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m i ws, SUE STILL SUE STILL THE GREAT ANNUAL SALE T i i IOLLISOH BIT P ; V-Tv-\i ills sea GATHERS STRENGTH DAILY, Becanse evei vtliina is found just as advertised, and the Bargains are better appreciated after being thoroughly examined at home. This week we will continue Bargains which can 1 s not be matched anywhere else. desire to return tlioir most sincere thanks to the Public for the very liberal support accorded them since the commenceraen-of their GREAT ANNUAL POPULAR CLEARING SALE In spite of dull times and bad weather, our warehouse has been crowded daily by an eager throng of keen who have never been slow to perceive the GENUINE BARGAINS OFFERED IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. The immense success of this tSale is the talk of the town and country, and has far cxc ' ’ " ‘ ‘ ‘the MOLLISON, MILLS & CO. w . onnlncvisp to tho crowds of customers who owhm* to the great press of business, have not received the attention that we would have desired, and would ask as a special favour that all who can conveniently will come in the morning, as in t. t cipuiUjgiHß ’ ° afternoon the rush is frequently unpleasantly heavy. exceeded our most sanguine expectations. LADIES’ JERSEYS Just Cleared wholesale Stock of ladies’ Jerseys. See them. LADIES’JERSEYS 3s lid, worth 8s 6d LADIES’ JERSEYS 4s lid, worth 10s Gd LADIES’JERSEYS 5s lid, worth 12b 6d LADIES’ JERSEYS 7s lid, worth 15s Cd LACIES’ JERSEYS ... ... Os 1 Id, worth 21s TRIMMED HATS 2a lid TRIMMED HATS TRIMMED HATS TRIMMED HATS TRIMMED HATS TRIMMED HATS TRIMMED B NNETS TRIMMED BONNETS TRIMMED BONNETS BASKET OF UNTRTMMED HATS BASKET OF UNTRIMMED HATS 200 SAILOR HATS INFANTS’ CROTCHET worth Ss Od INFANTS’ CROTCHET worth 9s Gd INFANTS’ CROTCHET worth 11s Cd INFANTS’ MILLINERY REDUCED INFANTS’ MILLINERY REDUCED INFANTS’ MILLINERY 1! EDUCED INFANTS’ MILLINERY REDUCED 3s lid 4s lid 5s lid 7« lid 9s lid 4s lid 6a lid 9s lid ... Id ... 3d Is 3d, wortli 4s Gd to 5s Cd DRESS, HANDMADE 3s Cd, DRESS, HANDMADE 4s Gd DRESS, HANDMADE 5s Cd LADIES’ CORSETS. Purchased 100 dozen of Cornets at less than Home Prices. LADIES' CORSETS LADIES' CORSETS LADIES’ CORSETS LADIES’ CORSETS LADIES’ CORSETS LADIES’ CORSETS LADIES’ CORSETS LADIES’ CORSETS 3a Ild, worth 7s Gd 4s Gd, worth 8s Gd 4s ild, worth 9s Cd Ca Gd, worth 12s Cd 7s Cd Ss Cd 9s Gd 10s Cd The above Corsets are all best Shapes, and splendidly made. Tho colors arc White, Grey, Dove, Black and lan, They are well worthy of your inspection. INFANTS’ MERINO PELISSES, 4s lid, worth 9a Gd INFANTS’ MERINO PELISSES, Cs lid, worth 11s Gd MUSLIN PINAFORES Is, worth Is lid MUSLIN PINAFORES Is 3d, worth 2s Cd MUSLIN PINAFORES 2s 9d, wortli 4s Gd MUSLIN PINAFORES 3s 1 Id, worth 7s Gd DIAPER PINAFORES 7M DIAPER PINAFORES 9d DIAPER PINAFORES lOl.d DIAPER PINAFORES Is DIAPER PINAFORES Is 3d DIAPER PINAFORES la Gd DIAPER PINAFORES la fld LADIES’ UNDERCLOTHING. LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ I, A DIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ LADIES’ NIGHTDRESSES NIGHTDRESSES NIGHTDRESSES NIGHTDRESSES NIGHTDRESSES NIGHTDRESSES NIGHTDRESSES CHEMISES ... CHEMISES ... CHEMISES... CHEMISES ... CHEMISES ... CHEMISES... CHEMISES... CHEMISES ... DRAWERS... DR AW EPS,., DRAW ICRS. . DRAWERS... DRAWERS ... DRAWEES ... DRAWERS... DRAWERS ... 2a Gd 2a lid 3s 3d 3s Cd 3s 9d 3s 11.1 4 s Gd Is lid 2s 3d 2s Gd 2s 9d 3) Od 3s 3d 3s Gd 3a 9d Is 3d Is 9*l 2s Od 2s 3d 2s G.l 2s 9d 2s lid 3s 3d UNDERGLOTHINa. BLANKETS. LANKETS, for Single Beds LANKETS, for Single Beds LANKETS for Double Beds LANKETS, for Double Beds 5s J1 d Gs lid 12s Gd 13s 3d BLANKETS, BLANKETS, BLANKELS, BLANKETS, BLANKETS, BLANKETS, BLANKETS, BLANKETS, for Double Beds ... ... .... 17s9d for Double Beds ... ... 19a 9d for Double Beds ... ... ... 21s 9d for Double Beds (Colonial Manufacture) 19s Gd for Double Beds (Colonial Manufacture) 12s 9(1 for Double Beds (Colonial Manufacture) 21s 9d for Double Beds (Colonial Manufacture) 27s 9d for Double Beds (Colonial Manufacture) 34s SPECIAL PURCHASE of 100 pairs KAIAPOI BLANKETS, for Double Beds, 19s 6d, worth 27s 6d, on view to-morrow. Winter and Summer Drees Fabrics. STRIPE DRESS GOODS, 3s lid per doz. STRIPE DRESS GOODS, GJd per yard, worth Is STRIPE DRESS GOODS, Bfd per yard, worth Is 4d WINTER DRESS GOODS, llfd per yard, worth Is 8d WINTER DRESS GOODS, Is lid per yard, worth Is lid WINTER DRESS GOODS, 7Jd per yard, worth Is WINTER DRESS GOODS, 9|d per yard, worth Is 3d DOUBLE WIDTH DRESS GOODS, Is 6id per yard, worth 3s 3d DOUBLE WIDTH DRESS GOODS, Is 9d ncr yard, worth 3s 9d DOUBLE WIDTH DRESS GOODS, 2s Gd per yard, worth 3s 9d DOUBLE WIDTH DRESS GOODS, 2s Hid per yard, worth 4s Gd to 5s Gd DOUBLE WIDTH DRESS GOODS, 3s 3d per yard, worth 4s 6d to 5s Gel DOUBLE WIDTH DRESS GOODS, Is 6£d per yard, worth 3s 3d COLONIAL DRESS TWEEDS, Is Old per yard, worth 2s 3d COLONIAL DRESS TWEEDS, Is CAd per yard, worth 2s 3d COLONIAL DRESS TWEEDS, 2s per yard COLORED CASHMERES, Is Hid per yard, worth 2s Cd to 3s 9d COLORED CASHMERES, 3s 3d per yard BLACK CASHMERES, Is Oid per yard BLACK CASHMERES, Is Gel per yard BLACK CASHMERES, 2s Gel per yard BLACK LUSTRE, sid per yard, worth Hd BLACK LUSTRE. 7id per yard, worth Is 3d, 100 lengths of Double Width Materials, in Plain and Striped, thrown out to clear. One Hue, Syds for 18s Gd, wortli 32s Gd—a regular bargain. BLANKETS. Now is the time to lay in your Winter stock of Blankets! The prices are the Lowest! Tlie Blankets the Best! The goods to-day are worth 25 per cent, more money, and in three months more will be worth at least a half more than our prices. EXTRAORDINARY SALE ■WINTER FLANNELS. 100 pieces of Flanne’s being sold at prices that astonish everyone, in White, Shetland, Scar'et, and Colors. This is a rare chance of getting really genuine Flanne’s at the Lowest Prices ever quoted7|d, Bjd, 93 d, Is Oid, Is 23d, Is sid; Is 7d, Is 9d. “ 111 announcing the continuation of this Sale, wo present season ave confidence in recommendin' also a multitude of Fancy Good it to the attention , etc., that we arc of Ladies, the entire Stock 1 icing of a superior an determined to clear at considerably loss than half d most useful character suited to the -price. FANCY STRIPED PLUSHES. .STRIPE VELVETS STRIPE VELVETS STRIPE PLUSHES SHOT PLUSHES... PLAIN PLUSHES PLAIN PLUSHES 150 yards SILK VELVET, in Brown, 2s 9d, worth 8s Gd. WHITE MUSLIN WHITE MUSLIN WHITE MUSLIN CREAM MUSLIN CREAM MUSLIN CREAM LIBERTY MUSLIN GIRLS’ KNITTED SKIRTS GIRLS’ KNITTED SKIRTS GIRLS’ STRIPED THIBET SKIRTS, GIRLS’ STRIPED THIBET SKIRTS, GIRLS’ STRIPED THIBET SKIRTS, LADIES’ SKIRTS GIRLS’ OVERCOATS GIRLS’ OVERCOATS GIRLS’ OVERCOATS GIRLS’ OVERCOATS GIRLS’ OVERCOATS Is 11 id, worth 5a 9d 2a lid, worth 7a Gd 4s 3d, worth 8a Gd 2s Od, worth 7s Cd la Hid, worth 3s 3d 3s Gd, worth 5a Gd Navy, and Bronze, 3Jd, worth spl s id, worth Old 7id, worth lid 7Jd, worth la 4d 7i-d, worth Is 4d 4i|d, worth Is 4d worth la Gd Gid, worth Is Gd 8 Ad, worth la Gd Hid, worth Is 9d Is 4id, worth 2s Gd 3s 1 Id, worth 8s Cd 5s Hd, worth 14a Gd 6s Hd, worth 14a Cd Cs Hd, worth 15a Cd Gs Hd, worth 15s Cd Gs Hd, worth 15s Cd WHITE CALICOES ... WHITE CALICOES ... WHITE CALICOES ... GREY CALICOES GREY CALICOES GREY TWILL CALICOES ... 2-d 2;jd 4 id la I Id doz. - 2id ... 4 : |d WHITE CALICO. To be sold at 2Jd, 4d, 4d, 5.3d, Cd, 7id„ or in whole pieces at even low er quotations. Also 500 Pieces, of 12 yard lengths, White Cailco, pure and soft in finish, most suitable Ladies’ and Children’s Underclothing, will be given away at 3s Hd, 4a Hd, 5s Hd, Cs Hd, 7s Hd dozen. EXTRAORDINARY VALUE. Honey comb Quilts, 4s Hd, 5s Hd, Cs Hd, 7s Hd Toilet Covers, 113 d, la Id, la 3id, la 5Jd Colored Quilts, la Hid, 2s 11 id, 4s Gd, 5s Gd Colored Quilts, 2s 7d, 3a Hd, 5a Gd, Gs Gd White Twill Sheeting, 80in. wide, Grey Twill Sheeting, BJd, Oigl, lid Grey Twill Sheeting, Is 2d, Is Sample lot of Unbleached Sheets, from 3s 3d per pair up to 7s Hd WINDOW NETS, 3id, 4 ; /d, Cid 'TURKEY TWILLS,"43d, (id. 7d TURKEY TWILLS, 8.3d. 10.’,d WHITE DIAPER, sd, sj’d WHITE DIAPER, 73d, JOd WHITE DIAPER, Is Oid, Is 5.1 GLASS CLOTH SQUARES, 4s Hd, Cs Od dozen UNBLEACHED SWANSKIN, 7Ad UNBLEACHED SWANSKIN, 9id, Hid WHITE SWANSKIN, 7:? d, 19.1 d" ISin ROLLER TOWELLING, 43d ISin ROLLER TOWELLING, 53d, Bid FORFARS, 51d, 6Jd, Sid, Oid COTTON SHIRTINGS, 4.l<L 4?d COTTON SHIRTINGS, Gid, 8d UNION SHIRTINGS, CJd, 10-id, Is 2id A. W. SHIRTINGS, lss|d, 15"9.1 TICK, 53d, 73d, 03d, Is Id, Is BROWN HOLLAND, 43d Cd, 7-Ad, 9Jd LACE CURTAINS, la 11.1, 2s 3d, 4s 3.1 LACE CURTAINS, 4s Hd, Cs Hd up WHITE DAMASK TABLE CLOTHS, 4s 9.1, Os 3d Will 1E DAMASK TABLE CLOTHS, 7s 3d, 10s Cd up TABLE NAPKINS, 6s Hd, 7s 1 Id, Ss Hd, 9s Hd up JOB LINE OF D’OYLEV’S 33-d and CJd Fancy Bordered TRAY CLOTHS. Is Hid UNBLEACHED TABLING", Is 2id, Is Sd, 2s 5d WHITE TABLING, IsSd, 2s Id" 2s 5d HANDKERCHIEFS. •lob lot of Handkerchiefs, put up in Half-dozens, Gd, 9d per half-dozen—very thing for children’s use ; Also, at Is 3d, Is Gd, 2s 3d, 2s 3s Gd, 4s 3d per i-dozen. Hem Stitched Handkerchiefs, la Hd per half-dozen. Lace Handkerchiefs, Is 9d per half-dozen MOLLISON. MILLS & CO. LIBERTY SASHES YAK LACES TORCHON LACES (pieces of 12yds) DRESSING COMBS FLANNEL EMBROIDERY ... SWISS BELTS 50 FEATHER and SATIN FANS 2 dozen TAPES HJcl 9d per dozen 4Jd 4d, worth Js 2s Gd dozen 9d, worth 3a Gd 2s Cd la GLOVES I GLOVES! Basket of CASHMERE GLOVES, Gd per pair, worth Is 9d also Is basket, worth double. 50 dozen 4-button Kid Gloves, 6, GJ, Gi, CJ. 7, 7.R 74. Is 3d per pair, worth 3s 9d. 50 WOOL CLOUDS, Hid. worth 2s Gd 100 WOOL CLOUDS, Is Gd, worth 3s Cd to 5s Gd 100 BASKETS, Gd, worth la to Is 9d Basket of PURSES, 9d each, worth from Is to 2s Gd OPALS, Cd, worth lOd OPALS, Is 3d, worth 2s HOSIERY. 25 doz Plain Cashmere Hose, la Hd, worth 3s 3d to 3s Hd Ladits’ Hose from Gd CHILDREN’S HOSE ALL REDUCED. Goat Fur la 3d, worth 2s Gd Patou’s 4-ply Fingering Wool, 3s 9d, worth 4s Cd to ss. 1,200 doz. Black and Colored Buttons, Id per doz. Angola Mendings, Gd per doz. Boot Laces, 3d per doz. Cordon Braids, 9d per cord Another Great Purchase. 100 BOXES LOVELY APRONS. This is the most wonderful line of Aprons that has beei offered this year. sid, CJd, Bid, 10id, Is 3d, Is 9d, 2s, 2s 31, worth double. LUSTRE APRONS, lid. TAPESTRY CARPET SQUARES. Sizes 3 yds by 3 yds, 25s Cd, worth 39s 6d ~ 3 yds by 4 yds, 29s Gd, worth 45s „ 33 yds by 4 Jyda, 425, worth 63s ~ 4i yds by 4| yds, 555, worth 82a LADIES’ FRIEZE CLOTH JACKETS, 8a Hd LADIES’ JERSEY JACKETS, 7s Hd LADIES’ ULSTERS, Ss Cd Children’s Jackets and Ulsters must be cleared. BLACK VELVETEENS, from la 3d COLORED VELVETEENS, from la Hd COLORED SATINS, from 9d UMBRELLAS. LAEQB STOCK! MUST BE SOLD: Is lid, 2s 3d, 2s 9d, 3s 6d, 4s 6d, 5s 6d, 7s 6d, 8s 6d. SEE THEM i OUR WHOLE STOCK OF EXPENSIVE MANTLES, JACKETS, ULSTERS AND MILLINERY must be sold, regardless of cost. Remnants in all Departments REMNANTS REMNANTS REMNANTS REMNANTS REMNANTS REMNANTS REMNANTS REMNANTS OF FLANNELS OF CALICOES OF SHEETINGS OF SHIRTINGS OF FORFAR OF CRETONNES OF TABLING OF TOWELLING TO DRESSMAKERS. Having just secured 150 Pieces Grey Silesia, we will give them away, cither in the piece or by the yard, at 2|d, 3|d, 43(1. 53d. This is a rare opportunity for dressmakers, the prices quoted being under wholesale. STRIPE SILESIA .. ... 4Jd GREY BODY LININGS 5Jd 25 pairs White Lace Curtains, 18s lid, worth 32s 6d. 15 UNMADE BORDERED HOMESPUN ROBES, IGs Hd, worth 27s Cd 11 HANDSOME EMBROIDERED HOMESPUN DRESSES, 17s Hd ANOTHER EXTENSIVE PURCHASE OF 100 Embroidered Costumes, (unmade), remains of a Wholesale Stock. JUST THE THING FOR THE SUMMER SEASON. IS Girls’, 5a Hd, worth 15a Cd 22 Ladies’, Cs 11(1, worth 17s Gd II Ladies’, 10a Hd, worth 21s 35 Ladies’, 15s 1 Id, worth 30a 14 Ladies', 21s Hd, worth 45s CRETONNES. Wc invite special attention to this extraordinary Stock. The designs are ready good, although the prices are extremely low for such beautiful goods 3.} d, s|d, 73d, 8 ; |-d, 103 d. WHWai'IIIP Mil ill—mr n E5333 m /m ?m m V,v a aggr msfflgravsiM'ia We are determined to clear our whole Stock, regardless of cost, to make room for Extensive Shipments coming forward for EXHIBITION SEASON. Remnants in all Departments REMNANTS OF DRESS GOODS REMNANTS OF CASHMERES REMNANTS OF PLUSHES REMNANTS OF SILKS REMNANTS OF PRINTS REMNANTS OF MUSLIN REMNANTS OF EMBROIDERIES REMNANTS OF RIBBONS BASKETS OF BUTTONS Men’s Union Shirts. GENTS’ WHITE SHIRTS, from 3s Hd GENTS’ REGATTA, 3s 9d GENTS’ OXFORD SHIRTS. 3s 9d COLORED COTTON SHIRTS, la Gd COLORED UNION, 2s 6d, 3s 6d, 4s Gd, os Od COLONIAL LAMBSWOOL SINGLETS COLONIAL LAMBSWOOL DRAWERS COLONIAL KNITTED SOX IMGEIsrS HATS. MEN’S HARD FELT HATS, 3s 3d up MEN’S SOFT FELT HATS, Is lid up MEN’S TWEED HATS, Is Hd up MEN’S TRAVELLING CAPS, is 3d up FLANNEL SHIRTS, DRAWERS, etc., all reduced A large variety of Boys’ and Youths’ Sailor Capa, Tweed Hats, Felt Hats, etc , etc , from Is up. Travellers’ Travellers’ Travellers' SAMPLES SAMPLES SAMPLES OF Lambswool Singlets, Lambswool Ribbed Drawers; Merino Singlets, Merino Drawers, Gloves, Sox, Scarfs, Braces, To be Sold at Half the Home Cost. SUITS. MEN’S TWEED OVERCOATS, 24s Gd MENS TWEED WATERPROOFS, 21s Gd BOYS’ & YOUTHS’ COLONIAL TWEED SUITS, 24s 6d BOYS’ KNICKER SUITS, from 5s Gd BOYS’ SAILOR SUITS, from 5s 6d BOYS JERSEY SUITS, from 4s 9d 180 MEN’S TWEED SUITS, from 17s Gd 95 MEN’S WELLINGTON TWEED TROUSERS, Gs Hd BOYS’ & YOUTHS’ TWEED OVERCOATS From 7s 6d up; A VERY LARGE ASSORTMENT OP GENTS’ SILK HANDKERCHIEFS From Is Hd up. SILVER STUDS AND SOLITAIRES, at Is 6d set, worth 5s Gd. JOB LINE OF COLONIAL TWEED. 500 yds WELLINGTON TWEED. 2s Gd yard, wor'h 3s 9d 2,500 yds WELLINGTON TWEED, 3s Cd, worth 5s LETTER ORDER DEPARTMENT So large and ever-increasing has our Letter Order Department become during our Sale that we would recommend the Public to x’ead carefully the specified lines above, and explicitly forward the same by letter to us. of these Goods to bo sent where wanted exactly as they are represented in this Catalogue. Any article not sent to patterns or as described in Catalogue Messrs MOLLISON, MILLS AND CO. would take it a« communicate with them. They will rectify all descrepancies if any should arise. We guarantee every item a favour if they would Our system of business during the sale is as follows :—We sell for cash ; we will sell cheap ; our profits will bo small, and consequently our returns must be large ; we avoid anything misleading, and thereby retain our reputation ; we exchange any article sold by us in the event of its not suiting, with the same attention as that with which it was sold, or return the money if nothing is required in its place. ° The whole of the geode are now laid out for sale, and all goods advertised in stock; so come early and avoid disappointment. MOLLISON, MILLS AND CO. 195 & 197, GEORGE STREET, DUNEDIN (OPPOSITE KNOX CHURCH).

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