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The amount of revenue collected at, tho Cuatom-houßO on goods cleared to-day for consumotion was LI.SG'J Ss lid. Tho revenue collected at the Custom-house, Dunedin, during the month ending to-day amounted to L 3" 813 ss7d ; the primage duty to L 1.700 4s lOd ; tho beer duty to L 914 17s Gd ; and the goli fluty to T. 131 9j 7d. For the corresponding mouth of last year the returns were a3 follow:-:—Customs, L-28,578 Us 2d ; primage. L 1,284 3s 5d ; beer duty, L 313 Is lOd; and the gold duty L 254 la Bd. revenue proper collected thi-t month is L35.G03 10s sd, while last year for the same month it was L29.8G2 14s 7d; showing an increase this month of 15,7:015 a lOd. Tho amalgamation of the Christchurch firm of H. Mat3on and Co. with the National Mortgage and Agency Company is announced. In commercial circles tho combination is regarded with favor, nrd considered strong. Good pregress is being made with the freezintr works near town for Messrs INclson Bros., Tomoana, Hawke's Bay, and freezing will be commenced in October. A steam hulk is due in the colony from England next month, and a tug boat, which will be able to pass under the three bridges, is being built at Wellington. The North British Refrigerating Company (Napior) is making arrangements for the carriage by sea next season of 10,000 sheep from thin district to their slaughtering yards at Napier. The Auckland Gas Company this half year declare the usual dividend of 8s 6d on LlO shares, and 4s 3d on L 5 shares. The Taupiri Ixtended Coal Mining Company have not declared a dividend for the present half-year owing to a sum amounting to 50 per cent, having been written off tho plant and building account, to allow for a depreciation which will take place during the next six months, when the old mine will bo closed. MINING NOTE. A gentleman just returned from Nenthorn informs us that the golden belt discovered there extends north and south for a distance of no lees than nine mile 3, and that there are twelve lines of reef. The Inkerman Company (Reefton) to-day declared a dividend of 6d per shire, making the total dividends this month L 5,150. The Keep-it-Dark Company (Keefton) have declared their hundredth monthly dividend of Is fid. This company have up to date paid L 103.666 in dividends-equal to L 5 8h 21 per share. Very encouraging news has just come to hand from the Golden Gully Company's mine at Serpentine. The mine manager reports for the week ended 27th inst. that he has driven 18ft from the top of the main pass towards Turnbull's shaft, and bored a hole 6ft long and knocked through the shaft. The distance in all is about 24ft. The hole came through about 10ft above the bottom of the shaft, and the bottom of the level will be about 4ft abovo tho bottom of the shaft, In driving, Bomo nice

gold was seen in the quartz. The manager will have it properly in order by the end of next week, and has plenty of air now. A letter from Nenthorn states that former residents would scarcely recognise the place, so busy au aspect does the town (fur such nMidents now consider it) at present wear. buildings aru bring constructed all over tho locality, but operations are somewhat delayed in consequence of tho supplies of timber coming to hand being limited. Jill tho.-e who arc engaged in wciking cl'dms profess to ha making oioiii.y, but. the majority are ro'ice.nt whin questioned as to the exact amount nf gcd they an: übt.vnim:. "In some imit.jnces, ' the writer concludes, "I myself know that two, throe, arid even four ounces to the ton are being obtained by individuals, who, when I asked them fur a little information aB to rny prospects of making satisfactory wages, said that they ■were just hanging on in the hope of something turning up, when I knew at the same timo that what they were telling me was a deliberate lie. I should advise all young fellows like myself who pnsBCBS any ' savee' at all to try and shift around for themselves, because if they listen to the doleful yarns of some persons I am acquainted with, and whom I am sure are making a nice little pile, they will soon return to town or find themselves stranded." The writer concludes by stating that prices are high, and in some instances exorbitant, and he advises all those intending to visit the place for tho purpose of prospecting to come fully equipped, otherwise, he taya, " I am sure their money would soon be Bwamped." STOCK AND STATION REPORT. Mr Donald Stronach (on behalf of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Oompanv, Limited) reports for the week ended July 31. as follows: — Fat Cattle.—279 head were yarded at Burnside for this day's sales, quality ranging as usual from medium to good and prime. There was a good attendance of tho trade, who competed fairly active for best quality, but tho entry being rather large for their requirements prices were easier. Several drafts were paused in, owing to reserves not being obtainable. Best bullocks brought 18 5s to L 9 5s ; milium, L 6 5s to L 7 12s 6d : inferior and light. L 3 7s 6d to L 5 15s. Cows from L32s6d to L 7 12s 6d. We sold on account of Mr Patrick Flai nfry (Ida Valley) 24 head bullocks and cows ; iilso for Mr Thomas Flannery (Ida Val'ey) 6" head at quotations. Fat Sheep.—There was a veiy f ill entry presented to-ilay again—viz.. 4,1)77, including about 3CO merincej, the balance cross-breds nearly all good to prime qu.ility. There vvus some demand for export, and all suitable for freezingfound buyers, whogavepricejabout equal to last week, or, at any late, within a shade. Them was also a fair trade demand, and any offered unsuitable for killing were taken up by grazie/B; but this class, with aged ewen, scarcely fetched late rates. Best cross-bred wethers brought 14s fid to 15h Od, one or two pens extra heavy lGs to 17s 6d ; ordinary, 9j Gd to 13s 9d ; best crossbred ewes, lis to 13a ; ordinary, 7s 3d to 10s ; merino wethers, 7s 3d to 10s 3d. Wo sold on account of Mr A. C. Stronach (Kuriwao), 180 crops-bred wethers at 12i to 10s Gd: Mr Alpheua Hayes (Waimate), 120 cross bred ewes at 12s 9d to 10s 9d ; Messrs Wilson ] and Scott (Waihola), 35 cross-bred wethers at 13« 3d, and 31 do ewes (small) at 8s 6d ; Mr J. M'Coll (Tapanni), G4 cross-bred wethers and eves (small) at 10s Gd ; other vendors, 100 crossbred ewes at 12a 2d to 10a 6d.

Figs.—Only 93 penned, and met with a gocd demand, especially prime baconers, which realised prices slightly in advance of those obtaining last week, Stores brought 17a 6d to 255; porkers, 27s to 30$ ; baconers, 37s to 575, heavy to 60.'.

Store Cattle. —The latoness of the season is having a depressing effect on the market for these. In the meantime the demand is weak, and, with the exception of a few he»d now and again bought for turnip-feeding, transactions are of very little importance, and prices nominal.

Store Sheep.—The market is quiet, p.nd no inquiry of any consequence being made. Very little business is now being transacted, the only demand existing being corjfined to cross-breda for turnip?, with but few offering. Wool.—There is nothing sp<c'al to report regarding Jthis staple, and until the arrival of the mail with priced catalogues of tho JuneJuly series there will be nothing of interest to call for mention.

Sheepskins—We submitted a full cataloguo at Tuesday's auction in the presence of a numerous attendance of buyers, and under the influence of good drying weather competition was lively, resulting in a clearance of all lots offered atj* slight advance on rates of previous week, line dry merino and cross-bred skins were in exceedingly good demand, and prices paid were equivalent to CM per lb. Green skins met with the usual steadysupport, and although prices are not advancing in proportion to the increase in tho growth of wool, very satisfactory rites are secured. Country diy cross-bred*, low to medium, brought Is 3d to 3* lOd; do do merino, Is 2d to 3s Sd: medium to ful'-woolled crosa-bteds, 3s lid to 7s 5d ; do do merino, 3s 9d to 5s Sd ; dry pelts, 2U to Is id ; butcher«' green cross-breds. bent, (is 3d, fis Id. 5s lOd, 5* 7d. 5s 4d, 5s 2d, fw, 4s 10d, 4a 81. 4s Cd : good to medium and inferior, 4s 4d, 4s 2d, 4«. 3s lOd, 3s7d, 3ssd, 3s3d ; greenmcrinoe?, 4sld, 341 M. 3s 9.1, 3i GJ, 3s 2d ; lambskin?, 3* Bd, 3i 01, 3•■ sd. 3s 2d. Rabbitskinc—Tho demand for medium to fuli-furred winter greys is increasing. Exporters and local buyers havo largo orders to execute, and with .advanced limits are anxious to buy at the auction Bales. On TueKlay we offered a moderate catalogue to a full attendance of the trade, who, as usual, competed with a briskness resulting in prices being realised which must He satisfactory + o vendors. All sorts were in demand, but nicely got up winter skins, especially thin pelted doe skins, are in favor, We quote tuckers and half-grown 2M to 4d; summers, fid to 81; black and fawn, 7d to 9d ; fair ordinary to good grey?, lOd to 14Jd ; prime thin pelted, 15d to lfid por lb. Hides. —The market is unchanged, the demand and values remaining about the same as when we last reported; and, while tho supply continue' ro heavy and no profitable outside market for our surplus (cither in leather or hides), we can hardly look for any material advance on current rates, which we give as follows, viz : - For dry salted heavy weights, sound and in perfect condition, 2Jd to 2?d: extra prime. 3d; medium, 2sd to 2.V1; light, 2d to °id ; inferior, ljd to If d per lb." Tallow.—Tl e demand continues fairly active, and although thero is no improvement of any consequent to report in value, nil coming to hand is freely taken up; so that stocks in sellers' hards are comparatively insignificant, and should an improvement which would be ike'y to continue stovly take place in the London markets, priceß would almost at once rise here. We give last week's quotations:— For prime rendered mutton, 19s to 21s; medium to good, 16s to 18s; inferior »nd mixed. 12s Gd to 15s ; rough fat—bent o&ul 13s to 14". inferior fo medium and good 9s 6dto 12s 9d per cwt. Grain.—Wheat: This market during the past week has not shown any signs of improvement. Sales have been limited to small parcels of choice for roixinr. The demand for flour is not brisk, and although most of the millera have no stocks of wheat of any conseqnence they hold a fair supply of flour, and are therefore not very eager purchasers, except when they run short of particular sorts—such, for instance, as choice Tuscan and red straw, which scm in shorter supply than any other. All outside of these two clashes havo little or no attention, and to effect salesa considerable reduction on current rates would have to be accepted. A good demand exists for fowls' wheat, and readily saleable at prices relatively higher than those obtaining for milling. We quote prime milling velvet and r;d straw, 3j B<i to 3s 9d ; Tuscan, 3<< 10sto4a; medium to good, 3s 3d to 3s Gl; inferior and whole fowls' wheat, 2s to 3s (ex stor?).—Oats: The tono of the market is nomcwhat easier, and buyers for shipment show little disposition to operate. Tho only business passing is confined to the supplying of millers' requirements, whose stocks are now reduced to a very small compass; but, as the demand for oatmeal usually weakens from now forward, they merely purchase to complete orders on hand, and theie purchases are made on the basis of last wefk's quotations. Feed sorts are not saleable in quantities at late rate?, and to effect sales very mnoh lower prices would have to be accepted ; and sellers at present do not feel called upon to break prices, bring pretty well satisfied that immediately tho moderate stocks on the Australian markets aro a little further reduced an improvement in the demand must of necessity follow, when n° doubt late rates will be again secured, and whioh we again quote : Prime milling, stout and bright, 2s9d to 2s lOd; heat short bright feed, 2s 7d to 2s 8d: medium, 2s Fid to 2s 7d; seed, in small lots. 3s to 3s 3d (sacks extra, ex store).—Barley: Prime malting has had a little better demand during the week, while medium is unsaleable except for feed or milling. We quote prime malting, 3s 7d to 3h Od; medium, 3s 31 to 3s 5d nominal; feed and milling, 2s 8d to 3s 2d (ex store). Grass Seeds.—Ryegrass seed, guaranteed perennial, and machine-dressed, is in improved demand, and selling in considerable quantities. Undressed is also inquired for. We quote machine-dressed 4s to 4s 6d : undressed, 3s to 3s 9d.—Cocksfoot: The supply is fully equal to tho demand, and selling at—For best, 4d to 4jd; inferior to medium, 2Jd to 3}d per lb. Potatoes.—A moderately fair demand continues to exist, but the market in fully supplied. Best Northern are worth 95s to 97s 6d; best Southern, 87s fid to 90s; inferior to medium, slow sale at 30s to 70b according to quality. Dairy Produce.—The market for both batter and cheese still continues flat, and at the moment the prospect of an Improved demand seems remote. Quotations nominal.

IBy Tklkgbaph.] Sydkey, July 31.—Wheat: Ohick, weavilly, 4s; good. :U 5d to 3a 6d ; New Zealand rattling, 3a 9a to 4a 3d (market steady); Calitrrm&n, 4a 7d; Adelaide, 5a 2d to 5s 3d. Flour: New Zealand stone-made, 1-^1l&s to lAO 10a ; rollerHiade, LlO 15b to Lll sa. Oats: Feeding, 2s lOd to 3b Id; seed, 3a 3d. Maize, 3s to 3a Id. Barley (dull): f,".j;o, 2s 8d to 3s. Bran, Sid. Pollard, NJsJ. IVas: Blue Prussian, 4s 4d f.o 4h (id. Potatoes : iNcw Zealand. L 5 5a to Lo 10- ; Circular lieadi, L 5 JOs to 1.5 15s. Onic !M, 1-21 to 1.22. Butt-r: linp..rl-->d («f;, 6d t<. Is ; loci',), Is 2d to 2s Cd. Che-•■so (dull;, Dd to7d. Biioou. 7d to Bd. i'ams, la. Melbourne, July 31.—Wheat. 5a cd. Flour: Stone-made, Lll 10a; roller-made, Ll2 ss. Oats, 4s Id. Barley: Cap?, 3a lOd ; malting, Os lOd. Peas, sd. Adelaide, July 31.—Wheat (market quiet, but firm): Farmers' lots at outports, 4s 8a ;at Port Adelaide, 4a lOd: large lota, 4a lid. Flour: Htoue-mado. LlO 15s to 111; rollermado. Lll 15a to Lll Oats, 4a 3d to 4* 4d. Bailey: Malting, 4s Gd to se. Bran, to lOd. Pollard, Is 2d.

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COMMERCIAL., Issue 7973, 31 July 1889

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COMMERCIAL. Issue 7973, 31 July 1889

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