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C.J.C. SPRING MEETING. The following final payments in connection with the above were made on Saturday night:— NEW ZEALAND CUP. a hrirdimp sw-.-cpstr.k-3 c" 20 t-ova ouch, with I.CDO bovs added ; Ecco-ri horse to receive 200 sovs and tho third uo.'so 10J sova out of Itiß 6t:iko. Two mile?. A-o. Wglit. Horse, vis. st. lb. Jockey. Dudu (Somnus-Famc) ..500 G.MaUhcw3 llec'.ude (Daniel O'ltorke— VoltarimO i 812 Barnes Whisper (Albany—Toll Tale) .. .. •• 6 712 M'Morran Biitish Lion' (Lcolinua- ~.n..n, Spritsail) 6 710 M'Grath Occident (L.ipidiat - Tho West) .. .. •• 4 7 9 Chapman Scots Grey (Musket-Maid „„,,.,. ofAthsl) 3 7 2 Cusdm Tirailleur (Musket —FirrenceU'drthy).. ..3 0 5 Collelo Wakal'pu (The Drummer -Coris-indc) .. ..6 6 0 Ray. WELCOME STAKES, a sweepstakes of !0 sovseach, with 250 bomb tdtUd. i'ot two-year-olds. Four furlongs. ~ St lb

Mr G. G. Stead's bo Moraine, by Apremont— Miss Flat .85 Mr E.Cutt'sb or broPjgmalion, by Apremont —Nautilas .. .- •• •■ a o Mr P. Butlei's bo Bay Kirg, by CadoganCo.cyra ■• ... ■• 8 5 Major George's ch o Reprisal, by Fust Kins;— _ Mempbi3 , •• Mr Atkinson's br c Be i Trovato, by Apremont —Flattery ■• . •• »t> Major George's b f Vendetta, by St. Aloans— Tho Maid , •• t " Mr J. D. Oi mond's b f LulUby, by Apremont— Hammock.. .. •• .•■_,,,," Mr VV. Fowler's b f Watercress, by TrefoilWater Nymph .. •• •• ° " Mr H. Horsford's bf Inez, by Albany- Zelica 8 0 THE DERBY STAKES, a sweep't k?s of 25 sovs c ach, with 500 sovs added; t-cond horco to receive ICO sovs and tho ihlrd 50 sovs out oi the stake. For three-year-olds. One mile and a-h-lf. St o

Mr G. G. Stcri's er o Scots Grey, by Muske,MaidofAthol .. .. ■• •■ 810 MrS. H. Gol'an's brc Ren;ti, by Albany-No Name • • • ■ • Mr W. U. Webb's oh g Peerswiok, by Bundoora —Wave •• •* •* Mr Hors-orJ's b f Cypriote, by St. GeorgeMessr/cf'ffo'rd and Hunter's'blk f Cynisca, by Apremont—Nautilus .. •• .. 8 D Mr G. H. Clifford's b f A'saC2, by ApremontMa.iiThercEi .. •• •• .. 8 d THE OAKS STAKES, a sweepstakes of 10 sovs each, with 250 sovs added ; second horse to receive uO sovs arid the third 25 eovs out of tho stake. 0.-e mile and a-half. Jb

Mr H. Horsford's b f Cypriote, fcy St. GeorgeMr H. Horsford'sb t Musk D?er, by MusketSweet Cicely .. •• ..",„„.," al Mr G. G. Strad's b f Rose Arycnt, by MusketHo eUe • • • • • • ' ■ Mr A k'oson'B eta f Charming by Li. GeorgeCbrrin •• ,•• . _■•. ." Blu Ucvß Clifford and Hunter's blk f Cyniaoa, b/ .. - ..8 10 Mr G. H. Clifford's b f Alsace, by Aprcmcnt— MariiThere<i -. •• v ;• •• 810 Major George's ch I Fiesole, by IngomarF.orence ° IU THE V.R.C. SPRING MEETING. THE DERBY DAY. [Br Eleotbio Telegraph.—CopraiaHr.] [Per Press Association.] MELBOURNE, November 2. The V.R.C. spring meeting was opened to-day with a beautiful midsummer day. A seison of unexampled nro-perity served to make this year's attendance on Derby day something phenomenal, that is of Victorians, but eomb'ned with this fact visitors to Melbourne from other colonies were never so numerous, on Wednesday last over 200 sleep : ng berths being secured at Sydney a'one before noon for that evening's express. The attendance was enormous, and among tho:o present were Lord Cwrngtou and the Earl and Countesi of K-'ntore. The racing throu"boutwas gimerallygood,but Dunkeld s chance in the Derby was completely missed bv the wretched stirt. Even then he finished fifth, r-ter losing fifty yards. The event of the day was the magnificent finish between Abercorn, Melos, and Cavb-ne r.\ the Melbourne Stakes. Melos's ruth at the fnishwr;* quifo phenomenal, and h'-show in the Melbourne Cup must be second to none. Singapore ran a regu'ar cur ?n the Hotham Handicap, for which he was heavily backed. The following are the results : MAIDEN PWTE. cf 300 sore ; second hose CO sov • tn;rd?osovs. Onomilc. MrA.Cbi nside'ab o Linbu'n, 3yiß .. (Pawcr) 1 Mr J. O. Im'.Vs ch c G'Naroo, 3 yrs (M'Gowa-) 2 Mr T. F. W.gley's br c Cheddar, 2 yrs (Ji-squ-s) J Fourteen started. Betting : 2to 1 against Linburn, sto 1 Calm, 6to 1 G'Naroo. Won easily by a length, a head dividing second and thL-d. Time, lmin 44£ sec. MECBOUtfNE STAKES, of 10 "vs each, with 6H edded ; second 100 r dvs, third 00 sovs. We-ght forage. One mi'e and a-quaitrr. Hon. J. White's ch hj Aberorn, 5 yre, M 81b MrW. G.innen'BbrhMek9,4yi3,936 (Norton) 2 Hon. D. S. Wallace b hj Carbine, 4 g

The other starters were—Chicago (9.3), Newmaster (9.3), Cardigan (9.3), Benzon (9), Antteus (7.12), and Sinecure (7.) 2). Betthf: Even money on Abercorn, 3to 1 aga'nst CaTb>'ne, 5 to 1 Anta;us, 10 to 1 Melos and Sinecure. Antteus and S'necure cut out the pace five len"ths in advance of Carbine shortly aft:r the'flag fell, with the favori'.e lying sixth. Hal. way up the straight Abercorn made his effort, and a tremendous finish between he and Carbine was made more excitmg by Melos coming with a great rush, and although he got past Carbine suffered defeat by Abercorn by half a head, Carbine being half a neck away third. The race was run in the phenomenal time of 2min being 45sec faster than last year, when Australian Peer won by half a length from the Melbourne Cup winner Mentor. HOTHAM HANDICAP, of SOObovb; second 6] sovsi third SO sovs. One mile and a-ha'f and adn Mr jfwilEon's Chintz, 3 yrs, 6st 121b .. (Rcdfern) 1 Mr MaitLnd's b hj Meteor, aged, 7st 10 b (C-mpbell) 2 Mr 'J. Chsafe rs br o Tartar, 4 yrs, 0;c 71b (Chaafe) 3

The other starters were—Singapore (8.8), Wycombe (8 7), Stanley (8.5), Teuton (8.0), Leroy (7.12), Menotti (7.8), Green Isle (7.4), Tantal'on (7.0), Dexter (6.13), and The Wild Oat (6.10). Betting :2to 1 against Singapore, 4 to 1 Meteor, sto 1 The Wild Oat, 8 to 1 Tartar, 10 to 1 Chintz. Won easily by half a length, a quarter of a length separating the other two. Time, 2min s£sec. VICTORIA DEUBY, a sweepst .kes of 25 sovs each, w'.th 1,000 sovs added ; tho second horso to receive 2C J sovs, and tho third 100 sovs out of the Btike. For three-vcar-olOt.. Colts, B*t 101b ; flll'es, Bst 51b ; g< Wims'at time of running allowed 51b. One mile and a-half. ~*.,,,.. Hon. J White's ch c Dreadnought, by Chester— Tr?."i'"ar .. •• •• •• (Hales) 1 Mr O'LoVhlin'ublk c Richelieu, by Richmond— MlsiHarVhtt -, ,■.• „ ~". < Poww > 2 Hon J. White's br g Eudo'pb, by Martim-Henry— Pit (Hux'ey) 3 Mr D. O'Brien's b or br o Dunkeld, by Apremont— A»'o'e .. ■• •• •• •• ° Mr 01 '-c'iner'a br o Loyal Stone, by Precious Stone —Loyal PcereES .. •• - ," ° Mr Browne's bo CarViston, by Gang Forward- ■• *• ■• Mr Browne's be Tinl.nder, by Tho Englishman—TinSm'cr _ .. .. •■ 0 Mr E. O Brodiibb'sb o Prince Consort, by Richmond— Queen Consort .. .. .. 0 Belling : 5 to 2 on Dreadnought, 8 to 1 against Dunkeld, 12 to 1 Rudolph and Richelieu. Owing to the fractiousness of Rudolph there were several false and when the flag did fall the horses were sent away to a wretched start, both Dunkeld and Prince Consort being left standing at the poat. Rudolph, in the interest of his stable companion, at once rushed to the front and led the field at a merry pace, but by the turn by the river Tinlander ran up to the leader, wilh Loyal Stone lying third and Dunkeld tailing off. Dreadnought, who bad been lying rixth, now made a forward movement, and held a pronvnent position as tie field approached the home turn. Hre Richelieu made a bid for victory, and about a furlong homo took up the runn ; ng, and looKed all over a winner until a hundred yards from the winnijg-post, wl-en Hales brought along the favorite and the race was never in doubt, Dreadnaught winning rather eaiily by a length and a-quarler. the same distance separating second and third. Prince Consort was fourth, Dunke'd fifth, and Tinlander sixth. Time, 2mh 41sec. THE MARIBYRNONG PLATE, a sweepstake* or 30 sovjracb, with a 1,000 covs and a trophy, value 100 sovs (presented by Mr Mark Moss), added. For two-year-ilds. Coil's 8?tl0lb; Allies,Bst Bib; geldings at time ol running a'lowcd 51b. The second hor.e to receive 800 sovs and the third 200 sovs out of the st-'se. Five furlongs. Mr S. G. Cook's bo Tho Admiral, by R'ohmond— Footstep (Powe.) 1 Hon, J. White'a b f Uttor, by Martini-Henry-; Uial'a ( aa]m > 2 Hen D. S. Wallaoo's br f Wilga, by Epigram-* Nellie (O'Brien) 3 Hon. J. White's b f Prelude, by Martini-llcnrj

Thillina .. •■ •• •• Mr O. O'Brien's bo Whlmbrel, by bt. Albam— Curlew .. « •• •»

Mr S. G. Cook's ch c Tho Spot, by St. Albans— : lady Disdain .. .. .. .. 0 j Mr K. Donovan's b f Allesro, by Nockeregat— I Queen of Naples .. .. • • 0 Mr E H. Austin's ch o K.iuc, by First 0 Mr J. Crcz'or's br f Heimitagc, by St. Albans— Solitiido .. .. .. .. .. 0 Mr J. B. Clark's ch o JUvcrma, by St. AlbansAmora .. .. .. .. •• 0 Mr S. Mile 's bo Marnh, by Newminßtcr—Ni'ta.. 0 Mr A. Davies ns br f Claie, by Hichmond—Lidy Wilton 0 Mr S Gardiner's ch o Loilcier, by Chesterfield— .. .. .. .. ■• u Mr J. Ch i. :te ns br c Kioaf William, by Nordenfeldt —Pulchra .. .. .. •• ■• ° Mr J. M'LauchUn'sch c Correze, by Ncwminater -Oii'da ° Vr .1. Wilson's (jun.) b f Magio Circle, by lust Ki >g or St. Albans (imp)-Yardlcy (imp) .. 0 Betting: Even money on Correze, 6to 1 against Hermitage, 7 to 1 Uiter, lOto 1 The Admiral. Enuc w.-i the first to get away, closely followed by The Admiral and Uttor. The field was in a bunch ncarng the distance, when Admiral rushed to the :Vont. At the dr.tauce post Uttsr caught Mr Cook's hor.e, but the latter came aga'n, and won after a dcspera'3 race V<y a short head; Correza fourih, Magic Circle fifth, Clare Eix'.h, Ine Spot seventh. Enuc and Loiterer whipped in. Time, 14& sec. COBUKG STAKES, of 300 sovs ; sennd 60 sovs, t'lird 31 - iv?. Ore rn : !e and a furor-,'. lit l C-ipps's br hj Do--, 5 yis, 9-t S'b .. (•: .Brjrp) 1 Mr J. Tu'.nball's b m Fishw fe, 5 y:8, S-t 71l> (O'D.'rn) 2 Hoe. J. While's b'k f Sequel, 3 yn, 7stolb (Huxley) 3

Ten horc", started. Won cleverly by r-iTt aler»th. 4to 1 The Charmer, Bto 1 Boz. Time, lnv'n 57sec. November 3.

The splend'd running of Melos in the Melbourne Stake 3 yc .terday caused him Ij be heavily backed for the Melbourne Cup last and at one time he shortened '.o 100 to"30. Singapore, who cut up badly m the Hotham Handicap, was driven back, and fourd few admirers. Power, who rode Richelieu in the Derby, expresses every confidence that the horse will run well forward in the Cup, and the party who follow Knight of the Garter appear sanguine about their chance.

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SPORTING INTELLIGENCE., Issue 8055, 4 November 1889

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SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. Issue 8055, 4 November 1889

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