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The amount of revenue collected at the C-Jstom-housn on goods cleared to-'Uy f'.r consumption was Customs, L 1,392 13h 3d ; primage, LIOO 2s lid ; total, L 1.492 10s 2d.


Mr Hisiop (secretary of tho Eureka Qaartz Mining Company of Nenthorn) has received the following telegram from Mr Barman, one of the directors on the field:—"Eureka looking well. Found another rei-f one and a half chains from main reef. Goal gold showing " The Fair "Mai'l Gold Mining Company, Weatport, report that the water supply proving more than ample larger nozzles were put on last week, and work resumed on Thursday. Return for twenty hours' sluicing, (>2oz of amalgam, tables only. The legal manager of the Cranua Gold Mining Ccmpany, Nenthorn, reports havii g received very satisfactory information in regard to the last crushing. About MOOoz of amalgam have been taken off the plates alone, and it is considered probable that the result (which will be known thi3 week) will be over SOdwt per ton. this estimate being b.ved on tho quantity of amalgam already bank', d. A meeting of the shareholders of tho Waitabuna Quartz Mining Company was held last night, and was largely attended ; Mr Julius Hyman in the chair. Mr L O. Real'* report on the mine and water races was read. It was resolved—That the company be registered und<r the provisions of "The Companies Act, lf-82"; that thu capital be 10,000, divided amongut 20,000 --haw of 0s each—lo,ooo to be divided amongst the present holders deemed to be paid tip to 4s each, the remaining 10,000 to be offered for public subscription on such terms as may hereafter be decided upon ; that the secretary be authorised to arrange for the purchase of a 10-stamper battery at once. Mr Real in the course of his report stateß that the reef averages nearly 3ft in width. It has been opened up by driving, crosseutting, and sinking, tho deepest shaft sunk King about 50ft. The reef has been t'aced for fifty chains. Mr Beal thinks the ore will not only prove payable, but will be remarkably regular in its \ield. To put the claim in thorough working order ho estimates Ll,£oo will be required. MrL. A. Norm in was elected secretary and Mr O. A. Hanlon solicitor to the company.


Mr Donald Stronach (on behalf of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited) reports for the week ended September 25 as follows :

Fat Cattle.—lß4 head were yarded for this day'ssilcsatßurnside.amoderatcprooortion only being good to prime. Tho most of the line wero little better than storeu. Owing to this ('entry beins {rather below the nvernge competition was brisk All sirtshada fair demand, butprimo quality especially was in good request, prices realised showing an advance of from 10s to 15s per head on last week'n rates. Best bullock* brought L 8 10s to LIOIOj : medium, LG 5* to L 7 ss; light and inferior, 1.4 to LG ; cows from L 3 10s to LS 10a.

Fat Sheen.—The ent<y to-day was much smaller, only 2,611 bfing penned, of which about <IM) were marinocs, the rest cro;s-brcds, moifc of -which were wethers, ranging from good to prime quality. The demand was almost entirely confined to trade requirements, and at the opening competition w,»s very active, prices for best quality Knowing a slight advance ; but an tho salea progressed the demand e.iscd off somewhat, closing at prices about equal to those ruling towards the end of last week's Hales. Best crow-bred wethers brought 14s fid to 160 3d; ordinary to pood, 10j to 13s 9d : best cro«s-brcd owes, 12s (id to 14s 6(1; one unall pen, Km ; ordinary to Rood, 0* 6d to lis 9d : merino wethers, best. 9a 9d to 13h 3d ; light, 7s fid to 8a 9d. Wo sold on account of Mr D. Lawson (Waituka) crossbred wethers and ewes from. 14s to lis Cul; Mr A. C. Thompson (Mosgiel) cro?e-bred wethers from 153 3d to 13a.

Piga.—29G wvre penned, comprising tho usual as'ortment to hand. There was a fair trade' demand for porkers and biconers: others were also in moderate request, but there was no improvement on last week's rates. Suckers brought (Is 6d to 13s; storop, 15s Fd to 203 porkors, 28s to 355; naconcrs, 42s to 52*, Storo Cattle. —There is some inquiry being now made for three to four-year-old bullocks in forward condition, well-bred and quiet. Young steers and mixed lots are nlfl" in request. In the meantime, however, the number offering is limited, and no transactions of any importance past-tag. Store Sheep.—This being the off season there are no lines of any consequence offering. Occasionally at the Burnside Salojft'dß Bhccp until; for tho butcher are invariably picked un by the farmers, very often at less money than was paid for them pome months previously ', otl erwise there k nothing of any consequence to bo recorded.

Wool.—The trade and shippers will be anxiously waiting results of the openirq of the fourth series of colonial wool sales in London, which was postponed to the 24th (yesterday). Latest cablegrams to hand report that 275,000 bales were to be offered. Our London circular, dated August 10, to hand last week by the San Francisco miil, advises that since the close of tho third series there has been no change in tho position of the market, and that I,SOO bales, consisting principally of Capj wools, bavo been disposed of by private treaty at fully •aterates. Also, that advices from the manufacturing districts continue to be of a satisfactory character, pointing as they do to a large and increasing consumption, whilst stocks are in moderate compai-s. It is therefore almost certain that tho opening of this sfries will be attended with good result?. A good demand exists in the local market, but at present the quantity offered is very limited and confined to fellmongers' parcels and small oddments from the country, the latter being suitable only for fellmongering vrarposeß. All offered, however, find buyers, who are ready to give very satisfactory prices, indicating their confidence in the stability of the market. Sheepskins. These continue in excellent demand, and, with the increasing growth of wool, prices for green skins are improving. Dry skins were also in good request—in fact all sorts showed an advance. On Tuesday, our regular weekly sale day, wo offered an extensive catalogue toa full attendance of the trade, when competition was keen for every lot on the catalogue, particularly so for fine green cross-breds and halfbrals, also gowl combing merinoes, all of which brought higher prices than those obtaining laat week. Country dry cross-breds, low to medium, Is 3d to 3s lOd; do do merino, Is 4(1 to 4s; medium to full-woolled cross-breds, 4s to 83; do do merino, 4s Id to 6a; dry pelts, 2s'l to 13d ; butchers' green cross-breds—best. 7n Hd, 7s Gd, 7s 4d, 7s 2d, 7s, 0a lOd, 6s Bd, (5s sd, 6s 2d, fis; good to medium and inferior, 5s 9d, 5s 7d, 5s sd, 5s 3d. 5s Id. 4s 9d ; green merinoes, 5s lid, 5s lOd, 5s 83, 5s 6c\ 5s 4d, 5s 3d, 5s Id, 4s lOd, 4s Bd.

Babhitskins.—Late cablegrams to hand report an advance of 2d to 2Ad per lb on the price of best skins in London, but this iH considered to bo owing to the strike at Home, and that it will only be temporary. This advice had no apparent effect on prices obtaining at auction this week; nevertheless, a good demand existed, and our cataloguo on Tuesday was cleared at fully late rates, quality considered. We catalogued 8 bales, 6 fadges, and 30 bags; best brought 15Jd to 17jd, ordinary la to 14Jd, summers 5d to 7d, suckers and half-grown 2d to 4d, black and fawn 7d to lOd per lb. Hides. —There has been no fresh feature in the position of this market during the past week ; the demand continues fairly active, but there is no change in values. We quote prime extra heavy, 2jd to 3d ; heavy. to 2§d; medium. 2Jd to 2gd; light, 2d to 2Jd'; inferior, lid to l|d per lb. Tallow, Home market continues firm, late quotations being almost unchanged. We have no change to report in prices locally; at the same time

the demand continues fairly active and all offering nrot with a ready s*.le. We quote prime rendered mutton, 19ito20i; medium to Tf.od, IGs to 18s; inferior and mixed, 12s 6d to 1w; rough fat, best caul, 131 fid to 14s ; infanor to medium and go:;d. 0.5 to IS-i prr ewt. Grain.— Wheat: The tone of the mark't still continues weak and unsatisfactory, and the prospect for tho disposal of all the wheat now in stock is not by any means encouraging. Owing to the continued low prices at Home there is no inducement for shippers to operate, and so far ai the demand for local consumption iB concerned there is very little show of reducitg s'ocks on hand to any appreciable extent for a very long tiir.e. At present the sales effected are meagre in the extreme. Wo quote best milling, velvet and Tusein (nominal), 3s Gd to Ms 8.1; medium to good 3: 21 to 3s 41; inferior to good whole fowls' wheat, 2a 7d to 3s Id (ex store). - Oats : 'the extra demand experienced last week was owing to a r.pecial steamer being laid on for Melbourne, but even then tho quantity she took was limited. Since then a few small *<a'es have been effected, but at lower pmen, and the tendency is i-till downwards; while so many aie now ofTeviriß and to few buyers, it will BcaT.i-ly be pos iWo to rauinta;n even last week's quotations. There is no dennr.d for milling ; and now, that tho reason is ."O far advanced, there is no chance; of any improvement, tbe oatmeal trade being almost now at a standstill. Wo quote best milliLg, 2s 5d to 2s Gd; best short feed, 2<i 4d to 2s sd; medium to good, 2s 3d to 2s 4d ; almost impossible to pkco long oats, except an odd bag occasionally for seed, The above quotations are ex storo, sacks extra. — Barley has very little attention from maltsters, except when particularly fiue. and then only in limited quantities. Second class and inferior is unsaleable, except at prices which would hardly be satisfactory to growers. We quote prime rntltinc, 3s 5.1 to 3a 7d ; medium (nominal), 3s to 3s 3d; feed and milliDg, 2s to 2s Od (ex store, sacks extra). Grass Seed.—Ryegrass seed is moving off but slowly, although with a continuation of fine weather an increased demand i% anticipated. We quote)' grown nKehine-drfs'cd, 4s 3d to 4i O.i ; undressed, 3s to 3s (id ; Poverty Bay, 5s Gd to 7s (sacks extra).—Cocksfoot: Only a very moderate demand at, for machine-dressed, 4d to 4!:\ ; inferior to medium and good, 2Jd to 3Jd per lb. Potatoes.— There is very little change to notice in position of the market. Stocks are light, and, with moderate deliveries, prices remain unaltered. We quote best Northern, 90s to 953; medium, 80s to 85s; Southern, best, 75s to oOj (sacks extra); kidneys, little or no demand.

ChafF.—Tho market is fairly well supplied with all sons; but, while well-cut heavy oatshoaf chaff is always saleable, discolored, indifferently cut, aud straw chaff is hard to place, and then at extremely unsatisfactory prices. We quote prime oaten at L 3 103 to t3 17s 6d ; ordinary, L 3 to Lit 10s ; inferior and straw, 3"« to 55s per ton (sacks extra). Dairy Produce.—The market continues exceedingly fiat, and very little prospect at the moment of any improvement. With the Australian nuikets overstocked, and tho want of suitable freight to the London market, at present the position is not very satisfactory, Quotations nominal.


The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited, have received the following cablegram from their London office : "The frozen mutton market has a downward tendency. Beef market steady ; hindquarters are worth 44 ! d and forcquarters Sjjd per lb." The New Zealand Farmers' Co-operative Association are in receipt of the following cable message from their London office, dated 21st inst. : —" Wheat, we expect, will decline consequent on accumulation of stocks, but prices will probably advance later on,"

| By Telegraph.]

Sydney. September 25 —Wheat: Chick feed, 3-1 3d to 3s Gd : New Zealand, 3s 91 to 4s 2d ; Ca'ifornian. 4* 5d to 4s Gd: Adelaide, 5s Id. Flour : New Zealand, stone-made, L 9 5a to LlO ss; roller-ir.ailn, Lll 10*. Oats: Fecdiug. 2s 8d to to 3s 2d. Barley: Cape, 2s 8d to 2s lf>d (nominal). Bran, BW. Pollard, 7jd. Chaff: New Zealand straw, L 3 10s ; best cut, L 5 10s. Potatoes: NewZealar.d, L 5 ss; Circular Head*, LG 10s. Onions: Victorian, L3O : San Francisco, 132. Butter: Dairy made, lOd ; factory made, Is ; market brisk. For cheese there is a. limited demand ; New Zealand mado from Od Bacon: Now Zealand cured, 8d to 9J. Harn : New Zealand cured, Is.

MELIiOUIINE, September 25. —Tho wheat market is unsettled Sat !)-:. Flour: Stone-made, Lll; roller-made, Ll2. Gats: Danish, 3:' 9.1; New Zealand btmt, 3* 11.!. Maize, 4s 11-Jd. Bran. Is 3d. Sugars: Queensland yellows. L 23 10.-), with stocks low: whites, L 24 10s. Adelaide:, Septer,iber2s.—The wheatmarket is vtry dull at 4s for farmers' lots ; at the outports 4a Sd is asked. Flour: Stone made, T.lO ss;! roller-made, Lll Kb. Oats: New Zealand, 4,i 3d to 4s 4J. Barley : Maltinc, 4a to 4s (id, and dull. Bran, IOJd. Pollard, Is.

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COMMERCIAL., Issue 8021, 25 September 1889

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COMMERCIAL. Issue 8021, 25 September 1889

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