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"ONEY TO LEND on approved toehold . Saoaritloai STOOT AND ftiOND"?, Solicitor? 123 Princes street, Dunsdla.. ,| ONEY To Load (LIOO up to L 3.000) 02 ..'_fl. Freehold Security, at 7 per cent, J slho, several Suma to Load on Bills of Sale at cur rent rates, Apply to Jas, Y/hyte, Ratteaj ati-oat, Dunedin, TOB PERPETUAL TRUSTEES, ESTAT E *. AND AGENCY COMPANY OF NEY/ ZEALAND (Liuitsd) has Money to Lend, on tf««)hold Security. WALTER HIBLOP. Manager, MEDICAL. lARBOLISID ROSE TOOTH PASTE WHITENS TEE TBEITT. PREVENTS TOOTHACHE, AND IMPARTS AN AGREEABLE ODOR TO THE BREATH. Frepared by T. Bf. WILKINSON, Chujiist, Mkdical Hall, Bunedin. BVAM IA N A GL O 1 " Quickly Cuke Neivoui Prostration, Debility, Mental Depression, Dizziness, Loss of Memory, Lost Vigor. Arrest Prcmiture Old Age, Physical Weakness, ar.d De:ay. Curo all diseases resulting from Indiscretiono or Excesses ; Restore Lost Power, Exhausted Vitally, Lost Energy, elc. THE STRONGEST IN VIGORANT KNOWN. The ' Medio*! Record ' states :—•" Acting as it does directly upon the Nervous System, it restores the debilitated function:) of the principal Organs of the Human Frame, and is unsurpassed as a Nervine. It builds up the Constitution, and imparts Muscular Energy, giving Strength and Vitality to tho System." Price, 12s Gd. Tho Globules never fail in giving Instant Rolief and Permanent Cure. All Chemists, or sent with full direotions by addressing the Solo Agent, A. S. GOFF, Loch Bdildincs, Collins Place, MELBOURNE, VIOTOKIA. DR EENEST LOW'S €j HER R Y PECTORAL- _' An invaluable Medicine for the Curo of Covghs, Co!d j , Hoarseness, Croup, Whooping Cough, etc. ; especially suitable for Children. >'o:iti:— Messrs Dcdds, chemVs, tf Port Chalmers and Akaroa (of thirl y years'experience), certify that Mrs is the most effectual and speedy cure known to them- quito a, marvellous remi dy. /.gents: Chemists only. Wholesale: P. Hay man ax d Co., Dunedin. BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR. Successful Treatment for CHEST AND THROAT C MPLAINT3. Adopted by thousands with the moat signal success, Immediate Relief 1 Speedy Curo!! >AXTER'3 LUNG PRESERVER FOR * COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, Etc. The Most Palatable Specific Known. J!3T Free from Paregoric, Opium, and fquills. For tho nursery it is indispensable, no child refusing to take it, whilst its effects are marvellous. Established over a Quarter of a Century, and patronised by all ranks of society. ItZT Highly extolled by Members of the Medical, Legal, and Clerical Professions. <ST There is scarcely a town in New Zealand in which Borne extraordinary alleviation and prolongation of lifo has not made it popular, and its marvellous virtues have already secured for it ono of tho highest po-itions in tho annals of medicine. Tho LUNG PRESERVER, by virtue of its baltamic and soothing properties, cannot bo excelled as a soother of pulmonic irritation ; cor does it, like of the trashy patent pectorals, with opium for their base, allay irritation and vital activity at tho samo time, a very easy thing to do. Tho effect of opium is to produce a torpid condition of the organs, and if given in a caae of bronchitis, for instance, would irrduco a condition very dangerous to life. Persons suffering from broncbM affeotior.s who take the LUNG PRESERVER will find the speedy effect to bedim'r.ution of pain, owing to tubdued inflam matron, and free and easy expectoration; first, because the mucous membranes aro stimulat I to throw the phlegm up, and second, because tho medicine is adapted to thin the discharge before it leaves the lungs. It is p'casant to the palate, and may bo safely taken in any cate. So!d In bottl.p, Is fid, 2i Cd, 43 Gd, and 8s e»ch by all Patent Medicine Vendors. <3T Purchasers are requested to ask for BAXTER'S LUNG PRKSEitVER. and ree that tho words "BAXTER'S LUNG PRESERVER, CHRISTCHURCH,"aro blown on the bottle. Be cautlouß against being put off with some other medicine, which dealers may recommend solely on tho ground of having more profit, Agent for Dunedin: B. BAGLEY, Chemist. FOR WINTER COUGHS AND BRONCHIA.-The Marvellous Remedy for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bronchitis, Consumption, and all Chest Affections, BOISNINGTON'S PECTORAL OXYMEL of CARRAGEEN OR IRISH MOSS),- . , ~ IRISH MCSs| (ReglsterC(l) Cures tho worst kinds of Coughs, Colds, and Hoarseness, givps immediato relief to Bronchitis, 13 the beat medicine for Asthma, Oure» Whooping Cough, is invaluable in the cirly B'ages of Consumption, relieves all Affections of tho Chest, Lungs, and Throat. A Dunedin orretpondent writes : December 8 th, 1880. Seeing your advertisement about IRISH MOSS, I gave it a trial, having suffered much from a slight consumptive cough, with the result that I was completely lid of my cough after takiug the second bottle, Hu2o'a Buffalo Minstrels, Post Office, Dunedin, Sept. 14th, 1887. MR BONNINGTON. Sir,—After suffering with a severe cold in the throat, I being unable to sing for two nights, used one bottle of your IRISH MOSS, and I am glad to say it cured me almost instantly. I shall recommend it to all my professional friendß.—Yours truly, PBISCILLA VERNE. P.S.—You may use this as a testimonial; also inform mo if I can get Moss of your make through New Zealand. Sold Everywhere. GEO. BONNINGTON, CHRISTCHURCH. SUFFERER from Nervous and Wasting . Debility, Loss of Vigor, etc., waß restored to health in such a remarkable manner, after all else had failed, that ho will, on receipt of a self-addressed, stamped envelope, send the mode of cure Free to all fellowsuffererg. Address "A Miner," G.P.0., Sydney. HEALTH, STRENGTH, AND "VIGOR.Free by Post, for Six (N.Z.) Penny Stamp 3, a Medical Treatise by an eminent French Hospital Physician, thirty years a ParHiin Specialist (now retired), showing sufferers how they may cure themselves of Nervous Debility, Lost Manhood, etc., etc., without consulting a medical man. Addreßs "Parisian," P.O. Box 7G6, Sjdney. "A boon to all desiring 'eelfcure.'" 'Medical Review.' STHMA Cigarettes of Dr Kennedy DougL las, Edinburgh (late of Tapanui); the most reliable and effective in the market; try them ; on sale all chemists. Kempthorne, Prosser, and Co., Limited, agents.

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Page 1 Advertisements Column 5 Evening Star, Issue 7995, 26 August 1889