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Our supplement to-day contains a very interesting paper entitled ' A Reminiscence of Maori Chivalry,' from the pen of _ a Dunedin resident; how the Parnell Commission is reported : correspondence ; a special report of the Liverpool poisoning case; an interview with Chiistic Murray, the novelist, who is about to lecture in this colony ; and other matter. Wc remind citizens that the public milting for the consideration of the Representation Bill takes place at the Rattray street Oddfellows' Hall to-night. Mr J. C. Firth filed a petition in bankruptcy at Auckland yesterday.

A slight shock of earthquake was fcltttfc Timtiru at 7.50 yesterday morning. A Mrs 11.I 1 . Jonen, a resident of the Beaumont, was severely burnt by falling into the Bre on Thursday night while in a ht.

We understand that Mr Thomas Johnston and Mr W. Swan will be eandkiAttea for the Leith Ward sent in the CflJ> Council Vacated bv Or Smith. . .

The ease of iMiift, Harn\. and Go. I. the Commissioner 6f .Outcome fas concluded at live o'clock yesterday at Christchurch. The jury found a. verdict for the Government as rr white shirts and lustres, and for the plaintiffs as to the fur trimmings and belts and bags. The question of costs stands over for argument. The transactions in Crown Lands during the week have been as follow ;—Section 7t, block 1, Blackstono Hill, containing 4'' v a 2r Bp, cash price was sold to Samuel Allard Lowis on iMerftd payment. Section 20, block 14, tuapeka West, containing 9a 3r ?Mp> 'qaah price 255, was sold to J. Fahey on deferred payment. Mr Duncan Wright's service last night was the most successful of the series as regards attendance. His subject Was ' Decision for Christ,'and lie Was assisted by the Rev. Dr Stuart and Messrs Stewart and Frftßcr. The concluding service will be held in the new church to-morrow evening, when Mr Wright will spoak upon ' Heaven our Home.' A collection will be taken up to defray the expenses of the week's mission.

Dr Bclclrev. gave a lecture on 'Social Roform': its Dillietillics' at the Athcmeum jht evening, it being the second of a series that has been arranged by the Social Reform Association. There was a large attendance of ladies and gentlemen, and Mr A. Bathgate presided. The subject was treated iu an interesting as well as instructive manner, and the rev. doctor wa3 rewarded with a hearty vote of thanks. The Auckland Trades and Labor Council has condemned the proposed quota to country districts in the Representation Bill, asserting that its effect will be to virtually disfranchise one-third of the electors of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. It also calls upon all tradesmen, laborers, and mechanics tq be present at the public meeting, convened hy the Mayor, to be held there this evening for discussion of the Question. It is reported that the Dunedin Orchestral Society, whose concerts are now so eagerly anticipated and appreciated, intend taking a new departure by giving an evening dress "ladies' night" at an early date. We understand it is proposed to convert the hall into a drawing room for the occasion, and a pleasurable evening should be spent by all who may be privileged to be present. A strong committee of the subscribers has been formed to assist the Standing Committee in making the affair a success. Twenty five additional petitions n Chem's have been received giving 6,470 names. One hundred and twenty-five lists have yet to be returned, and it is fully expected that the estimate of 12,000 signatures will be exceeded. Colonel Hume, in company with Detective Kirby, was engaged yesterday in making searching inquiries in Kaiwarra and the surrounding districts with reference to the statements made as to the condemned man's innocence. The result of the inquiries will not be made public until after they have been considered by the Government. A special parade of the Wakari R'fles, held on Thursday evening, was fairly attended. After drill six new members were balloted for and elected members of the company, which ra'ses their numerical strength to sixty-eight— a fair working margin over the minimum required by the volunteer regulations. It is not intended to enrol more than seventy members for the present year, eo that there is only room for two more to be placed on the roll.

The last ambulance instruction lecture of the present series was given by Dr Dxvies last evening before a large audience. The special subject for the evening was stretcher drill, and the lecturer had the assistance of the members of the Railway Ambulance Btigadc to demonstrate the various methods of carrying injured persons. The lecturer and assistants received a hearty vote of thanks at the conclusion. A fresh series of lectures will be instituted shortly, while a practice class will also be arranged for those who have attended the first course, to enablo them to qualify for an examination for a first year's certificate. There is great excitement over the recent gold discoveries south of Hokitika. Al'Govern and party have two feet of wash going from !Avit to ldwt to the dish. Gold has now been traced for more than a mile. It is thought the lead will follow the line of the terr.ico to Like Mulunapua, a distance of five or six miles from Hokitika River. A large rush has set in. The lead is supposed to be a beach lead. The gold ia heavy, dark-looking, and the wash is also of a dark color. Prospecting is going on on the same line of terrace north of the town of Hokitika, and prospectors are expected to strike the same lead.

The following information will lie of interest to members of rifle clubs:—" Rille clubs come under two heads : Ist, those recognised by tho Government, country volunteer corps disbanded and formed into rifle clubs. To these I purpose, for this year at any rate, giving them all the privileges of volunteers. 2nd, the ordinary rifle clubs. Members of these clubs will he debarred from winning the champion belt, but can lire in all other matches, teams included. If any volunteer i 3 also a member of a rifle club he must stick to his corps in the team match. This cannot be any great hardship, as any corps can entor one or a do/.:ii teams.—J. It. Sommekvili.e, chairman Now Zealand Rifle Association."

Those ciiarged at the City Police Court frequently put forward some strange excuses for their conduct, but that advanced this morning by a person had up for drunkenness was, though ineffectual, decidedly original. He explained that he was drunk (he, however, denied being disorderly), but he was also suffering from " elocution on the brain "—a malady which he did not attempt to define. His wife, who had just been fined on a similar charge, was, he said, " a good sort," and they had determined to hj ivo a change, and " try six months' sobriety." Both were "making a bee-line for home" when "that gentleman" (the arresting constable) came up, and the next thing was that he was in the cell. Twenty previous convictions having been proved, the Bench turned a deaf ear to his excuses, and fined him 10s. The Princess's Theatre was again crowded last evening, when the last representation of tho second programme of the Buffalo Minstrels was given in a successful manner by the company. The singing of Misses Verne, Cleveland, Warren, and Devereux, the dancing of Messrs Wadley and Tracey, the rope-walking of Tom Thumb, and the comicalities of the Brothers Hugo wero received with hearty applause, while the remaining items received duo recognition. A well-attended matinee performance was given this afternoon, in which Tom Thumb appeared in various novelties, which thoroughly amused and interested those present. Another change of programme is announced for this evening, the opening set piece representing a scene entitled 'On Board the s.s. Buffalo,' a nautical picture painted by the company's artist, Mr A. Ash ton.

News wan received here yesterday of the death, at Wellington, of Mr Arthur R. W. Fulton, eldest son of Mr J. Fulton, M.H.R. for the Taieri. The deceased, who was only thirty-five years of age, was a member of the Institute of Civil JSngineers, and served his apprenticeship in Otago with Mr John M'Gregor, civil engineer and architect, of this City. After completing his apprenticeship he entered tho Government service, joining the Public Works Department in Dunedin, and was for a short time engaged in making exploration surveys in connection with the Otago Central Railway. He subsequently entered the service of Mr 11. P. Higginson, C.E., and remained with that gentleman for a time in private practice; and when Mr Higginson was appointed engineer-in-chicf of the WcllingtonManawatu Railway, he still continued with him as chief assistant. In that capacity be made surveys of the railway, and took charge of the construction of the line. After its completion Mr Fulton was appointed engineer and general manager of the railway, and occupied that position up to the time of his death. He was energetic in carrying out anything that ho took in hand. Mr Fulton leaves a wife and family to mourn his loss. '

"The legal olliccs at Auckland were closed on receipt of the news of the death of Mr Justice Gillies, The Board of Education passed an expression of regret anvl sympathy with the nMidhS.

Mr A. Mill load, Invcrcargill, was destroyed by fire early yoaterdiyintirrjlng. The building was insv.rcd for Ll4O in the New Zealand Office, and its contents for L 250 in the South British Office. Thelossis Ll,2ooabovetheinßurances. The fellmongery was burnt down twelve months ago, and had not long been rebuilt. The fire is believed to havo originated in a peculiar way. A farmer had brought in several bag 3 of tallow, and as these got wet after emptying them, Ihrling put them near the boiler to di'y. It Was there that the lire Waa first noticed, and it has since been ascertained that the bags had contained phosphorised oats, the inference being that sufficient of the chemical was left in the material to set it on fire when the moisture evaporated, A farmer states that he has known bags impregnated with phosphorus to take fire when hung out to dry in the sun. General sympathy is felt for Mr Darling, this being the third time that he has been burnt out with heavy losses. Referring to the recent colliery accident at tho A A. Company's mine, at Newcastle, the 'Sydney Morning Herald' says:—" The fall of the roof, which must cover many acres of ground, has left indelible traces of the terrific effects upon tho Biirface over 200 ft above it. Hills and fUt land for an area of a quarter of a mile have suffered severely through the shaking, showing great fissures in some instances fully Gin wide. A poultry farmor named Charles Heath, who lives immediately over the place where the ground has fallen, describes the effect of tne subsidence as being like several shocks of earthquake. His house, a wooden structure, withstood the shaking; but a brick building, he feels sure, would have succumbed to the rocking. Tho noise, combined with the subsidence, was so great that it caused an extraordinary scene in the poultry yard, the pigs nnd fowls scattering in all directions, terrified at the earth tremors. The surface givesno indicationofaiiy depression sofar, but this will doubtless take place subsequently. Acre upon acre of ground are rent in nume roua places, the cracks running east and west. The extent of the underground workings will be pretty well understood from this result."

The public are notified by advertisement that the Forth street Bridge will be closed on and after Tuesday for repiirs. Annual social meeting of tho Young Women's Christian Association will be hold in the rooms, Moray place, on Monday evening. Pioneer Lodge, 1.0.0. F., hold a social rounion in aid of the benevolent fund of the Order in tho Rattray street Hall on Monday evening.

Mi J. C. Todd occupied tho chair at the weekly meeting on Thumliy of the John street (Caversham) Mutual Improvement Society. The evening was devoted to "impromptu speaking." At the weekly meeting of Trinity Church Musical and Literary Society on Thursday, Rev. W. Uaumber presiding, short speeches were given by five members. Mr Be k played a piano s do, and songs wero given by Mr West and Miss Outred.

A handy little publication entithd 'Tho Gas Register' should tc in tho hands of every gas consumer. It cna'les him to check his monthly consumption, and by comparing notes one is Me at the end of the yearly term to see where the money has gone. The foitnightly meottrg of Oouit L'tth John, A.0.F., wan held in the Go d Templars' Hall, Kaikorai, f>n Wednesday evening, the 0.K., Bro. R. Armit, in tho chair. Two cmdidat.h were initiated. '1 ho curt, which has on'y Veen in cxhteire nine months, now numbers thirty two men b-re We thank Mesßis Nimmo and Blair for a cipyof thi.ii - beautifully.printid anil designed illustrate! cataloguo of sted", flowers, and garden and farm implements. We arc informed by the firm that it was piinted at I dmburgb. Th;.' catalogue c >ni vlns (xcellenfc directions fur cultivating set'd.-i and plants, with rec-ommenda-tr ns of the best vaiieties aud the b st times for planting and sowing. The illuminated cover is a fmo specimen of illustrative typography. The fortnightly meeting of Couit Prido of Dunedin, A.U.F., was held on Tuesday evening. One member was initiate 1. An official visit was received from Court Pride of the Leith, who attended in large numbers. Chief Ranger Bro. W. H. Munro presented P.O.R. Bro. Jo»h. Haig with a framed and glazed P.C.R.'s certificate and neck ribbon, in n cognition of his services in tho chair for the last six months. Tho membership of this court is steadily increasing.

'The grand old British game' ia the title of a football song composed by Mr D. \V. Burn, M.A, formerly of this City, the music being Huppliid by Mr A. J. Baith. The only f-ult wo have to find is that there ia rather much of it; but, as wo cxnnot bavo too much of a good tiling, Mr Burn's composition will meet with ready pcceptancc from 1 ivon of tbo Rug'-.y panic, in pr.»isf! of which ho Mt\%s. We beliove that the Hong lus been favorably received at several football functions lately. Court Excelsior, A.0.1"'., held their ÜBual fortnightly meeting on Thursday evening in the court room, Mornington Council Chambers, there being a good attendance of members and visitors ; O.K. Bro. W. H. Ncill ir the chair. Tho C.R. presented P.C.R. Bro. William Mearns with a PC. R.'s emblematical sash, and in bo doing complimented him on the manner bo had filled the office of C.R. for tho three tcrirs. P.D.C.R. Bro Melv'llo'also sj'okc of the good work dono by Bro. Mcarm in the court and in the Order. C.B. Bro. Oaten, on bi-half of Court Enterprise, rcspondod to the toast " Our Visitors." Wo arc glad to learn that our entovpriting townsmen, Messrs Robert Glcndining and James Hazlett, the prop ietors of tho Shag Point Coal Mine, have just received intelligence from tho manager (Mr Williams) that in boring he has struck a new seam of coal Bft thick at 150 ft below tho level of their present workings, and, as the area included in tho company's leas 8 is I,'lGO acres, this new find gives them a virgin field of coal of a sim'lar extent. It will be seen by advertisement cleewhero that the Shag Point Coal Company intend to supply tho consuming public direct at a low cash price per ton, delivorcd at tho residences of the consumers. We wish this fresh depatture every success.

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Evening Star, Issue 7970, 27 July 1889

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Evening Star Issue 7970, 27 July 1889

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