPRING SHOW. New Fan ■ Black Dresses, Is 6d to 3s 1 yard; New Black Orepons from ..lid; all wool; Evening Shades . Crepon, double width, for Bloui or Dresses, la o£d yard—worth '6d. - Carter and Co. F lIRST; SPRING . SHOW New Far Ribbons, New; Gloves, New La ■ New Frillings.'New Sunshades a • - Umbrella?,' New Collars and Cu ■ New Chiffons, New Fancy Sai Collars for Boys and Girls—all the lowest possible prices. Car and Co. F IRST SPRING SHOW.—Now Veilin great variety, from 4|d to Is yard-; Blapk anil Colored Be . Gimp,' Black and Colored ft Ornaments; for Dresses, Bloue and Mantles, eto., nice- varie lowest prices. Carter and Co. s PEOIAL.—Our London-Buyer has sent 1 nice lot of Ladies’ street Costu ,in .Tweeds, etc., very stylish cheap the-Full Oostume for 6d) 19s. lid, up to 35a. Also a . lot of Lariies’ DreFaSkirta inner colors,.alsq-lin .Black and N ■Serge, from ,8s lid to 15s ;The?e Rkitts only, require a Bh ■ to. complete Costume. C • and take the pick of them. Ca and Co. ■ ' . ; '' ,OARTBR’S FIRST SPRING SHOW. RTHUR BRISCOE AND CO.,Prit Jetty, and Bond streets. B UI.LDEKS will find our Stock up to < and prices right. . R OOFINGTfcn, best brands in the marl Cement, Drain Pipes, Slates, Pla . of Paris, Nails, Tools, etc. RON—Bar, Sheet,’Plate; Steel I Sheet, Plate ; Lea,d, Tubes, Carri Woodwariy Carriage Hardware, s ILVERW4RR J Furnishing —l] . mongery. ‘ Grates, Tiles, Bedstei . Fender?; I ainp?, Laqipware, Japai Ware. Porks, Spoons, Knives, Tra ,'ling Bags.; C OLORS —Reuters’ (dry and in Brushes,; Putty Knives, .Putty’ in bladders; and bulk] ILS—Genuine Boiled and Raw, Castor, lubricitin'g, all kinds; Lead, Red Lead, Kerosene.. ■E NAMELLED Ware—Basins, Dishes, Teapots, Ketfles, eta’, the very best; cooking made a pleasure; .give a trial. HOW Room. —Show. ’ > visit., Nice Lines fo; home use—aifdstin, ( S .LSO, Briscoe’s Teas FI OLDEN Crest; Silver Crest,^’Avondale VX : Sirisanda ; guaranteed, pure,. new licions... .If your grocer does not.. STOCK pu'r Blends—‘hS.cannot stock every- ■■ body ? s‘-iaak we will see vou get it.*

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4, Evening Star, Issue 10432, 29 September 1897

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4 Evening Star, Issue 10432, 29 September 1897