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The amount of revenue eolleoted at the Custom-house on goods cleared *«-cUv f«» ooisumption was Customs, LB2O 9.) 2d; primage. L 32 14s sd; total. LBSS 3a 7d. The 'Wanganui Herald' learns on good authority that the business of the New Zealand Shipping Company for the past year has proved very satisfactory. After paying interest on the debenture stock and all expenses, the net earnings of the company amount to L9o,ooo—sufficient to pay a high rate of interest oh the capital; but the profits will be devoted, in accordance with a determination of the directors expressed at the last meeting, to pay off a efficiency due to the Improper charging of expenses to eapital.

STOCK AND STATION REPORT. Mr Donald Stronach (on behalf of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited) reports for the week ended October 30 as follows .'—

Fat Cattle.—lß2 head were to hand at Burnaidc saleyards for this day's market, about two - thirds of which were good to jrimo quality, several pens being very heavy weighty, the balance were only very medium and light, including a number of low quality cows and heifers. The demand was fairly active, late rates being fully maintained. Best bullocks brought L 9 5j to LlO 17s Gd, extra heavy to Ll2 ss, medium to good L 7 10s to L 8 15a, light and inferior L3l7s 0J to L 615.3; cows in proportion. Fat Sheep.—The number to hand to-day was much smaller, only 1,511 being penned, of which about 240 were racrinoes, the rest crossbreds, ch'efly wethers, mostly good to prime quality. A good demand existed for export', which had the effect of hardening the market considerably, every line suitable for this purpose being taken up at prices showing an advance of from 2s to 2s 6d per head on last week's rates, and the trade, in order to secure sufficient for their requirements, were in consequence obliged to compete with spirit. The sales all through were characterised with animation. Beat cross-bred wethers brought 17s Gd to 19s GJ, one or two pens extra prime to 22s Gd ; ordinary to good, 13s Gd, lGsGd; best cross-bred ewes-medium, 15s 3.1 to 18s fld ; ordinary, 12i 9d to 14s Gd ; merino wethers, lis 9d to 14s Gd, We sold on account of Mr R. A. Humphrey (Pukerau). cross-bred wethers from 15s 9d to lfu 3d; Messrs Ross Bros. (Bushy Park), cross-bred wethers to 15s 3d ; Mr W. Fleming (Henley), small half-bred wethers at 14s.

Lambs.—3Gs were penned, representing all qualities. A good demand existed for best, but inferior has less attention, tho range to-day being 5s 9d to 13*. Pigs.—4o2 were penned, the greater proportion of which were stores. All sorts had a veiy good demand. Suckers brought Gs to lis; light stores, 12s to 10s; others, 21s to 2G3; porkers, 28i to 3Gs; bacotiers, 4Cs to 525; extra heavy, 60s. Storo Cattle.—Dealers have been operating to a considerable extent lately, and now there aro several large mobs on the market; but feed, except in a few favored spots, is not far enough advanced yet to excito any very great desire on the part of graziers to purchase with freedom ; but, no doubt, with the continuation of genial weather an increased demand will be experienced, and all suitable lots offering will find buyers at satisfactory prices. Storo Sheep.—There will be no business of any consequence to report in these for some weeks yet; in face until after shearing, and sellers are in a position to give particulars of the number and ages of the different classes they may have for disposal, tho sales effected will be to a limited extent.

Wool.—We have no further advices regarding the position of the market in London, but it is satisfactory to notn that operations at the Melbourne sales now in progress are marked with considerable animation. Competition is said to be spuitcd, caused no doubt by the large number ofbuyersinattendance. Pn-parations for shearing locally are now beingpushed forward, and itisprobable (weather permitting) that operations will be commenced earlier this season. Already one or two s-mall lets of the new clip aro to hand, but the quantity is hardly large enough to enable us to offer any remarks on the character, though from th?. favorable winter enjoyed the clip this year ought to compare favorably, if not surpiFS. that of previous seasons in soundness, length of staple, and general condition. The prospects of tho approaching season are good : a large number of buyers hive expressed their intention of being preterit; and as nearly all the Home and foreign buyers decline to attend small roadside sales, growers will be consulting their own interests best by forwarding tbeir consignments to the mmket commanding the strongest competiti 17.

MieepsVins. A very active demand continues to be experienced for these, and although tlio supply is pretty considerable there is no lack of buyers iu the market. At the regular weekly auction on Tuesday we offered a lengthy catalogue, comprising tho usual variety. There was a full muster of the trade. Competition was spirited, and all sorts in good request, especially large-pelted, fine-woollod croas-breds, both dry and green ; longstap ed, fine rnerinoes were also freely competed for. Green lambskins command good attention, and likewise the few thorn pelts coming to hand, when free from cut?. Last week's prices were fullv maintained BuMiers' green cross-breds (best) brought 7s 6d. 7s 3d, 7s 2d, 7s Id, 6s Ild, 6s 9d, fis 7d, 6s 53, 6a 4d; good to medium and inferior, Ga 3d, (>■>, 5b 10J, 5a Bd, 5a 6d. 5s 4:1, 5a 2d, 5s Id, 5s ; green rnerinoes, 6s 3d, 6s Id, 6a, 5s 9d, 5s 6d, 5* 4d, Th, 4s 9d ; green lambskins, la 3d, Is 2d, la Id, Is, lid. lOd: country diy cross-hreds, inferior to modioin, Is 3d to Ha lid ; do do merino, Is 4d to 4s Id; medium to full-woollod crosi breds. 41 to 7s 9d ; do do merino, 4s 3d to 6s sd; dry pelts, Ud to 14d. Rabbitskins. —The demand continues active, particularly so for full-furred winter greys, tho supply of which is exceedingly small; the bulk of those coming forward now are spring skins, with a few inferior and weather-stained collections. All sorts, however, ore marketable, although prices in some instances, especially for inferior ynrta, are di appointing to vendors. We offered a moderate catalogue on Tuesday, when all tho buyers for shipment were in attendancj and competed spiritedly for all offered, which fetched tho following prices : CO, 2 bags medium winter grevs, Is 3J ; GS, 1 do early spring 13£ d ; J and JD, 1 bale mixed and weather stained 8d : No. 340. 13 bags inferior winters, 11^.1; GS, 1 bag black aud fawn, lOd per lb, Hidep.—Tho market continues quiet, the business done being almost entirely confined to the exigency of local manufacturers, there being no outlet for shipment even at present rates, which we give as follows :—For heavy in prime condition, 2Jd to 2 ; [d—an odd one occasionally 3d ; medium, 2}d to 2* 1; light, 2d to 2Jd ; infeiior, Hd to lji per lb.

Tallow.—Stocks are low and the quantity on offer limited, but there is no apparent alteration in values, which seem to bo pretty much in sympathy with those telegraphed daily from Home. TTe quote prime renrk red mutton, 10s to and mixed, 12* 6d to lfx. Rough fat is in good request, best fetching 13a to 13s Cd ; inferior to medium and good, 9j to 12j Gd per cwt.

Grain —Wheat: Tho tone of the market shows no improvement; t' e position at the moment seems to be If s? satisfactory than even a week sgp. All throush North Otago and Canterbury stools are still heavy, offering freely in this market at reduced rates ; and it seems quite cvirlent that unlrsi a considerable advarco 13 obtained on current rates in the London market that further reductions will have to he submitted to hc r ß before a clearance can be effected. Fowls' wheat till lately brought prices re'atively higher than those obtaining for good milling, but now a much heavier supply is put on tho market, and late rah s arc unobtainable. We quote prime milling Tuscan, 3s 4d to 3a sd; best red straw, and velvet. 3s Id to 3s 3d; mfdium to good (nominal), 2-110J to 3s; inferior to best fowls wheat, 2s 3d to 2* 9d (ex Btore).—Oats : A modcrato amount of business i 3 passing in these, and prices on the whole slightly more than maintained. There is a f air demand for shipment, both coastwise and intercolonial. All the small lots offering are generally picked up for local consumption. Holders have not been pushing sales lately with the strong desire to quit that was displayed some time time ago. The market in consequence seems steadier, and slowly moving upwards. We quote prime milling, 2s to 2s Id ; extra heavy, 2s 2d ; short blight feed. Is 10H to Is ilid; medium to good, Is 9d <o Is lOd; inferior and musty, Is 3d to Is 7d ; Danish and black, Is 7d to 2s (ex store, sacks extra).— Barley: Stocks are light, but maltsters having put in their supplies for the season, and no demand of any consequenco for shipment, the market is quiet. The few lots offering are difficult to place, except at prices considerably lower than current quotations, which are—for prime malting, 3s 3d to 3s 6d; medium to good, 2s 9d to 3s; feed and mi'ling, 2s 3d to 28 8d (ex store, sacks extra). Grass Seed.—The idea prevailing at the commencement of the season that the supply of ryegrass seed would fall much short of the quantity required, unfortunately for growers and speculators, turns out now to be groundless as not only have nearly all demands been satisfied, but a considerable quantity still remains on hand, and difficult to place at anything like satisfactory prices. Quotations (nominal) for local-grown machine-dressed, 361 to 4s; undressed, 2s to 2s 9d (ex store). Cocks'oot has no demand of any consequence, the small sales effected being confined to mere retail lots. We quote from 2jd to 4Jd per lb, according to quality and quantity. Fotatoes. A good demand continues to exist for local requirements, and all offering are placed without difficulty at prices about equil to those obtaining last week, which we repeat—viz., for best Northern picked, L 5 12-" 6d to Lslss; beat Southern, L 5 to Lsloa per ton (ex store). Chaff.—The market is fully suppl'ed with inferior and medium quality, which has only a very moderate demand, the former especially ; being difficult to place at a, payable price. The quantity of really prime coming forward is limited, but so much inferior quality offering has a considerable influence on the market with respect to prices obtaining for the former. We quote prime L 3 5s to L 3 7s 6d; medium, L2 to L2 IBs ; inferior, 20* to 35s per ton. Dairy Produce.—Cheese: The shipment of large quantities to London during the past few weeks has now reduced the stocks of old factory

make to a small compass, and quantities now on hand will doubtless be worked off satisfactorily at an early date. There is yet no new season's make ripe for shipment, but doubtless ad vintage will be taken of the cool chambers to forward to London considerable quantities of the factories' early season's make, when it should arrive at, perhaps, the best period of the year to make favorable Eales. -Butter is still in oyer supply, and an the new «i»?on'.i is now coming to hand in large quantities it is almost impossible to elt\ ct sale's of last season's, but it is anticipated that down towards the end of the year a better demand will spring up. Quotations nominal. MINING NOTK, The return from tho Orcems Company's last crushing was 184oz of retorted gold from 130 toiw of stone—not 118dz, ai wa.i stated yest:rdr,y. Our Arrowtown correspondent wires:— "Good accounts continue to come from Sew Hoy and Begbre's reef, next the Gallant Tipptrary, Shotover. Ten acres more ground have been taken up by the holders on the line of reef ahead of present discovery, thus completing an area of twenty-six acres. The manager has been pushing on work, aud a trial crushing will soon bo at hand. Two complete dredging plants are expected to bo placed on the Kawarau claims in three weeks' time." MINING SHARE QUOTATIONS. Tho following wore net prices quoted at the e'ositg of the Reefion Mining and Stock Exchange la<t evening : Bitykus.—Bendigo lOd, Electric Light Is fid. Fiery Cross 7s 3d, G'lllant 2s 9d, Globe 203 Gd, Happy Valley 4Jd, Inelewood 2s 4d, Dark ]9s, No. 2 Dark 23 fid, Reward Is 3d, Drake 2s Brt. Skllkrs. Big HSvets 2a OJ. Gallant 3*. Globe Homeward 6s Od, Happv Valley DJd, Britannia 7id, Pandora Is Id, Reform Od, Triumph 4d, Alpine 15?, Venus la 2d.

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COMMERCIAL., Issue 8051, 30 October 1889

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COMMERCIAL. Issue 8051, 30 October 1889

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