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Our usual supplement accompanies the present issue. Altogether 807 entries have been received for the coming poultry show at Christchurch, besides birds for exhibition only. The Auckland Borough Council have resolved to undertake a scheme of retrenchment, and return to the insurance department the L 4,000 lying to credit at the bank and part of the L 6,000 loan. During 1838 there were 2,383 factories registered in Victoria, showing an increase of 201 over the previous year. There were 43,288 persona employed in these factories, being an increase of 2,101 over the number in 1887. There were 11,114 females working In tho registered factories.

The various local bodies in the North Otago district interested in hospital and charitable aid held a conference last night and affirmed the desirability of the Hospitals and Charitable Aid Bill standing over till next session, in order that its provisions may be fully considered by the bodies interested.

A public meeting at Woodvillo last night carried resolutions in favor of completing the link between Woodville and Eketahuna, in order to complete the main line of railway between Wellington and Napier; and for a Commission of Inquiry into the administration of the Public Trust Office, especially in connection with the Parminter Estate.

The publication of the contents of the will of the late J. B. Watson, the Quartz King of Sandhurst, has excited a great deal of curiosity. Not a penny did the testator leave to charities. His widow and each of his children receive L 2,000 a year with an addition of LI,OOO a year to such of his children as have children ; the residue is to accumulate; and finally the total will be distributed among his grandchildren. The seventh annual show of the Wellington Poultry, Pigeon, and Canary Association was opened oy the Governor yesterday afternoon. It eclipses those that have gone before. Upwards of 750 entries were received, including exhibits from both North and South Islands. In poultry classes the exhibits are especially good, but the principal number of awards were gained by local exhibitors.

Howard, of “severed hand’’ (Christchurch) notoriety, is reported to have been killed in Melbourne recently while working in the railway yards. While he was serving his sentence in Lyttelton Gaol his wife became intimate with a Christchurch batcher, and subsequently went with him to San Francisco. Howard, after bis release from prison, made his way to Melbourne, got work on the railway, and came to a sad cad between two trucks.

Naumann’s Hall, South Dunedin, was fairly well patronised last evening, the occasion being a benefit for a distressed widow and her family. The following kindly gave their services Misses Jackson, Jewett, Blaney, and Drumm, and Messrs P. and C. Lemon, Carolin, Eagar, Walker, Deaker, Jones, O’Connor, Leigh, Power, Saunders, Williams, Keating, and M’Kelvey. Mr P. Lemon was conductor, and Mr C. Lemon accompanist. The monthly meeting of the High street School Committee was held last evening, those present being—Messrs Mercer (in the chair),Cameron, Melviu.Caradus, and Hi lop. The head-master reported that there were 711 pupils on the roll, and the average attendance was 672. The inspectors’ report on the recent examinations was a favorable one, the number of passes being returned as 94 per cent. A communication from the Education Board stated that L 22 "hj had been placed to the Committee’s account at the bank. It was resolved—“ That the teaching staff receive the thanks of the Committee on the improved condition of the school, as shown by the inspectors’ report.” Messrs Melvin and Caradus were appointed a Visiting Committee for the month. A thoroughly representative gathering of Christchurch commercial men yesterday entertained at a farewell luncheon Mr John Cooke, who is about to leave Christchurch for Melbourne. The chair was taken by Mr A, Kaye (president of the Chamber of Commerce), and the vice-chairs were occupied by Messrs T, Matson, W. D. Mearea, G. Ilumphrej’s, and P. Cunningham. The toast list included "Our Guest," proposed by the chairman, and responded to by Mr Cooke. Among the proposers of other toasts were the Hon. W. Itolleston, Messrs W. Chryatall, G. G. Stead, John Ferguson, D. M'Millan, and G. T. Booth. Mr Cooke was the recipient of a handsome presentation plate from the employds of the Loan and Mercantile Agency Company. On Saturday evening he will be the guest of the members of the Canterbury Club.

A very pretty kinderepiel— ‘ The Flowers of the Forest ’—was performed in St, Paul’s Schoolroom last night, the building being comfortably filled. Of the manner in which the entertainment was gone through we cannot but speak in terms of praise. In a kinderspiel of the nature of the ‘ Flowers of the Forest ■ it js difficult to single outany particular character for special mention, and we will therefore simply say that the children represented their parts in a pleasing manner, and not only reflected credit on themselves, but also on those who had the trainingof them. The dresses were pretty, and the groupings well conceived; while a chorus of about seventy juveniles rendered good assistance. Miss Albert sang a pretty solo during the interval. The Misses Statham and Collinfion accompanied on the harmonium and piano respectively. The entertainment will be repeated till further notice. A special meeting of the Maori Hill Borough Council was held on Wednesday evening for the purpose of considering the annual balance-sheet. There were present —the Mayor (Mr D. Brent), Crs Brindley, Mitchell, Harlow, Long,|Thomson, Lawson, Scott, and Aitken. The balance-sheet, which showed the total receipts for the year ended March 31, 1889, to have been L 323 fls and the expenditure L 339175, was adopted without discussion, and the ordinary meeting was then held. Tho Town Clerk of the City Council wrote drawing attention to tho handrail alongside the footpath leading up the cliff from Duke street to Maori Hill being out of repair. It was decided to notify the Town Clerk that the Council did not hold itself responsible for the handrail in question. An application was received from the Charitable Aid Board and tho Hospital Board asking for a continuance of subscriptions this year as last. Granted, It was decided to take steps to put an end to the practice of removing stone from tho Water of Leith. Mr flobert flay, engineer, wrote re Woodhaugh bridge, and stated that the concrete put in by the Dunedin Corpo. ration was entirely destroyed, and he was of opinion the bridge would suffer therefrom. It was decided to write to the City Council regarding the matter. The inspector’s report showed that all the rosds in the district were in a well-kept and clean state. Ho also stated that cow byres bad been visited, and with few exceptions it was shown that all the byres were in a clean and healthy condition. The report was adopted. Cr Harlow moved, Cr Aitken seconded, and it was unanimously resolved —" That this Council enter upon the minutes its sense of the services rendered by Mr G. H. Smith during the time he acted as councillor, and regret that circumstances compel him to relinquish office, and that the clerk forward a copy of the resolution to Mr Smith.” Mr J. W. Brindley was elected to the vacancy fo the Finance Committee 'through tho retirement of Mr Smith.

The V.' -’llngton City Council have carried j a rohuluuoa opposing the Hospitals and Charitable Aid Bill before Parliament. The immigration and emigration returns for the colony for the month of June show the arrivals to have been 664, while the departures were 969. The arrivals were: From the United Kingdom 177, New South Wales 223, Victoria 201, Tasmania 25, other places 38; total, 6(34. The departures were: United Kingdom 185, New South Wales 445, Victoria 276, South Australia 2. Tasmania 16, other places 45 ; total, 969. No arrivals or departures of Chinese are recorded. * Aurora Floyd,’ a dramatised version of Miss Braddon’s novel bearing that name, was produced at tho Princess’s Theatre last evening by the Vivian Dramatic Company. The piece contains some excellently workedup situations, while the dialogue is not the least interesting portion of the drama. Miss Helen Vivian in the title rOle acted in a conscientious manner throughout, and was well supported by Mr Carey (John Hellish), Mr H. Jordan (James Conyers), and Mr Griffiths (Steve Hargrave). Miss Marie Wilton scored a distinct success iu the part of a troublesome and mischievous woman, and the representation of the drama was strengthened considerably by her Impersonation. Mr Jordan as James Conyers, the first husband of Aurora Floyd, was, thoroughly at homo in the part, which showed him at his best. The other characters found representatives in Messrs Bateman, Harcourt (who acted eirafu'ly in their respective parts), Vivian (who had little to do, but did that little well), Beresford, and Carlton. A farce entitled ‘ A Silent Woman,’ in which Miss Vivian and Messrs Vivian and Griffiths appeared, brought the performance to a close. The same pieces will be produced this evening.

Adjourned special meeting of the Dunedin Amateur Athletic Club at City Hotel on Saturday evening. Adjourned meeting of tho Otago Branch of the Masonic Union on Monday evening in Freemasons' Hall. At Tahuna Park to morrow tho Kaikorai Club meet the University players. The game commences at 3 p m. The name of a defendant in the Retideat Magistrate’s Court yesterday should have been piinted as Ernest Bayntun, Sir Robert Stout will deliver an address on * Co-operative Land Settlement’ at the Sailors’ Rest, Port Chalmers, on Saturday evening. The third lecture of the June and July series in connection with tho Otago Ambulance Association will bo delivered by Dr Brown in the officers’ room, Garrison Hall, this evening. Mr Harry Wi son, of the firm of Parker and Lacy, !?an Francisco, machinery merchants and patentees of the Huntington roller quartz crushing machines, can be consulted as to the merits of the Huntington mills. Captain I aigb, of tho Wakari Rifles, has resigned his command of the corps. Mr Haigh has served for twenty-five years in the company, and hia absence will be greatly felt ’by his late comrades. Apart from thoroughly understanding the nature of the duties which devolved on him, he Las, by his genial and kindly manner, won the friendship of every member of the corps. A conversazione took place last evening in connection with Trinity Church Musical and Literary Society. The lady members conducted tho business, Miss Christie occupying the chair. Piano solos wore given by Mesdames Banmber and Thurgarland; songs by Misses Cooper, Landell, Christie, and Mrs Stevenson; duets by Misses Cooper and Collins ; recitations by Miss Bentley and Mrs Bernard; and readings by Misses Woods and Sparrow. Miss Chapman acted as accompanist. We U»vo to thank Messrs Neill and 00., local agents of the British, India, and Queensland Agency Company for their 1889-90 edition of the ‘Colonial Handbook,’ which contains a great deal of useful information. It is a book, impirial octavo in size, replete with information alike for the traveller and the business man. Not only are the tariffs, telegraphic, and postal regulations of the various colonics sot out, but the steam services controlled by the company and the routes they traverse are fully sketched

The following list of missing friends is published in ‘Lloyd’s Weekly’ of May 19: William Duncan Cooper, left Ed nburgh for New Zealand in 1838. In 1877 he was master of a vessel trading between Melbourne and Mauritius. His sisters ask.—Kdwaid King is sought by his mother, who last heard of him at Wanganui.—William Rawlings went to New Zealand in 1883. His brother George asks.— Frank Stock, a baker, left Glackwail in July, 1878, in the Inverness, for Napier. His widowed mother asks.

The half-yearly meeting of Court Little John, A.0.F., was held in the Good Templar Hall, Kaikorai, on Wednesday evening—O.R. Bro. J. Wilson in the chair. The auditors’ report and balance-sheet (which showed the court to bo in a very satisfactory position) were adopt* d. The following officers were elected for the present term C.K., Bro. B. Armit; S.C.R, iko. J. Williamson; treasurer, Bro. A. 0. Sinclair; secretary, Bro. R. 0. Wilson; 8. W,, Bro. J. Grant; J.W., Bro. W. Rae; 5.8., Bro, H. Bartlett; J. 8., Bro. J. Murphy; oesistantsocretary, Bro. J. W, Early; auditor, Bro. Williamson; delegate to District, Bro. A. Fold.

A series of entertainments in aid of St. Martin’s Church fund was continued last evening in the schoolroom, North-east Valley. There was a crowded attendance. MissPytko sang ‘An old garden’ and ‘An old lock.’ Other selections were contributed by Misses M. Simms, Julia and F. Macdonald, and Moorhouse. Mr Wathon was encored for his tinging of ‘Hearts and homes,’ and a similar compliment was paid to Mr Chisholm for his violin sob. Two humorous readings were allotted to Mr Wathea. A glee was sung by tho choir, Miss Favell acting as accompanist. The performance closed with an amusing comedietta, * Lawyer Spooner’s Clients.’ Henry Jarrat Gilberd, of Hawke’s Bay, has applied for a patent for a now method of propagating plants, Hugh Taylor, of Nelson, for an invention of saving life in taking lines and passengers ashore from shipwreck, to be known as “Taylor’s Universal Lifeboat,” George James Addison Richardson, of Invercargill, for an automatic fire-screen or guard and dumbwaiter combined. Charles Joseph Van Dopoele, of the United States of America, for improvements in carbon contact or commutator brushes for use with dynamo-electric generators, and electro dynamic motors. Jeremiah M'Oarthy, of Auckland, for attaching buttons, to be called “ The Self attaching button." James Colo ai d Alexander Dodsworth, of Wellington, for an improved fic-oscapo ladder. Eugene Edward O’Halloran, of Waipawa, for an improved apparatus for drafting the patterns of garments. Edward Ferdinand Wilhelm, of Wei lington, for a wool-press, to be called “ Wilhelm’s Patent Cog-wheel Wool-press.” The half-yearly meeting of tho Enterprise Lodge, U.A.O D , was held in tho lodge room on Wednesday evening ; A.D. Bro. Jackson presiding. There was a very good attendance of members and visitors, the latter including D.P. Bro. Moss, P, A. Bro. Shelton (Lodge Ivanhoe), A.D. Bro. Stonebridge (Lodge Otigo), and A.D. Bro. Wilson (Lodge Pionter, Christchurch). Two members were initiated. The balancesheet showed the lodge to be in a satisfactory state financially, the number of members having increased from 87 to 107, and the lodge funds increased by L 52 17s 3d for the half-year, Tho election of officers resulted as follows: A.D., Bro. Botd; V.A., Bro. G. Newton; secretary, Bro. G. Scott; treasurer, Bro. W. Watdrop; A.D. bards, P.A. Bro. Davey and Bro. Bond; V.A. bards, Bros. Farnshaw and Foster; 1.G., Bro. Peats; O.G, Bro, J. Hill; min. secretary, PA. Bro, Knox. D.P. Bro. Moss, on behalf of tho retiring A.D. Bro, Jackson and Secretary Bro. Scott, presented a handsome gold Maltese cross to Ero. J. Hill for introducing the largest number of new members during tin half-year. The A.D, elect notified that he intended to present a colored member’s diploma (framed) to the member introducing the largest number of new members for tho next half-year. D.P. Bro. Moss installed the newly - elected officers. The receipts were Lll Is.

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Evening Star Issue 7957, 12 July 1889

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