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The return match between the above clubs was played at the Carisbrook Ground on Saturday afternoon bofore a fair attendance of the public. Owing to the severe frost, the ground WuS extremely hard, and this militated some* what agaiatt the speed of the respective backs. Thero was not a breath of wind, however, to inteifore with the passing, and the consequenco was that a fast and excitirg game cn>ued. The respective teams were constituted as follow :

Dunedin.—Harvey, Lynch, B. Fulton, Turnbull, H. Fulton, Kinjr (.backs), Martin, Smntajr, Power, Stephenson, Driver, Ml'l, TurtOD, Montgomery, and Carter (forwards). Pirates.—Hutchison, Bell, Lang, Macdonald, H. Stronacb, Hnwi-ton (backs), Drabble, A. W. Morris, C. Morrlf, Sta'los, Fatquharson, Milne, MLaren (2), and Kirkcaldy (forwards).

Prabblo, who oaptained the Pirates (Colors), won the toss, and Martin, therefore, had to play with the sun in his face. From the kick-off the Pirates' backs put; in some effective work, »nd made matteis rather warm for their opponents, who evidently di I not exprcl such a Bavage onslaught to be made on their lines. During the first ten minutes the Pirates had registered six points. Bell potting a very smart goal, while Drabble obtained a try, whioh Howison safely negotiated. Realising that the Colors intended keeping them on the defensive, if po'bible, tho Dunedin team rallied, and made booio splendid rushes, whioh were not without a Fatisfaotory result, for at half time they had equalisid matters. B, Fulton potted a goal, showing that he is deserving of some attention in future matches, while the same player obtained a try, as did Mill and Stephenson. None of the kicks at goal were successful, the score thus being: Pirates, 2 goals; Dumdln, 1 goal and 8 tries.

In the second sr. ell the Dunedin backs followed the eximple set by their opponents at the commencement of the game, but were staved off for some considerable time, the Pirates playing a splendi 1 defensive game, although not a few expected the exertion to tell on them towards the end of the spell. Nothing daunted at being repulsed with such vigor and success, the Dunelin players continual pegging away at their opponents' line, and were at last rewarded for thoir consistent play, Mill and Turnbull getting across and scoring trio 3. The first kick at goal provtd resultless, but Lynch, who was entrusted with the kick from Turnbull's try, placed a neat goal. Pcoro: Dunedin, two goals and four tries (10 points) to two goals (G points). It then became apparent that the vigorous manner in which the Pirates' backs had defended their lines at the beginning of the spell had done its work, for they were perceptibly lagging, and putting most of the work on the shoulders of the forwards, who, however, gamely responded to tho call made on them, aid more than held their own against thiir opponents. With a quick rally which somewhat di.concerted the Blues' backs, they carried the ball from midfield into close proximity to the Dunedin goalliue, and Kirkoaldy was enabled to secure a touch-down. The kick at goal made no addition to tho score, which stood: Dunedin, 10 points; Pirates, 7 points. Nothing of interest occurred up to the call cf time, the,Dunedin thus winning a bard-fought and pleisairtlycontcsted game by 3 pointr; Tha principal feature of the game wis undoubtedly the fast forward pMy shown by both sides, but more especially by A. W. Morri* and Stephenson. The latter seems to hare overcome his tendency to shirk scium work, ami played a sterling g-ime from B'art to flaish, while tho fast scientific) play of the former in the open was as good cs ever. The backs on both side.i played with jadgment, but the pa sing tactics adopted by the blues were vastly superior to the style of play of the Piiates. Messrs B. R. Bowler umpind for the Pirates, wh'le Mr J. Martin did similar duty on behalf of Dunedin. Mr W. Wyinka made an efficient referee, his decisions being readily accepted. ZtNGAR'-RICHMOND t. UNION. The Becond meeting this season between the above-named club-, which took place at the Northern Ground on Saturdiy, attracted an extremely largo attendance, tho lino ot spectitora completely cnc'rcling the Cold of p'a> The fact that the Ziugari-Richmond had scored a win in the previous match with tho Maroons, while the latter had made a draw with the Kaikorai, doubtless ixcifccd the curiosity of football supporters generally, thus accounting for the presence of so many people. Those cavillers who declared tho previous matoh between the Zingari-Richmond and Union to have resulted in a win for the former by a "flako" were somewhat dif concerted at tho result of Saturday's meeting, as, after a we'l-oontosted game, the colors of ths Union wrre lowered by a one-point boating, tho scoreß at call of time b'-ing: Zingari-Riohmond, 4 points; Union, 3 points. It was some considerable time after the hour appointed for starting the game that the following teams took up their respective positions on the field of ploy:

ZiKOARi-lttciluONn. — Full-back, 8. eight; threequarters M'FurUne, Wintrop, Ji'Artbnr; halves, l'rootor, Brodrick ; forwards Petersen, Campbell, K Iwards, Itolliflgshaw, Dur.n, Price, Walsh, E*juiUnc (2). Union. B-jadlr, Porteou*, Thonni : halves—DiTis, Croxf >rd ; forwards—Tattersall, M'Kinlay, O'Oorman, Wright, Forsyth, M Farlane (i) Gordon, Thomar. Officials: Uessra J. Hopa and Park, umpires; Mr Borrowß, referee.

Wright won the tons, and Bequ'lant kicked off. Tho ball was snuit'y returned into touch, and from tho throw-out the Colors da hed through their opponents with 6 rattling charge, and Union and Zingari went pell-mell over the line in ft wild attempt to drop on the ball. A Union player was successful, and the Ma'oons kicked out; bat for some tim?, in spite of their opponents' efforts, the Colore had somewhat tho best of it. At length, from a heel-out near the halfway flag, Brodrick, snapping up the leather, eluded Davis and ( roxford and scored near the corner, M'Artbur took the place, but was unsuccessful, and the Maroons kicked out. The Colors' forwards were now in form, and gradually drove the pl»y back to Union territory. W. Thorn.s Kent the ball well into touch, and tho Colors threw far out into mid-field. Here, after a short scrum, Proctor got through the forward?, and with a fine dribble took the ball down to Dryden, tbe Union full-back, who let it roll between his leg", and Price coming up with a spurt secured possession and scored beside the posts. Edwards placed a pretty goal, atd the Maroons kicked off with 4 points against them, flay now became a trifle more even, neither side being able to gain any and soon after half-time was called. Playing down hill, it was surmised, would tell considerably in the Union's favor in the second spell, and so it proved. Getting the ball from tho return, they were soon under way, and the M Farlane brothers, who were woiking very hard, took it well into the Colors' tweaty five. Some smart pissing ensued, and soon loud applause from the spectators signified that the Zingari defence had been broken and that Beadle had scored. The major point was. however, not obtained, and Wintrop Bet the ball in motion again. Torteous got a mark in front cf "oal, but only a force down resulted. Again came a Union rush, and after a doßporate maul between two Maroons and two Colors another force down resulted. From the kiok out the Zingari forwards got away and ran the ball into Union quarters. W. Thomas got possession, and dashing past some of the Colors wont sailing down to the touohline. Bred ick and two others ran the Oamaru crack down and collared him, the impetus sending the quartet not only into touch but over the chain. "Vainly did tho Zingari-Rich-mond players sot themselves once more to stem the rush of Maroon forwardp. Back the play went to their twenty-five, and Gordon getting the ball away from Brodiick was over the line iu a twinklo and obtained try No. 2. The place kick resulted in a failure to secure the major point. Speight's play was especially serviceable at this stage of the game, but tho Union forwards wore not to bo denied, and Tattersall, O'Gorman, Forsyth, and 11 Thomas came down the field with a magnificent rush, whioh ended in Thomas obtaining a try. The much coveted goal was, however, not obtained, and the Colors Kicked out, and when the whistle blew the Zingari-Kichmond wero left victors of a hard tussle by 4 points to 3. MONTECILLO v. ALHAMBRA. The match botween tha abovc-namod clubs was played at the Caledonian Ground on Saturday belore a good muster of the public. Shepard captained the Montecillo (blue), and M'l/wgb.lin tho Alhambra (colors). The following constituted the respective teams : Mokteculo. - Morlcy, Bolton, Hawke, Cooper, Simpson, Harris (hacks), Bode ff). Farquharson, Foster, Isaacs, M'Naughton, M'Kinlay, Shepard, W A"n ( AMm"-Foster. Noel, Downes, Baker Crawlord' Bateaux (back,), Strong Wei M'Konzi?, Donaldson, Murphy, Ternent, M'Laughlin, JDhnston (forwards). . Shepard, winning tho toss, decided to play with the sun at his back. After the kick-off tho Colors immediately rushed their opponents down into their own twenty-five, but a long kick by Hawko relieved Montecdlo. The Colore, not to be denied, rushed the bill back aga'n, when Bomo smart passing between liowne*. B»ker, and Koel enabled the lastnamed, by a daßhing run, to B core a try for tne Colors. No goal resulted from tho took at goal. Cooper kicked off again, and the ball was well returned by Crawford to the Blues'twenty j five, KeStieaus passing smartly to Dcwue.-,

the latter transferred to Baker, who by a pretty fending run sored a try. The kick at goal again resulted in a failu e. Shortly aftd wards some neat passing took place between tho Alhambra forwards, and M'Kcnzie handed the leather unseJfiskly to M'Laughlin, who scored the third try. Restieaux placed a good goal. Nothing further of interest occurred until half-time was called, fhepard kicked off in the second spe'l, and the Blues, headed by Isaacs, Beck (2), and M'Waughton, worked the ball to tho Adiambra's goal, and tried hard to score. 'J he Reds' defence proved too strong, however, and Donaldson, Murphy, and vi eitzel, with a good dribbling rush, quickly brought tho ball back to the Blucb' twenty-five, whero a scrum was formed in front of the goal. Tho Rods' forwards heeled out to Crawford, who quickly passed to Downts, and that player font tho ball flying over the bar. Score: Alhambra. 8 points; Montecillo, nil. On kicking off, the Blues made determined efforts to score, Potter, Isaacs, Harris*, and Hawke being most conspicuous. But tho ball wa3 gradually worked back to the Blues' territory, whtre a series of packed Bcrums wore formed, Crawford gained possession of the ball, passed to Restitaux, who in turn unselCsb'y passed to Noel, and tho latter was enabled to register another try. No goal resulted. Time was called shortly afterwards, leaving the Alhambra victors by 9 points to nil. Mr Morrison as referee, and Messrs West (Montecillo) and Crawford (Alhambra) as umpire?, gave every satisfaction,' KAIKORAI v. UNIVERSITY. This match was played at Tahuna Park on Saturday, and, as was expected, rctulted in a victory for the Kaikorai team, In the first spell the 'Varsity players kept well together, »nd at time 3 pressed their opponents hard, Tbo Kaikorai men somehow did not play in their usual vigorous style, and us a consequence they several times had to exert themselves to their utmost to prevent points being made against them. At one part of the game, when they were slightly pushed in their quarters, they succeeded in relieving themselves by making a splendid 'ush down the field, and A. Millar by a smart dribble got over the line, and secured a try. W. Thompson was successful with the kiok. The 'Varsity players were showing excellent defensive powers, and their collaring was also admired, Lovegrove at d Reid excelling. Notwithstanding their be&t efforts Duncan got over the li' » and secured the second try. The score this tiir o was not improved. The ball now travelled up and down the field at a smart rate till half time was called. On changing ends the Kaikorai at once had their tppontnts in diffloulty, but the smart kicking of Cook, and tho good forward play of Mermos and Torrance, relieved their side to a certain extent timo after time. By a neat piece of passing, W. Thompson, after a good run, again scored, and takirjg the kick himßelf, he placed tho desired goal. Nothing of importance took place till the call of time, the Kaikorai remaining victors by 7 points to nil. Messrs Wedderppoon and Fooks umpired, and Mr J. Marchbanks acted as referee, OTHER MATCHES. Tho Tort Chalmers Club met the Alhamka j Second on tho latfcer's ground on Saturday. The Port, had tha best of the play during nearly tho whole of tho first spell, Kydd, Bauchop, and Davidson scoring in rapid succession ; tho kicks at goal, however, wore fruitless. The teuma changing ends, the game was much more even, both sides play ng splendidly all through ; but, if anything, the Port had slightly the best of it There was no further score, the game ending in a win for the Port by 3 points to nil. The Union Second met the Zingari-Richmond Second at the Asylum Ground on Saturday, tho game resulting in a decided victory for the former by 18 points to nil. Trie* wero obtained by Hutchinson (3), Fii negan, Davis, M'Lcod. Grieve, and Alexa der. Finncgan also potted a goal, wh'le Alec Robertson was successful with one of the place kicks. A match was played on the Asylum Ground on Saturday between teams representing the factory and warehouse hands employed at Messrs Scoullar and Chieholm's furniture establishment, and resulted in a win for the factory team by one goil to nil. Pacific First v. Montecillo Second wa l rathor a one-sided match, the I'acifio scorirg 27 points to nil.

The Cavcrsbam Firßt journeyed to Ravcnsbourna on Saturday, and met and defeated the local club by t«o poala and one try to nil. The first spell ended without any score, but in the second fcpell tte Cavcrsham kept tho ball well up in their opponents' tweiity-flt-o. Clark end Talmor obtained tries, from one of. which Andrews placed a goal; and just before time Christie potted a neat goal. The match Newington v. Melrose resulted in a win for tho former by 8 points to nil. The match Alhambra Third v. Carereham Second was played at Fitzroy, and resulted in a win for tho Alhambra by one Iry to nil. Ann'oil was played on Friday botween the Littlebourne Club and t v e Linden School Club, which resulted in a viotory for the former by 6 points to 2. A football match, Kaseby v. St. Batbans, was played at St, Hathans on Saturday, BDd resulted in a win for the Nareby team. The match was played in three inches of frozen snow.

The annual match between Westport and Greymouth ended in a draw, neither Bide BooriDg. la the cup football matches at Auck'and on Saturday Gordon beat Auckland by 1 point to nothing, whi'st Grafton defeated Selwyn by 5 points to 8, A Christchurch tel«gram says that the Meiiv»le Second Fifteen, in the junior cup competition, started their match against Christohuich Second on Saturday with their score for the season at 89 points to nil. At the finish of the game, however, they had raised the total score to 102 points to nil. So far this is a rather unique'experience in Rugby football. ASSOCIATION. The match Northern v. Southern was played at North-eabt Valley on Saturday, and resulted in a win for the vi-iitors by three goals to one. It must, howevor, in fairness be mentioned that the home team wero without tho servicer of Moiicrieff, tbe'r captain, and playid a man short throughout. The hard state of the groutd to some extent spoilt tho game, but nevertheless it was by r.o moans a slow match. Ths scorers for the Southern were Caivrr (twice, taoh shot being an excellent one) and Payne, whilst Stevenson registered the gcal for the losers, the Vail striking Uibbs, the Southern's captain, in its fight, and so being diverted just out of reach of the goal-keeper. For the winners, Carver, Browning, G-.igg. and Nicolson payed well, whilst Walker, Glossop, Lambeth, and Steventon were the btst of their opponents.

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FOOTBALL., Issue 7959, 15 July 1889

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FOOTBALL. Issue 7959, 15 July 1889

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