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The following are the results of the examination in musical knowledge in connection with; Trinity College, London, held in Dunedin on June C Senior Honors.— Miss F. D. Moore 96, Miss M. Lo Keongfll (Mr Barth), Miss .1. Gibson 8S (Mr Barth), Miss Si. J. Harrison 82 (Mr Vallis), Miss L. PalmerjSl (Mr Barth), Miss E. Wright 78 (Mr Barth), Miss E. Slacedo 77 (Miss J. Macedo), Miss E. A. Statham 77 (Mr Taylor), Miss J. Saunders 75 (Miss Yorston), Miss M. Gray 75 (Miss M'CarthyX Miss E. Couston 73 (Mr Barth), Miss J. Kinvig73 (Mr Taylor), Miss A. MacGregor 68 (Mr Taylor). Senior Pass.—Miss F. D. M"oro 82, Miss ,1. M‘Ara 79 (Miss Yorston), Miss J. Kinvig 78 (Mr Taylor), Miss E. Selby 73 (Mr Barth), Mr W. Don 72 (Sir Barth), Miss A. Armstead 72 (Mrs 11. Miller), Miss E. Statham 69 (Mr Taylor), Miss E. Hampton 68 (Mr Barth), Miss J. Saunders 08 (Miss Yprston), Miss F. Blair 64 (Mr Barth), Miss V. Hampton 64 (Mr Barth), Miss J. Low 64 (Mr Vlillis), Miss A. Sutton 64 (Mr Taylor), Miss E. Cook 63 (Mr Barth), Miss SI. Rutherford 62 (Mr Eiiston), Miss A. Niven 62 (Miss Yorston), Miss M[. Kingston 61 (Miss Yorston). Miss S. Paskeli 60 Ojtiss Collinson), Miss P. Maitland 60 (Miss Nicoll), Miss S. Duncan 60 (Miss Selby), Miss M. G ray 60 (Miss M'Carthy); ten failed. i Intermediate Honors. Miss F. Chisholm 94 (i liss Aitken), Sliss C. Lyders9o (Miss Yorston), M iss A. Beckingsale 89 (Miss Aitken), Miss SI. Dow 89 (Miss Aitken), Miss J. Lees S3 (Miss Sf. Lt les), Miss E. Daniels 88 (Mrs Paskeli), Miss E. D. ick 88 (Miss Aitken). Miss E. Diehl 87, Miss A. Grant 85 (Miss F. Grant). Miss S. West 85 (M iss Yorston), Miss A. Burton 84 (Signor Squarise), Miss E. Crawford 84 (Mr Vallis), Miss A. Lane S3 (Mis Paskeli), Miss D. Esther St (Alisa Yo.rston), Miss J. M‘Adie S3 (Mr Hutton), Miss E. Moi ts 80 (Mrs Von Look), Miss E. Hirnmel 82 (Mins Yorston), Miss A. Hunter 80 (Mrs Miller), Mis. r E. Cook 80 (Miss Yorston), Miss E. Black 80 (Mr Easton), Miss A. Smith 77 (Mr Hutton), Miss J. V/hite76(Miss Yorston). Mr If. SPClymont 76 (Mis s Grant), Miss D. Portnian 75 (Miss Palmer), Misi; M. Morgan 74 (Mrs Von Look), Mr T. Fog" 74 (1 liss Grant), Miss E. Murcott 73 (Mrs Miller)’ Miss M. Thomson 73 (.Mr Easton), Miss A. Sutton ™(! tr Taylor), Miss M. Murray 72 (Miss Lees). Miss S. Dale 68 (Miss Lees), Mr Wm. Hogg 65 (Mr Timi-.on), Miss J. Diack 63 (Mr Hutton). Miss M. 2.9Sr nno , r r B2 Von Look), Miss C. Raymond 60 (3 Irs Von Look); seven failed. Intermediate Pass.—Bliss E. Daniels 94 (Mrs Paskellk Miss E. Diei.l 94, Miss E Cook 94 (Miss lorston). Miss F. Chisholm 92 (Sliss Aitken) Miss E. Dick 90 (Miss Aitken). Miss A. Stewart 89 (Miss Aitken), Sliss E. Strang SO (Sliss Miss D. Esther 89 (Miss Yorston); Sliss A. Lane 86 (Mrs Paskeli). Sliss D. SPNab 85 (Sir Taylor) Miss E Lyders S3 (Miss Yorston). Sliss A. Beckingsaie 82 (Miss Aitken). Miss A. Burton vr- (M i? 3 5 u , nca P ) g ?l\ s r 3 F - Harland 81 (Sir Taylor), M , S3F - Pickard 81 (Sir Easton), Miss N. Reid 80 ■ ( *r r B J' rt w ) ’ NS?,9f- H, , m,nd 80 < Miss Yorston), J 1 * 3 , 3 S. 'Vest ?0 (Miss Yorston), Miss E. Crawford 78 (Mr \allis). Miss M. M'Kinky 74 (Mr xr \?mi nn S £V sie -«^y73 (Miss Yorston), Miss H. Sldler ,0 (Mrs Sillier), Sir J. Percy 69 (Miss Palmer), Sliss C. Hutton 69 (Miss Nicoll), Sliss A. Irvine 69 (Miss Torsten), Sliss F. Dyer 68(Miss Yorston) Sliss F. Brown 67 (Mr Tavlor), Sliss G. AppJegate 66 (Mr Ashby), Sliss E. Culverwell 66 M y vT ) ' H lss ?'■; F ?S‘ e 65 (Miss Rehberg), MiasM. Donaldson 64 (Signor Squarise), Sliss A. Horsburgh 62 (Miss Longford), Sliss J. Simson 62 (Sir A. Frazer); seven failed. Tu-Ta lo^S? nors ,r;^ lis3 E - R ousc 97 (Sliss Lees), ‘ 95 GMr VMbTxr Eils fon). Sliss K. Geerin -vt' c i?r-n S •’ 135 • Johnson 86 (Sliss Johnson) N‘ a l sr Yor3ton >. Sliss S. SutberV “ini' u‘ Pa N Torranceß3(Miss Yor4 rth ? r 53 (Nlr Yullis), Miss A. Feesl M S r J orstori) - Miss w - Leek 80 (Miss 'i lll ’omson 89 (Mr Vallis), Sliss S. I Tnln ( M r r F ss >T - Rennert 79 (Sliss T 79 < Mis3 Aitken), Miss T\vlnrl 8 M^ 13 \- L |? IS3 M'Pherson 78 (Mr a Eonn ell 76 (Miss Lees), Miss L. raL vi/iiFlf- Taylor), Sliss A. Livingstone 73 SBss f' C T°n ’ Wright 71 (Miss Horne), ?xrf,T J ? n , e , 3 . a < Mr Taylor), Sliss J. Allen 71 s erdm 69(Mr Taylor), Sliss D. Fergus 69 (Miss Barr), Sliss A. Dale 68 (Miss r? Ky l e 68 (Miss Aitken), Sliss J. Fish CoUmson), Sliss E. Boyd 67 (Mr Taylor), cqMr V -T^ hml l an i- 64 < Mr Taylor), Sliss A. Angus 6.3 (Mr Timson), Sliss SI. Riddell 63 (Mr Frazer), a, ; S3 \ Slichelsen 62 (Sliss Niven), Sir J. Bates 62 (SlrTaylor),Sliss R. Johnson 62 (Miss Johnson), Ajtbur 61 (Miss Collinson). Slaster H. Reid 60 (Miss Collinson); six failed. Junior Pass.-Sliss J. Stevenson 99 (Sliss Lo Keong) Sliss SI. Torrance 99 (Miss Yorston), Miss E. Clark 99 (Sir C. Clark), Sliss A. Cadogan 99 iir- YalUs), Sliss A. Donald 98 (Miss Yorston), M'BsM.Kyle9B (Miss Aitken), Sliss SI. Thompson 98 (Sit \ allis), Sliss J. Miller 97 (Sliss Lees), Miss A. Green 97 (Sir Barth), Sliss J. Waters 97 (Miss Lees), Sliss SI. Dunlop 96 (Mr Frazer), Sliss J- Brydone 95 (Sliss Slacedo), Miss A. Brvdone 95 (Mias Macedo), Sliss 51, Roberts 95 (Sir Easton), M'SS P. Carolin 94 (Sir Vallis). Sliss E. Boyd 93 <M f Tavlor). Sir T. Deehan 93 (Mr Vallis), Sliss E, Jones 92 (Sir Taylor), Sliss J. Anderson 92 (Miss Russell), Sliss A. Livingstone 91 (Sliss Nicoll). Sliss M. M'Pherson 90 (Sir Taylor), Sliss E. Beck 90 (Mr Rarth), Sliss E, Sloss 90 (Sirs Von Look), Sir A. M Inneß9o(MissM. Lees).Sliss J.Hunter9o(MrA. Frazer) Sliss A. Cray 90 (Miss Low). Mr F. Clark 90 (Sir C. Clark), Sir F. Walsh 89 (Sliss Aitken), Miss F. Angus 89 (Mr Timson), Sliss SI, Burton 89, Sliss L. Kerr 89 (Sliss Lees), Sliss ft. Wilkie 88(Miss Yorston). Sliss J. Smaill 88 (MrFra--er), Mr H. Reid 87 (Miss Collinson). Miss A. Angus 87 (Mr Timson), Miss SI. Riddell 85 (Mr Frazer). Sliss F. Downes 85 (Mrs Slilier), Sliss F. Laing 84 (Sliss Yorston), Miss J. Griffin 84 (Miss Johnson). Miss C. Howell 84 (Mias Lane). Sliss B. Sachtler 84 (Convent), Sir L. Andrews 83 (Mr Taylor), Miss L. Slichelsen 83 (Sliss Niven), Sliss A. SFMuliin 83 (Mrs Slilier), Sliss O. Herdman 81 (Sir Tavlor). Sliss F. Clulee 80 (Sir Tavlor), Sliss SI. Wright 79 (Sliss Horne), Sliss V. Whinan 78 (Mr Tavlor), Sliss E. Slitchell 77 (Mr Fraser), Sliss E. Logie 76 (Sir Easton), Sliss E. Fastier 76 (Sir Easton), Sliss A. Gill 75 (Miss Horan), Sliss SI. Slackerras 75 (Mr Taylor), Miss E. Slabs 74 (Bliss Palmer), Sliss SI. Edwards 73 (Sliss Horan). Sliss O. Slorton 73 (Mr Easton), Sliss O. Lo Keong 73 (Sliss Lo Keong). Sliss L. Tait 72 (Miss Low), Sliss SI. SrSlullin 72 (Sirs Slilier), Mr J. Bates 71 (Mr Taylor), Miss H. Arthur 70 (Sliss Collinson), Sliss E. Johnson 70 (Miss Johnson), Sliss F. Fowler 69, Sliss J. Fish 63 (Sliss Collinson), Sliss SI. Tipper 67 (Sir Taylor). Sliss SI. Burns 67 (Sliss Nicoll), Sliss J. Gow 67 (SlrTaylor). Sliss L. Slaunder6s (Sir Timson). Sliss B. Hall 65 (Sliss Selby), Sliss A. Slartinelli 03 (Sliss Parker), Sliss E. Andrews 62 (Sliss Johnson), Sir L. Fernie 60 (Sliss Palmer).

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TRINITY COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS., Evening Star, Issue 10420, 15 September 1897

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TRINITY COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS. Evening Star, Issue 10420, 15 September 1897