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MUNICIPAL NOTICES. BOROUGH OF PORT CHALMERS. . „ ,HE POLLING for a Councillor for each of J the three following Wards-High, East, and Middle Wards—takes place on Thursday, the 12th inst., between the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and 6 o'olock p.m., at the following places: —High Ward : Town Hall, Carrie street. East Ward : Mechanics' Institute, Grey street Middle Ward : Mrs Mooney'u House, Magnetic . street. The names of the Candidates nomiI nated for High Ward are: David Alexander De Mauj and William Pedlow. East Ward: William Martin Innes and William John Putnam. Middle Ward : Andrew M'Kinnou and Herbert John Pullar. I BOROUGH OF MAORI HILL. ANNUAL ELECTION OF COUNCILLORS. "VTGTi'CE.—The following Candidates have Jj( been duly Nominated for the office of Councillor for the respective Wards, as under, v'z. : North Ward—ANDREW A. AASKOY. South Ward-ALEXANDVRHKRDMAN, Fast Ward-LEWIS LAWSON. West Ward—ALEXANDER CARSON, WILLIAM BRIDOEMAN HARLOW, and ROBERT WATSON. I declare Andrew A. Aaskoy, Alexander Herdman, and Lewis Lawson duly elected for the respective Waids. For West Ward ft Poll will be taken in Joyce'* Shed on THURSDAY, September 12th, from 9 am. till 6 p.m. E. S. CLARKE, Returning Officer. September 6. 1889. PROSPECTUS. PROSPECTUS OK THE SEW HOY BIG BEACH GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. To be Incorporated under " The Companies Act, 1882." CAPITAL L 160.000, Divided into 80,000 Shares of L2 each, Of which 48,000, paid up to 30s, and with a liability of 10s per nhare, are reserved for the Owners of the Claim (the present Shotover Bie Beach Gold Mining Company, Limited, and Messrs Sew Hoy and John Blair) as part payment of the purchase money; the balance, 32,000, being offeicd to the Public for subscription cs follows : 2a 6d per share on application ; 2s 6d per share on allotment: and the balance in calls not to exceed 2s 6d per share per month. (When 30s per share have been called, all the share* of the Company will be equally liable, so that Is per share wculd produce L4.O0O). Provisional Dibectoes : Hon. W. J. M. Larnach, C.M.G., M.H.R. Sew Foy, Efq. Peter Duncan, Esq. J. A. Barr, Esq. Robert Nimmo. Ekj. D. M'lntosh, E«q. George Tomes, Esq. John Blair, Esq. James Gore, Esq. James Shiel, Esq. W. J. Croft, Eq. Bankhus : The Colonial Bank of New Zealan , Secrktaky : Thomas Callender, Esq. Bbokkrs : Frater Bros., Auckland, Arthur Warbuiton, Wellington. James Henderson, Christchurch. Ritchie and Co.. Invercargill. R. nnd A. J. Park) A G. Fenwick > Dunedin. Thomas Grose J W.H. Quick ) Melbourne. Lawson and Douglas J This Company is formed for the purpose of acquiring and working on an extended scale the wonderfully valuable claim of the Big Beach Company on the Shotover River (known as Mr Sow Hoy's big dredging tfaim), together with three adjoining claimß taken up by Messrs Sew Hoy and Jrhn Blair-the total area of the claims being over 260 acrep, and extending for upwards of five miles along the River from Sh idy Creek (where in one day about 300 ounces of gold were taken from a private claim) to and including the richest portion of the Tucker Keach—the respective areas of each claim being as follows:—Big Beach Claim, 178 acres; the Evening Star and Morning Star Claims, 2fi ajres; the Claim below Shady Creek, about 20 acres; and the Upper Tucker Beach Claim, about 40 acrep. It mny be pointed out that if each of these claims had been floated into a separate company, the three now claims alone would be valued in the aggregate at more than the amount to be contributed by the publio towards the capital of this Company. These four claims being all in one block can bo worked more economically uuder one management. It is proposed to put three or four large and improved dredges on the claims without delay ; and in the plana already prepared for these the experience gained by working the present dredge has been fully taken advantage of. The new dredges will each be capable of lifting and treating nearly double the quantity of stuff without additional working expense, while the cosi of management will be considerably less in proportion. It is unnecessary to say anything as to the i value of the Big Beach Company's property, the dredge at present working having amply demonstrated that this is one of the most valuable and permanent mining properties in New Zealand; and when the shares in the Big Beach are already valued at over Ll6O caßh by the investing public, it must be seen that with i the additional dredging area given by the ad-1 joining claims acquired from Messrs Sew Hoy and John Blair, the property becomes at once without parallel both for extent and value even in the rich Shotover district. Systematic testing, by sinking and boring of the adjoining claims, has proved that the gold depociks existing there are richer than any yet worked on the Big Beach, and as easily dredged, so that this Company would be the enviable possessor of four large special claims of acknowledged richness, and all capable of being economically worked, so as to give pplendid returns on the outlay entailed The large quantities of gold obtained every week by the present dredge, from ground which is acknowledged to be the poorest part of the claim, is already matter of history in beaoh dredging, and need not be repeated here. It might be stated, however, that owing to the shortness of the ladder in the present dredge, it has not always been possible to reaoh the bottom of the washdirt; and ground showing improved prospects baa therefore had to be left for future working. Investors need not be told that the returns will be phenomenal when the additional dredges are at work for this company on "maiden" ground, which has lately bfen proved by paddocking to yield over ldwt of gold to the dish of washdirt. A contract has been entered into, dated September 3.1889, by the Shotover Big Beach Gold Mining Company, Limited, of the first part, Sew Hoy of the second part, John Blair of the third part, and Peter Duncan, as Trustee for this Company, of the fourth part, for the purchase of all claims and assets of the Big Beaoh Company and the several adjoining claims of Messrs Sew Hoy and John Blair, for the price of L30.0C0 in cash (payment of which will be made by instalments), and the 48,000 shares above-mentioned three-fourths paid up. This contract can be inspected at the office of the Company's Secretary. Sufficient capital will be called up (for which it is esimated, not more than 30s per share will be required) to enable tho Company to at once put on the additional dredges, and if considered desirable to provide for utilising the valuable water power now running to waste on the Company's claim. The large area of the claims—more than twothirds of which is virgin ground, and nearly the whole of the total area having been proved by boring and other means of prospecting to be easily dredged gives assurance that tho immensely profitable undertaking begun by the Big Beach Company can be carried on for many years. While assuming that the virgin ground yields no more than that already worked, and the new dredges (designed to lift double the amount of stuff) give no better returns than the one now in operation, the whole of the Company's dredges should produce as a minimum from L 60.000 to L 70.000 worth of gold per annum. Dividends from the earnings of the present 'dredge will, from the registration of the Company, be paid in proportion to the amount oredited as paid up per share; but by the time the other dredges are at. work it is anticipated that all the shares will be on an equal footing. This Compiny shall bear the expense of floating, registration, and all necessary preliminary expenses. The Share List will be Closed as soon as the full number of shares have been applied for. Priority of application will be considered in the allotment of shares. Applications for shares will be reoeived by any Branch of the Colonial Bank of New Zealand, the Company's Brokerß, or by THOMAS CALLENDER, Secretary. Ratttay street, Dunedin, 3rd September, 1889.

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