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First Day—Tuesday, Tho following concludes our report of yesterday's racing at liiccartou : AVEI.COMK STAKES, iv ssvccpstikea of lOaovseacb. with '-'."-0 sova uddecj. l-'or two-year olds. Four furkojjs. Mr E. Cntts's b or fore l'i grnalion, by Apremont -Nautilus, Sbt 51b .. .. (Matthews) 1 31r O. G. Stead's b c Mornlne, by Aprcmo».-.t—-'Miss Flat, Bst filh 2 Major Gcor.'c'B ch c Reprisal, by First King— Mempbw, Sst ulii .. •- •• ..3 Wr P. liutlei'a b c Bay King, by Cadogan— Corcvn, srt 51b .. .. .. •- 0 Mr Atkinson's br e Roa Trovato, by Apremont —liVi cry, Sat .lib 0 "rlnj.jr Ocorj.'o'd '; f Vendetta, by St. Albans— Tho Maid, Sit 0 Mr J. l>. Ortonnd'B b f Lullaby, by Apremont— Hammoc*, Bst .. .. .. 0 Mr W. Fowler's b * Wutercrcs9, by Trefoil—Water Nymph, Sat .. .. .. .. 0 Mr H. Ilorslord's bf Inez, by AlUny-Zjlica, Sat '0 After a long delay at the post, the lo* .lumped oil iu beautiful order. Pygmalion, i'oxt the rails, nnd Moraine, in the centre, were tho firat to show in front. The former, triding along without apparent effort, kept his position to tho end, and won very comfortably by two lengths from Moraine, who rvaa half that distance iu front of Reprisal ; Inez fourth, Vendetta fifth. Time, 51sec. Dividends: Inside, L 3 2s Gd; outside, L2 17s. SELLING RACK, of 75 sovs. Seven kulones. Mr Lambert's Loo, 7st 91b .. .. (M'Morran) 1 Mr 0. G. Stead's Milord, Sat 41b .. (Dawson) 2 Mr Lunn's Count d'Orsay, 9st .. (Derrett) 3 Dragon (9.4), Preston (5.4), and Hebrew Maid (8.2) also ran. Won comfortably by two lengths. Time, lmin 32sec. Dividends : Inside, L 3 5s 6d ; outside, L2 18s fid. TIIJ2 RICCARTON WKLTCR STAKES HANDICAP, of 100 sovs. Six furlongs. Mr P. F. Tancrcd'a ch hj Forester, 0 yrs, 10at 101b f Mr 0. 0. Stead'a br f Retina, 3 yrs, Bst .. .. i Mr Lambort's br hj Sir Julius, 5 yrs, Sst 7H) .. 3 A dead heat, after a splendid race. Ten <>thcr3 started. Time, lmin Dividends : Ll3s 15s 6d on Forester, LGli on Retina. The owners divided the stakes. The scratch Selling Race was won by Mr Webb's Vaultrcss, beating twelve others. Dividends, L 3 9s and LS 198 6d. THE V.R.C SPRING MEETING.


The weather at Flemington yesterday was beautiful, though the sky was cloudy; but a nice breeze tempered the sultriness of the atmosphere. The Governor (Sir H. Loch), Lady Loch, Sir W. Robinson, Lord and Lady Carrington, and the Earl and Cquntess of Kintore were present. The attendance, it is thought, waa hardly up to last year, hut for all that there was an enoiir.ous crowd. The ladies' dresses on the lawn, usually gorgeouß and a wonderful sight, were for once more remarkable for quiet grace than obtrusive splendor. The racing up to the Cup was exciting enough for the most fastidious, and by four o'clock the attendance had increased till locomotion either on the stand, lawn, or in the bird cage was a matter of the greatest difficulty. All through the day Chicago was passed round as a real " good thing " for the big race, the well-known astuteness of his trainer, Richard M'Kenna, being acknowledged by all connected with turf circles. Singapore's friends came to his rescue and supported him freely. When the flag fell Carrington and Prince Consort took up the running, the former riding right round to the abattoirs, where Dunkeld, who was then second, mado a forward move and assumed the lead. Once into the straight, however. Carbiae looked all over a winner, till Bravo shot up at the carriage paddock, and, amid intense excitement, landed the 5,000 sovs by a length. His victory was received in a very half-hearted manner, as it had been hinted abroad that Bravo had experienced a bad accident to his hoof after the Caulficld Cup, which would make his starting for the Melbourne Cup highly improbable. In fact, as much as 1,000 to 1 was laid against him ; one bookmaker, named Lorry Tucker, being heavily struck at these odds. The time was only mediocre. Mclos, the favorite, held a bad position all through, but it is only fair to say that Carbine was none too well placed either. The eon of Musket covered himself with glory by his thorough game struggle under a crushing weight. Pakeha was fourth, Prince Consort fifth, Chicago sixth, and then came Carrington, followed by Dunkeld and Menotti. The following are details of the racing :

HURDLE RACE, of 300 Bovb. Three miles. Anthony Ikos.' br g Bellringer, by Gemma di Vcrey colt—Fascination, aged, list 01b (Regan) 1 Mr T. Cumrnings's b hj Corythus, 6 yrs, 13st (Carey) 2 Mr J. Cameron's br g Prosper,lOst 111b (Lettwitch) 3 The other starters were: Drilldool, Blue •uid White, Chandler, Sluggard, Leopold, Weathercock, and General Gordon. Betting: 5 to 2 against Corythus, 7 to 2 Bellringer, 5 to 1 Sluggard, 0 to 1 Drilldool. Won easily by three lengths, the same distance separating the second and third horses. Drilldool and Blue and White fell. Time, fimin 30sec. 11AILWAY HANDICAP, of 300 fovs ; second horse 00 sovs, third 30 sovs. Six furlongs. Mr \V. Miller's br hj Stecltrap, i yrs, 7st 41b (Dunkoy) 1 Mr 1\ O'Loughlau's br hj Trojan, 0 yrs, 7st 011) (Harris) 2 Mr D. Grccnway's br o Merriment, 3 yrs, Sat 7b) (Power) 3 Fishwife, Bothwcll, John S., Tourbillon, Savanak, Whitcfoot, Sequel, Moss Rose, Copenhagen, Bustle, Adventurous, Silvermere, The Fortune Teller, Portland, Surprise, and Purplo and Gold also ran, Betting: oto 1 agst Sequel, Gto 1 John 8. and Fishwife, 7 to 1 Tourbillon and Merriment, 10 to 1 Stecltrap, Trojan, and Nilvermere. Won comfortably by a length ;vnd a-half, the same distance between Trojan and Merriment; Tourbillon fourth, Silvermere fifth. Time, lmin 173 sec. KENSINGTON STAKES, of 10 sovs each, with 300 sovs added. For two-year-olds. Colts, Bsfc 51b ; fillies and geldings, Bst. Winner to be sold for L3OO. Five lurlongs. Mr A. Davles's br t Claro .. (Power) 1 Mr S. Davis's br o Beverley .. .. (Campbell) 2 Mr B. Donnovan's br t Allegro .. (Waller) 3 Victor Hugo, Cheddar, The Crash, Olea, and Shade also ran. Betting :sto 4 against Victor Hugo, 2 to 1 Clare, 10 to 1 bar two. Clare led throughout, but there was a desperate finish between her and Mr S. Davis's CJlt, resulting in a half-head victory for the filly, a length and a-half dividing Beverley from Allegro; after whom came Cheddar, Shade, and Olea, Mr White's colt being absolutely list. Time, lmin 4see. The winner was bought in for L 470. MELBOUKNE CUP, a handicap sweepstakes of 60 bovs each, with 6,000 sovs added, and a trophy value 150 bovß ; tbo second horse to receive 1.000 sovs and the third 600 sovs out of the stake. Two milcß. Mr W. T. Jones's b hj Bravo, by Grand Flaneur— The Orphan, 6 yrs, Sat lib .. .. (Urwin) 1 Mr D. S. Wallace's b hj Carbine, by Musket— Mersoy, 4yr<>, 10st .. .. ..(O'Brien) 2 Mr W. Gannon's br hj Melos, by Goldsbrough— Melody, i yrs, Bst 121b .. .. (Norton) 3 Mr J. Chambers's cb hj Cardigan, 0 yrs. Bst 101b .. 0 Mr M. Loushlin's bhj Oakleigb, aged, Sst 2lb ... 0 Mr A. Davics's ch hj Pakcha, 5 yrs, Sat lib .. 0 Mr M. O'Shannassey's br hj Chicago, 0 yrs, Bst lib 0 Mr J. Redfearn's blk hj Benzon, 4 yrs, 7st 101b .. 0 Mr W. Wilson's bhj Chotwynd, 4 yrs, 7st 81b .. 0 Hon. J. White's br g Rudolph, 3 yrs, 7at 81b .. 0 Hod. J. White's b c Singapore, 3 yrs, 7st Gib (including penalty) .. .. .. .. 0 Mr J. O'Loughlin's blk o Richelieu, 3 yrs, 7st (jib . 0 Mr J. Deasy ns b hj Knight of tho Garter, 4 yrs,

7st6lb 0 Mr H. C. White's b c Anttous, 3 yrs, 7st 31b .. 0 Mr S. Brown's b c Carrington, 3 yra, 7dt 31b .. 0 Mr D. O'Brien's b c Dunkeld, 3 yrs, 7at .. .. 0 Sir W. J. Clarke's br hj Menotti, 6 yrs, Cat Kilb .. 0 Mr S. Brown's b c Tinlander. 3 yu, 6st 121b .. 0 Mr E. Brodribb's bo Prince Consort, 3 yrs, 6st 111b 0 Mr G. B. Rowley's br hj Bluenoso, 4 yrs, ()3t 101b .. 0

Betting: 7 to 2 against Melos, 4 to 1 Chicago, 10 to 1 Bravo, Carbine, and Benzon, 12 to 1 Knight of the Garter and Singapore ; 20 to 1 Anta;us and Rudolph ; 25 to 1 to 50 to 1 the others.

When the flag fell the colors of Carrington and Prince Consort were seen in front, Richelieu, Singapore, and Pakeha following in that order. Then came a cluster of horses, and Cardigan was last. Along the straight by the river the same two maintained tho lead, and Dunkeld made his way out of the ruck. Round by the abattoirs he ran up into second place, Benzon also coming prominontly into notice at tho same time. Sweeping toward the home turn Dunkeld led, but Melos, Chicago, and Rudolph put in their claims, Carbine and Prince Consort also making their way through tho field. Taat was tho order as the horses rounded the corner and came into the long stretch which led home. Carbine was lying next the rails, and half-way up tho straight it looked any odds on the gallant son of Musket, but there was a surprise in ulurt. Coming with a wet from the general bunch Bravo boldly challenged the chn.m-

pion, and at the name niomehb Meltos came with a desperate bid for victory. Ten st'to'o weight told its tale, and Bravo wore the champion down, passing the Judge's box a length ahead? but Carbine caved the LI,OOO which goes to the 3e>ond horse by half tviieek after & terrific struggle with the favorite, who could not quite get up. Time, 3min :<2see. O'Brien says that Prince Consort bored Carbine on to the rails, extinguishing Lis chance of winning.

NUKSEUY HANDICAP, of 300 eova; sroond horse GO sovs, third 30 sova. Five furlongs. Mr S. G. Cook's ch c The Spot, by St. AlMtaLady Disdain, 7st 41b .. .. (Power) 1 Mr D. S. Wallace's br C Vv'ilga, by Epiitrfun— Nellie, Bst 121b (OT.ncn) 2 MrS. Millet's brf Calm, 7st Sib .. (Holmes) 3 The other starters—Utter, Rivcrina, Hermitage, Gaudy, King William, Elworthy, Princess Alice, Quality, Miss Albans, Enuc, Laughter, and Ilossall. Won by two lengths': PaUdy fourth, Miss Albans fifth. Betting : 2 to 1 against The Spot, 4 to 1 Utter, 6to 2 anything else. Time, lmin 43CC YAN YEAN STAKES, of 300 sovs; second horae (iO Buvs, third 30 swva. One mile. MrS. G. Cook's bcTbo Wild Oat, 3 yrs, 7st 41b (Duthey) 1 Mr P. Butler's br hj Manton, i yrs, 9st 01b (Harris) 2 Mr J. O. InirlL's eh e G'Naroo, 3 y«, <i*t Gib (Hayes) 3

Teuton, Chaldean, Linburn, Chintz, and Antfi'us wore tho other starters. Betting: 1 to 1 against The Wild Oat and Teuton, 4 to 1 Manton. Won by three lengths ; five lengths separating Manton from G'Naroo. Time, lmin 42.} sec.

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SPORTING INTELLIGENCE., Issue 8057, 6 November 1889

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SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. Issue 8057, 6 November 1889

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