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A settler at Rotorangu, near Cambridge, nam rid John Grice, has come into poßfieesion of a legacy of from L 60.000 to L 70.000, and has left on a visit to England,

A man named W. B. Strickland was found dead in a hut at Port Molyneux yesterday. Ah inquest was held today before Coroner Fleming. Mayor Duthic, of Wellington, is to be presented by the citizens with a library, lie lias given L3O of his salary to the liquidation of arrears of rates due by the local friendly societies, and divided the balance betweon the proposed art gallery and the Newtown public library. The hearing of Brown v. Samson and Lee Smith was resumed in the Supremo Court to-day. The action is one for specific relief in consequence of alleged broach of the conditions upon which a coal mine at Green Island was leased from the plaintiff by defendants.

ThVi lejlrosy amongst the Maoris at Waipa Is said to bo of a kind known to the faculty as anaesthetic or non-tuberculated, and people alFected with it may live for years, sometimes dying of other disorder?. There is no severe pain, and patientß go about their usual avocations. The Natives say it is hereditary, but not contagious. It is understood that the Masonic Grand Lodge of Sootland is now opposed to the movement in favor of a United Grand Lodge for New Zealand. From the information forwarded from the colony the officers have concluded that if the project is now gone on with it is more likely to lead to disunion than a real union of all Masons under one charter.

The new Lord Mayor of London (Sir Henry Isaacs) has abandoned the übuul procession in the golden carriage, and postponed the festivities for two days, because November 9 falls this year on a Saturday, which is the Jewish Sabbath. Sir Henry Isaacs decided to walk to the Law Courts in pri/ate, and there to take the oaths, and to leave all the show part of tho ceremony till the Monday. At the Wanganui criminal session William M'Dermott was sentenced to five years' hard labor for assault on a girl nine years of age. Charles W. Langstone, forging and uttering, was found guilty. Two previous convictions were proved against him for false pretences. His Honor commented on the absurdly easy way in whioh cheques could be cashed. The prisoner was sentenced to two years' hard labor.

The return of immigration to and emigration from the colony for September shows tho arrivals to have been 952, and the departures 1,015. The arrivals were principally from the United Kingdom, 344; Victoria, 267 ; New South Wales, 262. The departures to New South Wales were 560; Victoria, 218; United Kingdom, 95. During the month two Chinese arrived, while the departures are recorded as 83. Captain Somerville expects the attendance at tho rifle gathoring at Dunedin in the second week in January to reach over 400. Tasmania, South Australia, Now South Walcß, and Victoria will each send a team (ten men), while tho Queensland contingent will number twenty. Notwithstanding the increased number of competitors, it is expected that the meeting will not occupy more than a week, as sixty targets will be used.

Mdmo. Dejernie Klumpke, an American lady, married to a Frenchman, took her doctor's degreo the other day in Paris. Mdme. Klumpke has distanced all her competitors in the medical field, both past and present, by the amount of her scientific knowledge. She is a pupil of the late Professor Vulpian, and has written several standard works on nervous pathology, as well as carried off valuable prizes, thanks to her learning and ability. Two other ladies —a Pole and a Russian—were also admitted to the " Doctorato " on the same occasion. Mr T. Mackenzie, M.H.R., has received the following reply from Mr Mitchelson to his request that the Catlin Railway be pushed on during the summer :—" Tenders will be called for tho bridging on the Catlin River Railway about the end of next week, and for the other portion, including the plate layincr, as soon as tho plans can be prepared. , , ". No time will be lost in having the whole work put in hand, so that by the end of the present financial year it will be underway."

A young man named John M'Clintock, employed at Mr Anderson's contract at Wingatui, met with a nasty accident this morning. He and some other laborers were employed shifting a large iron girder hy means of a handwinch, M'Clintock's duties being to take in the slack of the rope which guided the girder. The couplings broke when the heavy piece of iron was in midair, and the rope that he was holding became entangled round hiß legs, drawing him up to the winch with such force as to cause him to sustain a compound fracture of tho lett leg. He was conveyed to the hospital, where his injuries were attended to. The ' Argus,' in referring to the reconstruction of the Ministry, says:—"lt now remains to bo seen whether Sir Harry AtkinEon and his colleagues will retain tho confidence of the country. The New Zealanders have been addicted to the discussion of theoretical politics, and as a consequence they measure success of Governments by policy Bills, not by administration. Now that the Premier has accomplished tho feat of setting the finances of tho colony in order there are probably people who begin to think that the time for further political experiments Vi&s arrived. The New Zealand Exhibition may, however, afford distraction from this view, and give the Government time to mature a policy upon which they could appeal to the covtntry." The ' Argus' adds that it will probably be found that the less new experiments are tried, and the less political squabbling the colony has for a year or two, the more solid will her prosperity become.

A special meeting of the Benevolent Institution Trustees was held thiß afternoon for the purpose of considering the applications for the "position of head-mistress for the school in connection with the Institution, and vacant by the resignation of Miss Isabella M'Lcod. There were present Messrs A. Solomon (chairman), J. Carroll, M. Fagan, C, Haynes, and D. Calder. Thero were three candidates, and it was decided to recommend Miss Hilgendorf. The chairman desired to call tho attention of the Trustees to the case of a girl who bad developed signs of insanity, and for whom the Trustees would have to provide somo employment. She had misbehaved herself at tho Institution, and it was hardly fair that she should be turned out of there, as she was scarcely a fit inmate for the asylum. She would not be able to obtain employment on account of her mind being deranged, and the question was: What should bo done in such a case ? As the girl had miabehaved herßelf on account of another inmate " snoring at her," it was decided to draw the attention of the management to the fact that perhaps trouble would cease if she were placed in an isolated part of the building. Regarding the case of a man who had created a disturbance outside the Benevolent Institution office, and who had asked to be allowed to go into the Institution, it was decided to leave the matter to the chairman to decide as to the most suitable course to pursue.

A bill furnished by Mr George Wilkinßon (formerly landlord of the Star Hotel, Kihikihi) to Te Kooti, which was the subject of an action in the Auckland Resident Magistrate's Couit, is a curiosity in its way. It comprises the grog score of the famous guerilla chieftain from October 2, 1883, till November 27 of tho same year, a period of about two months. The record starts with " bottles of whisky, L2 125," on October 2; and Te Kooti appears in his orders to have "given it a name" every other day. November 1, "six bottles of whisky" comes next to the opening day of the campaign in the extent of the order. Grouping the two months' supplies, we get fifty - one bottles of whisky, six bottles of brandy, one gallon and five bottles of rum, five bottles of wine, eleven bottles of lemonade, one bottle of ale. Meals and horse feed figure for L 3 Is 6d; eight bags of potatoes for Hi 4s. Towards the close of the campaign Te Kooti appears to have adopted the borrowing policy, as on November 15 appears this curious item : "Cash, 25." Tho bill totals up to L 3() 10a 6d, against which there aro cash payments ranging from 8s to L 5, making a "set off'' of L.16 180, leaving the amount alleged to be due at Ll3 12s 6d. It may be stated in explanation of this extraordinary demand for liquor (adds the 'Now Zealand Herald') that Te Kooti, in honor of the amnesty which he received at that period, generously " shouted" for hie followers,

No Dunedin declarations of insolvency have been filed since the 7th inst.

A petition is being circulated in Queenstown praying for the release of P. B. Boult, now Berving a sentence for embezzling county funds. Sir Somers Vine, the Imperial Institute delegate, on arrival at New York gave an enthusiastic account of his efforts on behalf of the Institute. All the twenty colonies he had visited readily saw the benefits to bo derived from the carrying out of the idea of the Prinoo of Wales, and agreed to cooperate so liberally, by appointing committees and contributing exhibits, that ample material for the opening of the Institute in 1891 is assured.

The opening of the new Presbyterian Church at Tokomairiro wag an imposing function, and was witnessed by a large gathering, which included the Rev. Messrs Will, A. B. Todd, A. Cameron, Allan, Skinner, M'Laren, Dalrymple, Spence, Scorgio, Currie, Hall, Bright, and Jolly. The building, which will seat 590 adults, was designed by Mr R. A. Lawson, and erected by Gore Brothers at a cost of L 2.997. From the historical sketch submitted by the Deacons' Court it appears that in February, 1886, it was decided to proceed with the erection of a new church, and to ask the parishioners and people of the district to subscribe, according to their means, in two years, a sum of L 2,500, which would entitle the congregation to the Synod's grant of LI.OOO, and would enable the building to be opened free from debt. The first canvass of the district resulted in L 1,290 being promised, and operations wero begun on November 23, 1888. A band of forty-one lady collectors was organised, and at first there were 211 contributors to the building fund; but this number was subsequently increased. In the first year L 555 was collected ; at the end of the second year L 549 ; and later a further sum of LSOO was promised, together with a subscription of LIOO from Mr James Gray. The church was opened this week with the insignificant debt on it of LI 17, which was reduced by LB7, the amount realised by the opening collections. The Deacons' Court, to mark their appreciation of the services of Mr James Dickson, who had acted as inspector of works, presented him with a cheque and a silver tea and coffee service. Mr Dickson is an octogenarian. The ladies of the congregation presented the pastor (the Rev. J. Chisholm) with a new gown and caseock, while from the congregation he received a copy of the Revised Version and a Hymn-book for pulpit use. _______

A special meeting of Orangemen will be held in the Kattray street Hall to-morrow evening.

Special general meeting of shareholders in the Otago Club Company, Limited, will be held this evening. Ladies who intend assisting at tho Scottish Carnival arc reminded of tho meeting to-morrow evening in the Garrison Hall. Kinderapiel entertainment, 'The Happy Family,' will bo repeated in All Saintß Schoolroom this evening and to-morrow.

At a meeting of tho Good Templar Picnio and Sports Committee last night it was decided to hold the annual sports on BoxiDg Day at the North-east Valley. AnDual show of the Otago Agricultural and Pastoral Association at Tahuna Park on November 28 and 29. Entries for salt butter must be made before the end of the month. Tho All Nations Lodge, U A.0.D., held their fortnightly meeting in the Port Chalmers Hotel on Wednesday, and received a deputation from sister lodges. Tho receipts wero LB4 19s. It was the firm of M'Leod Bros., Limited, whote offer to supply the Vice-regal residence with toilet and other soaps during tho Governor's stay in Dunedin was accepted by the Exhibition Commissioners.

An entettunment of an attractive character will be given in St. Paul's School this evening by the members of the Young Ladies' Guild, commencing with an operetta, 'Tho Sisters, with Misß West as conductress ; and concluding with a farcical comedietta, ' A Foreign Idea,' in which several leading amateurs will take patt. During the interval an amusing sketoh, «Women's Rights,' will be given in character by Mr J. Stevens.

The Druids' Juvenile Lodge met last evening at Milton Pall, Btuart etreet, and after seven candidates h;td been initiated, the competition took placo for the prizes offered at the opening for the beat song and best recitation. Master Wyllio obtainod the prizo for the best song; Master J. Hill 5s for introducing the most members ; and for the best recitation the judges Bros Gillies, Orchard, and Sando-n) awarded the firßt prize to Master G. W. Shelton for hts recitation on ' Boys' R'Rhta.' Mastor J. Hill obtained second prizo, Master 0. Morton third, Master B. Hill fourth, and Mister Butler fifth.

The publio are bo familiar now with Leavitt House work that it is not npcr-ssary here to enter into details. The work has hitherto boen entirely self supporting, and the publio have not had the opportunity of voluntarily subscribing towards it. This much-needed opportunity hag now come. It is intended to form a brass band for the bonefit of the older lads and young men. and subscriptions are now being received in a;d of the same. There Bhould be no difficulty in the promoter's intentions being realised, as the philanthropic publio of Dunedin are never behind in encouraging deserving institutions We shall bo glad to take charge of any subscriptions. The Triumph Lodge, Protestant Alliance Friendly Society, hold their annual soiree and concert lost evening in St. Peter's Hall, Oargill road. There waß a largo attendance, Jiro. Arnold pre iding. The chairman stated that the lodge was in a flourishing and satisfactory condition. Songs were contributed by Misseß Davis. Trengrove, Miles, Reid, and Walker, and Messrs Bobertson, Paine, and Scofield ; recitations given by Misßes Sutton and Peters and Mr Graham; and step dancing supplied by the M'Kechnio Brothers and Master Gormtui. One of the most enjoyable itemß was a violin solo by Mr Otto Naumann. Mr O. Lemon was accompanist, whilo Mr John 'Kcchnio acted as piper. A dance followed, and was attended by thirty couples. The members and friends of the RavonEbourne Congregational Church hold a social rdunion last evening. Advantage was taken at it of making a presentation to Miss Palmer, who leaves by next steamer for Melbourne. Mr R. Jack presided, and in a short address handed Miss Palmer, on behalf of the church and friends, a gold brooch; also, anilluminatoi engrossed testimonial (the workmanship of Coulls, Culling, and Co.|, expressing the esteem in which Miss Palmer is held, and their appreciation of her services for a number of years past as organist. Mr Palmer, on his daughter's behalf, suitably replied. The choir rendered a number tf anthoms. A few solos and readings filled up a most enjoyable and profitable evening.

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Evening Star, Issue 8041, 18 October 1889

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Evening Star Issue 8041, 18 October 1889

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